• The forest

    The forest

    0 pages by PotatoCrusher69

    A group of friends embarks on a fun adventure through old buildings in the middle of a forest. Very much fun ensues!

  • RagedEclipse's One-Shot Collection

    RagedEclipse's One-Shot Collection

    28 pages by RagedEclipse
    Yeah, I write one-shot stories every so often and thought that it might be interesting to share a few.

    Some will be hits, some will be misses.

    But 'tis the joy of writing one-shots.

    Also, I will not be adding tags on this main page, but instead, I will have them within the chapter, as they will all most likely be different stories with different characters. Do note that a lot of them will have mature themes, some will have dark humor, while others, may be light-hearted.

    I hope you enjoy!

    P.S. The odds are that I will never continue any of these past the one-shot, but you, the reader may! If you want to use the characters and plot of a one-shot, just throw me a PM saying your gunna do it. Why? You don't need my permission (however, do note that credit should be given where credit is due), none of this is copyrighted. I would just like to see where someone takes it, that's all.
  • Tale of Ryan the Demonbane

    Tale of Ryan the Demonbane

    56 pages by SecretSocietyofFantasyAuthors

    There are great heroes sung only in tales such as First Hero Richard, Koel the Bright, Graham the Great and Little Leaf Barry. But this is the story of a certain boy aspiring to become a hero much like any other youth in the land of Vanaris.

    The land is under constant threat of monsters and demon lords of various power and caliber, apocalyptic events unfolding one after the other. It is only in this world of crisis, that the world would take desperate measures to establish academies designed to train the individuals that would face the endless trials the world tosses at the mortals.

    This is the story of Ryan Adams, one such individual who would one day save the world from the coming apocalypse.




    Author here.

    This is my first story, so be sure to comment the things I’m doing wrong and I’ll be sure to implement it into my writing.

    Word count: 1500-2500

    Schedule: Static

    Changed the cover photo because it is more fitting.

  • Darker than Black

    Darker than Black

    10 pages by tramsloof
    You may have heard many instances where heroes turn into villains and vice verca but...Howabout a revenge driven villain take over a body of a hero from another world.
  • The World No One Knew About

    The World No One Knew About

    46 pages by DARK MIRAGE

    This is the time when humans lived with vampires and werewolves. They lived in harmony.The world which linked to a different dimension which should have never existed. It goes back to past which is a dark age. 

  • Ancient Youth

    Ancient Youth

    9 pages by TheAnimeDude
    Tyson Nash is a 14 year old boy who has moved often throughout his childhood, and has very few friends as a result. His hobbies include reading and learning about older things, which further complicates his ability to fit in. With high school fast approaching, a surprising new friend may change his life forever.
  • VENUSxPhobiA


    4 pages by Vestigial Dreams

    21 year old Kobi is at a stressful point in his life. He has a fear of beautiful women that has made him incredibly confused about his sexuality. His fear stops him from working a normal job so he has moved to a town full of elderly people. Someone new has moved in next door to his apartment, and unfortunately for Kobi, they seem very feminine and very very beautiful. Kobi's quiet life of avoiding his fear may be impossible now.

  • Death's Bouquet

    Death's Bouquet

    1 pages by TheBlue
    This is the tale of a young warrior who has lost almost everything and is on the quest of vengeance. (Pretty generic but hey, it could be a nice read, I hope)
  • The Library of Immortals

    The Library of Immortals

    23 pages by Aileus

    The Library knows all, the Library controls all... Do not go against the will of the Library or the Heavens themselves will obstruct you. Fear it - as it is your god. 

    Deny the order the Library has enforced, control your destiny, break free from the bonds of Immortality! 

  • You're Never Too Far From Home

    You're Never Too Far From Home

    42 pages by Bargain Ramen

    "Come on down to Amberdale, The Milky Way’s America’s best kept secret!

    Come down and enjoy local specialities like our Savory Dragon ‘Pork on a cob’ or Mamma Gertrude's Poltergeese Gumbo Beef stew!

    Take a load off in our monster infested lakes or hop onto one of our historical trolley tours, come face to face with the immortally immoral wax figure of our city’s founders Kernel Polems and his rag tag band of musket-toting pioneers. Sit and chow down on Wholesome food, untapped nature, the occasional zombie invasion, and a 'devilish’ hospitality, there's nothing down ‘ere you’d wanna miss. So don’t you be a stranger, you won't be in any danger, down ‘ere in good ol’ Amberdale.Whether you're just blowing in from nashville or a green not so little man visiting from mars, in Amberdale you’re never too far from home!"

    ...unless of course you're a certain 16 year old ‘Nikolai Thompson’ who couldn't get away from Amberdale even if he wanted to.

  • Traversing The Feywilds

    Traversing The Feywilds

    19 pages by ares850

    Valor was in his usual gym class with the rest of his classmates when boxes rained from the ceiling. Inside those boxes and the events afterwards left him and his classmates stranded in another world with new terrors and horrors awaiting them at every corner.

  • Life in Menthra, a young man's new journey.

    Life in Menthra, a young man's new journey.

    12 pages by Smunderki
    A young man dies after witnessing the end of the human race or so he thought.

    World war 3 has begone but,instead of fighting another country the human race itself is fighting so being unknown to us, we fought hard but I know in my heart this is the end of the human race.
    3 days until the end -Micheal Boe

  • Pinnacle book 3

    Pinnacle book 3

    72 pages by Oscardela45

    A continuation of Broken and Sentinel book three. Spoilers for sentinels so don't read if you don't want spoilers. 

  • Kratos - A dropped prologue

    Kratos - A dropped prologue

    70 pages by cernaev95

    How do you make a simple mortal into a god? Simple. Step 1: Take a soul with an already grand future. Step 2: Apply enough pressure to break even gods. Step 3: Pray they won't break... 

    A nice prologue to a story that was never meant to be. Droppededededed

  • Re live in Arlogia

    Re live in Arlogia

    2 pages by amaterasu29

    Seorang anak sekolah biasa yang tidak memiliki tujuan setelah kelulusannya. Akhirnya memutuskan untuk melakukan reinkarnasi untuk mendapatkan kehidupan kedua. Dengan idenya ia membuat sebuah rencana luar biasa nekat yang tak pernah terbayangkan oleh orang lain.

    Ia mati dan jiwanya diselamatkan oleh seorang dewa yang tidak menganggap dirinya dewa dan menyebut dirinya sendiri sebagai mantan penjelajah. Dengan beberapa pertukaran dan negosiasi akhirnya anak itu mendapatkan sedikit bantuan darinya dan memulai kehidupannya di Dunia Arlogia.


    Anak laki-laki keluarga Magstain penyihir nomor satu di kerajaan Airylia, Adelard, di nilai sebagai manusia terburuk dan lemah, dengan kekuatan unik yang tak dimiliki oleh siapa pun di dunia Arlogia yang luas ia pun akhirnya akan mengejutkan dunia dan merubah pandangan oranglain terhadapnya sebagai yang terkuat.


  • Last Nova

    Last Nova

    24 pages by YanoAbell
    The world has changed over night… All because of a group of men and women who didn't have
    anything better to do than activate an ancient array and spawn millions of monsters.

    Those men and women are a group called Last Nova. They are the most wanted people in the whole universe now.

    The story starts with a boy who is a descendant of one of the Last Novas. The boy is currently sixteen years old and still doesn't know his fate. What will happen that will change his everyday life? Join the boy named Luck and his everchanging destiny!
  • World Of Swords

    World Of Swords

    27 pages by imenload

    Follow a young man named Wang Chen on his Journey toward the Martial Arts World's Peak with his encounters with friends and foes and ups and downs, as he chases down the path he chose for himself to indulge in and protect himself and his family and friends to live happy peaceful life.

    Will Wang Chen be able to enjoy a peaceful life he had been dreaming for while striving to be strong enough for it, or will he have to face more challenges as he continues his journey?

    Find out more as the 'World Of Swords' journeys across the various worlds and different spices as well as for what choice would he make this time!

    7 Chapters Per Week.

  • The Tales of Taryk Tavarus

    The Tales of Taryk Tavarus

    0 pages by LuciferMStar
    This is the story of a young boy slighted by the world and denied his heritage. The story follows him in his search for knowledge as he grows to to become one of the most powerful wizards in the nine realms.
    This is also a really bad synopsis and I will endeavour to do better. This story is likely going to have crass language and perhaps some indirect sexual content. So beware.
  • Last Heart

    Last Heart

    2 pages by bima tirtanadi

    adi is an ordinary human being, a 16-year-old teenager in unstable times. He is looking for the beauty of a life, Playing with his friends, falling in love, and the sadness of a farewell. the short story is, he is an asshole who is looking for satisfaction. until he separated from Agatha, a woman who lasted the longest with him in a relationship. what happen with him after she left ? we may look his story 


  • Codex 5: Aliad - Zed

    Codex 5: Aliad - Zed

    5 pages by Seraphiim
    Arun, a world ruled by five gods. In this world, the devil appeared and ruined the harmony that the gods established. His remains have been scattered in the skies never again to be complete. Zed, the third prince of the Rigel Kingdom, is born years into the future yet why is his fate so strongly tied to one of the gods?
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