• Troubled soul's jouneys

    Troubled soul's jouneys

    7 pages by Klatue

    Hell has many doors some lead to the heart, while others to the mind and soul. A young boy faces the brutality of a fantasy world, struggling every day to survive and to take vengeance on the mythical creatures that are belived to be myth, without mercy tortured and slaughtered his whole family while he watched, breaking his mind and his very soul.

    This story is something im doing because im bored, ill take all constructive critisms to further devolpe and improve my grammar, do not expect much as i will be doing this on my free time.

  • Short stories

    Short stories

    7 pages by dionysus

    A compilation of my own short ideas. Typically a chapter or few long kind of stories.

  • History of Genesys

    History of Genesys

    7 pages by kette442

    This will be the place where i will post all the things that happen besides the main story I intent to post. Look at "Genesys" if you wanna know how that story is going if you are interested in the world. The main charakter there will be one of those Grounders, will be interesting maybe? dunno xD

    Anyways I will start with the history of those people staying at the Genesys tree and continue onward from there on, may not be in one straight timeline always, and updates may not be regularly at times but I will try my best.

    I just cant write a story without a history behind it, politics influencing the people and kingdoms and of course trying to get some speech idioms that will be based on the history of the continent. Dunno how good it all comes out but you will never know if you dont try xD

  • Spectra


    7 pages by ZerothMaria

    Rey wakes up in the middle of a field without any of his memories. A few meters away from him he finds a girl named Miria who's also lost her memories. They both seem to have a strange pattern on their wrists. Who are these two strangers who appear to share a connection? How did they even end up here?

  • God Failed it

    God Failed it

    7 pages by Beeno

    A God went to created His own world for fun. He will try and live as a mortal. Live in this World that he created.

  • KnWThRe


    7 pages by D3asu

    Algo que ainda lapido, sem título ou descrição fixos.

  • Natus a Nihil (Temporary Title?)

    Natus a Nihil (Temporary Title?)

    7 pages by Arykai

    A story about the one who created the gods, and the universe. Watch as it reaches the greatest of heights, and the deepest of depths. The story of one who was born from nothing, and became the one who ruled everything.



    AN: I felt like making a story from the point of view of a god. I'd appreciate it if people pointed out spelling and grammar errors, or even gave some ideas on how to make certain lines sound better or deeper. The description doesn't explain a whole lot, but I want to leave some things up to the readers and see if they can figure out how the story is progressing.

  • Tales from a fantasy world

    Tales from a fantasy world

    7 pages by pHettiii

    Tales from a fantasy World

    Welcome to my collection of short stories from the World Atlas.

    Expect nothing and you won’t be disappointed.


    Please let me know if you find any grammatical errors.

    Also, this is my first project and I'm writing just for the sake of writing a story :)

  • mage tale : the ruler

    mage tale : the ruler

    7 pages by 00modey9500

    magic is everything.

    Magic is power, magic is authority, magic is fame, magic is art.


    And with magic you can get anything.


    Because of that humans searched magic, built schools, built labs, stole books, killed mages, waged wars, singed treaties, betrayed those treaties, and did everything in their power to have more magic and stronger magic.


    Some sold their souls, some sacrificed everything and made a deal with the devil, looking for a shortcut for the path of power.

    Little did they know, at the end of the shortcut only suffering awaits.

    And in the midst of such suffering one boy managed to cut through and reach the goal, using such a shortcut.

    This is the tale of such a boy, the tale of kenz.




    Maria Yume is really tensed about her future and career. She is too afraid to choose the path she wants to walk on. Her life changes after her sudden encounter with Sou. Before she gets used to his creepy philosophy, Louis asks her out.  Their recent actions make her suspect their motive. So she decides to find out what they want. 




  • Beloved


    7 pages by missingnins

    Kai, a smart and independent high-school student, continue his day as regularly as possible. Until one day, he met a girl name Gloria who changes his view of life.

  • Guilt Factor

    Guilt Factor

    7 pages by Cindy

    In a dark dystopian world entertainment is an innocent escape. But for the guilty - there is no escape.

  • Stresspiration (shorts & rand)

    Stresspiration (shorts & rand)

    7 pages by TheHidden

    A fictional high schooler rants about their life. Nothing pretty. Plain old complaining. They talk about school, the future, the past, the present. And throughout it, they got nothing but complaints. But they do see the other side of things at times.

    Plus shorts. What kind? That's for me to be vague(or not) and you to find out. ;)

  • of Nagasaki

    of Nagasaki

    7 pages by Tidan Soerse
    A quiet relationship blooms between two souls muted by their country in a world at war.

    [Short-short story]

  • Fan-Fic Hightschool DxD [PT-BR]

    Fan-Fic Hightschool DxD [PT-BR]

    7 pages by ruanpingo

    Um jovem que teve seu destino mudado para salvar a vida de uma criança. 


    Eu postei essa historia no site da webnovel também.

  • KillxFeel


    7 pages by NulloftheVoid
    The nation of Itanta stands as one of the fiercest powers on the continent. It has one of the most advanced scientific and militaristic discoveries of all. This has led to many controversies floating around in the kingdom. The most famous are BioTech Soldiers. People imbued with the lost technology of those who came before man. They can control objects with their minds. Increase their strength by ten fold. And even manipulate their bodies structure. BioTech has proved to be one of the most dangerous pieces of technology in the world and is used every day for the advancement of power. This is the story of one such soldier, Kurosu Kiru. A soldier who knows all too well the feeling of conflict and pain of war. In a world where feelings only get in the way of battle you either die because of them or kill them off completely. Along with his allies and enemies alike they brave their world not knowing when death may take them. This is their story as much as his and this is how the first chapter ended.
  • ERROR: Ascension Online

    ERROR: Ascension Online

    7 pages by dylankeefer

    ERROR: Ascension Online Is a tale of a player trapped inside a game with no memory of how they got there. Every day is a struggle as they search for clues and uncover the mystery of who they really are and why they are really inside the game.

  • A Book to Rule the World

    A Book to Rule the World

    7 pages by TiedStrings

    Welcome, Outsider, to my own little private world. I know, it's bad, it's filled with idiots and it's stupidly sexist. But it's my world, and I'm determined to shape it for the better.

    We sell top quality jokes, cancer cliches and sometimes there are special offers of "Side characters with Personality" for only 999.99$. I know, it's a terrible deal because side characters don't have a personality by definition, so said every xianxia writer ever.

    Anyways, expect a bunch of drama. I will tell you my story but beware, it's quite f***ed up and morally questionable.

  • We Are Sad Robots

    We Are Sad Robots

    7 pages by Angels With No Wings

    A girl that wears a mask and a boy that tries to hard to make friends. A dark past and futile future. They roam the earth like sad robots, too useless to be used or loved. When they're necks are strung with string and hopelessness descends upon them, do they ever wish to sacrifice themselves for there other self?


    Cover: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/285063851383783954/

  • Smashed Potatoes

    Smashed Potatoes

    7 pages by MrBillyD

    U. S. Soldiers visit an Italian village during World War II.

    This story is based on an actual incident that my father was told about it by his cousin. 
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