• Because This World is Loved

    Because This World is Loved

    19 pages by Sami-Fire

    Noel, a hybrid of human and Magicant, lives in Medlia with her mother, half-siblings, and stepfather. She watches over her cousin Melia, also a half-Magicant. Life is good in Medlia, even with the adjustments that came with immigrating to a new world. One day, a person thought to have vanished before the immigration resurfaces, and he brings back all the turmoil that was thought to have disappeared with him. Dangerous deals are made, exchanges are made for power, and a question is raised: what will you do to defend the world you love?

  • Joker's Potpourri

    Joker's Potpourri

    19 pages by Jokerx7

    A random collection of short stories in no particular order or genre. I will add more infrequently.

  • Feathers Of Legacy

    Feathers Of Legacy

    19 pages by Nie Isana

    Vampires are mystical creatures who suddenly shown up after a huge world war. they form as human but they suck blood and often killed their prey. they are strong and have unlimited lifespans. because of their existence, the human being was on the verge of dying. to maintain the balance, God creates Demi-gods, also called as Wingless Angel. they are the chosen human who ascended and have the ability to demolish the Vampires races. 

    Ira Tiki is one of the Demi-gods that always have bad lucks. she was chased by bandits and saved by a vampire. Ira decide to let this go but suddenly she was bitten by him. to her demised, her power was sealed and she can't ascend nor seeking help as she has no power to do so.

    She must accept this, she must do something to survive. and the table always turns as she and her new companion embracing her adventure.

    what will become of her in this human realm? is she will become the fallen angel or she is not giving up? why the vampire didn't kill her but help her instead?


    Story and Cover originally by NIE


    Note: This is a story inspired after I played an RPG-games; Nocturne Rebirth that has been translated in English by Eplipswich in RMN. not a fanfiction though. 

  • A picture is worth a Chapter

    A picture is worth a Chapter

    19 pages by Necamijat

    Hey there. This is a work based on Scribble's pictostory challenge. (If you don't know what that is, basically they give a picture and people have to write a short story on it within the allotted time)

    This fiction will contain all of my work for that challenge, and possibly something extra.

  • Pandemónium


    18 pages by Everfall

    Kaim, un joven de 19 años, es advertido ciertas noches sobre un viaje y una aventura. Todo se vuelve extraño para él cuando descubre que aquel viaje se producirá en un nuevo mundo del que no puede escapar. Su viaje predestinado le llevará a recorrer el nuevo mundo para regresar a su hogar, sin embargo, pronto descubrirá que la vida en dicho lugar no es tan fácil como parecía.

  • The Journal of Asha'Zi

    The Journal of Asha'Zi

    18 pages by MrAzE

    Within this book is the secret I have kept away from you. It is the answer to the questions you have asked and I have never answered. It is the history of all you desire. It is the story of the goddess of History. It is the story and life of Asha'Zi.

    The letter I have left within it should explain more, my dear Erma. My only hope is, that it will be enough to teach you the lessons I could not. 



    The Journal of Asha'Zi is a collection of short stories, that can be considered connected to one another, even if they do not share the same setting. Most of them use characters, you will not know, as well as some you might recognise from some of my other stories.

  • A Rush and a Push

    A Rush and a Push

    18 pages by justjetlagged
    A land of blood - surrendered souls slaughtered without mercy. What is the reason? And how does a whole class of students get thrust into the frontlines, forced to fight to survive. Those who adapt, live. Those who don't... don't deserve to be spoken of.
  • Brothers


    18 pages by Velessein Rose

    McKenzie has finally graduated from high school along with her best friend and several classmates. As a way of rewarding herself, she decides to do the one thing she never had the courage to do. After all, asking your forever best friend to be your boyfriend can't be that hard right? While things start off as normal as any relationship, she has a lot to learn about love and who it should be given to.

  • Four Rhytm Across The Blue DJ - Fly For Once More

    Four Rhytm Across The Blue DJ - Fly For Once More

    18 pages by Mabbo

    Two years had passed since the Flying Circus evolved. The match between Inui Saki and Asuka Kurashina brought significant changes to the Flying Circus World Tournament.

    Now, the stage is open for once more. Along with a new story and a new wing to fly.


  • Wolfden


    18 pages by Anthony Riggins

    Wolfden is a small town in the middle of nowhere. If one wanted to get away from the complexities of life and bask in the light of the countryside, they would come here.

    Wyatt after moving away from his home in California, finds himself living in Wolfden. HIs life while living there is completely normal. Normal except for his crazy short temper grandmother, his psycho teacher, and the mysteries surrounding his classmates.

    Apparently, there is a lot more to Wolfden than meets the eye.

  • Falling Back

    Falling Back

    18 pages by Diedyesterday

    Taylor is just having another simple and self loathing day. Until he sees a person that for some reason made him feel something new. Is this person someone special or just another reason to hate himself?

    This is a boyxboy story by the way but there's no smut here fellas sorry 

  • A Cute Woman and Her Clingy Husband

    A Cute Woman and Her Clingy Husband

    18 pages by Mason

    "Fuck off, Su Ni!"

    "Dear, I'm sorry to see you suffer from sexual dissatisfaction, so just let me help you, ok?"

    "Su Ni, you have no qualification for this!"

    Two years ago, Gu Zechen obeyed the arrangement of his mother and married a woman nominally. Two years later, his wife screws him.

    Very good! Since you go beyond your bounds, then... let's divorce!

    Divorce?! No Way!

    "Then I'll torture you to death." Gu Zechen's eyes look cold and cruel.

    "Ok," Su Ni smiles. "I'm just here, waiting to see if you are really willing to do that."

    Welcome to read all latest chapters of A Cute Woman and Her Clingy Husband on Flying Lines. 

  • p r i m o r d i a l . 0

    p r i m o r d i a l . 0

    18 pages by BarbieSentinel

    It's the end of days, and the only way to survive is for god to deem you worthy and competent to join his crusade of adventure in the sea of ancient relics with the most colorful cast a sit com has ever witnessed. 

  • Blue Shift

    Blue Shift

    18 pages by TheStarRacer14

    Set eight years after president Thomas Dumpston was elected to office in the United States, a Nuclear war has destoryed the planet earth.  This has caused the remaining members of humanity to be transported to Moon rocks.  Now, everyone lives in domes that their respective countries reside on.


    Alistair Francis is an exiled British young who lives on the United States Moon rock.  After being exiled from London by his father, the prime minister of England after his mom was killed and his younger sister was paralyzed, Alistair watched his sister be killed by compliations from the Nuclear war.


    Now, living on the Moon Rock with his best friend, Drake Troph, who has joined the U.S Military and pilots a Hyrdo-Plate, Alistair wants answers, revenge and most importantly, a way to leave the Moon rocks. One day, after having a chance enoucter with a spirtual witch who is attempting to break out of this dimension and into another one, his luck and the whole universe's luck begin to change

  • Reaching for Diamonds

    Reaching for Diamonds

    18 pages by BluPenguin

    A world of cultivation. Three different paths, three different people. Their paths will take them through the wilds, into civilization, through political landscapes that threaten their way of life. Their only allegiance is to each other. Siblings through fire. They will chase the glory, chase the diamonds.

    I have read a lot of cultivation stories over the years. Recently I came across Will Wight’s Cradle series and finished it in a flash. I then began to search for other western cultivation novels and had a really tough time finding them. I decided to try my hand at writing my own. Please remember that this is only my second attempt at writing, the first one I wrote just didn’t seem right. I am open to any and all criticism. 

    Cover art pulled from iStock.com

  • Upside Down

    Upside Down

    18 pages by dslake

    "Sometimes you have to let life turn you upside down, to learn how to live, right side up."

    Eighteen-year-old Milan Lohmann was a typical teenaged social influencer. With a promising school career ahead already accepted into the best university in the country and right about to make it in freestyle skiing, major brands were in line to sponsor everything he wanted and needed.

    Add Cara, a supportive and loving near-girlfriend, too many friends to keep track of and a nation-wide fanbase to the mix and a seemingly perfect life is created. But the fifteen minutes of fame have downsides to it and while Milan tried to juggle sports, his career and his friends, he didn't have time to appreciate to advantages of his life.

    But sometimes all it takes is the blink of an eye and a very hot-headed jerk to turn everything upside down.

    And maybe another hot-headed jerk, a hyperactive guy without personal boundaries and a bit of luck is all Milan needs to turn his life back around.

  • Toz


    18 pages by Ginosaji144

    A story about a young man called Thomas who has just started his first relationship with a girl. The girl was hot and very nice but the fate didn't bring him only this girl but also some Super powers


    Contains disturbing Descriptions.

    If you like the story, thanks.

    If you don't , share it to someone you dislike so he can feel your pain.

  • The Felix Story

    The Felix Story

    18 pages by KittyGee
    Your name is Felix MacDonald, and to be honest you're kind of an absolute train wreck right now. Your story starts with you curled up on your apartment floor, too anxious to make it out the door to work, still reeling from your most recent breakup with not one but two boyfriends, barely making rent, barely functioning at all, and realizing that after a lifetime of poor decisions and bad luck, you have finally hit rock bottom.


    For the first time in your life, you decide you should probably do something about that.


    And so begins your so-called journey to recovery, though you're not the type to call it that. You have your one remaining partner RJ supporting you on one side, your metamour Taylor on the other, a thimbleful of hope at your back, and the weight of your world and your unresolved issues pressing in on all sides. You're not even sure if you can change anything at this point in your life, but to be fair, when you've reached rock bottom, the only way you can possibly go is up.
  • Down To Love

    Down To Love

    18 pages by naolux

    The story about four college friends. A lot of things are changing for Haru since his meeting with the beautiful girl Aki.

  • Glitchscape


    18 pages by Callie Pygian

    Something malicious is bleeding into the landscape of Magnet Creek, and a grab bag of morally questionable children are the only ones who notice or seem to care. They’re mildly pissed. After all, strange creatures, rumbly happenings in the night, and physics-bending party tricks aren’t especially conductive to a happy childhood.

    Mole just wants to shoplift cute clothes. Seconds and Kelvin have guild dungeon raids every Sunday. Candela’s waist-deep in apocalypse prep, Kilo and Meter are busy with their Youtube channel, and Ampere’s starting her entire life over.

    But whether predestined for this fate or not, the universe seems to contrive around their involvement. There isn’t a lot of time left in the day for Nintendo when rogue slices of sentient space-time want your town wiped off the map, but when the collateral of infinity can be twisted upside-left and flipways, anything in the vein of a set number of predictable outcomes is possible!


    (Cross post from my Wordpress. If that's illegal then whoops! Tell me. Head over HERE for all the bells and whistles.)


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