• A wish for ordinary day

    A wish for ordinary day

    16 pages by aps

    Story: Set in current times when an event takes place which creates superhumans?? will update it with better info later i guess. 


    So any one liking it so far or should I scrap this?

  • Without Warning I Suddenly Found Myself Changing Volume 1

    Without Warning I Suddenly Found Myself Changing Volume 1

    37 pages by Ishida Shido

    17 year old Yoshiteru Yoshino is a loner who despises reality, the world, youth, well, basically almost everything around him as such he is subjugated to the life of a loner. The thing is, this loner is secretly a novelist. Caught sleeping in class by his homeroom teacher Itsuka Megumi he is forced to join the Young Writers Club due to his experience with writing as well as the hope that he becomes a better person by interacting with others around him. Once there he stumbles upon a girl by the name of Shizuka Eri in which he nicknames Ice Princess who is quite similar to him. With the new more recent addition to the club [Mashiro Yui in which he nicknames Slut-chan number two] how would his high school life turn out from beginning to end?

  • Deus Vult

    Deus Vult

    5 pages by TheScreamingBacon

    Jon de Payens, a young knight of the New Order of the Poor Knights of the Temple of Jerusalem, an organisation that deals with more than it looks, dies fighting a vampire that threats to destroy the city of Philadelphia. But for Jon, his death may be another opportunity, a opportunity to being the grand knight that he always dreamed on becoming.


    A.N: This is my first time writhing, and English is not my first language so please help me to make this story better.

  • Primordial Abyss

    Primordial Abyss

    0 pages by Imperial Lightning

    For aeons those with true power ruled, but one day everything changed. Thousands of years later we find Adam Osyrys beginning to awaken his true self. Will Adam lead humanity into the future and reclaim lost secrets of the past, or fall into the abyss of nothingness. 

    Only Time will tell.

  • The Chrononaut's Dilemma

    The Chrononaut's Dilemma

    3 pages by AccelIndie

    All he ever wanted to be was something more than mundane but that never truly happened.

    All he ever did was wait but it never helped.

    Then his future seemed to disappear as his fate seemed sealed.

    Then the gate opened and he fell from the sky.

    Everything was different here even him but that was the worst part.

  • Magician's Tale

    Magician's Tale

    5 pages by TheSword

    A tale of a young boy, who learns of his mistakes and his future. A question about ability and relationships. 

    The division of a faction - the creation of new conflict among the citizens of the people of Ulgard. Ern, a destitute young man of 18, lives with his mother in peace, which cracks under the craze of the people for a war. Having lived already 18 years with his mother, Ern faces the decision to either enlist on one side, or declare neutrality and risk escaping from the political tension of the young empire. 


    Please leave your thoughts on the chapter in the comments, it does motivate me! ;)

  • Bonecaller (The War on Magic #1)

    Bonecaller (The War on Magic #1)

    5 pages by Logan Keys

    Raven's a dreamer trapped by a witch at the Edge of the dark wood. Her only friend, Sim, can read the stars. When Raven whispers the name of an ancient power, she steals an old and illegal magic, and inserts herself into a war. She draws the attention of the Marshal, a collector, who hunts people for a purpose of his own.

    John's a ship captain who's tired of running. The murder of his twin has been a mystery he's spent most of his life trying to solve. Directed by a soothsayer to find two people of magic for answers, a stowaway throws him into the war he's been avoiding. She's a witch fleeing for her life and John finds himself fighting for someone he barely knows.

    Answers for both Raven and John lie in unlocking dark secrets. If Raven doesn't embrace her destiny, her power could be used to conquer the world. If John can't remember his past, he may lose the love of his future. Both might lose everything.

    Bonecaller is a young adult fantasy of wizards and witches, keeps and dragons; an adventurous tale of ancient magic that will balance the powers of good and evil.

  • Dungeons: Rising of a new soul

    Dungeons: Rising of a new soul

    2 pages by marmotte

    So it should rise! Till it pierces the sky or the core of the world.

    So it should  grow!

    So it should live!

     ON HIATUS ( sorry people, I made a mess of the story before really starting it , I have too much ideas and don't know where to begin and then where to go , so I have to organize it)

    Author :Welcome to my first story, I discover the writing world so here is the product of my imagination and my will to share it . The prologue is  announcing almost nothing of the rest of the story, but I had to write it to commit myself to the writing of this story.

    I'm open to criticism if it's constructive. I will go at my rythm so no schedule, but if something is on hiatus or dropped I will notify you. Good reading.

  • The Conversion: Rise of the Black Flame

    The Conversion: Rise of the Black Flame

    37 pages by AMRadio

    The continents have collided and the Vatican has seized control. People have been forced to forsake their god for one they barely know. Katalina Torrés has known only death and sadness. She never believed in destiny or the Fates. At least, not until her first Death Warrant is issued. Now, she is running for her life and trying to come to terms with her destiny. The question is, can she free her people from oppression? Or is the world too far gone to be saved?

  • Coming soon

    Coming soon

    0 pages by shahd34

    I Kno w I wrote 3 chapters before but I am going to make new ones ,k?

  • Ka'artspel


    2 pages by Mr.Freezing-san

    In the year 3473 a man named Kart Springfield popularized a card game known as Ka'artspel which in just 2 days took the world by storm.

    Now legally accepted as a sport, Ka'artspel is now played by almost every single person in the world!

    Little did everyone know that Ka'artspel is not just a normal card game but a gateway to a whole new world.

    Follow a set of people with varying age as they unlock the mysteries of the game.


    Hello! Freezing here. This  is my first ever fiction and I'm still in my 1st year in college so please bear with my grammar.

    This fiction is very similar to yu-gi-oh which is where i got the idea from.

    Also I have no clue if card games plus novels is such a good idea.(lol Im gonna try it anyways)

    Thank you for reading this!

  • Gantz Aplha

    Gantz Aplha

    0 pages by Mr gentleman

    Somewhere in Tokyo, there is a room. In that room is a black sphere. Periodically, some people who should otherwise have died are transferred to that room. There, the sphere gives them special suits and weapons, and sends them out on a mission to kill monsters that live on the other side of the mirror. 

    Fighting in the mirror world, all their worst nightmares will come to life. Bizarre monster with frightning powers roam this world. Fighting to kill these creatures can be lethal, few participants survive them. 

    Dying from suicide, i arrive in this world. Will i have what it takes to survive?

    This is my take on Gantz. Instead of being in the real world, monsters will be invading from the mirror world. Powerful weapons and armours are not given at the start and have to be bought with points. I'll be mixing some elements from Terror infinity with gantz.

  • Popadoplonomicon


    4 pages by Popadopolous

    Hello, I'm fairly new.  I decided that instead of keeping all of the random stories I come up with all to myself I'd start sharing them.  A lot of them are usually scenes, settings, or conversations, so I'm going to put the random ones here.  If I start having ideas to expand them farther than just short stories (more than ~3 "chapters") I'll separate them into their own fictions.  It'll also be a kind of encyclopedia for my worldbuilding info and such since some folks, myself included, just can't get  enough of worldbuilding details.


    Some of the information here might spoil parts of my actual stories and I'm probably not going to be able to tag it every time.


  • An Altogether Pretty Cool Adventure

    An Altogether Pretty Cool Adventure

    0 pages by Sergecheg



  • The Road of Time

    The Road of Time

    3 pages by SkyandSoil

    Leaving his only partner, he treaded for the last battle.

    Gifting his memento to her, casting it with a single promise.

    The mysterious thread of destiny, the unpredictable flow of time.

    Nobody know how it play, but everyone know how it would end.



  • Lancelot Deep Impact

    Lancelot Deep Impact

    49 pages by Megxero


    Chapter Prologue

    Dungeon the product of Fantasy Novel where magic and monsters live, became life Fue tecnology in 22th century.

    By the end of the 21st century the land was polluted and overcrowded. So the world has become a huge favela and where the world is controlled the military police of each country.

    Due to the drastic global climate cooling that began in the year 2075, food supplies were decreased energy sources were frequently disputed.

    Approximately in the year 2090 the third world war was released with a duration of 20 years with which the population fell 3 billion inhabitants.

    The fact that the war was not convert in a thermonuclear war, was due to the appearance of foreign objects the size of football stadiums, in different parallels of the world, with the following label:

    "If you're looking for a destination where you can get resources, riches and have the adventure of a lifetime, this is the perfect place for you Lancelot Dungeon."

    People stopped fighting each other, with this the adventurers were born, the new adventure form human race begin.

  • The Wizard - A Death's Treasure

    The Wizard - A Death's Treasure

    6 pages by Mr.Chen


    The city of Lansing is no stranger to murder. In fact besided being one of the top intersection in the world it is also the highest of missing person and death. Some people call it the lost city but to me its home. 

    Last summer I was summoned to be a hero for another world. At first it was great then I learned the truth of war and how it changes people. From betrayal of lovers to staining my hand with the blood of the innoceen after over two decades I defeated the evil lord and found my peace.

    As lay there dying I welcomed the embrace of death but sadly it eluded me. The next thing I know I'm back in my world and not only is it the same world but magic, monsters, an a whole book of nightmare exist as well.


  • A Persona User in a Marvel and DC world

    A Persona User in a Marvel and DC world

    0 pages by Tchao707

    This is the story of a boy recarnated into the Marvel and Dc Universe where he gaining the power of his favorite video game series. 

    Inspired by 

    (Reborn in the Marval World)

    (One Punch Man)

    (The Persona Series)

    (The Gamer)

    (Different world along with Naruto system)

    May use something and simular character like the school avenger academy

    May or may not finish the story based on my mood and update randomly

  • The Black Steel Legion

    The Black Steel Legion

    9 pages by ToTu

    The world is torn by war on all sides races fight for supremacy all over the world, but in one kingdom it is even worse they are fighting each other three sides are fighting for the throne but one of them has gained mighty allies that just might change whole war or perhaps the whole world?


    Ps: Cover is owned by an amazing artist not mine!


  • The Emotionless

    The Emotionless

    2 pages by Rodeschild

    Two brothers in the police force had sworn as policemen to keep justice upon the people and bring those who opposed it to justice. Though soon enough they find that this is all nonsense; policemen cannot bring those who break the laws to justice. Justice is only a criminal's game.

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