• The Phantom Bandit

    The Phantom Bandit

    3 pages by Kira Minoru

    Eh? I'm now the phantom bandit? Why?! I don't want to! Why do I have to be hated by everyone because of him?!

    I can't even cultivate anymore? Are you serious? What is with this horrible twist of fate? I can become incorpereal and become separate from the world? What a crappy ability! Isn't that pretty useless in a fight? I mean you can't even cultivate, right? How am I supposed to land a finishing blow on anyone?

    What the hell?! My greatest weakness is I have to sleep since I'll always be a mortal?

    Where's the balance?!

    You're saying I can steal anything I want in exchange?

    So... you're saying if I stole all the most powerful items in the world and used that I could crush my enemies? You're also saying if I accumulated enough weath I could stomp down on even the strongest person in existance through a war of attrition?

    Hehe. Maybe it's not so bad after all.

  • brief


    3 pages by Alchyr

    A collection of brief writings.


    All warnings applied because I might use them in the future.

  • A Loop [Oneshot]

    A Loop [Oneshot]

    3 pages by Ebinsto

    To empathize is a difficult thing to do. 

    This is a oneshot.

  • Fate of Men; Strength of Spirit

    Fate of Men; Strength of Spirit

    3 pages by KingMinnow

    [participant in the NaNoWriMo Royal Road challenge], lets see how it goes.  

    Tales of gods and monsters are as old as time it self, but who is to say they are not sometimes one and the same. For the fates of all men lay in death, for that is how it must be. But Lia shall strive for something better. I do hope you will follow her journey to a better fate then death. How it will play out well, We'll know by the end of the month.

    “Enter by the narrow gate. For the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many. For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find it are few.” 

    ~ Matthew 7:13-14

  • Just for Fun

    Just for Fun

    3 pages by Zimzimbadabim

    This is going to be one of those vrmmorpg fan fictions. Expect standard clichés like the vr world actually being another dimension etc. I don't actually have this story planned at all, so expect there to be plot holes along the way. Hopefully I reach at least ten chapters before abandoning this thing.


  • Tajemnica Książek

    Tajemnica Książek

    3 pages by Szlachcic

    W ?wiecie, które zosta? zdominowany przez potwory, zreinkarnowa? si? m??czyzna.

    Jako bibliotekarz b?dzie strzeg? pewnej tajemnicy i przemierza? ten ?wiat w poszukiwaniu ?ony.

  • Default Reset

    Default Reset

    3 pages by Kuro Yuki


    The MC was playing online games with his friend when he brought up the disappointment of the unforeseen long hiatus that his favorite light novel has been in right at the climax of the story! The MC sighs saying that it has been three years with no signs of the author picking up his pen to continue the story.  The MC recalls the heroics of the fictitious gaming character when he boldly declared to his friend, “If I was that hero I would be able to defeat you at any game!  Even if you were my friend I would make you cry defeat a thousand times at least!”

    Unknowingly that those words would make his friend be playful and changing the MC’s life forever.

    How his friend would put it “that MC would have had an ordinary life, but that would have been boring”.


    “So you were helping the MC have a full happy life of adventure?”

    “Gosh no. By the way your character died.”

    “Noooo. You are a horrible friend!”

    “I don’t believe in having friends, but the MC is an OK guy…”

    “I bet the MC would have been happier if he didn’t have you as a friend..”

    “Your character died again…”

    “What?! You are horrible…”

    “You know best that I never know defeat!”

    “But you failed… as a character and a friend… you aren’t the MC!”

    “Your game character was reset to level one deleting the game data…”


  • Louder


    3 pages by TillaSiren

    Written while listening to the song "Louder" hence the title, hope you enjoy

  • Retsuken Word

    Retsuken Word

    3 pages by veronica clash

    Riley Mari Can's parents have given her a device for play the best MMORPG from her world in her 17th birthday, to start her new adventures in the World of Retsuken and her University Life, or that's what they made her think and yet to make things worse a King with the Power of a God, converted this adventure in a nightmare.

  • Sins


    3 pages by Game consloe



    The World is created by the higher power ( God ) to rule on this world. God created the world to be superior to something.

    when god created the world he created,

    1st Angels to serve him, 

    2nd Human to worship him,

    He made places for each to live

    The silver city for the god

    The world of clouds for Angels

    The world of soil for Humans

    Many eons the reign become successful and peaceful everyone was abide by the rules of god but it was wasteful for god there wasn't much surprise and new  for him. thus, he provided free will to all.

    After the free will, It was New every time but some begin to break the rules

    Thus god created one more,  

    3rd demon to punish who doesn't follow,

    The world of ashes for the demons

    God made three being immortal only he could destroy

     One ruler of the clouds                 -   Sidriel " Divinity "

    one ruler of the soil                        -  Apothesis  " Mortal flesh " 

    one ruler of the ashes                    -  Leviathon " Satan "

    He made death to his creations but also gave the power of creation

    With time passed Sidriel Bear his 7th daughter named ' Azerael '. God took a liking to her and gave her a powerful Sythe even able to kill the immortal from existence, even to kill her own father if she desire to take the Throne.

    After thousands of year, Apothesis tried to die but couldn't, he asked god to kill him as he said he could not bear to watch his loved one die and vanish from his life. God gave him mortality not death for the reward of his services, he bear children and he died being a human.  Long time went on.

    God reign over the world for eons under his Superiority

    but the ruler of the demons, had his 1289th child named  " Weiss "

     Weiss obsessed with power and to rule, he wanted more for himself.  He could not watch himself under his father. He came to know that there was a world with no ruler " the world of the soil "

    Then he begin to search for ways to enter the world of soil with his devastating plan to rule over that world.

    These are the facts , But this story begins with the boy named Satoru Ren  Standing in a tall building .

  • Lost in Dungeon

    Lost in Dungeon

    3 pages by ZoUL

    A young boy being send into dungeon as punishment for something he never done, will he accept his death without fight or will he fight against injustice and become strong?


  • An Angel's Duty

    An Angel's Duty

    3 pages by Royalist

    An angel that hates to see mortals suffer decides to help them in secret but God finds out about this and kicks him out of heaven. 

    But that doesn't stop our angel, he will continue to help many people until all of his feathers fall out.


  • Mindfull Mage

    Mindfull Mage

    3 pages by PenCharger


    Story of a man with too much on his mind.





    *I take no credit for the cover art*

    *Just trying out casual writing not quite dedicated to the story though criticism is still appreciated*

  • Realms: The amnesia potion

    Realms: The amnesia potion

    3 pages by dropped

    [This story is a spin off of the Realms series that I might eventually write someday].

    In a world where vampires remain unpersecuted by humanity and demons walk the lands with impunity, the masses of people live under injustice and suffering.

    Having stumbled upon the secret formula for producing an amnesia potion by complete accident, our hero Brian stands to make enormous profits from selling those potions which have the potential of massively increasing vitae production.

    Will he succeed in his business ventures or will he be caught and have the secret formula tortured out of him by vampires and demons? Find out in this exciting adventure of epic proportions!

  • Scattered Skies Sundered Lands

    Scattered Skies Sundered Lands

    3 pages by Koncar

    Shattered Skies wander space overlooking the sundered lands.

    A blazing bundle retreats from the endless darkness.

    Land shakes at the coming of the return of Forbidden Knowledge.

    What was once forgotten shall come with a vengeance to all that sought to destroy it.

    What seems normal shall become abnormal.

    Beggars become Kings and Emperors become Slaves.

    I do not own the image. The image was found on deviant art.


  • The Chrononaut's Dilemma

    The Chrononaut's Dilemma

    3 pages by AccelIndie

    All he ever wanted to be was something more than mundane but that never truly happened.

    All he ever did was wait but it never helped.

    Then his future seemed to disappear as his fate seemed sealed.

    Then the gate opened and he fell from the sky.

    Everything was different here even him but that was the worst part.

  • North Field (Hiatus for now)

    North Field (Hiatus for now)

    3 pages by Fireblade

    There is a girl in their class who is always seen alone. Rarely does she talk to anyone in her class, and only her teachers could make her talk, to which she either replies "I don't know" or "I forgot". As the self-proclaimed loser of their class soon finds out, they just don't know what's truly hidden behind her.

    And so begins the story of our young loser - or rather, narrator as he encounters mysterious oddities day by day, and soon finds himself solving them one by one.

  • Genesis


    3 pages by Azareal

    So many lies, so many delusions, make it stop already.

  • Supernatural


    3 pages by Apollo_Eclipz

    Note: this book will be Written in full chapters so don't expect one chapter to be short, it will be based on my understanding of the T.V show "Supernatural" so please don't criticize me.

    This Book series is about the two Winchester brothers, Sam and Dean, who were raised by their father, John, to hunt and kill all things that go "bump in the night" after his wife, Mary, was murdered by an evil supernatural being when the boys were young.



    3 pages by CliGan

    President George Mash was the first president of the kingdom of Fremund during the year 001. During his time in office he brought prosperity and reforms throughout the kingdom. He ended the reign of the Fremund dynasty and created a government system called “constitutional republic.” He called it “the government for the people.” together with his loyal followers and ‘congress’ they’ve made many wonderful accomplishments.

    But all things come to and end when all of the countries located at the continents of Ramand and Hamand have declared war to the kingdom of Fremund.

    You might guess that President George have done immediate action to the upcoming war, but he didn’t.

    “You might be ‘triggered’ if I told you this… Instead of doing something… He locked himself for one month, isolating himself throughout the world. Many have been wondering the absence of the president…But they didn’t know that during his isolation the president wrote a story… a story about himself… A story of hope for the future generation."

    -Documentary by: Michael May, Institute of History Academics, Kingdom of Fremund.

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