• The Closed Room

    The Closed Room

    9 pages by Hazery

    A man was trapped in the little room, what exactly is happening?

  • Growing Pains

    Growing Pains

    9 pages by Dreamgirl32

    "Robbie come on, be sensible. You heard the social worker, I have to go." Becca said, her eyes shone with tears and Mike felt his own heart sieze in his chest. 

    Robbie looked up at them and Mike saw something in his brown eyes that sent shivers down his spine "Not if I have anything to say about it." He said with cold determination.

    He stood then and marched off into the house and Mike could only stare as it hit him that this was not the first time he'd seen that look in Robbie's eye.

  • Random short stories

    Random short stories

    9 pages by LaVolpe

    I just wanted to write some short stories that come to my mind during the day. I will post some short stories when I have time and/or the motivation. There isn't going to be a fixed release date, which means it could also happen that I will not post a chapter in over a month. Please consider that when you start to read this little collection of short stories. BTW most of the short stories are stand-alone stories and aren't connected with each other, but if two stories have some sort of connection I will make sure that you know of it.

    And the stories will vary from being a slice of life kind of setting to an adventure kind of story.

  • Cennet's Cyborg

    Cennet's Cyborg

    9 pages by retrimental


    Jared Ugo, a child genius under the nickname ‘Ban’ is caught between his own haunting past and its offspring. Whilst he dealt with the pain of guilt and suicidal thoughts over the years, a storm was quietly brewing. That is, until the person closest to him passed away in an accident.

    His mind plunges, but alas, this creates an opportunity for him to close the distance between him and his mother, a chance to seize the motherly love he’s yearned for the first time in his life.

    But that hope would be trampled over as he finally meets the ghost of a man forged from his own sin. He struggles to stay sane as the psychopathic father seeks to mentally break him down. Jared fights the demon he created, David Cennet, amidst the hardships and still tries to keep his sense of morals intact despite his growing inclination to disregard them

  • Something in the Water

    Something in the Water

    9 pages by AugustoMontresor

    Come to the river to catch fish, a woodcutter is caught instead.

    A short horror story.

  • Nocturne Phoenix

    Nocturne Phoenix

    9 pages by hazelnutbrew

    When Kazan saves Yumiko from notorious bandits, Yumiko is indebted to him. However, they both find out that they have a mutual goal; of finding someone. While Yumiko wants to be reunited with her brother, Kazan wants revenge on a certain someone that led to his exile from his clan. Will Kazan be cast in hell for his sins alone; or will someone find him salvation?

  • Soft Spoken Hero

    Soft Spoken Hero

    9 pages by Edmulla

    The life of a young college freshman isn't easy, gets even harder when you think you might have superpowers.

    Enter the life of an 18-year-old boy on the greatest journey he could ever have, life.

  • The Three Edges of Love

    The Three Edges of Love

    9 pages by Nao

    Our poor Protagonist Riku, has fallen for the school's delinquint Ichika, after witnessing her save a fellow student, Toshika. Unfortunetly he has social anxiety and can't act on his new found love, so (agaisnt his will) Toshika helps him over come it in order to find her special one, the person who saved her that day!


  • Flagfall


    9 pages by sonar
  • No Longer in 2009

    No Longer in 2009

    9 pages by DovahKulaan


    The story happens after the end of Resident Evil 5. After a strange storm, Sheva find herself in a beach. While trying to figure it out what happened, she discovers she is no longer in 2009. Knowing that she somehow went back in time, she decides to change things. Sheva hoppes to be able to change the future!

    Author notes:

    So this is the first time i publish anything in any site. I usually prefer to leave it in my computer, but for some reason i decided to publish this story i came up after replaying Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6. So basically i got pretty pissed that my favorite character was nowhere to be seen and came up with this story. I hope you enjoy the story, it's gonna have a little bit of every Resident Evil and some random Original Characters.

    Oh, and please try not to destroy me too much because of my grammar, my native language is not english and i haven't done any english classes since school years.

    Unfortunately i can't promise to post a new chapter every [insert here a number of days], because i have to go to college every day minus the weekend.


  • New Level

    New Level"er

    9 pages by Godking Yukkifox

    Yuuki who went by an in-game alias 'Yukkifox' finds herself in a strange place after the night her game's new update came. Later she finds that the world was like a game and as a gamer unconcerned about life she plays the new game of life.

  • Blood Feud

    Blood Feud

    9 pages by TheJoker

    Humans, demi-humans and demons all of them fight for it, all of them fight for the bloodlines

    in the middle of them all can a blind person survive  

  • An Appendage of Zjeut'rek, Son of Olfhgns

    An Appendage of Zjeut'rek, Son of Olfhgns

    9 pages by J.A. Pascal

    Cosmic deities? Ha! They're far more than that. They are our universe and its masters, and the masters of all other worlds, their flesh being the space between. They are the creators, the destroyers, preservers. Alpha and Omega. Their immortal servants are mistaken for demons and angels on the world of plain and stupid mortals, and although we may call ourselves their descendants, our divine blood has been so diluted and our eyes have grown so rotten that we can no longer see them without going mad upon a mere glance at the outline of their shadows. No, instead we delude ourselves, thinking we can hurt them by battling with their ageless, yet barely killable abominations of children, just like the old Mad King, and just like me. Baron Arthur Grey of Oxfordshire. A fool and a coward, who's fear of losing his own world, led him to lose a free one.


  • Another life circle

    Another life circle

    9 pages by Demon_Queen

    Leane Ever just wanted to fit in with her family. She had a small argument with her mother and unexpectedly died while she was stressed over how she had lived so far with her mother. Her life as she knows it will change in unexpected ways since she has no clue where she’ll end up in her new life. 

  • One-Shot: Malicious Empress Redemption.

    One-Shot: Malicious Empress Redemption.

    9 pages by bladerain

    In the Celestial Capital, home to numerous mighty immortals and beautiful fairies, there was a malicious empress who was the daughter of the Celestial King. The strongest and mightiest cultivator of all. The malicious empress was plotted against and was exiled. Stripped of her cultivation, she now lives on as a mortal.


    Author's Note: I'm busy here and I'm unable to post chapters for Winter Sovereign. But I can't let the season past without a chapter... So, while working and reading some novels, I got struck with an inspiration. You guys know of Yoraikun? He sometimes translates one-shots that are amusing, interesting and very light-hearted. My personal favorites are My Hero and Summer Homework filled with too much fantasy and the sequel to that. Man, those one-shots were pretty good. They made my day. So, I decided with my limited skill, to write a one-shot I just gained inspiration for. Enjoy. Just as usual, I don't need attention, I just like to write novels that are light-hearted and relaxing. I do like some criticism to improve my work though. That aside, I suggest Cultivation Chat Group and Monster Paradise to some people who are fond of new concepts. I'm a sucker for them haha... Just my cup of tea I guess.

  • Lunar Emblem

    Lunar Emblem

    9 pages by hazelnutbrew

    When Raziel's Guild is in danger of being shut down due to constantly causing damage to the surrounding area, Raziel decides to stake it all on the Lunar Emblem, a mysterious artifact that was found by the greatest adventurers of them all before being scattered to the most dangerous parts of the world.

  • A Deranged World

    A Deranged World

    9 pages by Gezis

    A young man wakes up among countless corpses. With a weakened body and a disoriented mind, he finds himself in an ivory room with walls splashed with the dark murky color of blood. In a place with danger lurking just about everywhere, he finds another living creature. A real live human girl - a crazy one though. With the current circumstances, he has no other choice but side with this deranged girl armed with a kitchen knife and her unstable tendecies to kill just about anything. With countless flesh-eating manic naked lunatics out to get him, will he live long enough to regain his lost memories? Or will his unreliable companion stab him to death first? 

    Join Romano Grimfells as he adventures through the dark corridors of a dysfunctional hospital to find a way out of this place teeming with not just crazy monsters but crazy people as well. 


    Author's Note:

    This will be my first ever novel so please bear with me and my inexperience. This story was originally written by me as a child back when I was still at the early stage of highschool with my chuunibyou thoughts abound. Finding this piece among the various embarrassing poems I've written in the past, I decided to bring this to life to fulfill my younger self's delusions and improve myself as a writer.

    Image Source: shotphotos.com

  • The Burning House

    The Burning House

    9 pages by Serhmy

    In a world ravaged by plague, those who remain must live a meager existence helping feed the fires with the bodies of the recently expired. Day in and day out, the only constant in this world is death and the ever-smoldering flames of the Burning House. A man known only as the Deerstalker is the primary provider for his town, but even now as the days move along, his job becomes more and more difficult.

    That changes with the arrival of a stranger. 

    Unlocking a terrifying world of ancient magicks, the Deerstalker must make his way to the birthplace of the oldest gods to make a pact. He will encounter entities and locations long forgotten as he continues, his sanity fading with the day. But his journey holds something evil from before the times of men, and his will might not remain intact.

  • Forbidden Love

    Forbidden Love

    9 pages by sammy_jones

    An advanced robotic girl falls in love with a human and experiences new emotions and feelings as her love grows stronger.

  • Pieces Of People.

    Pieces Of People.

    9 pages by Gloomy Llama

    These are short stories that I make up for just random teens in a fictional world. It does go on with a couple of main characters. Mainly ones that know, or knew any of the main characters I mention in the first three chapters. I really hope that you enjoy, I'd love your feedback on how I put my take on these people. 

    Note: These are all fiction with characters baised on my opinions or mainly on my real emotions. Most, to all of the things they go through I have not.

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