• Extravaganza


    0 pages by Oinos

    A collection of short stories, thoughts, scenes, and whatever else comes to mind.

    With absolutely no connection to one another, some might be past entries to now concluded contests, some might be just stuff that randomly came to mind and somehow ended up being written down.

    That's what this is.



    0 pages by CliGan

    Prince George of the Kingdom of Almus was an adopted child from an unknown family.He loved his kingdom and those around him, but as he aged and grow he learned the dark past of his kingdom. The kingdom that he loved was destroyed in war - he didn't know this because for his entire life he lived inside the castle walls.

    And that the "people" surrounding him, the "people" who loved and cared for him were not actually humans, but robots - who were programmed to train the new prince and rebuilt the kingdom back to its former glory.

    The kingdom is about to be resurected from the prince and his fellow robots - He is now taking measures to bring the kingdom back to its glory!

    But as of now he is still a child, a child who is still innocent about the world around him. Of course! He still has much to learn.



  • Then I Don't Exist Here Either

    Then I Don't Exist Here Either

    0 pages by Aika

    She doesn't exist. Not anywhere or anytime. She feels no happiness or love or hope or sadness or remorse. The world is spinning, leaving her in the dust to rot and disappear. She is only a lump of flesh, trudging through mountains of snow and treacherous terrian; fragments of her lost memory leaving a trail behind her...


  • Unfaithful - A MaNan FF

    Unfaithful - A MaNan FF

    0 pages by Darkchocolate900

    A girl sharing physical intimacy with the elder brother of her to be husband. 

  • The immortal's curse

    The immortal's curse

    0 pages by Fey

    An immortals life, even amongst countless years longing for death will bring no yield, pain and sorrow will stay for eternity living with past mistakes to never again relive past horrors this novel will be about a journey of a man named Fey and his quest to bring an end to the burden he carries will he succeed or simply bring forth his past?

  • Kain


    0 pages by Octo

    The great Kingdom of Highfall has stood against the Ryuk Empire for years due to King Gaius Drachno’s military might. But when King Gaius is slain by his own brother Julias and the Kingdom is invaded by the Ryuk Empire Kain, a nobody with no family, friends or even a place to call home comes out of isolation for one thing...


  • Falling slowly.

    Falling slowly.

    0 pages by emptynames

    A conquest, a ambitious king, a small mountain nation that sits between the king his future empire.

  • This thief in particular

    This thief in particular

    0 pages by Zeal Iskander

    Just a casual story about a very, very unlucky thief. Well, maybe he deserved it, too...


    Doing that fiction cause I have my TOEIC comming up pretty soon, so I thought I'd train a bit. Mostly interested in doing some first-person narration. The introduction is quite short (as a good introduction should be?), but I'll try to make subsequent chapters longer. 

  • Paper Ghost

    Paper Ghost

    0 pages by sia

    A Noble Lady's servant that has a mind that's a bit to good, gains strenght in the shadows.

  • Choice of life

    Choice of life

    0 pages by ebradl2

    More of a poem than a story. No specific prose.

  • The Formulist Record

    The Formulist Record

    0 pages by Linus Mark

    Humankind and other lifeforms are guided by magical energy known as Aether. Throughout the world, different ways to utilize such power come with a divisive social distinction. With a society of half consisting of magicians, their status or role come under threat from Formulation. Formulation is the usage of Aether through technology, rather than through innate ability from magicians. Many of whom who utilize them are non-magicians, thus often, their users be known as formulists. Our protagonist, a formulist coming from a magician background, will have to come to terms with his own aspirations in face of a war of a between a magician and formulist nation, the former being his own homeland. Facing those who share similar ideals as his, the consequences that will come of this conflict will be revolutionary.

  • An accident of Busses

    An accident of Busses

    0 pages by GaiusFromTheDune

    What happens when an accident happens and the result is the dead are given the chance to continue living in another world filled with magic and monsters. They get to start over with their names and memories but out of the total deaths one person has to be reincarnated as a monster that is the cost of them all being reincarnated by the goddesses. I may change the genres or content waring stuff if readers don't think it fits the story thx.

  • Sell-outs


    0 pages by nitronaut

    In his piece of flash fiction, there are sell-outs among us. You have all been warned.

  • The Legend

    The Legend

    0 pages by darklordliz


    Legends, they are the apex of human existence. Stories that have been past down throughout the ages so long they are but fragments of the original. Legends have been in all cultures throughout all civilizations since man began to pass down tales. Humans have a yearning to be remembered, Legends are people who have not been forgotten.

    Let me tell you a story, a legend of sorts. About a man without emotions and a lady with a vengeance. Let me tell you a legend, the legend of a assassin who was breed to kill and lived to served. About a abounded little girl who grew to stand above all. 

    Let me tell you about Mari Fior Celo and her shadow Lazur Zegan.

  • Blood and Sand

    Blood and Sand

    0 pages by Lord Ares

    Ares often remembers his childhood his innocence… his naivety. How he longs to go back to those days. Alas that’s not what destiny has set in store for him, no. Destiny has something much more cruel set for him.

    He has a debt that must be paid.

    This is his story.

    A story of Blood and Sand.



    Hey, this is my first story.


    Heads up there is a tragedy tag, and there will be tragedy throughout this novel. However, I don't intend this story to be pure violence and depression. The main character will go through many stages of life, and thus the novel will also go through many different stages as well.


    Also I'm not going to comitt myself to a number of chapters per week, I have a busy schedule. I do intend to release as often as I can however.

  • Choose His Path

    Choose His Path

    0 pages by Palt

    i will be making up a story, and you will be commenting on what you want to happen. 


    oh, the overall plot? good queston. that the thing, ill just be making up some kind of plot, and you just comment what you want, simple, right?

    interested? then come here, and let us make a story.

  • World Of The Strong

    World Of The Strong

    0 pages by Cerberos

    Young man living on Ernius world of the strong trying to survive with all his might.

    Spening all his days scavenging for food he developed a greed for power and wealth so he would never again have to bow his head or go hungry.

    He steps outside of the safety of city walls to experience the world.

    Towards endless adventures.

  • The new Emperor in God's dimension

    The new Emperor in God's dimension

    0 pages by Br9k3n

    A legacy of all pantheon but cursed by his peer because of that is bullied at school neglected at home but he has insane imaginary that will help him on his journey on the god's dimension as the 4th special team : TEAM SOLO 

    A team made by only one player with some advantage because he is the only one on his team

    Follow closely how the young legacy  of all the pantheon will grow and to cure his curse

    ENGLISH IS NOT MY NATIVE LANGUAGE but point me the grammar error

    A Terror Infinity fanfic


  • Short stories

    Short stories

    0 pages by Voidwolf

     THis is a Collection of my short stories 

    this is a filler ..........................................

  • Beyond the Limits

    Beyond the Limits

    0 pages by mighetto

    2362 AD, a small PSR trade shuttle is making its way through the vast swathes of space between Sol system and Zephlon VII, carrying a valuable cargo of metallic hydrogen, to be used as a fuel source and materials for the newly formed colony. 

    A small crew of ten has been placed on the shuttle to maintain the ship during its 6-month long journey.

    Little do they know, there's something different about this trip...

    Inspired by Becky Thomas's Abantey

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