• The Tyro Captain

    The Tyro Captain

    24 pages by SaltyNewt

    The Golden Age of Piracy saw countless Pirate legends throughout the West Indies, such as Blackbeard, Ben Hornigold, Calico Jack, Charles Vane, and many more. And when a boy named Silas becomes the captain of his own ship, he travels throughout the West Indies to join their ranks.

  • The Original Sin

    The Original Sin

    23 pages by Skaaly

    This once started out as a way to waste some time when I finished my studies last year and was just drifting around with nothing to do but job hunting.
    But I am not a very artistic or creative person, and it took me the last two weekends just to put some order into those few words I managed to put on paper.

    I eventually decided to put this out there in the hope that somebody more talented and with more time will pick up my idea and make something out of it.
    So, if you like the idea of it feel free to pick it up. Scrap whatever I wrote or continue with it however you like.
    Just shoot me a message so that I get a chance to read what you made out of it.
    And in the unlikely case something ever gets published then just gift me a copy of the book(s) and a coffee.

    I knowingly decided to not pick Tags as this is just an introduction or a short-story at best.
    But in general I envisioned a Grimdark & (High) Fantasy setting with a focus on Mythology.

    I claim full ownership for the cover. I took the photo on my last trip to the Alps in Austria.
    (But no clue what mountain that is, it's just pretty, deal with it.)



    23 pages by Elisia Ellis

    A LA trauma surgeon is suspected of a gruesome murder.

  • Heroes Always Help

    Heroes Always Help

    23 pages by Minarett

    Cay Flanner is an ordinary Highschool student. He goes to class. He does his homework. And he helps people out. Having been raised by his father who he considers his role model, Cay has always tried to do his best to help those who need it.

    However, helping people out gets a bit more difficult as more people exhibit the so-called 'Hallucinations'. Incidents where people exhibit unnatural and superhuman feats. It could be a man surviving a bullet wound, it could be a woman disappearing from her prison cell, and it could also be a man jumping off a building yet never hitting the ground.

    However one thing is for certain. Heroes always help.

  • The Heart of Hunger: The Six Mistakes of Al from South Embre

    The Heart of Hunger: The Six Mistakes of Al from South Embre

    23 pages by K. Hayes

    Great men accomplish great things. Legends echo across the deserts of time and their actions shine like diamonds atop the sands of history. Their strength is unmatched. Their hearts are ablaze. Their will as powerful as the forces that move the sky. It is their destiny to change the fate of mankind and bring about new eras of existence. No evil may stand in their light. No darkness can snuff the fires of their lives. They are fables that inspire others to greatness, creating more legends in turn by those who carry those legends with them.

    Al is one of them. Not a legend. The one that carries those legends. And that's why he left the island of South Embre, to gather those legends, carry them, and inspire more legends with his words. While the library of stories that his mind is endless, the repository of common sense is a little bit barren. In the pursuit of great stories, common sense is the only thing that would have saved him from the dark mythos Al will fall into like a suffocating abyss. But if he survives, it'll make a hell of a legend.

  • Simádi


    23 pages by JiViA

    Come and be part of Michael's story, as we join him in his early years as a 12 year old boy. Living as an orphan since his father died from war and his mother from child birth. With his two friends, they are living in the slums of the City of Baruch, capital city of Proule Kingdom.

    Certain circumstances happened where in he and his friend where able to enroll in the Academy. Academy, where in students are called scholars, and are being taught the History of Simadi Continent. In here, Michael was able to find his dream.

    But an unexpected turn of events happened that his dream shattered in pieces... 

    Lets explore how Michael encounter Love, Grief, Pain, Suffering, and Hardship. All together in this one journey.

  • Falling for the bad boy

    Falling for the bad boy

    23 pages by Alexia Travis

    There lived a girl named Alesha Green. It’s her first day of school of moving from Florida to Utah. What she didn’t know is that she will bump into someone that everyone is drooling over, and some people fear because he is the bad boy his name is Jaxon Smith. She is in for a treat. Alesha has green eyes, long blonde hair, and is an honors student. Jaxon has brown eyes, brown hair w/ a blue streke, and is the school bad boy. There are other characters included in this story. You will find out their names later in the story.

    This story is only one chapter


  • Gate Marshal

    Gate Marshal

    23 pages by Jack Twohey

    Beyond the pale thresholds of this earth, beyond the fury and roar of human splendor and human folly, there lies another realm.  An entire body of worlds, occupying the same place in the universe as our own, yet entirely removed from ours and whole unto themselves.  Some of them are only just around the corner, waiting to be discovered where they lay hidden deep within the mists of mundanity, while others hurtle invisibly above us through the trackless stars.

    Between these worlds there lies the dark fog of the astral planes, where demons and feral spirits lurk in the shadows of existence.  From the abyssal dungeons of the underworld to the farthest dimensions of the universe there are countless powers unfathomable to man, powers which if unleashed would lay waste to creation.  Seeping through the cracks of reality is an endless stream of wild magic, wearing down the walls which separate worlds and piercing them with fissures. Standing firm against these chaotic tides are the Good Folk, the crafters and stewards of creation, who constantly rebuild and fortify the gateways between worlds.  And manning the gates are those servants of the Good Folk who are their chosen soldiers from the ranks of man. Those born of earth who pledge their lives to the defense of their world and its people.

    Those who are called Gate Marshals.


    This series is the third entry in my fantasy anotholgy series "Journeys in the Fairworld".  Unlike my previous works, it is being written as a serial.  New installments will be posted as I create them (which will hopefully be quite frequently).  I hope you will enjoy it (or at least be mildly amused).

    Be sure to check out my other two novels set in the universe of the Fairworld, also available here on Royal Road!

    "The Gatekeeper": https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/19338/journeys-in-the-fairworld-the-gatekeeper

    "The Brigand of Potham": https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/19369/journeys-in-the-fairworld-the-brigand-of-potham

  • The Bleeding Ghost and the House it Lived in

    The Bleeding Ghost and the House it Lived in

    23 pages by T-L-G-T-W

    A writer with newly inherited money to burn and a lack of spice in his life buys and renovates a large house atop the small town of Hollridge, Nova Scotia in the hopes of finding new experiences-that which would be unknown in the bustling city he grew up in. He finds them.

  • The Library of Immortals

    The Library of Immortals

    23 pages by Aileus

    The Library knows all, the Library controls all... Do not go against the will of the Library or the Heavens themselves will obstruct you. Fear it - as it is your god. 

    Deny the order the Library has enforced, control your destiny, break free from the bonds of Immortality! 

  • The Chase (need help with title)

    The Chase (need help with title)

    23 pages by Karvest

    The concept is far from simple so bare with me.

    tragedy befall three friends and two of them end up as mortal enemies. she is pissed of at him for a percieved slitght in her most vulnerable moment, and he is scared shitless of the girl he has always admired. trapped in his own body he is trying to call her for help, and yet almost certain he will die if she ever catches up to him.

    i think this is the best i can do spoiler free so i hope u enjoy.

    Ok everyone this is my first try at writing something of this size. i in no way feel confident to do this idea of mine justice but i finely manned up and said fuck it ill just do it. im not a native speaker of english but seeng as im currently pursuing a degree in english language i dont expect too many errors apart from some typoes (but still im very oppen to your oppinions). This idea first came to me a long time ago but i havent writen too much becouse i didnt know too many people who read fantasy so i couldnt bounce ideas off of anyone. but now i have you guys... hopefully... So feel free to tell me what u like and what u dont like, i'm always trying to improve. I only wrote a few chapters and even those were in erratic order and in my native tongue so i plan to translate the first few chapters and hope to see your thoughts on them as i try to write the rest directly in english.

    ps please help me find a title for this book im so wraped up in it and there are soo meny plotpoints that i can not look at it impartially tnx

  • Journey of Light

    Journey of Light

    23 pages by DatsRandom

    http://royalroadl.com/submissionThe Blessed, humans who have the capacity to manipulate a form of light, and cast it as magic. These unique individuals have been gifted at birth by the Shines, the five gods of light. As for these blessed humans, each have a destiny, a path, a journey to follow through. An ancient world filled with mysticism, gods, monsters, and immortal kings is bound to bring about great change as it has. For a young girl and young man, they will soon see the world unfold before them.

  • One Shot

    One Shot

    23 pages by Jachin2000

    Two Friends go on a mission for an organization that they are members of. They are sent to hunt down a mythical creature. Things go wrong.

  • Wayland Crossing

    Wayland Crossing

    23 pages by Blue Blaze {COMET}

    Kaori Tanizaki. First year student at Akakawa Senior high. Sole occupant of her parent's house. Great friends with an idol, the soccer team co-captain, and a loud, cheerful girl she's called her besties since she was six. Trying to take charge in her life, she goes through days in melancholy while monsters, mighty and destructive, appear all over the world, attacking endlessly without any hints to where they are from. The world's only hope is the Super Six, a group of heroes who always appear to combat the monsters with awesome powers. But, working in secret, no one knows who the Super Six are, or what their motive is.

    Towndown Shibuya is attacked, with Kaori and her best friend stuck in the middle of it. But Kaori is rescued by one of the Super Six: A sixteen-year-old who has found himself unable to return to his home country. Kaori must hold herself together as she faces monsters in Japan, the boy who has suddenly come under her care,

    ...And the crush she has on him.

  • Totally Not Year 12

    Totally Not Year 12

    22 pages by Aramzilliam10711

    People tend to live life as they know it. Living with their friends, hating their enemies, and genrally just going along with the flow. So what is the big question? What if they lost all their memories? What if they forgot their previous lives, forgot their names, forgot all the experiences that made them who they are? what if they got dropped into a strange land, lost and alone with only a warning to survive? Would they remain true to themselves or would new experiences make them unrecognizable to their past selves?

  • Old Man's Crown

    Old Man's Crown

    22 pages by precinctomega

    Emilia, Empress of the Ancient Commonwealth, has proclaimed the centuries-old embargo on the skrapyards over. Her Guilds clamour for access to the impenetrable but puissant technology of the Architects. The Boy Khalif's magi wax powerful. The Church of Kobos strains against old treaties and yearns to flex forgotten power. In the East, the dragons speak again after decades of silence. The Wolf Fleets prowl the seas. And the alien Emissaries haunt Dunderry's fog-shrouded cobbles.

    All these forces come together at one time and in one place: Grimmann's Isle. Barren and ill-omened, its desolate and jagged shore has claimed a thousand ships and more, earning it a dark reputation and another name: Devil's Reach.

    But, like it or not, Devil's Reach is where Kaye Greystone, Captain of Swords, and her reluctant sidekick, Benet Fleur, must go. Caught up in Emilia's shadow game, Kaye must lead an improbable band against not only the visible threats of musket and blade, but invisible ones, too: betrayal, deceit and the insidious influence of magic.

    For amidst the rain-drenched tors and treacherous bogs of Devil's Reach lie buried the relics of the Architects and, amongst them, a relic of incomparable power, draped with portents and prophecy: the Old Man's Crown.  And, ultimately, it will be Kaye and Fleur who will decide who will wear it and, with it, wield the ultimate power of the Ancients.

  • A Chance

    A Chance

    22 pages by TheImperial

    Our atmosphere, that has long protected us from the deadly rays of the sun, finally gives out. A single hole is burned through our air, but it is enough to cause the end of human civilizations as we know it. The only survivors are those who hid underground and survived the harsh heatwaves that ravaged the planet for centuries. Now we have finally returned to the surface, and try to build a new world from the dust of the old.

    Within this new world there are multiple stories of people doing what they can to survive in the wasteland. This is one of them. The story of a lone gun for hire, and a small child who has lost everything.

  • The Riddle of the Old Astronomer

    The Riddle of the Old Astronomer

    22 pages by MahanenkoV

    A story from the worlds of Barliona and The Way of the Shaman.

    Mahanenko V. / M. Dorokhov

  • My Life in This World is My Life in Another World!?

    My Life in This World is My Life in Another World!?

    22 pages by KazumaHai

    Synopsis: Kenta is a common seventeen year old teenager on his 3rd year of high school. Riku is a farmer from another world who's dad was murdered by a criature. This is the story of two worlds connected by these boys and their destiny.

    (English isn't my language, so if there are any spelling or writing mistakes please let me know. Also, I use some japanese words and stuff like that because I love anime and want to write something as close as I can to the japanese light novels.)

  • Weavers of Fate

    Weavers of Fate

    22 pages by ReincarnatedSalad

    A group of young apprentices at the exclusive academy on Chandelier Island find themselves trapped within a time loop. With only a day to prepare themselves each time for the end of their world , which will be the greater drain on their breaking mental state, the horrifying creatures that devour all or the cruel magician rebels? Only time will tell...


    Inspired by; Hard Reset, Edge of Tomorrow, and Mother of Learning

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