• Little Brother's Experiment

    Little Brother's Experiment

    7 pages by SquareWell
    Meet Little brother! Huh, oh sorry, there seems to be an absence of name... and even their social security number is gone... hang on, this person is dead.

    Okay, meet... okay this one is also dead.

    Anyways with the jokes aside, meet the little brother of a peculiar sister who enjoys science and their journey throughout worlds!

    There is 18+ content, you've been warned!
  • Void System

    Void System

    0 pages by XArthurX

    Arthur an unlucky guy, or lucky depends on how you see it, kills himself and is sent to another world so that he can participate in the gods games, will he be killed, tortured, humiliated? watch how our (un)lucky partner tries to overcome all of it with the help of the Void System.

  • Death's The Reincarnated Devil Royal

    Death's The Reincarnated Devil Royal

    6 pages by Xftg123

    Kuro Masahiko is a high-schooler who's formerly known as the devil prince of death, a demon that could destroy everything in its wake. But, is rather lazy to actually destroy anything. Isabella Miyano, on the other hand, is a blade shaman apprentice, who decides to find the devil prince and kill him. But, Kuro has another secret: He's been reincarnated, and is the only person who knows that he himself, is the devil prince of death. And he soon gets a bit more than he bargained for when at school, he and Isabella befriend various monster students, some of them attracted to Kuro, who drives his libido in order to cause his power?!

  • Tasks From a Deity

    Tasks From a Deity

    6 pages by KrumbDelaKrumb

    Your protagonist dies in an alleyway while being robbed. Bleeding out on the floor, he loses all hope, until he opens his eyes to his surprise to see a white room with Fantasy-esque furniture in front of him. There he meets a Deity who enslaves him and forces him to journey into different universes to fulfill many different tasks for her. Where will this lead our protagonist? What lies in store for him at the end?


    This will be in a format of multiple arks containing a new story with brand new characters featured in each one.

    May contain Profanity, Sexual Content, Gore, and/or Traumatising Content.

  • Growing Up Wild

    Growing Up Wild

    10 pages by SilverCyanide
    'Beware the fangs, for despite my appearance, I am one who has grown up wild.'

    In this world dominated by humans with the ability to wield a mysterious energy known as ‘Mana’, Spiritual Beasts were seen as mere property, despite possessing the ability and intelligence to shift into humanoid forms should their strength become sufficient.

    This tale regales the journey of a Spiritual Beast cub as he grows from a weak, blind creature into something awe-inspiring and formidable.

    This is a story of monsters and magic.
  • Huntsman: He Who Kills Monsters

    Huntsman: He Who Kills Monsters

    21 pages by Dragonpen
    What would it take for you to give up your humanity?


    Grimm are monsters that were once people faced with that question. They made the choice to give up being human, and became abominations masquerading as people, their hearts consumed by the desire to kill and inflict suffering upon humankind.


    Huntsmen are the professional monster hunters trained to exterminate Grimm. Their work is shrouded in shadow, and they are often as feared as Grimm themselves.


    Klaus Jaeger is a Huntsman, one who kills monsters. He walks a bleak path leading to inevitable tragedy and despair, but he continues down that path nonetheless, driven by the certainty that more blood lies on the path ahead.


    (Originally posted on Webnovel, I am moving this novel onto Royal Road)
  • Vampire Ghost!!!

    Vampire Ghost!!!

    1 pages by kpzone
    What happens when the life of a vampire is ended or if a vampire is unfortunately dead? What if that dead vampire becomes a ghost? This is a story you are looking for……
    The ill-fated sun set of a person’s life led to the highly secrecy case for the paranormal investigators……..
  • Wandering the world

    Wandering the world

    1 pages by Onan's

    Three souls awaken in an unknown land, Deep in the forest .

    They are asked three questions, and are each given gifts in accordance with what they wish for.

    What will the three do with their newfound powers?

    How will they live ?

    Read on and see how they "Wander the world"

  • To Overcome Hate

    To Overcome Hate

    21 pages by lonelywolf
    a being born from the rampant emotions of the beings of their world born to know nothing but hate givin the chance to start as something not bound by their old shackles starting off in a new world to tempt the fate's as they indulge their once insatiable interest to observe the lives of others

    after reading so many fictions i decided to start my own to cater to what i'd like to see. i did do this all on a whim so if you find it disspleasing my apoligies
  • The 'Innocent' Assassin

    The 'Innocent' Assassin

    6 pages by Sharayiah-Jo Lacey

    I woke up and I had to shake myself awake. Did that all really just happen, Wait was it just a dream? Jumping out of my bed. Looking into the mirror. I looked the same. No cuts no scars. I felt relief but I was traumatized.





  • Marroks Guilded Adventures- A DnD Tale

    Marroks Guilded Adventures- A DnD Tale

    9 pages by wolfmaster



    In a world overflowing with magic, mortals worked hard to survive. They worshiped many gods, and cursed many more. In this world of magic, gods, and men, the tale of a young ranger unfolds. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • Tragically Blessed

    Tragically Blessed

    7 pages by Yeliak

    Death is not always the end; sometimes it is only the beginning. Taji is a boy off to a rough start. Cosmically stunted; he must learn how to navigate a world that makes no sense to him. He must become strong enough to transcend his own limitations. This is his story. Are you ready?

  • Born for the Grave

    Born for the Grave

    18 pages by CrimsonGodz
    A very dark story about a man who dreams of being the greatest evil in a new world. He has spent spent his past life studying how a dark ruler should act. Will Sven Deegen get his chance in another world or just end up a pitiful minion?

    My first time trying so please give plenty of constructive criticism! Also a warning I plan to change P.O.V. a lot.
  • I can't wait

    I can't wait

    4 pages by Jame

    A boy that always love Overlord always dream about it but what if that day comes what will be do



    5 pages by sglyhne
    The Earth is dead; the Flame shall spread.
    The chants of the mighty echo through hollow lands, and there shall be nowhere left to hide. Already on the run from her past, Sieglinde is forced to flee amongst the people of Havellan for the sake of her own survival. She becomes one of ten-thousand homeless wanderers, drifting through the world in search of vengeance, solace and peace. The mysterious banners of black and blue are seen at every turn, and the world free of conquest grows ever smaller. This is the tale of a dying people, in a dying world.
    "Game of Thrones rip-off by way of Dark Souls" - A story about knights, former glory and, the inevitability of death. And maybe some lesbians.
  • Song of Void &Lightning

    Song of Void &Lightning

    0 pages by Neria22

    "My dear, dear Kai. Would you make a bet with me?

    "For one more chance i would do anything."

    "Then...Conquer this world and then at that time i will give you whatever in this world you desire the most."

    "then...My God your will be done."


    Giving another chance at life Kai sets out to fulfill the contract placed upon him, all the while descovering an inknown world a world full of mystery things beings he never in his wildest dreams beleived existed.


  • Temp Agent Wanted

    Temp Agent Wanted

    5 pages by TheLoserEllimist
    A Temp Agent's Missions can be anything from taking a dragon to day-care to brewing the boss's coffee but they must always do their very best! This is the story of The Temp Agent and the unexpected difficulties he encounters.
  • Jack's Otherworlderology!

    Jack's Otherworlderology!

    4 pages by Mello Park

    "Hey there, It's me, Jack JobJob.

    Welcome to my show, where me and my crew; Jim JimmyJams (action cameraman) and Lisa LilyLilia (Cute fun loving assistant) intrude on daily lives of random strangers from many of the worlds out there!

    We will interview and document entertaining lives of someone or something! Perhaps a king and his royal family, an alien and his spaceship? a demon king and his monsters? a tomato and his farmer!

    Who knows!

    Submit your suggestions! Who do you want to be interviewed! We have the skills to go anywhere and interview anyone! Don't hesitate! come join the fun!"


    A slice of life and comedy centred, short tales set in a interview/documentary format.

    Mainly taken to be relaxed, fun, light hearted and Random.

  • Idea #1

    Idea #1

    1 pages by Marstheoddball
    Just a short idea of mine that I'll eventually be writing out once I'm finally done with the details of everything here. So... yeah, just look forward to the day that I actually DO finally get around to working on the first chapter (if you're interested in how this sounds.)
  • Last Heart

    Last Heart

    1 pages by Drasolite


    No human is perfect.

    No government is perfect.

    No law is perfect.

    No society is perfect.

    Nothings perfect.


    Cayn Drayce is a boy who lost his parents due to radical terrorists who "supposedly" fight against the corrupt government. 

    He begins to doubt how peaceful the world actually is and gains an intense desire to change things, but was never able to due to the simple limitations of being human.

    But what happens if he obtains the power to transcend his weak human shell and gain abilities that can improve and further advance the human race and the Earth itself?

    That we shall find out...


    This fiction will contain profanity and sexual content.

    The harem tag is what it is. It will not be a generic harem. The main character is not an "I love only you" guy. With his new abilities he will be doing a lot, and will not "settle down" with someone.

    I am a beginner in writing fiction and do not have a set plan or schedule, this also means i am "typing as i go" so things might not seem well thought out being the beginner that i am.

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