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    9 pages by ASC
















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  • My secret love

    My secret love

    9 pages by Army-sensei

    It's about a boy who just transferred another school he saw a beautiful girl who he fell in love with at first sight but it was hard for him to love her because of the girls parents.

  • Fallen Crow

    Fallen Crow

    9 pages by Kenchi

    Helrin Staj Crow was to become the leader of the Raven Alliance, but on the day of his inauguration the clan is attacked and destroyed. This all takes place in he world of Monster Musume. Fallow Helrin as his tragic story unfolds woven into the classic comedy of Monster Musume.

  • Bingo


    9 pages by Shoahan

    C'est l'histoire d'un écrivain de roman policier, qui pour la première fois de sa vie va être plongé dans le monde exaltant du crime.

  • The Adventures of Myron O'Connor

    The Adventures of Myron O'Connor

    9 pages by Spiffy

    A wayward adventurer kicked out of his house for breaking his mother's rules (who just so happened to be a gold dragon), Myron O'Connor lives his life from day to day and must survive the trials and tribulations that the Goddess of Luck and Fate decides to throw at him! However, first, he needs to find a new place to bunker down.



    The setting is based off the Forgotten Realms setting Dungeons and Dragons, and as such, this is a fanfiction. The timeline is roughly 1359 Dales Reckoning, a year after the Time of Troubles for player reference.


    Cover Art: made by a wonderful sketch artist from Sweden. www.theresewihlney.com

  • Forest Moon: Running Woods

    Forest Moon: Running Woods

    9 pages by Velessein Rose

    Before graduating from college Lunette decides to make a trip back home, with two of her best friends. This trip is not only to see how far she's come in life but to prove to her parent's that the things they worry about in terms of her life have done no harm. Sadly, things take a turn for the worse. Learning that in order for her or them to survive they were placed in this small town under witness protection. unbeknownst to her, their paranoia is just the beginning of something dangerous. More than another person.

    Alexander knows the reservation like the back of his hand. Each and every hidden turn is practically an extension of his being. That doesn't stop him from exploring the world outside of it. It also doesn't keep him from noticing the presence that's starting to make itself home in the very woods that protect him and his kin. 

    Both have the same intentions to protect those around them, but can they even manage to work together without fighting about what their differences are?

  • Tartarus


    9 pages by Zeible

    An Antarctic expedition is sent off course by mysterious orders, and her crew finds themselves being slowly stalked and torn apart by some unseen eldritch horror.

  • Untitled zombie guide

    Untitled zombie guide

    9 pages by Mr. mile smile

    I stepped onto the window sill and looked out. A city that was once so mighty that it dared to touch upon gods domain, the heavens. now lay in ruin, it's massive skyscrapers had become treacherous paths of jagged metal. The inhabitants which gloated and walked proudly on it's wide and fancy streets. Now cannibals and psychos that knew no laws as the fed on each other in order to grow and evolve into monstrosities. A mighty city that had once signified stability and strength in the past now represented the current face of the human realm. 

  • Z High

    Z High

    9 pages by Kira Minoru

    There is something strange about modern day life.

    No, rather isn't it just something wrong with my school?

    This is the story of one man's journey to become a top detective in his school filled with brain dead kids.


  • Silverestia Chronicles

    Silverestia Chronicles

    9 pages by FrostedCP

    Silverestia, a once amazing kingdom is under threat by the evil kingdom of Sheedhied. James Noah Smith decided to take matters into his own hands and stop evil and injustice once and for all. But James Noah Smith is not everything he makes himself up to be, and the path to victory is filled with wild twists and unimaginable horrors. He may have to learn a thing or two or even three if he truly wants to save his kingdom and be able to tell his tale back at the village.

  • Power in the Word

    Power in the Word

    9 pages by MrBillyD

    A Joan of Arcadia fan fiction story, involving the Culture Wars; in which Joan gets suspended from school, for bringing a Bible to class.



  • Saga of New Beginnings: Book One

    Saga of New Beginnings: Book One

    9 pages by Mannt U. A. Behres

    Not sure what i'm gonna write as a synopsis as i'm kinda just slowly chugging along.


    Cover courtesy of Kate F.

    Instagram: @creative.strawberry

  • The Daily Lives of Ordinary High Schoolers

    The Daily Lives of Ordinary High Schoolers

    9 pages by dropped

    Human lives are transitory, and most of us will never make a mark on the world.I, Eric, am just a high school student. But I already know that I will never be the next Einstein or Turing. And yet, even though I know I won't make a difference to the world, I still try. Why? Because it makes a difference to me. And for me, that's all that matters.


    I am dropped on fictionpress (check my fictionpress page).

  • War of Armies

    War of Armies

    8 pages by Gain3new

    By the year 2024 came the release of the game known as "War of Armies", a wondrous game that propelled the "FrekGem" company to peaks of glory. After years of gameplay by players around the world, the game was stopped but only for it to be moved to another stage. The game was moved from a console game to a full immersion VRMMO game.


    Though it may seem like it was only a small transition of devices, it was not. With the release of the full immersion, the game would not allow for a much more variable gameplay where players are able to do things that they were unable to do previously. The game now, though still having some few systematic mechanics, is now more of an open world where players are able to do things that are only limited by the creativity and imagination.


    In this story, we aren't following the strongest player or the smartest player but instead the weirdest yet logical, nicest yet meanest, normal yet pro player out their, the hypocrite PeaceOfSheet (but people usually call him “The Freak” or Freak for short)

  • The Pioneer

    The Pioneer

    8 pages by Rendwi Ainswort
    When I die, will you revenge me?

    Trust and friendship, could they save us from our sin and lie. Mistery of me with my unholy raise. My secret of them is my nightmare. My curiousity of him. My bravery is my power. We are being controlled. The last me is oblivious of everything.

    Author note: I'm suck at giving title and description. English is my second language.
  • Love Poison

    Love Poison

    8 pages by saturnya

    A story based on My Hero Academia's world. Original characters. 

    Ayaka works as a professional superheroine hidden from her boyfriend, he hates popular superheroes, but things will change when she meets the super popular superhero Dark Knight.


  • The Candidates

    The Candidates

    8 pages by CakeOrrDeath

    Something is testing them. People are waking up alone without their memories and faced with terrorfying challenges.

  • SaintHeavens' Records

    SaintHeavens' Records

    8 pages by saintheavens

    What would you do when something went wrong with your plan?
    Something that you least expect to happen.
    Something that's not suppose to happen.
    Entrapped of a room of judgement, which door would you open?
    The door that hides the goal of your plans?
    Or the door that keeps the sudden change of plans?

    A collection of one shots and short stories about friendship, love, and fate.

  • I'm Sorry (A Short Story)

    I'm Sorry (A Short Story)

    8 pages by alliethebooklover

    This is just a story I created for a cousin of mine who needs it for school. :)

  • Whanau


    8 pages by Leon Sandcastle

    A young Elore begins his induction into the secret society of the Gath. He must overcome the limitations of his body, to achieve ascension and develop a power of his own. The story spans a few days of his life.

    Set on the world of Elohan, a fantastical place filled with many, many races of peoples.

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