• The Midwinter's Dance

    The Midwinter's Dance

    4 pages by Caden Elrod

    Bethany moved to Detroit, but being the new girl can be difficult. Not to mention, boy problems. Everyone at the high school, (especially the teachers), quickly got mad at her. This story is all about trying to fit in, in the end how change is not always for the better.

  • New beginning

    New beginning

    3 pages by Temur

    Is the dead truly the end or is it begin. Follow the story of the mage who once destroyed the Roland Empire. Follow his end and his new beginning.


    Obs!This is my first time writing and I am new at this so please be nice. Feel free to write anything constructive critical. Also english isn't my first language. English is in fact my fifth language.

  • Cultivating Seeds

    Cultivating Seeds

    4 pages by Gobsuke

    The forest dweller tribe has a strange, slightly cruel custom. They abandon talented children in the forest at the age of two, and then pick up the survivors 10 years later. These children are known as the children of the forest, and are known for benefitting their tribe by befriending the forest in which they dwell. One child was similarly abandoned, but never was picked up. The tribe was exterminated. If they were still around, they would be disappointed, however. The child, rather than befriending the forest, has grown to dominate it. Worshipped by wolves, treants, and a host of weaker creatures, even the wyverns living within must defer to him, lest they face an early death.

    A child, at the age of eight, stole a forbidden book on necromancy from the library of a church, in the holy kingdom. It’s not a big place, four or so cities, and around eight villages. Because of this, he was pronounced a heretic and chased by the church. Two years later, the holy kingdom no longer exists, but travelers can occasionally find a few unrecognizable beasts, made completely of bones grazing on the grass that grows everywhere here. A host of living weapons, possessed armor, and floating shields also roam the lands, attacking every living thing they see. The child also exterminated a group of people dwelling in a forest somewhere because they earned his ire.

    Summer, a child whose fire magic is unparalleled in the kingdom. Winter, who once froze a lake on accident. Spring, a child who rules over the storms, and Autumn, a child loved by the earth. These four children exist in a single body, although they can leave the body for up to an hour at a time, as long as at least one of them stays behind. Amongst them, the kingdom knows only Summer, although they all seem to believe that he’s an old reclusive master transformed into a child for some odd reason. God knows why…

    A half lizardman child. Shunned by his people, he was exiled, left with an old rusty spear and his pet snake, Mazui. After living alone for a few years, he grew to banditry, stealing from caravans passing by. When attacked by bounty hunters and half killed, he suddenly sprouted wings, and his left arm turned purple, and near indestructible. It seems he was half dragon. A few years later, Mazui started sprouting extra heads. It seems that dragons and hydras have a natural affinity for each other.

    Four children, prodigiously powerful and mature beyond their ages. Any of them could be the main character of a legendary saga, sung about for years to come. For some reason though, the main character is an empty floating book. No powers, no special abilities, no way to protect himself. He cannot even speak. He can, however, using a nonexistent black pen, write upon himself. It’s something, right?

  • The Game : The Earth's end?

    The Game : The Earth's end?

    2 pages by Preph

    What would you think if you woke up to what was supposed to be a normal day with your best buddy yelling at you to wake up and you do only to see a blue game screen telling you, welcome to "THE GAME" 

    well let's follow what Bo Moonwell and his good friend Sam harddy and see what they do


    strong language so just be warned

    also, it's my first time writing anything so just be the internet I love and hate and tell me what you think

  • The Hmm Song

    The Hmm Song

    3 pages by Knarling

    A short story about a homeless man that redeems himself.

  • Heaven's Flute

    Heaven's Flute

    60 pages by Djeez
    - Heaven’s Flute -

    A young boy,

    wielding a mysterious flute,

    carving his own path amidst qi and blood.
  • Heir to the Eternal Dragon

    Heir to the Eternal Dragon

    3 pages by Gatop
    A child born into a secret organization who deals in death and deception. This follows his story as he experiences cruelties no child should face; purely to mold and forge him into the deadliest weapon.
    On his 17th birthday he is sent out into the world to forge his own path to prove his worth to the cause.
    This follows his story as he learns that life is more than just completing a mission.

    New author never written anything before. Hope you enjoy! Updates whenever I am bored

  • Last Chance

    Last Chance

    1 pages by Hot Pot

    Shin, after completing a legendary quest named [The Giant's Heart], was awarded an unknown artifact. Little did he know that this artifact granted him a power to go back in time... Once more.


    For the survival of the humanity, Shin along with the other Aegis Guardians, fought to the death against the Race of Dragons!

    The war lasted for Three Years...

    Humanity was about to win!

    Until... "Sorry my friends and fellow humans~... The contract was just too tempting for me not to agree to it~ Bye bye! Tehee~!" (???)

    Shin heard someone's voice followed by  an extrutiating pain!

    That was the last thing Shin remembered before his regression.

  • Hardwired


    4 pages by The Written Path

    The city of Rathon is seen by some as cold and vicious. Others? They see a vibrant city where you can chase after opportunity, a fleeting mistress.

    Many can make a name for themselves and manage to do so, but when that doesn't happen and you find yourself caught in the steel jaws of Rathon...

    Go visit the Hardwired Agency, and for a price maybe they can pull you out.

  • Invasion


    0 pages by Thomazn75
    What happens when your God tells you to invade a Planet called Earth
    Well, of course you join the earthling's side and fight against that nerdy son of a bitch
  • The Last Dog of War

    The Last Dog of War

    0 pages by Arbiten
    The youngest member of the mercenary group the Wolves of Dawn, Arden. At only 14 years old, he participated in a battle between the human kingdom of Asteril and the beast kingdom of Rastos.

    During the battle, both armies were massacred by a mysterious cloud of darkness. Arden was the lone survivor.

    Follow him as he seeks the truth behind the calamity as well as revenge for his comrades deaths.

    Is the world just as simple as it seems?

    A dark story of swords and magic. There are some graphic scenes, so read at your own discretion.

    It's my first time writing a full length novel, so please try not to be harsh.
  • Chaos Games

    Chaos Games

    2 pages by Booklord2

     A young man tested by the strings of fate sets out on a journey of chaos and calamity.

  • Danger Pay: The Christopher Danger Series, Volume One.

    Danger Pay: The Christopher Danger Series, Volume One.

    4 pages by Haste

    In 2065, the world has finally tipped over the edge. Between wars, death, destruction, and the lack of an overriding policing force, things needed a change. In comes the bounty hunters, policing policies and laws of their own, they hunt down crimials, for money of course, and keep the lands safe...ish. Here lies the best of them all, Christopher Danger. He's met with the best, the worse, but there is one thing he's yet to explore, a different reality. A bounty has taken themselves to that new world, and with his spotless record, there isn't a snowball's chance in hell, he'll let that lonely soul get away.

  • Accomplishment of the Slime

    Accomplishment of the Slime

    4 pages by SlimeSquisher
    She's just your average every day Immortal traveling from body to body with each death, it seems she ended up in the body of a slime this time around, follow her on her adventure through the world to achieve ultimate nap!
  • The Crucible

    The Crucible

    4 pages by Adquinn
    In a world still licking its wounds from a horrifying war, ethics are in low demand and progress is the driving force behind everything. Mankind has taken its first steps towards control over life itself, but when humanity is still possessed by the spirit of war the question must be asked- can we be trusted with that power?

    Ethics have a way of changing depending upon one's position, and in the Crucible you either seize control or be devoured by the monsters you have enslaved.


    Note: This story is something I'm writing as a curiosity, I have no intention of posting regularly as I generally don't write a lot of anything, but please let me know what you think of what I've posted so far. This is my first real stab at writing a proper story, please forgive me for any common mistakes I might make.


    4 pages by LordZanari

    Year 2118, Earth that we know of, was invaded by human from another universe. The faction was known as the Premir Empire. Earth stood together to fend off the threat, forming the U.E.D.F. or United Earth Defense Force.

    Our protagonist, William Lauz is the son of a man who was part of the U.E.D.F. His father had done many heroic deeds, but he was framed and sentenced to his death.
    Willaim, who was 10 years old was scorned. Banished to the Square, a battlefield which is now untouched after the Invasion. Due to the massive damage, no countries were concerned with civilizing the Square. Bandits and Outlaw now dwell in the land of Square. Willaim was adopted by a woman called Nina. This is a story of a man who was scorned by others. This is the story of Willaim, and Willaim alone.

  • Scrapper


    2 pages by Boba_Fett9_1

    Don’t expect an Isekai or an hero who can do everything. The MC will never be the best in his world, he’s only human. There won’t be any levels either. If I say there’s a 1/20 chance of something happening, I will roll a 20 sided die to see if it happens. Not likely. Might be relationships happening as characters interact, but I’m not going to go into graphic detail about them.

  • Bran the wanderer

    Bran the wanderer

    1 pages by AA+battry
    Bran is a person who keeps reincarnating. He can't Remember the first time he reincarnated but life is but a game for him.
  • Playtime for the condemned

    Playtime for the condemned

    0 pages by Final Life

    Alucard wakes up lost and confused. When given the power to lead a race of his creation in a inhabited world, what will he do?

    (Cross overs from other anime/manga)

    [ Cover belongs to whoever owns it ]

  • The King of Bastards

    The King of Bastards

    7 pages by Kalmera

    He was all alone. He had been for his whole life, even his father had wanted him dead for being a bastard of a king.

    Left to rot in a godforsaken orphanage alongside other forgotten children. It was as he found his place amongst them that he was snatched away, his destiny to be that off a political tool's.

    Will he be a dog for them, used as they desired or will he become a King for all men, as he became "The King of Bastards"?

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