• Chronicles of Varyem

    Chronicles of Varyem

    0 pages by Yommi

    Chronicles of Varyem follows the story of Orain, the most legendary human warrior Varyem has ever seen. From his youth as son of a gillian peasant until the start of the age of magic. 

  • The Nowhere Key

    The Nowhere Key

    0 pages by artomis

    Everybody knows there are four realms, held apart by the strength and dedication of an Emperor that nobody has ever seen. Two lower realms, their own mid-realm, and the realm of the Gods. Just as everybody knows the Emperor's Hearts are the only beings capable of tearing through the boundaries and controlling the things on the other side.

    But when her little brother crashes through the door, blinded by something he can't describe, Arty begins to question. And when he slaughters everyone in the house but her, she realises that they've been lying all along.

    There aren't only four realms - there are five.

    And getting to the fifth is the only way to save her brother. 


  • When Day Breaks (Discontinued)

    When Day Breaks (Discontinued)

    0 pages by takethelfromfortnite

    This book has been discontinued until further notice.  NOTE: the story is continuing on Wattpad.
































    pie pope james charles ghost ghast fire eggplant ODM multiple Caesar Sator English Polybius Rodney Jamesson Fender Stratocaster Dean Apple Pear Player Social Card Ink Keep DO NOT CARRY IT WITH YOU Established Raleigh North 

  • Eboba's Orchid

    Eboba's Orchid

    0 pages by UDU

    The heart is a fragile thing. The two apprentices of Witch Doctor Empe know that better than most. When faced with impending death of their beloved Nakato, the two set out in search of a fix.


  • Vampire Myth (Working Title)

    Vampire Myth (Working Title)

    0 pages by Ray Hill

    Howard, along with his friends, makes a trip to Romania, driving up into the Transylvanian Mountains. Howard, being a fan of Bram Stoker's book and all the Dracula movies, can't wait to get there. Their goal is to meet up with a friend who has gotten his hands on a map of a cave system beneath Castle Bran, or Castle Dracula. But, when they get there, the friend has vanished without a trace. Deciding to investigate his disappearance, they learn about the true origin about the vampire myth.

    And, in the background, something dark awaits them.



  • Alrighty, what's next?

    Alrighty, what's next?

    0 pages by Jarsdel


    Don't care about synopsis, I'm just writing because I want to, and also I just want to write, and then write, and then direct you to my site which is here -->SITE where I'll just be doing whatever.

  • aa


    0 pages by SirNightMare
  • Unbreakable Will

    Unbreakable Will

    0 pages by TotallyUnknown

    Have you ever read those stories where some random nobody is accidently killed by some God and is therefore allowed to make a few requests and be reincarnated into his/her select world. Chris Steel has read a few of these stories and the part that really ticks him off about them isn't the fact that their able to be reincarnated or that their able to request something FROM A GOD, no it's the terrible requests they make such as:give me a system and/or give me a special ability from some TV show.

    They could have shortened it down into 1 sentence instead of wasting 2 requests and that's not even the worst part. Sometimes they make dumb requests like give me more mana or something because they don't want their next life to be too easy. Can you believe it! They are given the chance to be someone really important in their next life and they refuse because it's too easy! 

    Deep inside Chris knew he wasn't really angry at the story or even at the authors, no, he was angry at himself. Angry he hadn't studied harder when he was younger or that he hadn't put down his stupid controller and actually went outside to make friends instead of being addicted to videogames and anime(Japanese Cartoons)

    If only Chris thought to himself while sighing If only...

    Somewhere extremely far away from Earth

    A huge giant was slowly floating through space while peering far, far away in the direction of Earth.

    "I think I may have just found my champion."

    Sorry if the synopisis was a bit long. Just think of it as a prologue

  • Painting Her Life

    Painting Her Life

    0 pages by LuanneWolf

    Chloe Bright may have just made the biggest mistake of her life, but with the love and support of her friends, she climbs her way out of rock bottom and meets love on the way up. 

  • Kyōshi no pōn

    Kyōshi no pōn

    0 pages by h3roishere

    A few years ago, a highschool that goes by the name of Shindoshi Highschool, suddenly changed to become one of the most horrifying school's in the world. The cause of this drastic change was the new headmaster himself. The headmaster has proposed a more revamped school system in which it would focus on a more physical way to teach the students how to behave in school. On the day of the change the final few students have just arrived at the school grounds. The students are starting off the new school year with little to no knowledge of what is actually going to happen to them. Soon after the gates of the school shut close, all the parents of the students were informed that theyr children will spend the next 3 years living there.

  • Lordrian  who was.

    Lordrian who was.

    0 pages by Lord of a Thousand Blades

    Another Monday, a myriad of colors came through the stain glass window, every wakening moment an eternity, a slow monotonous climb leading to a finite result, nothing, for him at least. If there was a God, and conclusively it seemed there was, well, he didn’t take charity and he knew there was no penance for genocide, for no right can undo a wrong, for even if you heal one-hundred thousand, the glassy eyes of a small girl lying along a river bank with a crimson stream feeding the fish, her parents hung above her, that never will leave you. He knew,.. it never had.

    As opulence surrounded a poor man, he went to his desk and wrote the last thing he would write in this world, and if there was another,.. perhaps he would no longer be the man he became. A sigh escaped his lips and the quite sound of a quill scratching on paper stopped every-so often for the need to dip the tool, for that’s all it was, just like man, a tool to be used then,.. no he needed to think not as he was but whom he remembered, and wished to be like.

    “The last memoir of Lothal Smith~ Let the last memory of me be used in textbooks, papers and for those who are learned to teach those who are not the one simple truth, in my wealth, my kingdoms, my harems, and my vain appearance there is and was no joy, for man has always searched for acceptance, but I would cation you to look instead for those things that cannot be taken from you, peace, serenity, joy, and memories of love. For all my life, I have found and sought lust, wealth, and power. It brings a deeper emptiness after the deed is said and done then you can possibly imagine. Though there are and will be those like me who cast off the wisdom of those who were before I pray you return to words of wisdom in your age, and hope you live long enough to do so. For many I had foolishly called friend, for one is not your friend if they are a lover of themselves, died along the same path it is that I have tread.

    May I be remembered for wisdom and not wealth. ~Lordian the hand of death.

  • The Bard: A LitRPG Short Story

    The Bard: A LitRPG Short Story

    0 pages by GalenWolf

    Romeo el Mejor, best bard in the world, or at least in the City of Vinab in the virtual reality massively multi player online game: The Greenwood, is about to put on a play when a goddess appears and asks him to run an errand for her.

    She promises him 25% XP boost for a month, so how could he refuse?

    She is also remarkably pretty.

  • Sanct Diez

    Sanct Diez

    0 pages by Rixifin

    This one is a strange one if you ask me.

    It is not a story of fantasy, nor a sci-fi space opera, but the tale of a single planet.

    Not a story about the advancement of science, rather it is of the reign that follows.

    Not a story of ethics, rather a tale of consequences.

     It is not a story of a single character, rather a tale of many.(but you can feel free to see one as the main character, should you choose so.)


    It is a story about Sanct Diez.



    ...No promises on posting Schedule, We shall see.

  • Gravecrawlers


    0 pages by BloodyAngel


    After what many thought was the last great war of the millennium, when men await new beginnings at the dawn of a new age, two nobodies, forgotten by the world, have a taste of knowledge and truth. Two strangers looking down at the abyss that mankind in the past, feared, and in the present, forgot. And from the abyss they once again begin their slow but unstoppable crawl to the surface.

    The break of dawn seems more and more like the twilight, and the abyss has an uncanny resemblance to a grave.


  • To Make Way

    To Make Way

    0 pages by ThePaper
    To them, time means nothing,
    for they will forever live,
    they call themselves immortals,
    Carving their dao towards the heavens,
    means they will be unrestrained,
    looking down upon the mortal worlds,
    as if looking down on a colony of ants.
    They are immortals, they carve the way.
    Will you reach the end of the way?
    Or will you die trying?

    “How would you understand the Dao, if you have been restrained by the shackles of the world, Would you still try to break free or forever be restrained?” -old Long

    I was delighted when i knew it, arrogant i became, but arrogance is nothing in front of this harsh reality, I knew secrets that must never be told to anyone, i saw and felt things that will make one vomit due to its cruelty and ruthlessness.

    To experience such Things is meant to temper oneself, cruelty makes a person ruthless and betrayal makes one cold and heartless.


    Please support my wordpress :D https://thepaperfictions.wordpress.com/to-make-way/
  • (DEMO) Colorless vol.1- Phantamoire Enigmata

    (DEMO) Colorless vol.1- Phantamoire Enigmata

    134 pages by Sensitive-kun

    This is a demo volume consisting only seven chapters. The sole reason of this publication is to show the world a glimpse of the project. Therefore, the final quality of the product will be lot more refined and polished. This demo might get deleted from RoyalRoad after the actual publication.


    "Knights wearing their shining armor serving righteous justice riding their glorious horses." We all have heard that story- Heroes who do the right in the purest way without any tampering. But, is it really that easy? Is the world and it's heroes really that pure? After all... fairytale is just a lie.


    I might be the first author in the world who despises writing. I haven't read any story books or novel in my entire life but children's story book (not even ten of them). So, why do I write? Simple answer- the story. Inexperienced I may be but I believe my project and it's quality. The actual story will be posted somewhere in 2019. The story will be devided into 7/8 volumes and 90 (approx.) chapters. I have been working on this project for 1 year now. It took me 5 months to finalize the concept and plot, 7 months for the story and it's already been 6 months in writing along with 2 times of total revamp.

  • The Fata Morgana

    The Fata Morgana

    108 pages by Nana&Mars

    Humanity has taken over the entirety of the Milky Way galaxy in its quest to expand far outside of its own arm of the galaxy, and in doing so have also joined hands with many of the alien species living within the massive galaxy. Sadly, as humanity expanded to the stars so too did their desire for power, and with the coming increases in alien species joining the new Galatic union, new religions start to appear, which would later see to humanity forming the Ascendancy; a religious based government that had started with the best intentions to bring religious unity to the Milky Way. However, power corrupts and humanity quickly started to warp the ideals of the new government and instead formed a belief where humanity was the top, and all other races were subservient -with some circles even going so far as to call the aliens slaves- which would lead to the Ascendancy of Humanity becoming the dominant empire, but as all evil, it doesn't last as now, the outer core worlds including a few mid-core worlds began to rebel in defense of their alien friends and allies, and before long a full-scale war was waged between the Ascendancy of Humanity and the Galactic Confederation of Worlds. And this is the tale of two people who were drawn into the civil war, each for a different reason, and each with their own motivations for fighting. One an alien woman fighting for a potential future, and the other a human man seeking to honour his family and homeworld.  

  • Adventures of Alex Blackwell

    Adventures of Alex Blackwell

    102 pages by Overlord Susanoo


    Alex Blackwell was just your average everday wizard that pretended to be a psychic detective. He was fond of his work and his life. Life was easy and trouble free however case just began to pile up that led Alex into a mystert that he would soon learn to hate. Case after case will bring Alex closer to the thruth of the events surrounding him. The only question in the end is will Alex have what it takes to survive this plot and to save his city.

  • The Raven Effect

    The Raven Effect

    84 pages by TalinSkybow

    As childhood friends re-connect and fall in love, all that they know about their lives and those in it, is about to change.

    Family secrets long forgotten are unearthed... Murder for Hire, Kidnapping, Devestation...

    The past is in the past... The present is surrounded by danger... There may be no future...

  • Bad Intentions

    Bad Intentions

    68 pages by PreviouslyAnon23
    No options available? Then make one. At the end of the day, the only things you can depend on are your two fists and your Cojones. Might as well go balls deep. Blitz is simple minded sort. See problem, solve problem. On the other hand, off the game his personality is somewhat different. Get ready for twists, betrayals, pimp slaps and other shenanigans.
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