• Apenas Uma Grandeza

    Apenas Uma Grandeza

    0 pages by MonkTom

    Killed in an ambush by enemies and comrades of the sect, Monfem is now reborn as Ionno, a young demon master of a low clan.

    See how Ionno overcomes his natural boundaries with good luck and cunning, coming to the skies, knocking down fates and enemies.

  • Legend of the Reincarnator

    Legend of the Reincarnator

    30 pages by Mapan



  • Placeholder


    0 pages by cmfairchild


  • My Book of Stuff

    My Book of Stuff

    4 pages by not fake

    Its a random book of thoughts and stuff I might do 1 chapter or 100 just don't expect to much.



  • Where The Road Takes You

    Where The Road Takes You

    0 pages by Zetmonster

    A modern day man is sent travelling to a different world but one with magic.

    Follow him on his journey meeting new people and honing his newfound magical skills.

  • Mirror Stone

    Mirror Stone

    31 pages by clearstone
    Where the legends always great? always strong? always mighty?
    In the city of Highstone Emma, a young mercenary, searches for her path out of poverty into greatness.
    In the land of Rainspring Daniel, a second rate worker, tries his best to stack as much money he can in a short time.
    This is their story, a not so sweet crafting of the legend.
  • Epitome; A God's Virtue

    Epitome; A God's Virtue

    0 pages by Dao Immortal
    A prophecy withholding a tale about a legacy which shook the six realms which are named as such by the predecessor and the creator of this young universe.
    All chapters will be within 1.2k-2k words
    The tragedy really wont be with the MC for much but will most definitely be a few of the side characters.
  • Totaris


    25 pages by Jazzypaladin

    Totaris, a world of magic, adventure and wonders. 

    Yuri a mage makes his way through this world, searching for treasures and power only mentioned in legends or decaying texts. To complete a goal set by many, the path to immortality and ultimate power.  

    What adventures will this young man face, terrifying monsters, large dungeons and other adventures. Find out in Yuri's journey through Totaris.

  • The Hunt

    The Hunt

    1 pages by srnthvs

    A war was waged to gain control over planet Earth by its inhabiting sentient races.The huge fight caused massive casualties across the planet, and the fighting persisted until a group of freaks with great might stepped in and forced the warring races into forging a ceasefire treaty, called the thousand year war truce. Their descendants still help maintain order and their only reason of existence is to ensure that the truce between races is maintained.

    The fighting died down and the various races learnt to compromise and coexist, or that was how it seemed on the surface. Like all compromises, the truce left nobody happy, and the dissenters seem to have spent their time preparing preparing for the darker times to come......

    The undercurrents were only a prelude to the great hunt which was to begin once more


  • Air and Nature

    Air and Nature

    22 pages by ASAP
    A man in his thirty walk side by side with a boy who are only 10 years, in the middle of the street the man suddenly stopped his walking and said to the boy.
    "look at those human Air, when they see money their eye will shine, when they found treasure their heart stop functioning, and now when they found new magic formula their whole body is glowing and their look become much younger."
    A boy when listening to the man stopped his walking for a moment and then continue to walk, but after the space for 10 breath the boy said to the man.
    "teacher Nature all that thing you have been talking is not it refer to yourself...."
    Nature :".........Air maybe you are not understand but this is what a criteria all deity from the past has been doing before they tore open the sky and goes to the nine realm."
    Air :"oooh as expected from teacher, when i'm older i'll also do it to become a great deity".
    After that conversation a man and boy keep walking until they reach city gate and go again to the wilderness where their house is located.
  • RE:Evolve


    0 pages by Tukkan1
    Just a Reincarnation story in the world of Evolve.

    i suck at writing decriptons so don't expect much here

    First fiction so please point out any mistakes i might have done, Thank you


    142 pages by grunt

    LiMB is a work of fiction inspired by webnovels such as "Re:Zero - Starting life in another world" and visual novels such as "Fate/Stay night" or "Sengoku Rance"

    Not unlike a visual novel LiMB has two main routes branching out from the the first chapter, with additional routes being added as the story progresses. There are also "ending routes", spinoffs or dead-ends that still need to be told. 

    There is no recommended reading order, although a chapter in one path may shed light on another. 

    When a choice appears in a chapter that choice will be branded as (R1), (R2) or (SR) for a special offshot ending. 

    I hope you will enjoy this, more art will be added along the way // grunt 

  • Loop of the destiny

    Loop of the destiny

    19 pages by sint

    John, is a boy with apathy syndrome, who live their daily live without getting involved with other people, but all that changes when one afternoon he saw a classmate committing suicide in front of him, only to wake up in his bed one day earlier, now John must discover the reason for this event, but for this he will have to interact with those he was trying to avoid and maybe have to do something he never expect to have to do ...effort.

  • Winter's Bite (The Mortal Game Series)

    Winter's Bite (The Mortal Game Series)

    44 pages by Butterz
    A stagnant empire in the mortal realm has lived side by side with the immortal realm. After a thousand years of peace the immortals are once again taking a hand in mortal affairs.

    Aloys lilla Estrisden an orphan of High House Estrisden will grow up as relations within the empire deteriorate. Violence will erupt, peace shattered and behind the scenes the immortals contest for control. After all its all part of the 'Mortal Game'
  • The Garden of Hrund

    The Garden of Hrund

    16 pages by Lord_Hrund
    A man on a quest for answers.
    A group of friends driven by the need for coin.

    In The Garden of Hrund, a forest filled with ravenous creatures, their paths will cross. But will they find what they seek? Or will they become just another bunch of lost souls in the forest that has claimed many, many lives already?

    On hiatus.

    Mature: Strong language, blood, the usual.

    My first work of fiction so any critiques are welcome, enjoy!
  • Rebirth of Zeus

    Rebirth of Zeus

    3 pages by Mishishi_Sama

    What happens when the greatest god gets reincarnated as a game-loving human? An overpowered solo player! Follow Zeus as he conquers all his digital ennemies and swoons the gaming goddesses!

    Short sypnosis but I didn't want to spoil the story. I'll try 3-5 chapters a week and, unfortunately, pretty short ones. This is my first novel so, yeah. Expect some mistakes and plotholes, I guess.

  • A Monster's Cry

    A Monster's Cry

    4 pages by GhostDelta663

    In the late 22nd Century, Humanity was ushered into a new kind of living. Earth's surface having been ravaged by countless Wars waged in the name of freedom has now become squalid and unforsaken. The Socialites live out their lives in their cities in the sky, whilst those less fortunate fight for scraps on the dust filled slums below. Government is corrupt. Rich get richer, and the poor get poorer.

    But those lucky enough are selected to take the now infamous journeys from Earth and into the vast expanse of Space. With the development of Space Travel by pioneering scientists like Dr. Hanz Zielger and Prof. Boria Gromov. Colonists are chosen at random and sent forth to colonise and establish colonies to help support Earth with a steady flow of resources. However like many towns, there is unrest. People rebel when under extreme pressure. The more desperate they get to live, the more extreme their actions become.

    Recently a grizzly murder has taken place, one of the Miners currently living in the Colony, Talos IV, was reported missing. A few days later, the local Law Enforcement along with a civilian search party found bits of him spread out in a nearby clearing in the forest. It was quite the sight, his body having been spread-eagled then unwillingly burnt and skinned before finally being chopped into individual pieces and arranged in a ritualistic form. This seemed far too severe a case for local Police, hence why they called the Big Shots from Earth. Except they didn't get a big shot; they got Cassian Vickers.

  • Chaos


    6 pages by TheMartian

    I’ve been a god countless of times and died more times I can remeber.

    However, I would always be reborn.

    I’m not so much of a lucky person.

    Every one of my lives someone important to me dies.


    I grown accustomed to chaos, no, I love chaos and I always create chaos for fun.

    But there are always a person who would ruin my fun.

    And this is one of my many stories about that person.

    Disclaimer: [I do not own this picture]
  • The man out of time

    The man out of time

    4 pages by PlatinumEMU
    In a land where mysticism and legends ruled the world, a single man is thrust out of his time into the distant future. All he knew has been forgotten in this distant time. How will he deal with the loss of everything he has ever known, and how will this new world deal with the ancient knowledge he brings with him? The world has changed and so must he, to survive until his revenge has been completed.

    Hello there. I have never made one of my stories public, and as such this is a whole new experience for me. Please review and comment a whole lot because i want to hear feedback on this project. Criticism is welcome as long as your not a dick about it. Also this will be a slow story as I don't know how often i will write. If people seem to like it, I will be motivated to write more. That being said, Please enjoy my Story.
  • The Pulse

    The Pulse

    6 pages by Dragon56923

    If we are reading books on this site, we all know that the world is boring, so we read to escape to another, just for a bit. But what if the world was interesting again?

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