• A Fresh Start

    A Fresh Start

    20 pages by PackOfSalt

    I'm Kurogane Ryouya.

    Back in middle school, I was that lame kid that everyone bullied.

    I had no friends, and was alone for a year.

    It was on a particular day that my life was changed forever...


  • Erae


    10 pages by Nazim Zairolazhar

    Born from a being of omnipotence, Born with the purpose to only live for himself, Born without being bounded by fate and destiny, He is both free from anything and everything. But all miracles require sacrifice.

    (To whoever wants to read this know that this is going to be a lighthearted story, not some dark fantasy filled with tragedy and revenge. The synopsis is not final and I need someone to help me change it if you can think of a better one,also I'm writing this as a sort of therapy for me bacause I get distracted in my own little world easily so yeah. While I will take criticism, I will not care for those that hate, to me criticism shows that you enjoy it but want it to improve, but hate just means that you don't have to read it. Please point out my mistakes I'm looking forward to improving myself, oh and please note that this story is not based on any real life depictions of mythology or lore.) oh and It's pronounced Era,the E at the end is silent

  • Release Her

    Release Her

    1 pages by Farron514

    Witches, said by people to be a incarnate of the demon which has powers like witchcrafts. The church has spread this news all over the kingdom of Greyscale, if ever they were caught, they will be hanged, burned, slaves and worse, torture. They have a weapon which stops the witches from using their power. Meanwhile, in the prison cell, in the dungeon underground the castle of the royal family Greyscale, there a witch who was captured. And the prince did not hesitate to release her and and became her friend. But as they train, they got close to each other. Would this be the beginning of the new era?

  • As darkness takes thee

    As darkness takes thee

    13 pages by Whatevername
    First attempt at this. I'm very forgetful so don't expect regular updates.
    Born into a world of darkness, a boy survives. Alone, he has trained, hunted, killed. What happens when others intrude into his world?
  • Dreaming Dungeon-ing

    Dreaming Dungeon-ing

    13 pages by Yannosh Devraoux

    The purported annals of the thoughts and experiences of one Mathew Henkirk, puissant to his affairs serving as a drafted entity performing in a role of what common modern parlance dubs a Dungeon Master or a Dungeon Keeper, on a distant point of multiversal continuum, during his hours at rest.


    How I spent my dreamtime faffing around and building up a dungeon in another world.

    This is a thought experiment aimed mostly at trying up some relatively (and hopefully) fresh ideas on a relatively played out concepts, while not straying too far away from the basic underlining ideas.

    As such, while I do have a vague concept of where the story is going, in truth the endpoint is anybody's guess.

    Shall we undertake this journey together and try having some fun along the way?

  • The Unseen

    The Unseen

    12 pages by Beck Writer

    Lucas was blind from birth, with his parents dead he now must learn how to survive, while constantly looking over his shoulder.

    Sylvie was blinded at a young age, on the run from a large evil organisation, she will do whatever possible to avoid capture... or protect those she cares about.

    Who will survive? What will they sacrifice?

    **NOTE: Gore tag for violence. original work based in Marvel Cinematic Universe, references to Agents of Shield, Avengers and Daredevil. minor spoiler for Daredevil.** 

  • Magician's Monarchy

    Magician's Monarchy

    6 pages by Imadh94

    An 18 year old prodigy suffers a setback because of good-fellowship. He is antagonized with his friends betrayal and his future looks desolate. But something unexpected happened as he awake an unique power, a resonance with the world's energy 'Magic'.
    It opens a new world for him, a world where he could restart his life. A world hidden inside the current world. A civilization more ancient, powerful and flourishing than the current one.

    'A New World'

  • Finite Void

    Finite Void

    3 pages by LtLithuania
    Writing this more for myself than anything, but if anyone would like to tag along for my first attempt at writing I welcome any suggestions or criticism. Just exploring a potential hobby, I'm starting college in the next few days so regular uploads might be a bit infeasible, but so long as inspiration and time permit I'll try to stay on top on this. I appreciate the venue for creative outlet this site provides. Cheers.
  • A World that Operates Off Belief

    A World that Operates Off Belief

    3 pages by ApathyAce

    How do you know what's true and untrue, the difference between right and wrong, that the sun is going to rise in the east.

  • As The Worlds Collide

    As The Worlds Collide

    22 pages by Mercury Rise

    The Ruler of the gods, Father of Time, has died. To avoid the destructive conflict that would occur in the succession, the gods choose to decide their next Ruler through a competition; a battle to extinction where worlds collide. Each god will select a mortal from one of the participating worlds to become a champion. The god with the last surviving champion will be crowned as the next Ruler of the gods.

    In a world called Primeval Woods, a young man by the name of Sinder was having some trouble of his own. Nothing bad- just a little bit of genocide. Then, from the skies came a voice, that echoed throughout the lands.


    Your world, Primeval Woods, has been selected by the gods to host ‘Worlds Collide’! Survive! Kill your enemies! The final surviving participants will receive riches beyond their imagination!

    Humans from Planet Earth and Humans from Planet Haumea have been selected as the first participants. The transmigration will begin shortly.'

  • Heart of Borneo

    Heart of Borneo

    70 pages by Avicenna

    Onays Mukarram is a mediocre 16-year old who ends up in an unanticipated holiday trip alongside his uncle Tariq and aunt Khairina. He sets off into the thicket, clabbered forest slash oil revenue country that is the Heart of Borneo, Negara Brunei Darussalam. Through the course of his holiday, he somehow duped himself into a problematic situation neither he wants to solve it and wants to get involved. Nevertheless, what could a mediocre kid do right?

  • Chimera: The Lost Heart

    Chimera: The Lost Heart

    7 pages by jeOsaka
    Deep in the smokey blue mountains the barrier separating our world from theirs has been broken. What are the Chimera, the mysterious race of beings that live on the other side of the Maiden's gate? Are they alive or dead? With their unusual abilities do they seek to take life or give it? For Tao Grey and Alicia Rinn finding the answer might just save their lives.
  • Earth's Guardian

    Earth's Guardian

    1 pages by Impaler

    Thaddeus Khan’s life is perfect; good grades, good friends, and budding football career. It’s Freshmen year in college, and he is an unexpected walk-on in a major D1 school. He coasts through his daily life, working hard to fit into a suffocating campus and working even harder to overcome his high metabolism to finally become a better player. Life had other plans though, selected as the first of five hundred “guardians” of Earth, Thaddeus has to not only protect his city but also guide new guardians. Life was so much easier when the only thing he had to worry about was playing time.


    Earth's Guardian will be very different from my other works, which were frankly quite disgusting and basic in nature. Those were written when I was still a freshman in high school, and I hope ya'll don't judge this work because of it. There will still be sex and gore but much better written and not just because.

  • Re;birth Online

    Re;birth Online

    5 pages by Foolish Daydreamer

    Archie finally brought his team to the finals of the Virtual Cup after years of hard work and dedication but just hours before it begins, he gets into an accident and fell into coma for 2 years.

    Waking up and finding found out that he was not only plotted by his enemies but was also betrated by those he trusted. Archie then made his resolve to start anew and climb back up on his own to the professional gaming scene.

    Unfortunately, fate has plans of its own as not only a young lady he meets in an arcade pesters him into joining a gaming club that had just been made for the new game that's about to release, the content of the game itself relates to a secret that had been hiding since he woke up from coma 3 years back.

    Would this bring advantage to him or prevent him and his goals?

  • God Failed it

    God Failed it

    7 pages by Beeno

    A God went to created His own world for fun. He will try and live as a mortal. Live in this World that he created.

  • Live to Die

    Live to Die

    3 pages by AdrianeAd
    A immortal who is finding the ways to die

    Follow he's adventures in finding the way to killhimself.
  • Ashes of Nerydwel

    Ashes of Nerydwel

    7 pages by FlitterPuff

    For Mike, death was a certainty. The question was whether he wanted to decide the when and where of it. With his body being slowly devoured by a new disease, he decided to leave Earth and take his chances in the world of Nerydwel.

    Almost 30 years ago, for 10 minutes and 49 seconds, the game Ashes of Nerydwel went dark. A local outage caused an unfortunate server crash that somehow lead to IguanaSkele Studio servers crashing worldwide. Some think it was this that changed the game forever. Others believed the crash was merely a symptom, a small part, of the whole of what happened. In the years afterward, innumerable conspiracies rose up about the incident, ranging from the whole thing being a hoax to grab attention, to government cover-ups, alien intervention, and numerous magical explanations. What was known for almost certain, was that when the Studio's servers came back up, they were blank. Instead, Nerydwel appeared to exist physically nowhere, or perhaps everywhere as some argued, and IguanaSkele was no longer able to develop or change it.

    What was a fairly 'simple' VR MMORPG dungeon crawl, for the time at least, began to grow. The AI began to learn, slowly becoming more and more lifelike. They developed goals, personalities, and slowly began to become effectively no different from the human players around them. The world itself began to expand. The dungeons of the underworld grew, new lands slowly appeared from seemingly nowhere, and new cities, towns, and villages were built. It took many years for people to truly accept and recognize the scope of it all, but somehow this strange new world steadily became... alive.

    Micheal wasn't the first person at death's door deciding to take the plunge into Nerydwel. He expected life there to be a bit simpler. He'd go in, create a character, make some friends, and try to have fun. If he could manage it, maybe he'd even have a character live long enough to become rather strong and able to explore the world. What he did not expect was for something to go wrong, causing him to skip character creation and instead spawn in as a small level one monster. Now he- or she?- has to live in this rather hostile world as a simple fox, avoid capture, survive long enough to become stronger and evolve, and somehow manage to get her hands on an item for a character re-do. How hard could it be?

    Hi, and welcome to my first fiction on RR! I'm hoping to make this story rather reader interactive, by having polls that will change future events and possibly through suggestions and such in the comments. Overall, I don't have a very strict plan for this story, though I'd like it to be a bit fairly casual, with both some silly and occasionally serious moments. My goal here is to just have a bit of fun! I'd also like to note that this is not going to be a story where the protagonist spends most of their time being a 'lone wolf' or, well, fox in this case. I've never been the biggest fan of the lone-wolf type genre that focuses solely on things like killing monsters and level/stat progression, so if that is all you're looking for, this story may not be for you. I prefer my stories with a host of interesting and well-developed characters and relationships (not necessarily in the romantic sense.) We'll have to see if I can actually manage to achieve any of that lol. 

    Wish me luck, and please enjoy!

  • Another Ryuunosuke

    Another Ryuunosuke

    12 pages by Adaptive Alchemist

    In a universe filled with supernatural powers and esoteric science, various factions struggle in a desperate arms race to create the strongest superweapon to control all trade and industrial resources. They blow up planets at a time to cover up environmental destructions, create abominations, experiment on people with special powers such as reversing entropy.
    But some of the most talented scientist amongst them all, Ryunuusoke and his comrades are not even remotely concerned with them and worries more about their corporate life of dealing with irritating colleagues, inter-cubicle warfare, workers stealing office supply, himself stealing cafeteria food, their shady accountants and sometimes working as a corporate slave to blow up failed experimental creatures threating solar systems.
    That may be because of his self-developed ability "Dual Warp" allowing the manipulation of reality itself, in theory, at least.
    His comrades, not far behind on the insanity and power front themselves, try to "help" him in their own way. They are powerful. But with great powers comes great insanity.
    Nobody would let him research and create the ultimate waifu, sorry scientific technology in peace !!!
    On the other side, in an ill-advised attempt to keep their contracts, NGOs and corporate industries try to curry the favor of someone supposedly from another world with the exact same, supposedly unique ability of Ruunosuke and no idea how the corporate world works. But he won't be manipulated and blow up galaxies at a time if necessary.
    When comedy and violence meet, the result can only bring innovation!

    Authors Note: Feel like the second protagonist has a very short entry in the blurb? Read and find out why.

  • [BL] Limited Time Offer: Great Transmigration Trip

    [BL] Limited Time Offer: Great Transmigration Trip

    3 pages by GotDied

    The Ruler of Hell give Cyril Lancaster a limited-time offer, the chance to live again in exchange of collecting the scattered soul fragments from different dimensions or world . . .

  • Escape


    2 pages by thane5001
    Its a one shot coz i have no idea how to continue this so any sort of description/summary would just give away the entire thing.

    Most simply put, its a short story of a man running for his life.

    Mature tag for violence
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