• Legend of a dragon

    Legend of a dragon

    1 pages by LivingDragon1219

    Hi guys, I'm new to this whole writing thing so there's going to be many mistakes. I drew most of the inspiration from chinese novels like coiling dragon. Keep in mind I'm only 14 so this story may not be the best.


    the world of martial cultivators and dieties is a world controlled by strength. Many gods die every day and new ones are born. But among them, one group of newborn gods are born special, stronger, faster and smarter. Will they rise in glory or will they fall into the abyss of history?



  • The MUD-Series; A Lamp In A Different World

    The MUD-Series; A Lamp In A Different World

    1 pages by Chronim

    A object gains awarness of itself in a world filled with terror and war...


    Hello, I'm absolutely not good at writing a synopsis and probably writing something in general. This line marks the beginning of the MUD-Series: The Multi-Universal-Dungeon-Series! English is not my first language and writing is a hobby of mine so all corrections and tips in the commentsection are really appreciated! The start will be very slow and littered with reedits and unregular releases!


  • The Assassination of a Cursed King - A game book

    The Assassination of a Cursed King - A game book

    1 pages by CGNoodles

    A fog of whispers and rumours has shrouded the glorious capital city of Eloygium lately. Furtive whispers about shadows, missing persons, and a mad king - the echoes of these happenings are starting to spread across the nation of Aurellus...


  • Paradox


    1 pages by Renidenti

    The impossible is possible, while the possible becomes nigh impossible. However, the possible still remains possible and the impossible remains impossible.
    This is a paradox, something that makes no sense yet has interested the human mind for many years. In this book, a paradox is merely a human with special abilities that are earned through much difficulty. When a Human becomes Paradox, the one thing they have pondered over the most is something they can now wield. A scientist who wondered how time worked has now become an immortal being due to them ceasing the time-flow within their own body, and has gained the ability to alter time to some degree. A little child who always wondered how the stars worked can now become a dazzling star, to a certain extent, gaining the firey abilities of one, and also the gravitational pull of a star if they wish to use it. The most simple of things such as wondering how to draw can become a Paradox's focus, while the most complicated of things can be used by Paradoxes, albeit only few can use them.

    This paticular story follows a man become Paradox called Alexander Cooper. His Paradox abilties are unique in a sense that only he has them. His Paradox is focused on the thought of a Paradox itself, how it is created, where it stemmed from, how it functions. This has lead to him having extremely odd abilties, but most of them are actually from other Paradoxes!

  • Index of imagination

    Index of imagination

    1 pages by Disllilk

    Index of my imagination.

    It contains an ideas about possible new stories.

    ! They will be written as a prologue !

  • The Dark One

    The Dark One

    1 pages by Seridino

    A being that existed for eons died at the hand of a mysterious character and take over a body on our Earth.


    It's my firs story and english isn't my main langage

  • Space business draft

    Space business draft

    1 pages by Jay Gyorog

    A science fantasy script I have been working on

  • Wandering the world

    Wandering the world

    1 pages by Onan's

    Three souls awaken in an unknown land, Deep in the forest .

    They are asked three questions, and are each given gifts in accordance with what they wish for.

    What will the three do with their newfound powers?

    How will they live ?

    Read on and see how they "Wander the world"

  • Evangeline


    1 pages by Alska404

    What happens when you fall in love with someone you should hate? 

    Evangeline is a romance story about a girl named Evangeline, who ends up in a tough situation, later to fall in love with someone that she shouldn't. 

    Spoiler: Read at your own risk


  • AGE: Survivors of the Black Sun

    AGE: Survivors of the Black Sun

    1 pages by AGnetik

       This was the day no one had expected. Everything that was once considered "normal" had ended in a snap of ones fingers. An orb had opend up in the sky.... black like a single spot on a white shirt. This was the dubed "Black Sun Event". Out of the "Black Sun" Demons of all shapes and sizes, ranging from humanoid to pure demonic began to feast in a frenzy of human blood. In a mater of months the entire West coast of the U.S was nothing more then decayed bodys and lakes filled with blood.

       We tried fighting back... Luckly we got some where. But Im getting ahead of myself. Lets start from the begining... My name... is Alex... Alexander Grand. Oh and be perpared... for an Epic tale of Godly perportions.

  • The Hero of Old

    The Hero of Old

    1 pages by Lavaovertaker

    This is a lore story to my Dungeons and Dragons world named Elandria. This is also going to be very slowly uploaded since I am also working on multiple other things and still in school. #GirlfriendsTakeAlotOfTime.


    The story foretold on these digital pages are a fill in of the large lore hole about the body of the Lord Deus Invictus.

    The Lord Deus Invictus is the deity of the world, however, he was long forgotten after the battle with the hell king Udorwrath. After the 28-year long battle Deus and The Hell King went into 1 on 1 combat and after 12 straight days of battling Deus succeeded at sealing Udorwrath back into the hellish domain from which he once came. Afterward, Deus was offered godhood and he declined violently as his own mind accepted it. The mind of Deus split from the body leaving the mind incapable of performing any mortal interactions and the body with only the physical powers of which he already had.

  • The Peacekeeper

    The Peacekeeper

    1 pages by Thezias

    300 years into the future, everything has changed. Mankind, it's weapons, it's home, it's war, and it's enemies. Humanities concern is no longer on the global scale but on the galactic. And in its dire straits, it needed a new kind of weapon, an assurance to peace on its territories.

    But who was to say that a few mere years later, such insurance that these new "weapons" were, they were no longer completely necessary. That they were to be cast out upon new alien lands until further notice.







    Thanks! to ChasingArtwork on deviantart, for the beautiful coverart.

  • A W A K E - The Return Of Golem

    A W A K E - The Return Of Golem

    1 pages by Mr. Potchi
    Golem is a young man who has been working at his retail job for awhile after studying in a school of magic. His backstory is quite different from normal people, but that'll be for later. He meets someone while waiting at an alley, but the someone actually is from his magic school. That someone will change his life. The future is an unknown one, and you'll watch them walk through it here.
  • The Astronaut.

    The Astronaut.

    1 pages by Coronaaa

    "A space mission that end complicated.

    An untold and forgotten story change everything.

    Could he come back...the same?"


    *First story it could been rewrite in some time to polish it more.

    English not my main lenguage so report mistakes so i can fix them.

  • Dragon of the North

    Dragon of the North

    1 pages by LittleJi

    A young man that seems like any other harbors a secret. In addition to the normal world, he belongs to a secret world of Murim where strength speaks and the one with the bigger fist is always in the right. Through out history, Murims have kept to themselves and the gevernments haven't dared to provoke them either but a shadow of Murim can be seen in the dark side of all historical events. 

    This is the story of a young man that struggles to stay as himself in this world and at the same time try to lead a normal teen life and have friends in school, find a girlfriend and in general enjoy life. 

    However, a storm brews as a School that was supposed to have been destroyed decades ago starts stirring up trouble again...

  • Cripple's Swordplay

    Cripple's Swordplay

    1 pages by Zeoner

      In an ancient kingdom of El Gladio, all young men and women are given a chance to rise up in the world; from a farmer's field to the king's bodyguard, all through one mean; a sword.

     A sword is what favors them; it is what unites them. Any who knew swordplay are fit to take up duties of a soldier. Any who mastered swordplay have their name spread far and wide, unsheathing their blade for the nobles, or even the royals. And any who- through a path of hardship and dedication- completely dominates the realm of swordplay, reaches the apex of legends.

     But not all are equal... or at least that's what the world had decided for a certain young man, whose dream and ambition surpassed many others- yet are forced to wield those hopes with only a single arm.

  • Dead City

    Dead City

    1 pages by Akujana

    Joseph Reed is a university dropout, and he has been jobless and broke for nearly a month. One of his only friends is Alice Warwick. She's addicted to drugs. All of them. She's struggled to go through rehab for years, but she keeps coming back for more illegal substances. Eric Foster is an orphan and has been moving through foster homes for so long he can't remember what it's like to have a real family. How will they survive the end of the world? They won't. But they'll sure as hell try to.


  • The Broken Seal

    The Broken Seal

    1 pages by FetalPosition

    Scott Yu and his peers are somewhere else. Magic, Monsters, and Blood are beyond the norms they are accustom to but they will have to learn how to cope if they want to survive. Scott, however, is motivated not by survival but to find the reason why they are here. Will Scott find out, or will he submerge in his own blood?

  • The Record of Bizarre Beings

    The Record of Bizarre Beings

    1 pages by darklordliz

    These are the note and findings left behind by monster resercher Julian Ignox.

  • Why isn't my life this interesting?

    Why isn't my life this interesting?

    1 pages by KafuuLatte

     A compilation of very short skits revolving around a group of friends doing stupid things

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