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    0 pages by Pp



  • Together in tough times

    Together in tough times

    21 pages by Lincarer12



      (of a word or form) denoting more than one, or (in languages with dual number) more than two.

      "the first person plural"



      containing several diverse elements.

      "a plural society"


    1. a plural word or form.




      Othalla's definition is a lot different than the Dictionary's.


      "Plural", to to have contained within one's self, one or more different personage.


      Trigger warning, this story will talk about suicide, unwarranted sexual acts, perversions, and many other triggering ideas, and happenings. Please keep this in mind if you do read.



  • Ed Jones

    Ed Jones

    1 pages by Mr RagingPhoenix

    A boy who wants to be a musician, but doesn't have the opportunity suddenly gets one right before him. Will he take it and live a life in fame?

  • Void System

    Void System

    0 pages by XArthurX

    Arthur an unlucky guy, or lucky depends on how you see it, kills himself and is sent to another world so that he can participate in the gods games, will he be killed, tortured, humiliated? watch how our (un)lucky partner tries to overcome all of it with the help of the Void System.

  • Snow


    49 pages by LonzoBall2

    People are born with 5 measurable attributes: Combat, Magic, Intelligence, Charisma, and Luck. Normally, these attributes are incremented as people grow and develop their abilities. However, for as long as he has known, Ori has had the same level for each attribute - 0. Deemed a failure of society, he spends his time robbing (attempting to rob) graves and failing at generally everything he attempts to do. Join Ori on his journey as he fails his way to becoming a hero!


    Updates will be short but frequent!

  • To the Moon and Back (Sci-Fi Romance)

    To the Moon and Back (Sci-Fi Romance)

    5 pages by linnyplant

    A Sci-Fi pen pal romance with a twist...  ;)

    This is just an experiment.  If you want a reliable read, I’m sorry I cannot provide it.  I’ll work on this when I have time.


  • I Don't Know

    I Don't Know

    22 pages by Zhel

    The greatest existence in the universe can't decide between becoming the Hero that he was raised to be or to become the Demon King that he was born to be.

    Unable to come up with a decision, he erased his memories and sealed his abilities.

    Now it's all up to his clueless mortal self to make the decision. 

  • Kohane Hatoya's Smile

    Kohane Hatoya's Smile

    10 pages by Escribo

    Kohane and Uki from the anime Anima Yell! panic in strange part town and get lost and abducted. Kohane turns her mind to steel. Has both dramatic and comic elements to it playing off of the tragedy of the situation and how Kohane responds to it. This is a healing story.

  • Fiction, Legends & Folklore

    Fiction, Legends & Folklore

    5 pages by The Conversation channel We descuss, everything.



    As children we have all heard our own share of stories and legends passed down from one generation to the next. In our ancestors attempt to share with us how they once viewed the world. Our just a common saying or tall tell that may have become legend and told to children at night to make them behave.  In this book Legends and Stories Vol 0 we dive into common classics told for generations. Reworded and turned into enjoyable stories for the readers to enjoy.



    In this Volume each story is an Actual legend or story such as godly locks and the three bears or Little red riding hood. Adopted as an original work of the author made into story shorts.


    Warning: Some stories may contain blood, gore and violence.

  • Gods and Demons are much closer than you think

    Gods and Demons are much closer than you think

    31 pages by Wet Rain

    I seriously thought god didn't exist, just a made up stuff by some fantasy believing humans. Until I did something that at first didn't give much thought about it.

    I never thought that by mistakenly breaking a deity's statue and intentionally not giving a shit about it, would come back to bite my ass.

    And then I was introduced to whole different world that I could never imagine it could ever exist in the first place.

    It was as if all the characters from fantasy novels and comics came popping right out in real life.

    People says Gods lives in Heavens, whereas Hell is the abode of Demons!

    You could meet them in the nearest bar, that's one of their most favorite hangout place. Whereas some do part time job like delievering pizza, attending school, holding overnight trips and etc.

    BUT I don’t give a shit! I just want to return to my normal life!

  • Students & Spectres

    Students & Spectres

    11 pages by Rockabilly

      During a school day like any other, a group of nerds find their world turned upside-down as things straight from the RPG’s they play suddenly start to appear in the real world, and society is sent reeling.


      Not a particularly original or creatives story, yeah, I’m writing it for fun, basically.

      Content Warnings: I really dislike almost everything that would fall under ‘Traumatic Content’, so, no grimdark sort of horrible stuff here. I will, however, list profanity because, well, rowdy teens, and gore because I tend to go overboard writing fight scenes sometimes. Additionally, this contains LitRPG, kind-of-isekai-ish, and other such themes, and will probably read like a Light Novel of questionable quality, so if you don’t like that either, sorry.

    [Too many inspirations to list, but will cite Randidly Ghosthound as one for the overall premise of suddenly RPG-ness, and Ruffwriter, author of the excellent Savage Divinity as a great guy who might have inspired me to actually write this thing in the first place]

  • The Adventure Of Jack - Shackles Of Mortality

    The Adventure Of Jack - Shackles Of Mortality

    10 pages by Kato - san

    Jack is a boy trying to rise up against his shackles of poverty and mediocrity in a world filed with magic, mystery and ginormus kingdoms. 

    His adventure is going to be spread for generations to come!

  • Stormsinger


    20 pages by Seinneadair Stoirmean

    Llyraien has lost everything - his home, his family, his birthright and his freedom. Now he is in exile and being hunted by the very same Council who took it all from him. He only has one anchor remaining in his life; Eona, the Mother of All. But Eona is ancient and her powers are not what they once were, and the darkness that has fallen in the citadel is threatening to destroy all of Tel'ar. Llyraien will have to fight - not just his own demons, but for his life, his world and his Mother.

    Can Llyraien find himself again in exile and start to heal from his grief and loss? And can Eona regain her powers and help him claim his birthright as a Stormsinger?

  • After Megiddo: The Book of Soltana

    After Megiddo: The Book of Soltana

    53 pages by BladedPen


    A sequel to my other book, After Megiddo: The Book of Gideon

    It would help to read that book first to better understand the universe of the series.

    Rescued from her stone tomb of eternity from a strange alien life form named L'yophin, Soltana awakens to find herself as a guest in her savior's mansion. Being just the sole surviving head of an ancient automata leaves her solely dependent on others. As she dreams, she unlocks more of herself, more of her lost past. She desires to move once again, with the assistance of her spidery savior. Little does she realize her fate has a different direction. She will explore this new strange realm. In the blackness under the unknown planet, Soltana sets out to discover herself, and help her new friend.

    Her adventure begins.

    Into the Underrealm.

    A being awakens. She finds herself trapped in the blackness of a strange crevice. She remembers little of what happened up above. She has a good idea of what she is. Horror, chimera, mimic, monster, Maw. She prowls the blackness, trying to survive the bizarre realm, devouring any that oppose her and taking their abilities; and their form. There she attempts to recover the broken pieces of her mind and gather strength to return up above. Maw sets out to discover who she is and grow in might.

    Her journey begins.

    Into the Underrealm.

    An Emerald God shrieks in victorious laughter over his slain followers, his ruined city, and his eons of work snuffed out; all of it worth the small fruit of success. The scheming Fallen Angels plot the conquest of the planet in the blackness of stone and shadow; for the glory of their god. A lone Angel wards the planet, the last of his loyal kind. Little does he realize the budding of storms that surrounds him. 

    They all coalesce.

    Into the Underrealm.


  • Paragon Scrolls: Book One

    Paragon Scrolls: Book One

    7 pages by don_denti

    In 1970, a young orphan named Clint Hunter lived in St. Raul's Asylum who noticed something strange about him when he quarreled with his friends. All he wanted after that was to find what else he was able to do, so he tried to make animals do his bidding and fly things around, but all with no success.
    But it is all about to change after he, almost successfully, tries to enter someone's mind and receives a warning, written by someone mysterious from the year 1470. Clint then drifts into an unforgettable adventure, that is, if he can survive the fight.

  • Unrevivable - A world where players hunt players

    Unrevivable - A world where players hunt players

    5 pages by FieryFire

    Game is supposed to be fun.

    Most players believe that to be true, whether it is leveling, questing, dungeoning, raiding, hunting, crafting, etc.

    Every players have freedom to do whatever they want in this fantasy world.

    What will happen if this freedom is taken, replacing with the sole purpose of 'Surviving'?

    'Unrevivable' is being advertised as the usual VR game, but the truth is that this is the world made by the goddess out of boredom and her goal is to relieve that 'boredom'.

    Goddess Reana kidnapped the 1st Rank Players of each games from different worlds and threw them into her own game world. Their fate was to be hunted by the former players of Unrevivable in the once-a-year event orchestrated by Reana.

    One of those miserable players is a man named Chain.



    English is not my first language so some grammar errors are to be expected. I hope you don't mind them and enjoy what I wrote. Also, thank you for taking interest in my work!

  • I Survive

    I Survive

    3 pages by light1234

    I was send flying by my loving and caring mother

  • Evolution Of A Goblin

    Evolution Of A Goblin

    4 pages by RawrXD123

    Once a man but mow an ugly demon.

    Seeking harem but can't achieve it with his ugly looks.

    This is a story about a man who was blessed by a certain god and uses his blessing to the fullest in order to live the life a true goblin should live!

  • Guilts A Killer

    Guilts A Killer

    10 pages by Acid_Rain

    This story is about a man who is about to meet his final chapter of crime and murder, through the intervention of the ghosts of his past.  Literaly.  Guilt is a powerful force to be reckoned with, confrontation must just get you killed...

  • This Matter of Life and Death

    This Matter of Life and Death

    3 pages by Acid_Rain

    I have been working on this story for about a year now and unfortunately not gotten far.  I've had it looked over been my honors English teacher and she says she has no editorial suggestion on any f the chapters so now it is just a matter of inspiration to continue.  So feedback would be greatly appriciated!  Should I keep going?  

    This story is about a young man named Pedro Garcia who's life is abrunptly ended and he finds himself being told that he will become the new personification of Death.  This story consists of a fictional afterlife created by me that has personifications of Life and Death.  

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