• Devil's prototype

    Devil's prototype

    0 pages by 13231271157

    In an world of magic and twelve gods. 

    One god rebelled against the others. He that rebelled got banished into the underworld and rose to become king. 

    His intentions were unknown, but people were taught he was evil.

    one day an man in despair, sold his soul to the fallen god. And so the journey begins.


    I wrote this in word and the spaces didn't copy, so if some line seems messed up. You know I messed it up, while manually trying to add spaces.



  • A Tale from the Valley

    A Tale from the Valley

    0 pages by Aerophys

    non canon

  • [dropped]


    0 pages by BeserkGod

    do not continue

  • Core Master

    Core Master

    0 pages by Allister Hale


    Removed, possibly temorarily to revise concept and replan plot and style

  • 7-7-7


    0 pages by Notos

    In the magical world of Ethorhar, Feng Kingdom is one the many kingdoms that have established the "Academy" system for magical arts. By the system known as, "Force System", magic arts were reformed to the Soul's alteration via a person's Magic Core, creating a vessel known as "Soul Magic Cauldron" inside a person's body. In this world, people who can use the Soul as a vessel and magic as a weapon are known as Soul Casters and the beginnings of the Soul Caster are located to what was said, "the Academy." However, only one every thousands of mages can be a Soul Caster.

    From Seven Kingdoms, Seven Youths will arrive in one academy: Azure Sky Magic Academy. Whether or not it was merely a coincidence or fate, these youths who had no prior relation to each other, will change the world of magic. 


  • God Of Fire

    God Of Fire

    0 pages by The Double Great Gods

    Let me introduce myself I am Blaze I will tell you how I became known as The God Of Fire. This story will show you my path to becaming the strongest God in the universe.





  • Why They Changed

    Why They Changed

    0 pages by thenoobishguy

    Sometimes, all you need is a little company.

  • The World Of Terror

    The World Of Terror

    0 pages by The Double Great Gods

    A string of disasters strike billons of people are dead!

    John must kill his way to Las Vegas where all the secrets to the mystery of terror lay. But this isn't a easy task with more then one billon zombies guarding the gates of Las Vegas

  • God Of Murder

    God Of Murder

    0 pages by The Double Great Gods

    The young boy Winsten must travel down a dark path to uncover the truth to the mysterty that will plague him tell the end of all time and, space. 

    The destiny to became a God is not easy to obtain will he use it save his love ones or will he abondon them to gain the strength to uncover the mysteries that have plagued him.

  • Pact of Kamaldin

    Pact of Kamaldin

    0 pages by Seraphiim

    Denentia, a land filled with a rich and bloody history is on the verge of war yet again. War is a past time in this place as if it were just a simple game. But no, war ruins the lives and livelihoods of those involved yet two are trying to stop this endless conflict. Can they stop the war that has been going on for 500 years and end it for all time or will they just bring more fuel to the keg that is only needing a spark to explode.

  • Destroyer of Worlds

    Destroyer of Worlds

    0 pages by DCBallard

    >>Taken off line at this time. Will be made availiable through my Blog at: https://ascensionnovel.wixsite.com/scribblings <<

    Destroyer Of Worlds is a small piece of a larger story that has been working it's way into my brain for many years. It is something that will be expanded upon over time as Muse graces me with more peices of the story.

    >>Taken off line at this time. Will be made availiable through my Blog at: https://ascensionnovel.wixsite.com/scribblings <<

  • Competion


    0 pages by eac1

    This is a competion between me and my friend on a story and will not be further updated

    Setting: A mountainous terrain sprinkled with small shrubbery a bog to the south and the sky is overcast

  • The Demon

    The Demon

    0 pages by ayop

    Kirato go home after fighting and lost but he has always turned to become a great fighter to respect in his city that guys scream his name that makes the eyes lower the respect * so when a demon makes him an offer He says ...

  • Possibilities


    0 pages by opt23241

    Have you ever wanted to forget something?

    Have ever tried to forget something really hard?

    What if you tried so hard that you actualy got your wish?

    What if you managed to train yourself to automatically forget everything painful and unpleasant?

    ...what if you coudn't stop it? 

    "Hello, my name is... Well, not like I can tell you. I only remember the meaning behind it. Vitality. Strength.
    I believe that I have none. But that is for you to decide." 

  • Outcast Assassin

    Outcast Assassin

    0 pages by Biggestfoot

    Tobias Burke is the man you want of you want someone dead. It never mattered who they are or where. They would die, and no one ever knows who did it. He was quick, quiet and always got the job done.

    Now he gets his biggest contract yet and it all seems to good to be true. Tobias is in the the job of a lifetime. That is, if he lives long enough to collect the bounty.

  • Lord Demon Too Cheater

    Lord Demon Too Cheater

    0 pages by ayop

    Ken-tao un gars qui a vécu une belle vie
    Comme un élève du secondaire, pas beaucoup d' amis, pas plus petite amie, il se trouve confronté à un groupe de voyous qui il l' a tué sur place, a découvert son voyage dans l'autre monde et son ascension dans ce nouveau monde

  • Kyro


    0 pages by hyaenatrek

    Although Kyro's mysterious powers and strange appearance may ostracize him from his nomad tribe, they also make him an invaluable asset to whoever can manage to control them - namely, a greedy king with a vision of world domination.

  • An Altogether Pretty Cool Adventure

    An Altogether Pretty Cool Adventure

    0 pages by Sergecheg



  • Box Company

    Box Company

    0 pages by CharleyEugeneHerrera

    Two twin brothers and a group of men fight for what they believe while being planet locked on a world torn apart by war and a galaxy inevitablly spiralling into chaos; this is their story.

  • Father never came home.

    Father never came home.

    0 pages by Inute

    A short story written in a few minutes. 

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