• Dark Souls 4

    Dark Souls 4

    18 pages by Darkus
    "Thou who was cast out by he who was once Lord, shall you seek redemption? In the spiraled and broken lands of Mourdinia, shall you take the trials?" The aged fire keeper slunk back in her ancient chair, creaking both bones and wood "Ah, but of course you will, you always have, haven't you?." She cackled, before her dry throat erupted her in a coughing fit.

    "Heh...I suppose I shall play my part as I always have, and always shall, for it is part of our binding curse dearest forgotten one." From her fading and moth eaten red robes, the hag pulled out what seemed to be an eye, Except this eye was like a cat slit, the orb a white and swirling black, yet their was no pupil. "Stare into it once more, to see that which you once were." The being took the orb and began to stare at it. A wolfish grin appeared on the fire keepers face "And so it begins anew."
  • The Edge of Time

    The Edge of Time

    0 pages by Mine1204

    Cain witnesses a horrific event at school, but suddenly he finds out it was just a dream... or was it?

  • Phantasmagoria


    79 pages by toolazytoruntheworld
    In the first place, who actually agrees to fight on the frontlines of a war in a world that has nothing to do with them?
    A somewhat stereotypical ‘I was summoned to another world story’. The heroine doesn’t want to become involved in inter-species politics and conflict, so she escapes from being a hero.
    Well, the first goal is figuring out how to live in a different world.

    I don't want to spoil things, so I'm not sure what to put in the description. This is a somewhat slow-building story, so the action might take a while. Another thing that slow builds is the romance. I tagged it, but it's not going to happen for a long while.

    Contains swearing and gore, depending on your definition of gore.

    This is my first time writing a web fiction, so I’m not super-confident on the quality. Also, I really welcome reviews, since I can’t fix what I don’t know is wrong…so please, if you have anything to say about the quality of the work in any capacity, say it.
  • Idiots Guide to Saving the World

    Idiots Guide to Saving the World

    6 pages by eac1

    Have you ever wanted to read a story of a epic adventure full of smart witty, and great adventurers. Too bad. You're stuck with buff idiotic barbarians with a senile wizard that would kill a dragon and take its gold to make a statue of a dragon and nothing else. Luckily for them, they're practically invincible. Don't worry though, one character at least has some common sense.

  • Seeds of the  Divine

    Seeds of the Divine

    18 pages by jizagui5
    After creation a war between the gods lead to massive destruction throughout the universe. Planets were destroyed, and many intelligent species were destroyed. Among the rubble earth suffered great casualties. And now that the planet is dying the gods have chosen those with the potential to save humanity and lead them to a new world.

    However, not all gods hope for humanity to be saved. And among the chosen all have different intentions some more sinister than others.

  • The Vile God

    The Vile God

    2 pages by PilotFlux

    In 2081, humans have begun to spread out across the galaxy, colonizing their local branch of the Milky Way with the help of ion-drive technology. But, when a new method of interstellar travel is pioneered, everything is thrown into jeopardy.


    -After going back and re-reading my previous fiction, A Vile God, I realized its horribly written. As such, this is more of a spiritual successor, hopefully with better writing. Thanks for checking it out.-


  • Through the mind's eye

    Through the mind's eye

    4 pages by Chronon
    Jackson Miller. A 17 year old teenager with the ability to read minds.

    Is it a curse or a gift?

    Only time will tell.

    Author's note: Temporary Description
  • Inferno Falling

    Inferno Falling

    5 pages by Imperial Lightning

    The world was a happy place. A peaceful community that got along. It was also extremely dull.

    Then it changed, and for the first time, I was free.

  • Idea #1

    Idea #1

    1 pages by Marstheoddball
    Just a short idea of mine that I'll eventually be writing out once I'm finally done with the details of everything here. So... yeah, just look forward to the day that I actually DO finally get around to working on the first chapter (if you're interested in how this sounds.)
  • Legend: The Beginning

    Legend: The Beginning

    6 pages by LukaPetrov

    When Hamon, a curious twelve-year-old experiments with necromancy, what could go wrong? Short answer: a lot! And it involves a lich!

    Hamon had a hard time finding his place in the world. Nothing seemed to be going the way he wanted. His good pal, Elliot, in an effort to look out for him introduced him to the path of necromancy. Elliot was the son of a respected necromancer and would become one himself. 

    Hamon became entranced by the power necromancers had but did not realize the fine line they must walk not to cross over to the dark side.

    Hamon's exploration led him to a life-altering encounter with a Lich and a Banshee, who coincidentally have a complicated past with Hamon's dear friend, Elliot. Will Hamon chose the path of a necromancer?

    Find out what Hamon chooses in Legend: The Beginning.

  • Elemental Plane

    Elemental Plane

    4 pages by qwery
    In the world where strong rule and weak falls ,Quincy was born as the Emperor first son,will he lived to became stong and lived up to his Father's expectation or will he fall..

    Join me as we watch how Quincy will rise in this world where strong rules...

    'This is my first work so im sorry sometimes i dont make sense!...
  • Fated Realms: A Tale of Two Siblings (Working Title)

    Fated Realms: A Tale of Two Siblings (Working Title)

    21 pages by Serpentfear

    In the near future of 2057, VR technology has taken precendence as the most used platform for all forms of entertainment. It became the most affordable way for single users to access the internet, media, games, communication, and more. Over 70% of populations in 1st World countries have any variation of a VR headset.

    However, in the most recent VRMMO Fated Realms, players have been disappearing. While it is mainly attributed to mere coincidence, several players think otherwise. Cassandra and Eli, two siblings that are estranged from their family, are thrown into a journey of seeking the truth of those disappearances. Along the way, they encounter and learn things within Fated Realms and form connections between new friends and enemies...

  • Can I really make money this way?

    Can I really make money this way?

    16 pages by Nao
    "Ahhh were running out of money!! I knew a Bodyguard business was the wrong career choice!, I'm so doomed !"

    The story about Zlphy Miyahara. A girl doomed to unfortunate events. Join her in her life as she deals with the struggles of making money, and love.
  • Songs for a Deviant Earth

    Songs for a Deviant Earth

    15 pages by LukaPetrov

    After the Apocalypse

    What would you do if nuclear explosions happened without notice? Or the surviving population was plagued by a highly contagious infection that is undoubtedly a death sentence? What if your only means of safety was being taken in by a Catholic monastery, where children are beaten if they do not pray at the required times?

    Those are the situations two albino twins are faced with when they are orphaned after their mother died of the Stranger's Cold after giving birth.

    Find out if the twins survive, what powers do the twins have, and what life is like after the apocalypse? 
    Find out in Songs for a Deviant Earth

  • Projekt: Genesis

    Projekt: Genesis

    3 pages by Ilurama
    This will be my second try to write my own story. Just so you know english is not my mother-language, please don´t be offended if you find mistakes. I would appreciate it if you could point my mistakes out so that my english gets better.
    Imagine your one of the best programmer of the world, given the chance to use your knowlage to programm your own world. How would it look like? Would it be any different than the earth we are knowing? Would it be a world focused on magic or would your world rather focus on cultivation?
    A genius programmer named Yu Suzuya is given such a chance. How will the world he will create look like? Will it be a peaceful place? Will he create his own personal hell? Will the other programmer be friendly or not?
  • Fell down into a dungeon

    Fell down into a dungeon

    8 pages by Arlan

    A story of a boy who fell into a dungeon and tries to find an exit while encountering monsters.


    The first story that I will write about fantasy world so go easy on me.
    I will write in my free time.

  • Little Brother's Experiment

    Little Brother's Experiment

    7 pages by SquareWell
    Meet Little brother! Huh, oh sorry, there seems to be an absence of name... and even their social security number is gone... hang on, this person is dead.

    Okay, meet... okay this one is also dead.

    Anyways with the jokes aside, meet the little brother of a peculiar sister who enjoys science and their journey throughout worlds!

    There is 18+ content, you've been warned!
  • Reborn: Journeyman

    Reborn: Journeyman

    43 pages by LukaPetrov

    **This title will be pulled down as soon as it publishes on Amazon. It was published in its entirety during its work in progress stage, and only the first chapter will remain after it is published on Amazon. It is enrolled in Kindle Unlimited. 

    We continue with Ed's journey as he levels up from apprentice to journeyman. When Lord Abraxas wants Ed to be surrendered after seizing the Village of Gilmore, Ed has no choice but to flee. With the help of his father and the companionship of his friends from Draererth, they find themselves in the Enchanted Forest being tracked by bounty hunters. Tasked with gathering items for the obvious battle ahead, the party must find their way. First, they must find the Book with No Name and Ed must master 13 spells in order to defeat the Demon Lord. Second, they're going to need a map to the magi staff. Finally, Ed will need to find the magi staff to elevate his spell level, so he will at least stand a chance with Lord Abraxas. This has all of the adventure and bad jokes from Reborn: Apprentice mixed in with more lore about the Abyss and how the Demon Lord found his way out of it.

  • Death's The Reincarnated Devil Royal

    Death's The Reincarnated Devil Royal

    6 pages by Xftg123

    Kuro Masahiko is a high-schooler who's formerly known as the devil prince of death, a demon that could destroy everything in its wake. But, is rather lazy to actually destroy anything. Isabella Miyano, on the other hand, is a blade shaman apprentice, who decides to find the devil prince and kill him. But, Kuro has another secret: He's been reincarnated, and is the only person who knows that he himself, is the devil prince of death. And he soon gets a bit more than he bargained for when at school, he and Isabella befriend various monster students, some of them attracted to Kuro, who drives his libido in order to cause his power?!

  • I Will Use My Powers To Fulfill My Dreams

    I Will Use My Powers To Fulfill My Dreams

    4 pages by Narcissist

    Warning: This Novel Series is written entirely on the premise of NSFW Content. You have been warned. There will definitely be no hardcore, NTR, scat contents so don't worry about that too.

    There's really no need to write a synopsis yet since this are only two chapters right now. The prologue and first chapter. In fact, feel free to criticize it as much as you want. I was initially writing it on the premise on whatever I could think of. Hahaha

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