• The Hellslinger Chronicles

    The Hellslinger Chronicles

    16 pages by OneDeathwish

    The Hellslinger Chronicles follows a boy named Seth who has lived in the village his whole life training to be a Soul Keeper, a human with piece of Heaven inside them, granting the ability to use magic to fight the evil. He dreams of leaving the village and exploring the world for adventure determined to prove his worth to his Father and the Cardinals of the village that he is ready to be a Soul Keeper. Little does he know, unknown forces are moving against him and his dreams of being a Soul Keeper seems to be slipping away more and more...

  • All Falls Down

    All Falls Down

    16 pages by sharzdah

    A three-plane mid-air collision simply doesn't happen. Not without the intervention of a supernatural force.

  • The Element's Plane

    The Element's Plane

    16 pages by InsaneManDan
    This is my first real story on this site so hopefully it is to your liking.

    The story starts in the continent, Esdule, which lies in between the Earth and Fire capitals. Nenos, the main character, is part of the arena battle to begin. Both combatants must use the limited time they have before their paper plane hits the ground. This is where the story begins.
  • Concord's Estate Disaster

    Concord's Estate Disaster

    16 pages by Freddy
    A man aged and scarred by his eye's of his past chases after the Jewel Killer that started all of this,
    little did he know he would have to go back to where it all started and relieve his horrors if he want's answers he has been chasing for nearly 20 years.
    and this time, he is determined to let those around him not die like the first time.

    This is my first try at something like this (I’m so knew at this I don’t even know what you call it) but anyways besides the point, I am making a story just because I need some experience on story telling to help further progress my understanding in speech, emotion, and overall more knowledge upon the subject of my words can convey to a reader.

    so any constructive criticism is helpful and welcome.
  • Aster's Cycle

    Aster's Cycle

    16 pages by quia

    When Kirke woke up from his routine sleep, he was greeted with a new world - far from what he was used to. A world where the politics reign supreme against magic, while the methods of the arcane itself diverged from what he was used to.

    What will he discover?

    And what chaos could he bring?

  • Oath under Ice

    Oath under Ice

    16 pages by antlad52

    From a doomed world to another, Shirou finds himself in a empire rife with corruption and death. No longer tied down by Miyu, would the fallen hero once again pick up the bow to save humanity or would he pick up the sword that would doom humanity.

    This is fanfiction. Akame ga kill x fate verse

  • A Message from the End of Life

    A Message from the End of Life

    16 pages by floaroma

    Artemis remembers everything. 

    It never gets easier.  

    But the people need him.  He needs to keep moving..keep moving...


    Sequel to "Shabby and Bent." Cover art by vari!

  • An Empire of Shadows

    An Empire of Shadows

    16 pages by KnightofGonk

    Dawson Cadwell is set to lead the World into a new era with his brilliant inventions. However, life is not straightforward, this is hits Dawson when strange men appear at a conference he talks on. Oddly enough he is also contacted by an equally strangle person.

    He must contend with information revealed to him that could undermine the world around him. As he continues to uncover secrets he doesn’t he realize the price that comes with them.



    *Authors note I'm not the best with grammer or when to use specific punctuation. Also, any feedback is welcome

  • Vampire Rocket Club

    Vampire Rocket Club

    16 pages by Andyna

    Lady Kinomoto nació como inmortal, sufriendo una extraña transformación en el vientre de su madre quien había sido atacada dos noches antes de su nacimiento. Cuando el “vampire Rocket Club” se entera de esto, deciden criar a la pequeña niña como una chica normal antes de que sus células maduren en su totalidad y no pueda ver mas la luz del sol. Durante su crianza, conoce a Vadíd, un chico que encuentra divertido todo lo que en ella es extraño. Durante los dos últimos años, su transformación se ha completado y se ha convertido en una cazadora experta. Pero desaparece tras atacar a su amigo de la infancia para protegerlo de una extraña amenaza que se avecina para todos aquellos que la rodean.

  • Smiling Necromancer

    Smiling Necromancer

    16 pages by Kijo


    "The tallest grass is the first to get cut but the fruit that hangs the lowest is the first to get plucked" These are the words that define Zeke's way of life. For over a decade he has managed to navigate his way through the Ardo Kingdom's most prestigious academy for Spiritual magic.

    During his time at the Academy he has seen countless 'geniuses' meet their end before they were given the chance to fully blossom. He has also seen numerous unfortunate people be used as experiment subjects as well as cannon fodder.

    After maintaining just the perfect balance of success and mediocrity Zeke had finally managed to graduate. He could now become an employee of the Academy. He would get his own private property assigned to him and he would receive a salary that would allow him to live more than comfortably. But would things really come to such a peaceful conclusion?

  • The Plague war

    The Plague war

    16 pages by Nero248

    Mikel lives in his lovely little town of Decize. There we see him cut off his left arm to replace it with a new one he built. Go about on journeys to try and solve some problems for himself and for the wider world. So let's see if he actually begins putting his faith in people and working with the team.

  • Discontinued story 3

    Discontinued story 3

    16 pages by Paragonix

    *Spoilers detected*


  • Straying Reflection

    Straying Reflection

    16 pages by Zovi

    Elinor just had the craziest morning in her life, and yet it was nothing compared with what was to come... the vanishing of a red button, a cute boy with a burning hand, an overly-seductive class president, exploding pimples and hot milk coffee... Everything seems to be connected yet completely isolated from each other. Follow Elinor's story and her quest to make sense of the meaning of the world and perhaps her own straying self...           

  • Project Perfect Order

    Project Perfect Order

    16 pages by Ethos

    Set in the 2nd cold war. The year is 2019. A attack in Switzerland ushers in the new 21st century. The shadows become battlegrounds. 2 factions at each other's throats. Ghosts of the past come back to life. And the war for who controls the shadows and geopolitical world begans.

  • Aspiration of Superiority

    Aspiration of Superiority

    16 pages by simmefors

    A vice-guild leader, brought down because of an online feud. Kicked to the kirb and low on life, he goes to bed and ponders if he even wants to wake up. Which he does, somewhere else entirely.

    A litRPG story with inspiration from both games and other books, especially Reincarnation of the Strongest Swordgod. So if you liked that book, hopefully you will like mine. (Though I try to cut down on the absurd names and combat).


  • Movie Central

    Movie Central

    16 pages by Imperial Lightning

    King's Cinema, Warrior's Abode, the Romance is killin' ya, so let's start the show. On this Infinite Road, onwards we go. I'm Xavier Riddle and I'll be your host.

  • Prelude to a quest for employment

    Prelude to a quest for employment

    16 pages by Sebastian V Dawn

    Niccolo had always dreamt of becoming an adventurer and all the fame and glory that went with it. As a young noble, he spent most time lying around and drinking, but when he hadn’t been doing that, he’d been practicing his swordplay. Now, he's finally out there in the world, together with a few companions that are motivated by more mundane and duller concerns, such as escaping poverty and famine.

    Set in a faux-Renaissance setting, with more heroism, snark and magic and less realism.

  • Meanings, meanings, meaning!

    Meanings, meanings, meaning!

    16 pages by Zovi

    The Forest was calm, or perhaps it was just me imagining it. All that happened thirty minutes ago was like it had never existed: I ran for my life, thinking that it might be the end of this one, but here I was, in a place that had undoubtedly forgotten my existence or never took any interest in it from the beginning. For how long did I walk, I did not know. My head was turning, my sense dulled: my arms were numb, my legs heavy. I leaned my body against a tree and rested my head on the rough bark. My eyes managed to catch some of the rays of light penetrating through the leaves and bathed in their warmth. The scent of the pines was beyond any sweetness in the world. It filled my head with various emotions, memories that I had once rejected and thrown into the deepest pit in my brain. I had tried to suppress them, but they, once in a while, surged out of my body like water surging out of a broken dam. I closed my eyes.

    Extract from the first chapter of "Meanings, meanings, meaning"


  • Lycoris


    16 pages by Daanny Arisato

    Amaya Dahlia was born with the prophecy to end the war between the Astera and Rudbeck Clans. Though the idea that his life is laid out for him at birth doesn't sit quite right with him, he might as well as give it a shot if he can make some friends from it.

  • K:Crusader


    16 pages by ScylerG20XX

    Journey into the final battle of the Kaiser Crusade between two friends for the Eternal's Fate. Blades will clash. Magic will be summoned. Words expressed. Hearts unrestricted. The short story is based on the final battle with K revealing his internal truth and the manifestation of Airyo's internal insecurities. The story explores the struggle K goes through with trying to prevent and save Airyo from destroying the Battle Realm and the other remaining 10 realms while desperately finding a way to not kill Airyo, or the other Crusaders from killing him, within the few minute time frame. The internal struggle between two friends will determine the outcome. 

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