• The Green Traveler

    The Green Traveler

    0 pages by Roderick Pendragon

    About a scientist and his unique perspective in a new world.

  • Heaven's Flute

    Heaven's Flute

    60 pages by Djeez
    - Heaven’s Flute -

    A young boy,

    wielding a mysterious flute,

    carving his own path amidst qi and blood.
  • Hero, and the Canadian Wild

    Hero, and the Canadian Wild

    1 pages by Doom RPG

    A good ol kid named Hero takes a trip to the frigid canadian wild! With friends and family it'll surely be one heck of a blast!

    Of course, who said Hero was a perfectly normal kid?


  • Hutt Dawn

    Hutt Dawn

    8 pages by JakeCrown
    A man of Earth, Reincarnated as a Hutt.

    Blood and gore mixed with all-out black humor and hilarity. Action and thrilling suspense. Alien romances and xeno love-scenes abound.
  • Return Of Akahiba Kyiaba

    Return Of Akahiba Kyiaba

    1 pages by SmokeWeed

    What Happens When An Awesome Overpowerd GM Dies Meets a being stronger that a god and gets reincarnated into the naruto universe, ill tell you shit happens.

  • Rena's Journey

    Rena's Journey

    8 pages by UnknownPlayer
    “Why did this happen?"
    Now you may be wondering why I'm saying this. Well, here's the short and long of it. My name is Rena, and I used to live in a world full of monsters and magic. Now, I'm in a world full of technology and futuristic stuff. Not much about myself changed when I came into this world, except for the fact that I'm just a toddler! At least I brought my talent and sense of power with me. Oh right. I forgot to mention this. I'm an elf in a world where no others physically exist.
    P.S. This is my second story that doesn't have chapters pre-written other than the first and there is one more story yet to come (ooh, advertisement AND spoilers)
    P.P.S. The crossover tag is a bit "iffy" since I am using a character from a game I play, but everything else about the story is original. School life tag won't be the whole story, but will be a main role.
  • My Daily Life With Lewd Monstergirls

    My Daily Life With Lewd Monstergirls

    9 pages by Watto-chan

    Waiatto thought being an exchange host would be easy. He was far from wrong

  • Set's VR experience

    Set's VR experience

    28 pages by Lostkidset0
    This is just a random story, I decided to post here because I haven't posted here in a while. It is from my Random part of my blog.
    Hope you Enjoy
  • Lucid Dream

    Lucid Dream

    8 pages by nz02_

    Katherine never thought of it. She usually lets that train of thoughts rail off the side of her mind.

    She was too tired and exhilarated with her life, something needed to be changed. The same old people meeting again in the same old place. She was indirectly unsatisfied by the course of her life.

    She just wanted to sleep it all away.

  • Dead.Noth


    6 pages by MoonsFall
    You wake up in the entrance of a dungeon.

    Lifting your head, behind you all that can be seen is a shimmering portal seemingly made of glass waving back and forth across the crystalline surface.

    Seen through this portal is a homely village at peace one second, and the fiery ruins of a war field the next.

    Memory in tatters like the ravings of a mad man’s mind, you push yourself up onto your hands and knees before feeling a hot iron throb of pain filled agony go through your parched, bone dry body.

    Looking down from above it almost seems like you had been pushed out of that mysterious blue rimmed portal…


    Welcome to my first true attempt at writing a short novel. I would like to claim the story as original as I feel there will be many parts of the actual story that are indeed original. But alas, I have read a great many novels on this wonderful site and others. They will in some way influence my writing. However! The greatest difference between this project of mine and others will be the way it is told! A small snippet of it can be gleamed from this hopefully interesting description I have made up above.

    .Greeted by life, alone in death, till next do we meet.

    - Writersan
  • Pandemonium


    3 pages by zod119

    The hands of time turn and the world changes. I wonder what will happen now that the world has been reset.

    (The prologue simply introduces the idea I will be writing the actual chapters while I wait to see if you think it is a good idea)

  • Chosen (Temp Title)

    Chosen (Temp Title)

    26 pages by ZeroProxy
    Humanity has fallen to an alien attack, millions are left below its surface struggling to survive against the Splicers. Andrew is one such human, born with a unique but limited power he was always seen as an accessory for his stronger friend Hestly. Seen as a leech of one of the top ranked Gene hunters he's been chosen for something special, but what plans do humanity's enemy have for Andrew.

    How do you survive in a world that wants you dead?

    Notes from the Author: This is my second work, and usually run around 2-3k words a chapter. This won't take my main focus for now, I just wanted to write something else rather than the adventures of Mr. Skeleton. If you like my work please comment to help me improve as I write, I want to be able to improve with every chapter.
  • The Chronicles of Drax the Conquer

    The Chronicles of Drax the Conquer

    9 pages by xsomeblackjewx

    This is the legend of Drax as he stumbles his way across a fantasy world called Terra. He will soon realize things are now what they appear, especially after having his soul brought to this plane by the once forgotten God Chaos.

    (I’ll definitely write a better description once I get a few more chapters out) P.S. The title is tenative to change since im not sure how I feel about it currently.

    Disclaimer: Reader Discretion is advised. Contains mature language and themes. (Mature)

  • The necromancer and his toys

    The necromancer and his toys

    11 pages by ancient joker
    A necromancer from a world of nothing and his creations find a doorway to another world and sadly the new world nor the gods are ready for his arrival.

    WARNING: This fiction will feature gore and creatures that people will usually be disgusted by. Also the psychological tag won't be that heavy. No sex scenes will be put in this novel. I would rather not have my story be the cause of people getting excited. If you want to get excited find some other novel or better yet watch some porn.
  • Angel: Year One

    Angel: Year One

    16 pages by madkingstudios

    A half-human, half-angel boy goes on a road trip across America with his friends and a mute girl while being stalked by the God of War, who wreaks havoc on them.

  • Concord's Estate Disaster

    Concord's Estate Disaster

    16 pages by Freddy
    A man aged and scarred by his eye's of his past chases after the Jewel Killer that started all of this,
    little did he know he would have to go back to where it all started and relieve his horrors if he want's answers he has been chasing for nearly 20 years.
    and this time, he is determined to let those around him not die like the first time.

    This is my first try at something like this (I’m so knew at this I don’t even know what you call it) but anyways besides the point, I am making a story just because I need some experience on story telling to help further progress my understanding in speech, emotion, and overall more knowledge upon the subject of my words can convey to a reader.

    so any constructive criticism is helpful and welcome.
  • The body

    The body

    1 pages by Bloody Healer

    Everyone believes that Ki should be trained by absorbing energy from the surroundings and purifying it.The energy should then be used to strengthen the body.They were wrong the power of Ki comes from the body not energy. The true way to cultivate Ki is to train your body to the point where the body produces Ki naturally. The Ki produced will be extremely easy to manipulate for the owner while being impossible to even control for anyone else that does not surpass you by multiple realms. The Ki however will be close to useless if it is outside the body. On the otherhand Ki or other energies that enter your body will be crushed extremely quickly. The story begins when a teenager in the mana realm manages to sense a wield a fraction of Ki.

    This is my first story and I will probably not be able to post frequently so please be kind

  • Slime's Journey:Tales of Looper[Discontinued]

    Slime's Journey:Tales of Looper[Discontinued]

    8 pages by ParagonReisgem
    This is a story about a small little slime as it slowly evolve into something more.It all started out with the reincarnation cycle,a lucky soul is pick to reincarnate.Before reincarnating,they will spin the wheel of destiny that will decide your species and main attribute.They say some people are born with great destiny but that is wrong!People with enough power can change their own destiny forging their own future.One may start out as a lowly peasant but with enough power,he can rise to become one of the major power in the world.

  • The Brothers Kim

    The Brothers Kim

    56 pages by Laurel Evermore

    Transported to an unknown era, Subin, a teenage girl raised with western values, wakes up in the body of a serf. In this unknown land, she encounters the aristocratic Kim brothers and finds herself entangled in the webs of deceit; woven by rivalry, politics, and hunger for power.

    ||BTS AU||


  • The Carnomacer Series

    The Carnomacer Series

    1 pages by Talented Mustard
    I'm an amateur author; so lay it on me. I love them Criticisms.

    a Series of Books regarding the Life of Gerod, a seemingly normal 17-year old who had been thrown to the world of Magic.

    The Carnomancer Book 1: The Art of Flesh

    The Carnomancer Book 2: The Art of Blood

    The Carnomancer Book 3: The Art of Un-death

    The Carnomancer Book 4: (Pending)
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