• Ragnarok X Ragnarok

    Ragnarok X Ragnarok

    9 pages by nayem58

    An ill game developer died a day before one of his current project [Ragnarok X Ragnarok] release date.

    But he again opened his eyes, "Did my life prolonged for some days?"

    "Oiya, oiya. You have finally woke up from your long dream."

    He heard his Co-Worker voice.

    "Hmm... What happened? Did my life was saved at the last moment?"

    "Nah, you died like deadman. Nevermind that. I am a God who gave you this second life with Ragnarok X Ragnarok system. Enjoy yourselves."

    "Oh I see, you are also a god, you really can do many jobs.... no, wait.. what?"


    [AN: Ok that's all. Story end. Meh. it was a vague synopsis. I will take help from a pro to make a good synopsis if it is accepted. Teehee Peru!]

  • Shadow Princess

    Shadow Princess

    0 pages by BawMeaw

    To show ‘Her’ gratitude, "Nuwa" devoted her whole life as she acted as the body-double of Princess Liena. 

    Whenever there's a chance of assassination attempt, Nuwa would be there for taking over Liena's role. Her existence known to a very few within the royal palace and Princess Liena was the only one called "Nuwa" by real name. 

    One day, Princess Liena promised her that she’d set "Nuwa" free from this dual life after she gets married. 

    But deity planned something else! 

    One week before the wedding, someone badly stabbed Liena that her lifespan was coming to an end. In deathbed, she asked for Nuwa's forgiveness that she can’t set 'Her' free to make this kingdom peaceful. So, now Nuwa has to marry Qiu Kingdom's god-of-massacre, Emperor Qiu Feng Mian! 

    But how could she suppose to marry this tyranny, slaughter who didn't even spare his own family's life to ensure the throne!!! 

    What will happen when he realizes that, she's not the real princess but an imposter, 'A Shadow'! 

    Can she really take Princess Liena's burden of friendship by accepting him as her husband to fulfill her promise or will she escape?

    What is her destiny!

  • Girl With Rose In Hair

    Girl With Rose In Hair

    0 pages by SRWeaver

    A collection of different poems I've written. Flamenco, Alexandrine Line, Sonnet, Haiku, and Hybrid forms.

  • Surviving in another world!

    Surviving in another world!

    6 pages by Djaroulaye Alhassane

    WOW that sky is really blue.

    That was the first that came to mind when i opened my eyes. Then where am i?, what is this place? and lastly WHY THE FUCK AM I NAKED? 



    I don't know where this story will go. This is my first ever story and i am writing this as i go so this story will probably suck so please don't hate too much.  If there are any mistakes or something doesn't make sense to you leave a comment or email me at [email protected]



  • Choice of life

    Choice of life

    0 pages by ebradl2

    More of a poem than a story. No specific prose.

  • Infinite Lives Online

    Infinite Lives Online

    19 pages by Elven Steele

    This slice of digital depravity is an introduction to my much larger GameLit world: Infinite Lives Online.

    I can’t post more than this due to Amazon's rules, but I felt that the meeting of a weary gamer and a zombified NPC could still be enjoyed in isolation from the rest of the book, so I’ve made it available here as a short story.

    Hope you enjoy ;)

    P.S. If you fancy some more, the full book is free to read on KU. I've included the synopsis below…


    Winter is coming, is it? Well, if my shrivelled-up little energy bar is anything to go by, I’d argue that it's already f***ing here. Trust me, the infinite lives hack seemed like a good idea at the time.

    What I wanted was an escape from reality. What I got was the Lord of the Rings on bloody amphetamines. A glitching garbage-fire of a game. As I write this, I’m trapped in a Red Zone, with a horde of unstoppable murder fiends, a clingy nemesis, and a pack of players who couldn’t give two tugs of a Donkey Kong’s you-know-what whether I live or die. The wrong end of my flaming sword keeps catching fire. The only NPCs who want to have sex with me are members of the Gnome community. And to make matters worse, I can’t log out.

    Um, I did mention the tank full of heavily armed soldiers in mech suits who just arrived, right? I am so screwed…

    Warning: “Infinite lives” contains swearing, stats and violence, the FPS occupation of a fantasy MMORPG, a hung-over gamer girl in a mech suit, a chainsaw wielding Amazon, sleazy Zombies, an evil Necromancer, the most pointless artifact ever, characters with unbelievably inappropriate avatars, an ad-saturated cyberpunk future, an excessively violent horde, inappropriate workplace behaviour, a drunk Wizard with a ring fetish, weaponized Gnomes, non-PC NPCs, and possibly a melee à trois.

    More swearing than Ready Player One. Less words than Lord of the Rings…

    Infinite Lives Online.



  • Bottled Magic

    Bottled Magic

    10 pages by Spjonkeyz

    What happens when a somewhat dim-witted mage burns his house down and decides to take drastic measures? Far too much trouble, that's what. Follow Dan and his feline familiar, Fiona, on their fantastic misadventures across the Empire. Magic, gold, and a touch of madness follow.

  • A Collection

    A Collection

    6 pages by Neliete

    A collection of various short stories and miniatures.

    Concept: give two random/unrelated words for inspiration and I shall write a miniature, short story, or perhaps even a poem.

  • Bently Boat Park

    Bently Boat Park

    0 pages by Ad Lad

    When earth is implemented into the System under the watchful eye of Esreld, the goddess of justice and truth, things begin to go wrong. Angsty teens make for a higher than average necromancer population, monsters are targets of preservation efforts due to big game hunters and dungeons become prime real estate for the super-rich. None of this matters to our protagonist though who is trying to figure out just what the hell is going on.

  • One Who Walked Away

    One Who Walked Away

    7 pages by Cruzayder

    Ursula K. Le Guin's The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas engulfs readers in a fog of moral dilemma, almost daring them to choose between the freedom of one or the misery of many in a fictional world. Then, however, Le Guin simply offers up a third option - walk away, presumably whilst whistling 'Hakuna Matata' to oneself. 

    This short story is a canon-divergent fanfiction piece that explores what happens to one who does walk away from the town of Omelas. It follows a boy who has resolved to leave and, with little worry about where he might be headed, escapes in the back of a merchant's wagon. But the world outside the gates is no more humane than the one he has left behind...

  • Willowraven Nightshade

    Willowraven Nightshade

    83 pages by Violinprincess

    A young fairy is set on restoring peace to the realm of Enchantica after witnessing the murder of her parents. My Nanowrimo for 2018

  • Deadly Adventures

    Deadly Adventures

    21 pages by TFernandes

    How many times can a person die and still remain alive?
    Would this be a gift and or a curse?
    What would you ever do with this “power” of death?

    * Also at: https://www.webnovel.com/book/11953613906652905/Deadly-Adventures

  • Journey of Ages

    Journey of Ages

    5 pages by igiveideaumakenovel329

    A person finds out that parallel worlds exist, and devotes his time to finding out more about other parallel worlds, join him as he decides to make more of his life.

    Content warnings are to inform you that I'm writing off the top of my head for enjoyment.

  • Friends of Anarchy

    Friends of Anarchy

    1 pages by 375

    Anarchy Verdad grew up rough. His dad is a well-known Mob Boss, he has never know his mother and strange supernatural occurrences constantly happen to him. However, what he didn't expect out of his life was to fall in love...with a man! A beautiful plant loving man. 

  • Amulet of Desire

    Amulet of Desire

    4 pages by SpecAl

    A short novel detailing the adventures of Hank, the ranger.

    This is meant to be a very rough first novel of mine, so please don't take it too seriously.

  • Shinigami of the Dead

    Shinigami of the Dead

    4 pages by Link Morani

    Mashima taichi adalah seorang anak tampan yang bersekolah di kota Tokonosu tepatnya di sekolah tinggi Fujimi, tetapi suatu hari taichi terjebak disekolah bersama teman-temannya, mereka dikelilingi oleh mayat hidup yang mencoba memakan mereka hidup-hidup, akankah taichi bisa lolos dari "mereka".

    Rating: 18+
    Ini adalah novel fanfiction berlatar cerita di
    "Highschool of the Dead" dengan karakter utama yang memiliki kekuatan shinigami/fullbring dalam cerita.
    " Bleach ".

    Kalian bisa menulis kritik dan saran kalian pada mr.link dan juga jgn lupa berkomentar ya!!!

    Semakin banyak komen dan like semakin cepat mr.link menulis.

    Plusssss Ulltraaaaa!!!!

  • Parallel Imperium

    Parallel Imperium

    17 pages by D.Aspect

    This story follows a 17 year old advencher name Keith who explores the unknown in the world of swords and magics. As he continues his journey to the kingdom of Noxorenth, an unexpected reunion occur. With conflicting emotions in his heart of his past best friend,  he slowly unravels the truth of his past and the truth that he never knew.



    This is a multipoint of view story. The story is slow pace, the main storyline will not appear until chapter 4 - 5. REINCARNATION IS NOT THE MEAN FOCUS OF THE STORY! If your here for reancarnated to another world book, it's might not be for you as the main character isn't a reincarnator.

    NOTE: English is not my first language, so there might be some grammar errors.

  • Pandemónium


    18 pages by Everfall

    Kaim, un joven de 19 años, es advertido ciertas noches sobre un viaje y una aventura. Todo se vuelve extraño para él cuando descubre que aquel viaje se producirá en un nuevo mundo del que no puede escapar. Su viaje predestinado le llevará a recorrer el nuevo mundo para regresar a su hogar, sin embargo, pronto descubrirá que la vida en dicho lugar no es tan fácil como parecía.

  • I was invited here

    I was invited here

    33 pages by LAna Mane

    The normal life of 19-year-old Bayezeid abruptly came to an end. When he opened his eye to find himself in 17th century Istanbul. As a lazy person, he decided to stay put until he finds a way back home. Unfortunately, the world has other plans for him and soon he found himself in the middle of the revolution that may alter this world completely. So with hesitant, his adventure in this new world begin.

  • Celestial being in a mans body!

    Celestial being in a mans body!

    1 pages by minhu

    This is a story of a Celestial being in fantasy world enjoying vacation 😁😁


    This is my first story so criticism is accepted... 

    also correct me if I did any grammatical mistake because I not good at it

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