• The Cybermanteum Exploits

    The Cybermanteum Exploits

    8 pages by Alfonso_Alonso

    A creator of a popular VR-MMO committing suicide and locking his players inside his own game would be frightening enough. But when a player is found dead from trauma that could only be acquired while he was in-game, authorities are forced to get involved. When Investigators are dispatched to the studio, what they find only narrrows their leads down to one perilous option. Sending an agent into the game to finish what they cannot in real life. 

  • Maple Creek

    Maple Creek

    8 pages by bsmith17

    A group of bored young teens on summer vacation work together to seek out the weird and unexplained in their small Pennsylvania hometown, only to find that there are some things hidden away in old, forgotten places that no human should ever have to see.

  • Golgatha


    8 pages by keeplayer109

    A dragon crashes into earth destroying our way of life and brings magic and magical creatures with it. Most of humanity lives in fear of Golgatha, but one young man with the help of his sea serpant friend will take the fight to the dragon!

  • Dissonance :: Tranquillity

    Dissonance :: Tranquillity

    8 pages by HurricaneOfButthurt

    A small collection of short stories that i wrote ages ago.


    :::: TIME :::

    Man tossed on a strange land. A broken man. A man that has come to terms with his inevitable doom. 

    It's time. Time to end it all.

    +++ JOURNEY +++

    Existance for some can be varied. It can be something close to experiencing life. It can be something close to pushing through life. Sometimes its better to let go. And sometimes it is better to let yourself go.

  • Remnants of a Forgotten World

    Remnants of a Forgotten World

    8 pages by Spedwards

    Two sides have been in a war longer than any living man can remember. Each side raised on stories of how the other did them wrong and how they were going to make it right. No one alive knew the real reason these two factions warred, but it's all they've ever known. Peace and truce are words no man has uttered in hundreds of years.

    Nissa, a bloodmage, and Rhett, a paladin, will each make their way through this war only to discover the truth behind what started it and what it means going forth. They have dedicated their entire lives to beliefs taught to them as children, and now it all must change.

  • The Sealing Sword

    The Sealing Sword

    8 pages by zaraki05
    What would happen if angels and demons inhabited earth.

    This is my first fiction would like some constructive feedback and help with a better synopsis later thanks
  • The Girl From The Sea

    The Girl From The Sea

    8 pages by JEE96

    Since the disappearance of his beloved twin sister Julie, Tobys life has been a disaster. Plagued by insomnia and nightmares, his fear of the monsters from the sea surronding the island he lives on haunt him more often than usual. But one day after a vicious storm wrecks havoc on the island, strange things begin to occur. Bodies start washing up on the shore and strange people begin to charm the locals along with sightings of a phantom white stallion begin to stir suspicion on the island. But the most unusual of all is probably the appearance of a strange young woman with grey hair and dark eyes at the doorstep of Tobys family bed and breakfast. 

    Nobody knows where she came from or who she is. But will Toby ever find out and could all the strange occurances be linked to his sisters disappearance? 


  •  dìle


    8 pages by Him

    Just a little story,  to not let my English rot.  Not sure about the updates or if I m gonna keep to it depends on my motivation wich depends on you guys 


    Also I'm not sure about the tags yet might ad some 

    Ps cover isn't mine just took it from the net and photoshop a bit 


    On a coalition research station, located in a death world. The scientists are manipulating flood samples to better understand the blight they are desperately fighting in the outer worlds 

    A accident happens and the quarantine is breached and a mutated specimen escape..... 

  • What The Future (Doesn't) Hold  [Whiterose]

    What The Future (Doesn't) Hold [Whiterose]

    8 pages by emergencyexitsonly

    "You're just scared I'll leave you! Stop holding me accountable for your own insecurities!" Weiss snaps, fuming. "What goes down with my family is none of your business, anyways."

    "It's none of my business?" A small whisper, so fragile and vulnerable. Ruby steps back, a resigned smile on her face as tears drip down. "Yeah, I guess it isn't. Not anymore."


    Weiss and Ruby are happy together, but how long will this happiness last?

    Ruby mulls over her relationship with Weiss and realizes that it just won't work out.

  • Insanity


    8 pages by diamondevil199

    jack was a caring loving man married to his beuitaful wife but what happens when something is found out that will break the bond what is the secret that will tear this family apart

  • Recovery


    8 pages by Goldize

    They took her. Not okay... I’m going to get her back.

  • Love Story

    Love Story

    8 pages by SleepingPrincess
    This story is not based on fiction or fantasy, but a story of true and beautiful love. A love that was full of life and color, that was never dull or quiet. A love that was truly one of a kind. We had a beautiful beginning and a wonderful middle sadly however we never got our happily ever after...
  • Lineage


    8 pages by Khan

    Seth, forbidden to speak or show his face outside his home by his caretaker, suddenly find that his world is bigger and more dangerous that he thought.

    At a crucial moment of his life, he start writing in a journal his story, his past choices and mistakes, and what lead him to this moment.

  • Investigation #7154:

    Investigation #7154: "Sariyal"

    8 pages by Katsune

    A series of investigations into a recently discovered church: "The Church of Sariyal."

  • Companion


    8 pages by OCaptainWhitman

    A man and his dog wander the wasteland in search of a better life.

  • War of the Heavens

    War of the Heavens

    8 pages by hongisred

    The world of Mundus Caelo is at war for the best part of two centuries, each nation vying for the precious hoverite mines.

    Amidst all the chaos, Philippe XI has been crowned King of Orwell at his father's deathbed.

    Maius Oweyn, a former noble whose house was stripped of nobility is summoned to the palace.

  • A Visit From Cupid

    A Visit From Cupid

    8 pages by Michizu

      Saito Miyuki had a terrible past, which led her to not want to socialize with anyone, and to not feel and find love. Cupid, the god of love, was ordered to make sure she will feel and find love. Thus they both experience an encounter that will change both their lives altogether. 

  • Shatter Sphere

    Shatter Sphere

    8 pages by Flamewoolf

    A near death experience changes Matt's life forever when he discovers he has the ability to shatter objects with the emotions it brought on. However, in the city of Tandayum, these ‘Breakers’ belong to the Terriam organization, a military company that controls the breeding program with the goal of enhancing their strength for political dominance. 

    Witnessing first-hand how the company corrupts the lives of his friends and parents, Matt resolves to use his ability to work for Terriam, but as a double agent for The Underground, a liberation group where many Breakers have fled. His loyalty to their cause wavers when his relationship with a girl linked to the company becomes a game of cat and mouse.

    Can Matt keep his double-cross a secret from her and fight the Terriam Organization at the same time?   

  • Starhopper


    8 pages by Jaryn Frostwing

    After a colony ship goes silent, humanity learns that all 25,000 colonists have been trapped in a virtual reality program meant to entertain and stimulate the minds of hibernating spacefarers. What follows is the strangest, largest rescue operation ever undertaken by humanity.

  • Vampire's Maid

    Vampire's Maid

    8 pages by Sawanara murasaki

    Miyuuki Misamoto, 17 years old woman who works as a maid in Egothirus Mansion. She works to get extra money for her everyday expenditure with her mother. First day in the mansion, she feel terrible. They act outrageously against her eventhough she mostly serve the youngest sibling, Lawrence. She bear being hurts by the evil siblings rather than being a sex servants for the men. 

     Miyuuki slowly blown Lawrence's covers. His hugest secret had never been known by anybody else including his siblings. He realize it that Miyuuki try to dig in his secret.

    What'll happen to Miyuuki at the end of the story?

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