• Just a Dream

    Just a Dream

    28 pages by Akten

    A Soul wakes up and finds that the life he had was nothing but a Dream. 


    Was bored to hell so decied to write some stuff, so dont expect anything out of this.

    English aint my native language so be warned!!!!!

    Akten - GOD of DREAMS

  • Set's VR experience

    Set's VR experience

    28 pages by Lostkidset0
    This is just a random story, I decided to post here because I haven't posted here in a while. It is from my Random part of my blog.
    Hope you Enjoy
  • The Warlock's Witch

    The Warlock's Witch

    28 pages by Lauryn Art

    An immortal Warlock has impatiently waited for his promised bride to come of age. Now, come the 18th birthday of a young witch, she's forced to fulfill that promise, leaving her home to right the wrongs of her mother.

    Under his abusive control, her thirst for freedom awakens. A defiance she had never known existed, reveals itself when desperation drives her to run away. Escaping to a small midwestern town to rebuild her life, Emeriliason tries to keep the shadows that haunt her secret. But no matter how lulled into safety she feels, the Warlock is a constant threat. She must discover her own power or risk everything she loves succumbing to his cruelty.

  • Dante


    28 pages by Finaliter

    From award winning Author Guy Lozier & Chris Pope comes this alternate time-lines saga where the heros are not born of Light but are drowning in Darkness.  As a protector of Earth steps forth from the Light, her influence along the time-line causes a Y of epic proportions.  It is only later as this new time-line corrects itself to rigid interaction and then flexs to become the only time-line do we find how Earth can be saved from an inevitable set of events called The Apocalypse...

    The guardians of planet Earth have their hands full as the Apocalypse approaches.  One particular protector has found what appears to be the only hope of survival for planet Earth's population from the Demons that will threaten to over run the lands.  While many of them are considered of dark origins and evil intentions have ruled some of them their whole existence, it is the right moment along the time line that can change their future for the better.  At least that is her hope.

    Book One of The Dark Heros Saga brings the origins of Dante to life.  From his lowly beginning of a park ranger, he will find a new purpose to his existence.  Once he encounters the evil ones of the night, his life will be transformed.  If not for the love of a woman and the guiding hand of Van Helsing himself, Dante would likely have stumbled his way into unending darkness and despair.

    Book One holds the story before Van Helsing arrives to begin Dante's training as a protector.  As our story unfolds in later books we find new characters come to life with new origins and life lines from an alternate time-line of existence.  Dr. Frankenstein, Dracula, the Mummy, and many others are recreated in this future Apocalyptic Series where Hell will spill over into our Reality...


  • Tea-Thricea : Anathema

    Tea-Thricea : Anathema

    28 pages by brie333

    Ren is a troubled girl that cursed her 'bad luck', one of major reason why she is stranded in the 'dark side' part of the world. Now just if she could keep looking out for her  little brother's free reign of terror (and trying to make him a vigilante hero instead), secure her family from all threat and find true friendship, or maybe bit of romance along the way, life would be better...

    Warning : Bad languange, Fast paced story, lots of psycho-ish tendencies, Lots rambling involved.




  • The Divine Assistant  (The Gods of Tergia, Book 1)

    The Divine Assistant (The Gods of Tergia, Book 1)

    27 pages by RipponTSharp

    Famed from antiquity as defenders of Tergia, the gods of Tergia are chosen from the worthy few - from those who have proven their metal. Those that must stand to weather the storms that come against Tergia without end. In his quest to join their number, Billy Smith has travelled far in a short time to meet the Sage that will give him the key to his dreams: The Divine Assistant. But to acquire it, he must pass through the refining fire. Will he succeed in his quest or will he doom a world to destruction due to his naivety?




  • The Fourth World

    The Fourth World

    27 pages by tiger2red

    Peaceful and idyllic, harsh and painful.
    In a continent ravaged by magic yet built by it, where strength and brains were equally important, where peace was never far off and war loomed just around the corner, where walls were built as easily as bridges, four warriors stood.
    Fate awaited them, for they were the ones who would change the world.
    But for better or for worse was to be seen.

  • Ideas


    27 pages by mplaysbg

    I have free time. I love LitRpg so here are some ideas i have for LitRpg and fanfictions if someone like it feel free to use it. If you have idea for a concept you want to share commend and if i like it i will write something around it. Please if you are Naruto fan first read "Naruto Cannon Fix"


  • Eternal


    27 pages by TabooGod

    History always repeats itself.

    The moment I learned to talk, my father taught me to be a gentle and noble person.
    He put me on the path of the knight, and followed through each path of my life.
    "*%&#* remember to follow the code of conduct of a noble person, save the weak and annhilate the evil."
    I followed through his teaching all the way until.

    Until The moment I saw her.

    It was that day, that I became everything my father hated. And my fate got sealed in stone.

    And as I closed my eyes for eternity after 30years, I saw the wheels of fate move again. "History will repeat itself, and you can't stop it."



  • The Records of Eternity: Inheritance of the Sage

    The Records of Eternity: Inheritance of the Sage

    26 pages by Astrid

    Ceceania von Rees, the once sickly girl now couldn't be healthier after having studied under the Great Sage Lan Yueliang. Now she begins her school life in the Capital of Coruve, the Royal Coruve Magic Academy. Unfortunately for Ceceania, she spent a little too much time obtaining her master's inheritance and not enough time learning proper conduct for a noble, her troubles don't end here though. The Kingdom of Coruve holds heavy importance on magic spending large portions of its budget training mages and Ceceania's master, Lan Yueliang, is not a mage but rather an expert cultivator from the east.

    Join the two(one?) in their school life and other adventures they embark on.


    This is the third instalment of the Records of Eternity series following The Traveller of Worlds (the first has yet to see public eye).

    This will not get as frequent updates as Traveller as that is my main focus. This is however subject to change if this is popular enough, in which case I will switch focus from Traveller to Sage.

  • Cartilage Of Life

    Cartilage Of Life

    26 pages by GloomySensei

    Two brothers wake up in a dark room, a creature drags them out of there room

    a quick little death battle

  • Peace In Violence

    Peace In Violence

    26 pages by BlueWave

    Kaleo had lived on the streets for as long as he could remember, the life he had before that time had faded into nothing and he didn't bother trying to remember it because he knew it would bring him pain. So everyday he went around searching for something to eat, a place to sleep and maybe if he was luky something to change his worn and torn clothes, this was normal for him until he ran into Koi, a young man with a taste for violence. 

  • A Life's Lie

    A Life's Lie

    26 pages by André The kid

    What if you found out your whole life was a lie? What if you found out this world would have everything if enough people believed on it?

    A World were religion reigns, people live in extreme poverty in favor of their lords, who shall scavange whatever they can for themselves. Follow our hero in an adventure to end this mad rule of the corrupt Estian Senate, until he discovers that all religions can be true if enough people believe in it, draggin him into a much larger Conflict!


  • The Story Teller: A King for Rabbits

    The Story Teller: A King for Rabbits

    26 pages by dfeyder

    at the cradle of the sun rest a land ruled over by one of the twelve zodiac kings. I messenger comes form the man land looking to colect taxs from the Shugon. an accident leads to the death of one of Shogun Kuro's maids. Kuro demands retrabution.

  • Videamus


    25 pages by RemonJaov

    A beggar, waiting for his inevitable death, and a mercenary, coming along to help him find it.


  • Magician's Stigmata

    Magician's Stigmata

    25 pages by hazelnutbrew

    Azel Belzarius is a young aspiring Magician that attends Collegia Magicka to refine his abilities as a Magician. There are many secrets and mysteries lying within the school, and Azel will be caught up in a breathless adventure that tests him and betters him as a person. What are the secrets that are hidden within the school? Reviews returned!

  • The Journal of Daniel McCullen

    The Journal of Daniel McCullen

    25 pages by Stephen M E

    In the darkness deep underground,

    There lies danger and monsters to be found,

    And there are things that you don’t see,

    So be watchful for things that should not be.


    In the darkness of his soul,

    Daniel finds monsters made whole,

    In tunnels dug not by humanity,

    Roam creatures that will steal your sanity.


    In the darkness of the night will come many fearful a sight,

    For our hero of the lamplight will face dangers he will have to fight,

    With means of magic and of might he fights for friends and folk alike,

    But with his deeds committed to paper we shall see how far he may tread,

    In the dark places known to monsters with dark fur and eyes gleaming red,


    Follow Daniel as he discovers a world within our world and the creatures that wait to greet him.

  • The Mercy Seat (and other stories)

    The Mercy Seat (and other stories)

    25 pages by AdrianPartridge

    This short story details the last 16-hours of Hatchet Sam Packer, a convicted murderer on Death Row, circa 1950's Louisiana. He tells the story in his own words, starting from breakfast and working his way through the meetings of the day, including his lawyer, the Reverence, the warden, his family, and the family of the people he murdered.

  • Fanatic's Nightmare

    Fanatic's Nightmare

    25 pages by Cornan Boiled

    As a fanatic, Norman always wished for the zombie apocalypse to happen, so he could get away from his normal, boring life. Little does he know, what hapoens is far from what he actually imagined.

  • Lost Leaves

    Lost Leaves

    25 pages by Uchiha_Indara

    A Story about the life of Kurmayasha Keru, a teenager who never knew his parents, he lived a normal life until one day he moved to New York where he started to uncover his family's dark past. leaving Keru with shock and feelings of revenge to the traitors of his family.

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