• Soul Master

    Soul Master

    11 pages by LoveRain


    Ray was enrolled in a Soul User academy of Ardia when the city got destroyed by Reas. This forces Ray to make a new journey, far from his home in order to protect people he loves, find out about the origin of Rea and train to try to become the greatest Soul User in the world. 

  • The Mono Eye

    The Mono Eye

    11 pages by playmenot

    A murder. Not one, but twenty. 

    Harry was on a nutcracker case for three weeks, and justice is yet to be found. However, he found a lead, and tightly holds onto it. Unfortunately, the deeper he goes in: the paler he becomes with the new revelations.




    10 pages by ddejesus

    A man who crossed another world to search  for his daughter. a world filled with magic, swords and monsters but he himself has no magic or any blessings the new world he is in provides. All he has is the skills he gathered as the Best HUNTER in his old world..

  • Ragnarok


    10 pages by herotutkun
    Not every story has to have a hero that tries to save everyone he comes across, it’s not realistic. This is not a story about the hero who will save the world; this is the story of the one who will be ending the world.

    Arkon is the Harbinger of Ragnarok, the Reaver of Souls; his sole duty is to bring about the end of the world. Endless waves of heroes are sent from the many kingdoms around the world, with the purpose of killing him. He has fought and killed more than he can remember, over the few years that he has been on this world. He lives a monotonous life, filled with the desire to die; the problem is, no one is strong enough to kill him; until a particular hero comes for his head...
  • I Am A Pervert and Got Myself A Maid

    I Am A Pervert and Got Myself A Maid

    10 pages by cabumiscool

    Follow Jake in this story as supernatural events unravel around him and gift him a maid out of nothing,  and how he is affected by it. Will he survive? Will he do echi things to the maid? Will the maid enjoy it? Stay tune to fnd out.

    (DISCLAIMER- This story isn't edited in any other than the casual microsoft word suggestion. Eventually it will be edited but until then please bear with it. Thank you.)

    Expect a release shedule of atleast one chapter a month, and in some ocasions more than one per week.

  • Violet's story

    Violet's story

    10 pages by WierdG

    Based on my last story (When there's quiet) This book is based on Violet's life story. ENJOY :)

  • The Endless Ocean

    The Endless Ocean

    10 pages by Gikame

    Authors Note: As you may be aware, I am new to writing overall. This story especially is one where I will most likely find myself to make a lot of mistakes in. If you notice one in the first chapter, know that I am currently working on redoing it and making it flow better. My first language is german and that means structuring too will be something I gotta work on. I hope I dont disapoint.

    There is a place outside of the dimensions, between the world of the living and the world of the dead. A place inhabited by humans and unknown entities alike.


    Some say that it is a state of mind. Others say that it is Purgatory. Others again say that it is the deepest Layer of Hell, right below the Devils lair. All these depictions couldn’t be further from the truth, as it is an entity on its own. A world, covered in water, the only landmasses being small islands that lay far apart. If you would try to swim to one you would either just drown, end up swimming in a circle or it would take you an eternity.


    This world is called “The Endless Ocean”.

  • [AEAC] Amazing and exciting adventure of Clavius

    [AEAC] Amazing and exciting adventure of Clavius

    10 pages by Himamori
    Welcome to this newly established novel, fiction or whatever you want to call it!

    There is no summary of the story so far, but you might want to read the first Chapter to decide if you want to continue reading. I appreciate people pointing out mistakes, leaving comments and reviews(later on maybe) since this is the first time i try writing for an audience and english might not be my best language.

    The Description___:

    This is the absolutely fantastic story about a mysterious boy named Clavius. At first nothing is known about Clavius except that he is pushed into an Adventure, which might be amazing and exciting.

    This Fiction is highly Reader Interactive! I hope for interactions so i can flesh out the story as we follow it together. Lets give the maincharacter a little push and help him discover more about himself, his character and the world around him!

    Warning: Mature content like Gore and stuff might be in this story and bad jokes or humour that makes people cringe.

    Put in the tags just so people could think about wether they would want a story with that content (may be possible to go into different directions and addition of tags or deletion of tags).
  • Legends of Gahel: The Diamond Dagger

    Legends of Gahel: The Diamond Dagger

    10 pages by Emily Cooper

    As the world grows older and tales slip from the minds of men, a small group of travelers stumble upon one of the vessels of Jobidah, a young man by the name of Nik. As their adventures begin, one by one long forgotten evils begin to reawaken to stop their journey from frutation. 

    In book one of Legends of Gahel, the dagger once thought by the city of Hanak to be lost in the crypts deep into the depths of the Hanak Mountain's range. 

    Welcome to the world of Gahel!


  • AVRA


    10 pages by Zeible

    A fanfic set in the World of Remnant. The story of AVRA chronicles the adventures of a team of hunters-in-training at Beacon Academy ten years before the beginning of the story of RWBY.

  • Erae


    10 pages by Nazim Zairolazhar

    Born from a being of omnipotence, Born with the purpose to only live for himself, Born without being bounded by fate and destiny, He is both free from anything and everything. But all miracles require sacrifice.

    (To whoever wants to read this know that this is going to be a lighthearted story, not some dark fantasy filled with tragedy and revenge. The synopsis is not final and I need someone to help me change it if you can think of a better one,also I'm writing this as a sort of therapy for me bacause I get distracted in my own little world easily so yeah. While I will take criticism, I will not care for those that hate, to me criticism shows that you enjoy it but want it to improve, but hate just means that you don't have to read it. Please point out my mistakes I'm looking forward to improving myself, oh and please note that this story is not based on any real life depictions of mythology or lore.) oh and It's pronounced Era,the E at the end is silent

  • Wannabe Dragon

    Wannabe Dragon

    10 pages by Danny Cuzzo

    Bill Bekkar discovers he's a part dragon by devouring fire but damages his lungs in the process.  What good is having dragon heritage if he can hardly walk without shortness of breath?

  • Kingdoms ~ Side Stories

    Kingdoms ~ Side Stories

    10 pages by Lady Freya

    A story based on the world of Kingdoms with colabarative writers. New story every 2 days.


    House Pyronix - Written by Lady Freya

    House Gryllidae - Written by Valkyrie

    House Lunar - Written by Clare_Lockwood

    House Espior - Written by (The author dosen't want thier name to be known)

    And so much more...

  • Kohane Hatoya's Smile

    Kohane Hatoya's Smile

    10 pages by Escribo

    Kohane and Uki from the anime Anima Yell! panic in strange part town and get lost and abducted. Kohane turns her mind to steel. Has both dramatic and comic elements to it playing off of the tragedy of the situation and how Kohane responds to it. This is a healing story.

  • Bottled Magic

    Bottled Magic

    10 pages by Spjonkeyz

    What happens when a somewhat dim-witted mage burns his house down and decides to take drastic measures? Far too much trouble, that's what. Follow Dan and his feline familiar, Fiona, on their fantastic misadventures across the Empire. Magic, gold, and a touch of madness follow.

  • The First Knight: Bearer of the HEAVEN SWORD

    The First Knight: Bearer of the HEAVEN SWORD

    10 pages by EliseElleneth86

    ~~An ANGEL CHRONICLE Series~~

    Book 1: The First Knight

    Book 2: Bearer of the HEAVEN SWORD

    Book 3: The ANGEL CHRONICLES: A Forbidden Love


    * * *

    When the world filled with darkness, the Heaven smile upon them. The light bestowed, and the gate to the Kingdom open and a new beginning is about to start...

    In time the Lord of Darkness nearly conquers the world, a Knight of Heaven was born in a form of a supernatural human, then another door open for the sinner.

    The Son of God is coming, so the world must be prepared, and the path must be cleared out. The human will be judged, not by the hand of the Begotten Son, but by the Heaven's Knight Sword.

    When a sinner cannot bear to watch how the world is dying, he offered himself to begin the New World.

    ? ? ?

    This is a story, begin with an Elf prince named Grail. His ancestors betrayed Heaven, and so, they were punished and fell into the land named Earth.

    Their wings fragmented into billions of shining dust in the shore, beneath this universe. They descended down to the Earth and never ever reach Heaven anymore. They have watched how the world reborn, over and over again for billion years.

    With the small power left of their immortality, they survive from an endless battle of fallen angels over the land. The hatred and greed fill their hearts, and each of them sought to conquer to lead.

    Then, one by one they began seeking each other's power to survive and continue sheltering on Earth... Till a group of two, five, twelve until they have gathered countless numbers, the stronger they stand and start living as prosperous sinners.

    But defeats makes another hatred ablaze, they may keep silent and live in the dark... but waiting, waiting and waiting...

    They watch how the human passes by the sinner's sins until they persuade the whole world.

    And in the place where a prosperous sinner standing in the higher place, he looks over the land, his heart is breaking. May his ancestors made the biggest mistake of their immortality, but like other Elves, he turns to love the humans despite their foolishness. He felt that he must do something, he wants to do the right thing.

    And so, he keeps silent no more. He traveled the world. Visiting his brothers over the world who live in harmony and peacefully and choose to harm no human. When he is very young, he always hears news all over the world when a war breaks over nations.

    They were reports that some of the Elves help a little to the humans. Either give food or give shelter in the middle of the war.

    So the Prince believe, that his brothers will give a hand.

    On his journey, he always runs into some various accidents.

    One time, there was a car accident and he saved the victim. A truck runs so fast because the driver lost control and hit the car in front of it. The car along with the truck slam into the tunnel's entrance. Everyone knows that there is no way that someone would be going to survive in that crushed.

    But the Elf prince did not just stay standing and watch. He runs to the driver seat and protects the old man over the steering wheel. When the crushed over, the witnesses start checking the truck and car for survivors.

    The truck driver died on the spot and to their shocked, the car driver was alive. May he has the injury on his head, but there is nothing other than that.

    The Elf prince visits the old man at the hospital to make sure he is totally fine. The old man lively telling everyone that he feels that someone is holding him tight from the impact.

    It's not the only incident the Elf prince get into. There was also another car accident but only the infant be able to protect at that moment. Walking in the land by a human form, his power sealed off. Only a small amount he could be used.

    (revision in the future )

    Notes: This is a fiction. I did not want to involve any religious belief but my own vision of writing this novel. This synopsis is from a dreamed of mine many years ago and I decided to write as fiction fantasy.

  • A Logical Everyday Fantasy (ALEF)

    A Logical Everyday Fantasy (ALEF)

    10 pages by DeclanDSI

    A Logical Everyday Fantasy (ALEF)

    I was once asked a question by what you could call a guardian of mine though really she was just a friend.

    "If you had the chance to start a completely new life, what would that life be like?"

    Quite a broad question I thought to myself at the time. A new life? What would that life be like? I answered this after several seconds of thinking:

    "A new life to me would be making everything I've ever accomplished obsolete whether that be good or bad. If I were to start a new life, I would wish not for what I wish in this life, but a completely new experience that I've never known in this life. It could be a battlefield, it could be illogical compared to now, it could be tragedy, it could be loneliness, it could be a fufilling life. I would have my new life let me expierence what I never can now. Does that answer your question?"

    "eh.. interesting answer, but vague. I would like to expierence a standard fantasy world overpowered protagonist style."

    "Oi! You asked me not yourself!"

    "Ehh too picky."

    "Also that's pretty boring isn't it?"

    "Don't crush someone's dreams Shin."

    "Then don't say boring things Karen."

    We laughed at the time of that question but I never thought that question would be answered seemingly by the universe itself.

    ALEF is a story of illogical things being sorted logically in an everyday life of his new life. Sure it might have a beginning and an end, but don't all stories have it?  Don't all lives eventually come to an end?

    [So welcome, reader, to a new world.]


  • Of Giants and Men

    Of Giants and Men

    10 pages by Isaac Greyfield


    What difference is there between those known as "giants" and those who call themselves "men?" 

  • Kaiser Sterblich

    Kaiser Sterblich

    10 pages by Zohend

    The blood soaked metallic wasteland of a battlefield was not the final resting place for one of humanity's greatest, albeit unrecognized, heroes. No his fate was a bedridden departure as his body gradually deteriorated. His regrets remaining ingrained in his memories.

    He saw the void then he saw the light. As his eyes adjusted he saw unfamiliar faces and felt an unfamiliar body.

  • Sarkoth the Black

    Sarkoth the Black

    10 pages by Jaryn Frostwing

    Competing for a job as a head game designer, players are given the opportunity to roll one strange, exotic new characters and are tasked with competing an exceedingly difficult quest before their third death.

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