• Arianna's Wish

    Arianna's Wish

    29 pages by MommaGx3

    In the land of Rystria the villages and towns have enjoyed a long period of peace and prosperity. The Miner's Guild is responsible for collecting the rich metals and minerals from their lands. But evil lurks from across the sea, a new leader has risen in the lands of Vistilan.

    Arianna is a young seamstress from the village of Fairedge. She knows little of the world around her and lives a simple life with her mother. When her father dies and leaves a huge debt, Arianna finds herself traveling farm from home to work in the mines to pay off that debt.

    Within Arianna is a power that will be pivotal in battling the forces of Vistilan.

  • Paradox


    1 pages by Renidenti

    The impossible is possible, while the possible becomes nigh impossible. However, the possible still remains possible and the impossible remains impossible.
    This is a paradox, something that makes no sense yet has interested the human mind for many years. In this book, a paradox is merely a human with special abilities that are earned through much difficulty. When a Human becomes Paradox, the one thing they have pondered over the most is something they can now wield. A scientist who wondered how time worked has now become an immortal being due to them ceasing the time-flow within their own body, and has gained the ability to alter time to some degree. A little child who always wondered how the stars worked can now become a dazzling star, to a certain extent, gaining the firey abilities of one, and also the gravitational pull of a star if they wish to use it. The most simple of things such as wondering how to draw can become a Paradox's focus, while the most complicated of things can be used by Paradoxes, albeit only few can use them.

    This paticular story follows a man become Paradox called Alexander Cooper. His Paradox abilties are unique in a sense that only he has them. His Paradox is focused on the thought of a Paradox itself, how it is created, where it stemmed from, how it functions. This has lead to him having extremely odd abilties, but most of them are actually from other Paradoxes!

  • Veil


    0 pages by Beneath_A_Veil

    A VRMMO Styled light novel. After a tragedy the protagonist finds himself struggling to remain sane. Follow him on his journey to self discovery, mourning, and adventure. 

  • Danimal - Español

    Danimal - Español

    19 pages by 13mpty

    La vida de un niño (mitad humano, mitad ángel) que fue capturado y experimentado para crear un arma, viviendo en uno de los planetas más grandes del universo, luchando contra criaturas y razas, en donde tiene que crecer, luchar y vivir su vida, nuevos retos nuevas aventuras, todo es posible.

    No todo es perfecto en su vida, ya que tendrá que cortar algunas cabezas y aprender de un corazón roto.

  • In Search of Prey

    In Search of Prey

    4 pages by MommaGx3

    In the Amazon jungle a group of individuals undergo a rescue mission. What they find is a race for their lives and they are hunted every step. What is it that chases them, the mythological Curupira, or could it be something far worse....

  • RIZE


    0 pages by badwolf


  • Liar Liar

    Liar Liar

    12 pages by RandomStories

    A land of mythical beasts, magic and kingdoms of grand scale welcomes its first self-proclaimed 'Detective'. For someone gaining attention from powerful forces one would have to assume it's thanks to his professional demeanour, great style and amazing skills no?... If only that were the case... it seems he's made a name for himself because of his foul mouth, haggard appearance, mysterious background and most important of all, his inability to resolve anything. Though he does something immoral rather well, plants seed of mistrust in the hearts of his clients. By his words he doesn’t give two shits or a fuck about who you are or your circumstances, he simply provides you with the tools necessary to fix the problem yourself. He's made enemies along the way and cast himself in a dark light, but even that hasn't made him give a shit. Will anything?

    Feel free to leave comments on grammar and whatnot as I will proactivley try to improve the readability. Hope you enjoy!

  • Goodwin Confessions

    Goodwin Confessions

    37 pages by jaed

    It's a world of larger than earth.
    Humans, Elves, and Dwarves rules the surface.
    Underground, lies the mythical beings that have once ruled the world.
    Vampires, werewolves, and wizards.
    Hex Goodwin knows that this was a world of a book that he once read.
    But beyond the Under-Society...he wishes to see the stars.



  • The Retreat From Babylon

    The Retreat From Babylon

    2 pages by AlericElos

    I wrote this Novella 12 years ago. I never quite completed it because I feared that my writing wasn't good enough. I was only 19 years old at the time, and had just published my first book The Secret Journal (no longer in print) two years earlier. I stumbled across my old writings of The Retreat From Babylon a little while ago, and I want to get some feedback as to what should be changed.

    Mind you: I wrote this a long time ago, so please don't be discouraged by the poor writing. I intend to refresh it with my more seasoned writing skills.

    Disclaimer: This novella was written from a Mormon perspective regarding a pre-apocalyptic scenario.

  • The World Of Dreams Book 1: Azeroth Continent

    The World Of Dreams Book 1: Azeroth Continent

    23 pages by Cerav

    Zal was just a normal human being living in New York when suddenly, his whole life changes.

    After being hit by a car, he finds himself in a new world, the World of Dreams. 

    Can Zal manage to survive in this cruel world, and at the end, will he find out if it is just a dream?



  • The Ceiling Painter

    The Ceiling Painter

    1 pages by Neslon

    Energy wants to act to be used and when that energy is harnessed by new technology that allows energy to travel without wire or ciruit boards needing only a talsiman to the source and instruciton on what to do the world changes for the better. Temporarily.

  • Tales from Theosenéa

    Tales from Theosenéa

    5 pages by Martin2300

    Theosenéa the domain of the nine gods, it is a pleasant land sitting in the middle of the world. Made up of the central plains city states. The islands of the dwarves lie to the east. The shattered remains of the southern wastelands below, with only the coastal settlements remaining habitable. Over the long ocean is the western continent. Populated with both the western elven colonies and the confederated human colonies. To the north is Inwerben a land of snow ice and vampires. Aristophane is a young girl a gold plaque citizen of the Epheze city state, this is her adventure and the story of her life and companions.

     Set in the same world as True Monsters this is in one of the nicer places


  • LegendS


    8 pages by ReyharGrydR

    Nodus B-Litm

    Strange name for a game.
    People hardly cared tho.

    It could have been named asdfghjk, for all intents and purposes, and the world would have still bought it to the last copy available.

    A "strange name" was as close to damaging the hype as much as a hippo will ever get close to learn how to fly. No surprise there tho, since, after all, Nodus B-Litm was the first, and only, Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game of that time.

    70,000 copies were made.
    70,000 copies were sold.
    First day of January, 2025. As the clock hit 1pm,
    70,000 people, from all over USA and Japan, started joining the opened servers of Nodus B-Litm. It was known as the greatest day in gaming histoy.

    or, at least it was supposed to.

    That title died before the day even ended.
    On that day, Hideaki Eiji, creator of Nodus B-Litm, turned from one of the most admired people on earth to one of the most hated people on earth.
    He trapped the players in game using O-Sumit, the very platform used to play Nodus B-Litm.

    He set the rule.
    "those who entered, cannot leave"
    He set the condition.
    "Beat the game, to achieve freedom"
    He set the consequence.
    "Die in Nodus B-Litm, die on Earth"

    It was absurd. Unable to logout, beat a mmorpg, dying in game being real death. It was all too absurd. People cried, people fought, people died.

    But, even after all of that, hope was not lost.
    From within these people, rose heroes.
    Heroes who kept fighting. No matter the odds, no matter how much they had to sacrifice, they kept advancing, they kept moving forward and forward and forward until they stood Infront of the final boss, fought the final boss and defeated the final boss.

    6th of may, 2027. The World welcomed back the remaining 41,627 survivors of Nodus B-Litm with open arms. All of Earth rejoiced as the dream turned nightmare known as Nodus B-Litm finally came to an end.

    It wasn't over tho.
    Merely the settings of a stage.
    Forging of heroes for what is to come.

    This is the story of how these heroes
    Became LegendS.

  • War Beast Book One

    War Beast Book One

    75 pages by ActionWriter500


    The world is now a jungle, and only the fittest can survive.

    Jenny Summer is your typical high school girl, who can barely make any friends among her peers. Until her science class field trip changes everything. Suck into a time portal during an accident, Jenny appears in a strange distant future. A future of warring beast men tribes, deadly monsters, and magic from beyond the imagination. When the savage world is full of many threats, how will the average modern day girl survive?

    Note: This my the first draft, which I have been working on the concept for years. It has been through a lot of changes until I finally decided on what the setting will be. Just to let you know, the profanity and gore are mild in this draft. It will have no F-bombs, but there are blood and a few bodies being dismantled in battle scenes. There might also be some grammar errors I missed. The draft will be a novella, but I might add more length in the future. I hope you will enjoy this story, which I will post between 6pm and 10 pm each day, except on the weekends.   

     You can check out my character designs here, drawn by Marc McKenzie. 


  • Last World Stop

    Last World Stop

    3 pages by Dexterity

    The pattern is the same, but the outcome is always different. World to world, ocean to ocean, river to river, it's all the same yet somehow different. My goal is a simple one; eradicate anything that is dangerous to these worlds stretched about the cosmos. These worlds paint the universe like the stars paint a night sky, and i'm employed to be of service to these worlds. I grow tired of it, but I feel like this time there may be an ending to the long path I have taken. It may be my time to retire. 

    ADDITIONAL TAGS: Fantasy, Romance, Comedy

  • Snake Island

    Snake Island

    48 pages by axealot

    Shadowblight ravages Earth’s vegetation, destroying trees and sucking oxygen from the atmosphere. Out of the last remnants of humanity, Feenix DeSuza holds the key to salvation. But standing in his way, is more than just dead air. A mysterious island beckons, its atmoshpere appears non-toxic, but something sinister looks in the underbrush:

    One snake per square metre. 

    Armed with an oxygen tank and a ragtag team of misfits, Feenix is plunged into a world of violence, lies and venom. If only the snakes were his biggest problem.

    Based on a real phenomenom, ‘Snake Island’ kicks off the Terraria saga with an action packed tale that will chill your bones and leave you checking behind the sofa for hidden reptiles.

  • The Extraction

    The Extraction

    4 pages by Vlad_Trinity

    It is 2152, 2 years after the new technology was revealed on the 22nd century. "The Dream Reality Technology" was what the technology was called or so they revealed. But time passed by and the bad sides of the technology was also revealed. It was said that with it people can access their cherished persons dream and only with their consent were they able to do so. But it wasn't the only use. Creators used it for themselves with the upgraded version where you don't need a consent. A few individuals also found a backdoor and now they can enter anyones mind and the technique of the backdoor was leaked. It is these individuals who call themselves vigilante group, "The Extraction". 

    People this is my first fiction, so if there are any errors please do give advise. :3 I will change between 1st person view and 3rd person view.

    The genre is: Action, Sci-fi, Adventure, Psychological, Romance

  • The Infinite Duo: Bennu Effect

    The Infinite Duo: Bennu Effect

    4 pages by Nouran Eidarous

    It tells the story of Malika; a young doctor that one day finds herself responsible to save the lives of the closest people to her and learn the truth of her life and how that will change her forever.

  • Yet Another Damn Trapped In A Video Game Story

    Yet Another Damn Trapped In A Video Game Story

    4 pages by WhatAmIDoingWithMyLife


    Edit : So apparently, I can't curse in the title because the good folks at royalroad said so, because i respect them due to me enjoying this platform (and im too lazy to make my own or use wordpress),I wont curse here.


    What, you want a goddamn description. Here's my description for you, you can describe what the **** this is yourself because to be honest, I dont even know what the hells going on here. I'm literally insane, I cry myself to sleep everynight and have night terrors about (CENSORED). Here's my attempt at telling you what's happening to me because why the **** not. 

  • Silly silly gumdrops

    Silly silly gumdrops

    1 pages by eventasnder

    The main character needs no name because I can't remember it.

    Strange story for fun

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