• Pokemon - Vastia (Hiatus)

    Pokemon - Vastia (Hiatus)

    26 pages by TheWarMonger

    This is a Pokemon fanfiction filled with OCs. And be noted that you will need to know the pokemon's looks and moves from their names for I can't post over 700 pictures here. The story takes place in the Nioc region, a giant landmass that rarely seen water other than the coast. With its many mountains and forests, it become home of many, both pokemons and humans. A lone traveller, Bastion Lostavas, wonder through this land to found what he have lost, to seek the answer to the questions in his dreams, to befriend the ones who have the same destination, and to fight those who stand in their way.

  • Zero plus Zero equals One

    Zero plus Zero equals One

    0 pages by MisterNoble

    The World where war is no longer a war.

    In such world, trust has become nothing but a meaningless fault in humanity. 

    Everlasting Gore has numbed the humans. 

    Clouds covered the sky, where the sky has lost its purpose.

    "Happiness comes from war, and freedom comes from death."



  • Short stories

    Short stories

    7 pages by dionysus

    A compilation of my own short ideas. Typically a chapter or few long kind of stories.

  • Together


    6 pages by sunshine4307

    Anya, for the most part, was normal...

    Except for the fact that she is the youngest in an adopted family with 5 brothers.

    Her brothers love her so much and won't let anyone hurt her. But their one nightmare came true.

    Cancer is deadly, and can kill you. But it won't take your faith.

  • Gods rule

    Gods rule

    1 pages by Chinicbox
    It's the 23rd century with advances in the field of artificial intelligence and virtual reality, comes a new age of entertainment with many companies fighting for dominance and control over it. With VR games released left and right with more than 80% being faliures that killed their company. It's a tough battle but that has nothing to do with our protagonist.

    Our story follows Alex and his adventure with being a God

    Gender bender may or may not appear
  • Queen Of Belzar

    Queen Of Belzar

    4 pages by AgeOfOblivion

    A monster warlord got into an accident and got herself sent to a strange new world where her race is not dominating the world, so what should she do?

    Of course just take it over again maybe?

  • Weakest hero’s tale: The Legend of the Powerless Hero begins

    Weakest hero’s tale: The Legend of the Powerless Hero begins

    10 pages by sorrypo_weak1

    Not everyone can become a hero, some people don’t have the requirements on being a hero, despite trying their hardest their efforts will also betray them if it didn’t bore fruit and gave them the fame and glory that they seek. A young girl who lived in the country side joined the imperial army in hope on becoming a fine swordswoman, despite her being weak and unskilled with the blade she was given the rank of commander of the army. The people around her despised her for gaining fame without doing nothing, but in reality she didn’t any of these alone, with her brave companions she lead an army of 300 and defeated an army of 300,000 enemy soldiers, she also ended the 300 year long war between the kingdom and the republic, the people surrounding her were her childhood friend, an ancient dragon girl, a wandering samurai from the kobayashi shougunate, and an elf wizard that formally served the guardians. How will their rise begin? This is the story of the girl who became a hero, despite her weaknesses she overcame them and led her people to victory against their enemies.

  • The Phantoms Net - Book 1: Rise of the Fallen

    The Phantoms Net - Book 1: Rise of the Fallen

    28 pages by YumaKuga

    Blue is a nobody 16 year old kid living in the giant metropolis of New Tokyo, or at least he thinks he is. Making his day to day winning in Gun Royale tournaments, he somehow manages to survive. That is until one day he finds out his real life was hidden away and that now he has to unlock his potential with a mysterious orginization and this one girl. But what about the Phantom and who is he really?


    This is my new series that I will be puting a large focus on and never give up on it. This will be in a lite novel-esc format and will still have tinge feelings of anime, but I am not trying to make this into a full anime trope story at all. This is all me only.

  • Rekindle


    3 pages by syrl

    Everything's fine. Just great. So what if the world’s slowly falling apart? Nyros has done enough. His part is over. If the heroes aren’t stepping up to the plate, that’s not his problem. No, this isn’t pent-up resentment speaking at all. But hey, what are friends for? One godly intervention, coming up.


    Updates will likely be infrequent at best, because I can't keep a schedule to save my life.

  • The Tutorial

    The Tutorial

    2 pages by Disappointment

    A young man from Earth finds himself waking up in a mystical forest that vaguely looks like a setting in a largely popular game from his world. He discovers that he's been transported in the clothes that he was wearing before the incident and having no possessions with him besides his phone. Upon closer inspection, all apps on his phone have either been removed or are unable to function except for the app indicating the text function. There's a bright red circle with a white '!' in the center, telling him that there's been a new message for him. When he opens the app, he's met with:

    ???: ayy buddy
    ???: u've just been sent 2 another world 
    ???: lucky u!
    ???: i'll b ur guide 4 this journey & hopefully u'll b more successful 
    ???: unlike the others before u
    ???: they didn't like 2 listen

    He stares at the messages. Rereading them again and again, waiting for this mysterious person to send another and explain in further detail. After a couple minutes with no new messages, the young man snorts and puts his phone down before getting off the ground to start his adventure in this new world.


    A/N: Super quick warning, the author is lazy, new, and a lousy writer. BE WARNED BEFORE READING.

  • The Woman

    The Woman

    28 pages by Zyukai

    Jack Barron is a district manager for a production company. Due to a horrific tragedy that transpired during his teen years, he is a very gloomy, and distant man. He is walking home from work one day when the past catches up to him and causes him to live a waking nightmare.

  • Fireborn-Birth of Flame

    Fireborn-Birth of Flame

    23 pages by shadowrogue

    In the beginning Jason was an ordinary child who just liked to adventure and play until he learned something about himself. He was fireborn and he had powers that people only dreamed of in comics and stories. What he discovered would lead him down an entirely different path than he could ever imagine, as he seeks the truth to who he truly is and how he became the person he is today.

  • Apenas Uma Grandeza

    Apenas Uma Grandeza

    0 pages by MonkTom

    Killed in an ambush by enemies and comrades of the sect, Monfem is now reborn as Ionno, a young demon master of a low clan.

    See how Ionno overcomes his natural boundaries with good luck and cunning, coming to the skies, knocking down fates and enemies.

  • K


    0 pages by Kirin
  • The Shadow Stone

    The Shadow Stone

    0 pages by ecladragon

         The Western Kingdoms of the Shattered Empire have been fighting each other for centuries. In Tariinvara war is about to break out against the Kingdom of Cuuln to the west. But another war is brewing in the kingdom, one which will have dire consequences for all kingdoms if it isn't stopped in time. The Shadow Stone, a stone with a demon sealed inside, is about to shatter and it must be destroyed before the demon can get free. The only catch is that there is only one sword in existance that can permanently kill the demon and that sword is hidden far to the west in the mountains that divide the western kingdoms from the Empire of Ingrew.

    A force of seven individuals all with their own unique skills go on an adventure through the kingdoms and into the mountains in order to find the sword. Can they complete their mission before the stone shatters? 

  • Red Twilight Volume 2: Long Distance Runners

    Red Twilight Volume 2: Long Distance Runners

    0 pages by dfeyder

    After serviving their night at "The Lamia's Back El Driver and Snake Gekks go there seperet ways

    But the two are drawing back together by a strange power and must do battle with the night yet again

     you can get a hardcover copy here https://www.xlibris.com/Bookstore/BookDetail.aspx?BookId=SKU-0112960003

  • Where The Road Takes You

    Where The Road Takes You

    0 pages by Zetmonster

    A modern day man is sent travelling to a different world but one with magic.

    Follow him on his journey meeting new people and honing his newfound magical skills.

  • Isekai Dudes On The Run

    Isekai Dudes On The Run

    0 pages by MrMnds

    Something I'm writing for the selfish purpose of training my English, please help: writing skill lv1.

    The story:

    Three dudes are transported to another world, yadagadabadaya... However, they don't desire this new fantasy life and will look for a way back.

    “Unfortunately destiny loves to screw up"

  • The 13 Legion

    The 13 Legion

    0 pages by Machoca13

    Light and darkness struggle to get the upper hand against the other. Every being in the multiverse forced to choose a side there is black or white not in between. But things might begin to change.

    Note: This is my first stories so if you have anything to point out please do. English isn't my first language so if you spot mistakes tell me so I can Fix them.

  • Death's Oracle

    Death's Oracle

    0 pages by Sweet Rascal

    On hiatus till unspecified time.

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