• Ascetic Usher

    Ascetic Usher

    4 pages by saywhat10

    ALERT :--

    This is my First story and english is not my primary language. MC is not overpower or have any cheat like ability.  


    This is the story of some people who Changed the world without being a part of IT .These people are called Usher who weave the fate of the world as a bystander.  You will be reading the story of each Usher as he wrote his work , origin and aspect of the society for the future Usher. 

  • Descandant Of The Ancestor

    Descandant Of The Ancestor

    4 pages by Yoga

    Thomas, the son of a poor peasant in a kingdom, had to be dragged into the polemic over the throne and the great war between nations for the sake of supremacy.

    "I just want to herd sheep and live quietly as a small farmer, but destiny gave me a steel spear and a war horse to step on the corpse of the enemy, in this wartime hoping to live quietly is a sin"


  • 2 Enemies

    2 Enemies

    4 pages by Novelisbest

    This is a story of 2 enemy kingdoms. Both kingdoms are at war since 200 years ago. The young prince of one kingdom with his friends goes to visit enemy kingdom to seek a way to end this war. There they encounter princess of that kingdom. How will story proceed?please read it .this is a gift to all gagus of world.

  • Aozora of the Blue Sky

    Aozora of the Blue Sky

    4 pages by Botanki

    Aozora, a world governed by humans and technology. After global heating reached a critical level, humanity decided on a plan to give parts of the world back to nature. Thus began the production of massive forests that replaced small towns, and super cities that built vertically to house the refugees. Small towns still exist in this world, often by the shore, an ideal location to monitor both sea and forest. These establishments are connected by a vast monorail service spanning the whole of Aozora.

    Our story follows a young man named Blu. After receiving an interview for a job in the capital city, he boards the monorail...

  • The Ancestor

    The Ancestor

    4 pages by Ten Strings

    A guy from the modern world stumbled upon a odd shaped rock that turned out to be a God Beast Essence Core. It causes his death and transfer him back to the age that was unknown to the modern people. Due to the special cercumstances of the era, the Essence Core slowly regain its power and strengthening his power. Follow the journey that span across the ages, where he ultimately becomes the Supreme Ancestor.

  • Sekai - Christmas special!

    Sekai - Christmas special!

    4 pages by Kingdom Hartea

    Here it is, the time for me to celebrate Christmas with this short, special of Sekai.


  • The misfits

    The misfits

    4 pages by Tiny Kurama

    Welcome to a world of fantasy and magic  except this story isn't from your every day  isekai main character point of view no we will be going to the darker side of the fantasy world the side full of......


  • GRIMGOIRE: The MMORPG Death Game

    GRIMGOIRE: The MMORPG Death Game

    4 pages by JunXRe-Az

    Hundreds of thousands of people were unknowingly brought into a nightmarish death game where monsters and demons ran rampant. Along with it, all of their memories were entirely erased, and they were left only with their names as they ventured the vast world of Grimgoire.

    With a head full of doubts and questions, the players delved deeper and deeper into the secrets hidden beneath this nightmarish death game; and one player in particular dominated the rest. His name was Fidel, a man who was driven to near insanity from wanting to find out the truth about this world, and the reason why they were summoned here.

    Throughout his journey, Fidel found out one obvious truth about this world-- and that it was the strong who lorded over this entire realm, and those who did not possess sufficient means and strength-- they can either die a horrible death or forever be slaves to the strong. In the end, power was what determined your fate in Grimgoire. And if Fidel ever wants to find out the real reason for this whole ordeal, then he needed to first be the strongest.

  • Cannibal World

    Cannibal World

    4 pages by Royalist

    An old serial killer called "The Cannibal Leader" gets interviewed by a reporter but to his surprise that reporter kills him. 

    His punishment is his hell and the judge sends him into a fantasy world that cannibalism is a normal thing but now he has the feeling remorse. 

  • Dream Walker

    Dream Walker

    4 pages by JCAhern

    When the stewards of the world of Gamdrea go to war they cannot effect the world directly, but they can choose avatars and champions to represent them. And they can pull souls from another world to fight their battles for them. But when the darkness finds a loophole to tip the balance into his favor, the light's pool of potential champions is almost drained. To earth's souls who find themselves on Gamdrea's surface, it's all just a game, a new edgy technology allowing them to play video games while they sleep, but to the peoples of Gamdrea it is far from a game. It's their life. The light's power is now limited to a few and those few still have seeds of darkness within in them, for no one is all good and no one is all evil. Will the light prevail or will the darkness win the day?

  • Cross of Darkness

    Cross of Darkness

    4 pages by Asuki17

    Have you ever thought who you are? Or why tragedies and accidents happen? What is the purpose of your existance?          well, Zephiroth Nero Croix de Noirceur asked himself that in one point of his life. He is finding answers for that questions but not everything will come to plan. There will be some people standng in his way, not just humans their are supernatural beings as well but no matter what or who challenges him, he will pulverize them. Heck, he is even strong enough that God intervined himself to try to stop him. So join Zephiroth's quest to find his answers or maybe find something more?

    P.S I don't know how to explain a story much, so please give this one a chance, the first part will be boring, but trust me it will get better. :)

  • DragonBorn


    4 pages by Carter

    For thousands of years humans and dragons have lived in peace. then, Dragons decided that humans should be their slaves.

    this started a war that has lasted for over 4 years. will this new demi-dragon be the key to settling it?

  •  I died and I was sent on a Crusade

    I died and I was sent on a Crusade

    4 pages by Lokikun21

    Hiromi Hazuku,18 years of age, died together with the girl she loves, Momi Mishirou. But they were ressurected in another world. What journey awaits? Why were they sent there?  Who sent them there? What mission were given to them? Come join their journey of laughs, epicness, cries and rage.

  • Old Ghost's Stories

    Old Ghost's Stories

    4 pages by CrazyTree

    I've met them on the old road to Murntmur.

    Who I am, you ask?
    That's not relevant. I'm just an old ghost. Nothing interesting about me.

    I got curious, so I followed them.

    Who are they?
    Follow my story, and you'll eventually know.

    The word from the author:

    It was completely on a whim that I decided to do this one.
    I won't mark it "interactive", as I'm not taking suggestions who should go where, but should you have any questions to the ghost, feel free to ask, and I'll make sure he answers.

    I'm being erratic as hell, so please don't blame me for inconsistent releases.
    Also, I'm a newbie, so I will really appreciate any words form you which will help me improve.

    Thanks in advance and welcome to the story.

  • Be Careful What You Wish For

    Be Careful What You Wish For

    4 pages by BrianTubbs

    Be careful what you wish for.

    A short story about the sometimes harsh reality of fulfilled wishes and dreams. 


    **This short story replaces a previous western story that I started (but abandoned).**

  • Journal of General Frost

    Journal of General Frost

    4 pages by KenBoCole

    Leon Frost, grandson to the famous General Frost of the Adrian Empire, was playing around in his grandfather's study, when he discovered a secret compartment in his grandfather's desk. 

    In that compartment, he found a old, dusty, and worn leather bound journal. Filled with couriosity, he decided to read it. 

    This is what he read.

  • Popadoplonomicon


    4 pages by Popadopolous

    Hello, I'm fairly new.  I decided that instead of keeping all of the random stories I come up with all to myself I'd start sharing them.  A lot of them are usually scenes, settings, or conversations, so I'm going to put the random ones here.  If I start having ideas to expand them farther than just short stories (more than ~3 "chapters") I'll separate them into their own fictions.  It'll also be a kind of encyclopedia for my worldbuilding info and such since some folks, myself included, just can't get  enough of worldbuilding details.


    Some of the information here might spoil parts of my actual stories and I'm probably not going to be able to tag it every time.


  • Shattered Crowns

    Shattered Crowns

    4 pages by Patches

    Gabriel finds himself in front of a self-claimed prince who claims to be his murderer. The prince, clearly insane, goes on saying that he made a deal with the devil and that Gabriel will replace his soul to become a prince himself.



    "You will kill my second brother ".



    Is the prince trully crazy?

  • A Time of Tragedy

    A Time of Tragedy

    4 pages by gunny420

    Alex Rose is just a normal guy, living a normal life, until one day he makes a decision that will forever alter his life and the lives of those he encounters. Read as Alex adventures through a surreal forest and finds people and places you'd never believe exist. Hope you enjoy!

  • The Primordial war

    The Primordial war

    4 pages by arkantos

    Para Alex Strang Eternal War era un juego y el era el mejor, pero... era eso, un juego.

    Todo cambio ese día, el día en el cual Alex murió y se le dio otra oportunidad. La oportunidad de una nueva vida entregada por los dioses olvidados de Trixian (el mundo en el cual está basado Eternal War).

    For Alex Strang Eternal War was a game and he was the best, but... it was that, a game.

    Everything changed that day, the day on which Alex died and another opportunity was given. The opportunity for a new life delivered by the forgotten gods of Trixian (the world in which Eternal War is based).


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