• To Love & to Relive

    To Love & to Relive

    0 pages by Ace Takashiro

     Every time Rin Kazuma falls in love with a girl, but the moment he gives his answer, he gets killed by something mysterious and unexpecting. As his life reset again and was reborn again to relive a new life and falls for another girl and die again,  he Failing to figure out why.

  • Shadows of Life and other Dark Fantisy's

    Shadows of Life and other Dark Fantisy's

    0 pages by dfeyder

    this is a colection of commisions people have asked me to do since Red Twilight hit store shelves. I will post up the name of the people that work with me on all projects and I will post them one commision at a time.

  • Red Twilight Volume 4: The Avatar Awakend

    Red Twilight Volume 4: The Avatar Awakend

    0 pages by dfeyder

    The final act of Red Twilight. the heros of Twilight converge and the decisive battle begins.

  • A List of Reasons

    A List of Reasons

    0 pages by Yourlocal_antisocial

    Two girls live in the same dorm room in the 1990s and change each other's lives.

    Jessica moves out from a home where she feels that she is not accepted, and moves into a dorm room with Rayra, a girl who loves books more than anything. Once they start dating, they learn more about themselves and each other.


    Book cover photo credit: Brandon Woelfel, Check him out!

  • The World of Arona

    The World of Arona

    0 pages by kawanaga

    The World of Arona is in a fantasy setting with tons of magic, all kinds of people and various monsters and creatures.

    The story's about several characters, all going on their own journey to explore The World of Arona, meeting friends, partners, rivals and enemies, all while exploring the vast lands of this world.


    Author's note: it's the first story I'm writing, so constructive criticism would be highly appreciated.



    0 pages by APJoshuaOSBPP


    Reawakened submerged deep in rich soil. The Man plunged into his journey began to satiate his needs, and thirst for the knowledge he lacked, by journeying through life, learning the impossible titled survival by surviving, while one mistake could very easily spell the end.


  • Doll lady

    Doll lady

    0 pages by Greenhag


  • Rule of Immortal Reality

    Rule of Immortal Reality

    0 pages by Hecate Amphitrite

    A Massoremean goddess has been removed from the cult of doctus, the most powerful of Massoremean gods. She has been forgotten and is now to live in the mortal realm. So the goddess must join a special challenge to please her cult and to return to the heavens once more.


  • Seeker of souls

    Seeker of souls

    0 pages by earthdrake

    If you disappear, will someone notice?

    Will anyone search for you?

    And what about those who reincarnate or transmigrate?

    Who will seek them?

    And why?


    Author's note, will present profanities and traumatizing content.
    Currently writing chapters, once there are a few ready will start to release them.

  • Trivial Days

    Trivial Days

    0 pages by NameLess_NEET

    A short story about two people on each of their trivial days....


  • Hyrim: A History

    Hyrim: A History

    0 pages by NightRupture

    This book follows the history of the inhabitants of the world of Hyrim.


    This is not meant to be a story until later chapters due to the fact that I am developing lore for a project that I am partaking in. The early chapters will become the backstory of the world, while I advance to the main part, which will be very  improvised because I am following the actions of other people that are influencing the world.

    At the point that the backstory ends, I will open up access to the world, and if you are influential enough I will write about you. Expect a lot of reader interaction.

    Some early chapters may be short because of a lack of dialogue, and you will most certainly get bored because of the similarity to a history book.

    With all this in mind, I hope to see you when we start.


    (I do not own the cover, it belongs to whoever made it)

  • Turtles Without Time

    Turtles Without Time

    0 pages by captaindoge

    A man in his path to pursue hell for his enemies falls to hell itself and now pursues beyond what he is entitled to.

    The Synopsis and the tags might be updated as the story goes on.

    Hello, traveller. Thank you for stopping by to take a look at my story. Though I'll probably screw up much more times than this, I hope I can give you the satisfaction of reading a story I always hoped to read. .

    The build up might be slow as I figure out more about storytelling since this is my first time writing something like this. 

    I would love to hear your opinion and anything more so I can improve just a little bit enough to make it interesting. Seriously thank you. And if you want to suggest anything please PM me. I would appreciate it a lot.
  • The Parallel World Where Myths Exist Volume 2

    The Parallel World Where Myths Exist Volume 2

    0 pages by Ronri-Hito

    Written by ?? Ruslan

    For currently progressing story follow: Munashii

  • The Parallel World Where Myths Exist Volume 2

    The Parallel World Where Myths Exist Volume 2

    0 pages by Tannaru-Hito



    Follow 'Ronri-Hito'

  • Pandora's Box

    Pandora's Box

    0 pages by Atsushihiroto19

    Curiosity is really an amusing trait humanity has. It may lead to success or lead one to his grave. Since then, humanity have evolved and continued to progress through the power of curiosity. But, a group of friends found what is supposed to be hidden from humanity. And their greatest mistake is to ever meddle with it. Now, a group friends have started an adventure to correct their mistake. 

  • Agravaska: Conquer All

    Agravaska: Conquer All

    0 pages by Cities

            Set in a fantasy world, where non-humans start disappearing one by one, it is up to five young teenagers from different races to figure out what is happening. But hey, give 2 elvens, an orc, a half-elven and a dragonborn some crappy idea of what it takes to be a hero and doing everything to achieve it, and to figure out some weird activity, I'm guessing we have an adventure.

            A comedic and satirical take on fantasy adventures with some nice action scenes, and we have a hit, right?

  • The Destruction of the Righteous Fire | A Chronicles of Ascension Short Story

    The Destruction of the Righteous Fire | A Chronicles of Ascension Short Story

    0 pages by DCBallard

    >>Taken off line at this time. Will be made availiable through my Blog at: https://ascensionnovel.wixsite.com/scribblings <<


    This story takes place after then end of Choas Fountain is addresses what happens to the world destroying ship that features in that story, the Righteoud Fire.


    Much as the Mouse is drawn to the cheese, so too is the new Emperor of the Phoenix Fire Imperium. The opportunity to reclaim the stolen power-core of the Righteous Fire's sister ship and prove that he is stronger than the rebels. Will this prove to be his moustrap as he takes the Righteous Fire and her crew of thousands with him on the mission?


    >>Taken off line at this time. Will be made availiable through my Blog at: https://ascensionnovel.wixsite.com/scribblings <<

  • The Journey After

    The Journey After

    0 pages by Conch27

    A boy, Nathan Krump, has suffered from cancer his entire life. Many dreams, aspirations, and journeys he wanted to experience. Sadly, he won't get that; or maybe he will....


    Follow Nathan in his stange and wacky jouney.

  • One More Story

    One More Story

    0 pages by Wille1412
  • Flowers of war

    Flowers of war

    0 pages by painlessheadache

    Story of Anthony 'ant' wilder and his adventures during turbulent times.

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