• New Moon

    New Moon

    20 pages by Strawberry

    Think post-apocolyptic dystopia. Communities secluded from the outside world, strange religions for the moon, aliens living among the abandoned world, non-human humanoids;like shapeshifter and magiks; and not much human progression for some reason. That's the world that Creme, Acacia, and Violetta have come to know. The year is 4018, and a nuclear reactor has exploded in a city near a desert, then the story begins.


    Next Release - 5-24-19(at least) or 8-23-19(at most)

  • Struggle for Survival

    Struggle for Survival

    20 pages by LK the criminal
    After an unknown event had taken place, the world changed. Humans weren't the prime species anymore, but were merely struggling for survival. This follows the story of two friends and how they continue their life.

    It's a bit older story of mine I've started and want to continue again
  • The Collector

    The Collector

    20 pages by Neliete

    It was getting too dark to travel, therefore Peleex of The Red Mountain decided to set a camp at the plain by the Dark Forest. However, as he started, he noticed another lone traveller - a rather feminine looking young male that didn't seem like someone who should wander alone, a man too fragile for a life of an explorer, but...

    ...there they were, and he was sharing the story of his life with this stranger. Little did he know he wasn't the first nor the last to do so. 


    This is a continuation of Darkness, Silence, And Really Bad Breath (which is currently unfinished).

    Note: under heavy revision and change

  • The Shadow over my Soul

    The Shadow over my Soul

    20 pages by Ratscout

    What does it feel like to fear the future so much that you're content with living the past over and over again? Dagonet knows the answer to that when he purposefully chains himself to a bedpost to avoid an uncertain and unwanted future and secures a wanted future with a glass woman instead.

  • Happy Christmas!!!

    Happy Christmas!!!

    20 pages by Shige

    A short story for Santa's Gift Exchange party.

    This is 5k+ words story, divided into 5 chapters and an epilogue, with a first person POV, and a light plot line. Actually it's really just a simple story that wants to share some filling experiences on such holidays.

    Special thanks to my gift exchange partner, @btwonderkid, and his lifting message:

    "It was a nice heartwarming story..."


    Thanks to you, too. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!


  • Februaship (Multishipper Challenge)

    Februaship (Multishipper Challenge)

    20 pages by R-Entertainment

    A collection of short stories featuring different ships from videogames, series and movies! Gay, Straight, Lesbian, Polyamory and more! Hope you like it! :D

    Here's a list with the ships I already wrote about:

    1.- Higuel (MxM)

    2.- McGenji (MxM)

    3.- Flynzel (MxF)

    4.- Stucky (MxM)

    5.- R76 (Friendship MxM)

    6- Tadahiro (Broship)

    Please note that all characters here will be over 18 years old unless specified otherwsie, but those who are, won't be involved in romantic stuff, just good and cute friendship :3

  • The Chrononaut

    The Chrononaut

    20 pages by Arull

    Sky(18) enters a school for people with esper abilites or those who want to learn how to trigger them. This was supposed to be a fun and easy life of an esper user, but boy was he wrong! Sky enters a class for those without powers, but it is sleeping in his blood, when something dramatic happenes and the whole school has to come togheter to fight, things become.....interesting as his powers awakens!

  • Ms Darcy's Apprentices

    Ms Darcy's Apprentices

    20 pages by Sawanara murasaki

    Ms Darcy Burana is the most fierce teacher who never give mercy to anyone who disobey or try to spoil her. She held the most huge secret. Her identity as a teacher is enough to keep the secret from another world.

  • SINFONIA: Oneshots

    SINFONIA: Oneshots

    20 pages by surulaulu

    A collection of short stories following Claude, Jet, Leon, Walter and Rick and their life in the Victorian-esque all-male boarding school they attend. Although all of them are very different from each other, they all have something in common: adventures and trouble seem to follow each of them wherever they go. Most of these stories detail the pasts of the characters, notably that of Claude's as he ambitiously makes his way from the new junior student to the equally feared and adored idol of the all-boys school. 

    These characters will be featured in an upcoming visual novel, but the stories mostly happen before the events of the actual game, and as such no further context is necessarily needed to read these stories (in fact, these are more like preparation for the VN)! More info of the VN itself here http://kuuras.weebly.com/sinfonia.html 

    "Are you going to sing to us?" the boy continued and laughed, now directing his attention entirely to Claude instead of the group of juniors as whole. "Or will you give me a kiss? You're so pretty that you wouldn't need to sing or dance if you did that."

    He laughed again, but this time Claude interrupted him:

    "Just one kiss? Is that all?" he asked, as if he had taken seriously the other boy's obviously joking suggestion.

    "Yeah, just one kiss," the other replied and laughed again at the junior student's naivety. Of course he had not been serious - even if he did admit the younger boy looked cute, like a girl, so it probably wouldn't be all that bad.  

    "Fine, then," Claude nodded and took a confident step towards the senior. "Just one kiss."

  • Ember


    20 pages by FrogNDAWell

    I have no idea where this is going, the plot is random... dont expect much.

  • Breathing life

    Breathing life

    20 pages by Maoc389

    Living in a utopian society has its drawbacks. Follow our group of characters to unwind the mysteries of the World and watch the implications upon the larger Universe that their events have.

    Leffen, Valentine, Paradise, Viktor and Amyr are drawn into the World after graduation. What follows is a medly of cacophany, as the group questions what they love, and what they've lost.

    Sayomi and Yuna, two opposite souls stuck in a world of fame, escape to the game in order to fix what remains of Yuna's shattered mind.

    Maya and Li struggle to regain their humanity as they struggle with an increasing amount of moral delimas that challenge their perception of the world.



    20 pages by DevinaJay


    Miranda Russe is plagued with a brilliant gift: the ability to see what others cannot. No, she's not hallucinating, not a schizophrenic. She just knows that all her life she's been surrounded by the unnatural - like a golden fuzzball of a childhood companion she calls a faerie, or the fact that her estranged grandmother came to her as a ghost with a cryptic message - you know, the usual paranormal activities that she's done well to hide. 

    And just when Miranda's finally got her sense of sanity downpact, her family uproots and moves into her dead grandmother's home and for reasons that just do not make sense.What's worse? How about a series of animal attacks on the town as soon as she arrives?  Add in her mother’s incessant nagging about Hindu faith, mediocre high school torment, a handsomely flirtatious tutor, and an obnoxious Sheriff who’s already got her pegged as the culprit behind these attacks, then it’s no wonder why all Miranda wants is to keep a low-profile.

    But of course, life has other plans and Miranda's going to have to trust in her strange abilities in order to rise to challenge, otherwise fall victim to the chaos within her sanity and her reality.




  • Singer


    20 pages by RachelWrites

    Allison is a Singer - she has the ablility to translate the memories of the dead into song. But when she suspects foul play in a young boy's death, she sets out to find answers.

  • Fury


    20 pages by Ratscout

    Etris is an elfess out to avenge the death of a boy she loved. She has no conscience or emotions to stop her in hunting down the woman who killed him. Or so she thinks.

  • How much I love (Working Title)

    How much I love (Working Title)

    20 pages by Gen
    Reincarnation story!
    Aoyagi Ai Niina- is a child who has lived before, not just once many times. In fact, her last reincarnation, is a girl Chitose's, who fell in love with her childhood friend. Yet, she passed away before her time, she gets just one more chance at life. What will she do with it?

    First fiction that I am writing, spelling and grammer will be more than likly wrong.

    Please if you have time, leave comments and constructive criticism.
  • The Man on the Balcony

    The Man on the Balcony

    19 pages by Author JaiRenny

    One shot short story. Warning Contains explicit content

    “Never go down that street.” This was a frequent statement made by the adults in my village. My generation and the younger generations were free to go wherever we wanted EXCEPT that street.

    But I was twenty-one now, I was no longer a child. Surely, I could go now, right? My sister who was ten years my senior could go, so why couldn’t I?

    Building my courage and balling my fists I ran after them.

  • Brand


    19 pages by AmaiDolce2x

    "Demons were never really born, they were made."

  • The Exorcist

    The Exorcist

    19 pages by ThinkTwice

    Good and evil, illusion and reality, light and dark, truth and lies. These are the cardinal truths the exorcist seeks to understand in order to protect the world.

    To the north giants rest their shoulders upon the ruins of civilizations long forgotten. They were the titans that once held up the heavens and control all that entered their domain. Those in the south rule with an iron fist. Their technology unparalleled. Their mechanical innovations pushing the study of the fundamental forces of the universe infinitely forward. To the west magic the nations of humanity prospered and continents were conquered, one after the other. In the eastern woodland ancient beings and eldritch horrors await those who aren't wary. Those that couldn’t flee from the humans above ground found themselves joining the monsters that roamed the underworld.

    Every nation at war fighting for an everlasting dream of peace.

    But then the dream ended.

    And the nightmare began.

  • Loop of the destiny

    Loop of the destiny

    19 pages by sint

    John, is a boy with apathy syndrome, who live their daily live without getting involved with other people, but all that changes when one afternoon he saw a classmate committing suicide in front of him, only to wake up in his bed one day earlier, now John must discover the reason for this event, but for this he will have to interact with those he was trying to avoid and maybe have to do something he never expect to have to do ...effort.

  • God's Fall Chronicles: Schism

    God's Fall Chronicles: Schism

    19 pages by Luxilentum

    Ever since his creation, Adiuvalo was tasked with farm work. Such was his purpose as dictated by The Creator, Electa. Suddenly, he's brought face to face with that very same goddess. During this meeting, Adiuvalo is told his purpose has changed. He now needs to stop the plans of the Fallen God Quisqueto, who is aiming to destroy the world for his own gain. Knowing he cannot refuse, and infused with the power of a God, Adiuvalo embarks on a life changing journey that turns everything he's ever known upside down. 

    With the impending threat of destruction, how will a man who's only known how to tend to a field slay a God? How will he cope with the changes in both the world and himself?


    I intend to see this through to the end, and finish it. I'll do my best to post once a week on Friday or Saturday around 8:00 pm EST

    I sincerely hope you enjoy reading.

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