• Family of abnormalities

    Family of abnormalities

    9 pages by SnowDemon

    As the 1st eldest in the family she had just come back from a trip for her work place. She's finally home after months and is welcomed by a strange situation. Read more to see her reaction when she hears her younger sister just say that their brother (middle child) is being liked by her best friend who's trying to kill her.

  • I Love You, Best Friend

    I Love You, Best Friend

    9 pages by Julia Shelley

    Elizaveta Kuznetsov and Brett Somoyov have been best friends since high school. They did everything together. It was a perfect friendship. It didn't take long for Elizaveta to gain feelings for her best friend, but when he leaves her, it shatters her. It breaks her. As she moves on with her life, she learns the meaning of true love and friendship. When he comes back, can they rekindle their friendship? or with there be something more? Will Elizaveta realize her true feelings? Does she love her best friend? 

  • The Walled City

    The Walled City

    9 pages by Happyinjest

    The Lichminoff twins were born into a wealthy family and are left to find meaning in their lives when they are handed everything they desire. The two traverse the ins and outs of the city of skit, a city without laws, while battling dangerous desires and unrealistic expectations. 

  • No Looking Back

    No Looking Back

    9 pages by gumiho

    The first time Lisa Sole broke a promise got her parents, the beta and his mate, killed which in turn got the alpha and luna killed. As time moved on, the former alpha's son, Merim Klude, took his rightful position and the Country Moon pack was finally getting back on track. However, things once again became messy as Merim rejected Lisa as his mate. Merim holds no grudge against Lisa; He just wants to protect her from the enemies that are once again coming for the pack. But his sacrifice will yield no reward as Lisa will never break her promise again. She will never look back.

  • Ray's world

    Ray's world

    9 pages by Metal

    I suddenly woke up in the body of a 15 year old boy named Ray Westler. I need to figure out how to fix this. What? On top of body switching I find out i'm in some parallel version of Earth? How the hell did I get here? What's going on? 

  • I Shall Change Our Fates

    I Shall Change Our Fates

    9 pages by Lucy-Like the devil 3:)

    The great Empire of beings that worship the dark gods has fallen and now the last great city of the Empire is besieged, what happens when it falls? Were the races of the dark gods truly evil and deserving to die and be destroyed?

    An entity decided to give them another chance because the summoned heroes blessed by the gods are cheats right? 

    Oh and traitors suck! 

  • Broken Fatty

    Broken Fatty

    9 pages by CakeFetish

    The multiverse is in shambles
    Worlds at war, summoned heros turned tyrants and self proclaimed gods, Gods Enslaving thier weaker counterparts.
    In order to restore balance a Group of forgotten gods used thier last remaining power to RESET, everything, Thier souls
    Combined to form an all powerfull presence. Setting limitations on all gods whether they are all mighty or lesser,
    being That they my not directly interfere with the dealings of mortals unless issued a chalenge, nor directly harming of
    one another.

    Each god is to choose champions, and host a battle royal in a joint Galaxy created by The PRESENSE and
    all participating gods. The influence and power of the gods is the deciding Factor of the amount of champions they are
    allowed to summon. Gaining power from thier chosen's feats. Whether its conquering dungeons, slaying opposing champions
    or conquering other planets.


    Bob..Fat young man with Eating disorder and an addiction to hentai and cake,h

    e becomes the chosen of the Lesser pagan god
    of bountyfullness champion, Pleading for him to be her champion as the previous two she sommoned refused
    .Her existance being in danger of being absorbed into the cosmos due to her dwindelling power .
    Accepting the fact that he cant fight for shit , and that his opness is limited from the start.
    So aside from gaining the godesses blessing: bountiful bounty = multiples food at cost of mana ,
    turning his Flaw into his strength he requests for the ability to gain stats Via eating, more he eats the more stat
    points he gets.

    Now in a fantasy like world of swords and magic. Filled with wonders and and horrors,

    Though not everything is as it seems...


    Warnings : Fat OC.. Im talking fat here people.... like fatty onne fat makes a boom boom.. SMUT, Maybe harem,
    Gore, Profanity.OP OC, some messed up stuff, eventual World advancement and sexy times with aliens.

    I write for fun and to unleash my inner somethings. All haters go fly a kite.

  • Empty as tomorrow

    Empty as tomorrow

    9 pages by Fallwhat
  • The Emperor's Words

    The Emperor's Words

    9 pages by Supersournotes

    A simple jest from me will leave the surrounding hanging by a thread!

    *Sigh* "It seems a backwater cultivator actually dared to provoke young master Lu Jie. He's surely tired of living."

    With few words I will make the world silent in awe!

    "I-is that the [Seven Lotus Buds Sword Formation]?! He actually comprehended such a rare and mystical sword formation to the first stage while he is still in the early stage of Foundation Establishment realm!!! Such monstrous comprehension!" 

    Just a sentence from me will make the heavens quake in fear!

    "Heavens! Not only was he able to receive two moves from young master Lu, he was also capable of pushing him to the point making him bleed from his mouth!!! He's a monster... a freak!!!"

    For my words are... The Emperor's Words!


    Follow Cai Min in his misadventures with his loyal friends as they follow their hearts towards immortality!


  • Battle of Lexis

    Battle of Lexis

    9 pages by Colsane

    The ordinary life of Dontel was suddenly transformed as he discovered a supernatural battle royale invisible to the public eye. Escape as he might, in the end, he was dragged into the hidden war to participate for his life. However, something's not right. Why is he forced to fight among people who can shape reality with the power of a single word? And why are they all targetting him!?

    What secrets do the cabulators hold?


  • Twilight's Anthem ( TTAM )

    Twilight's Anthem ( TTAM )

    9 pages by Koeji Sllycc

    Upon hearing its name, they shuddered. Finally, they regretted messing with him. They laughed at him, snorted, underestimated him, filled with disdain, contempt, and scorn. By the century of talents, The Forbidden Anthem was played once again. The day that happened, [ The Heaven Supreme ] was ripped apart. That day, everyone, even the gods, realized just how much they have neglected...

    That so-called 'Insect' they have been playing with. Never had they thought, that another of Erudite Primrosse's children would topple the world down once again. Neither have they thought that it would be [ The Twilight Anthem ] being featured in the premieres.

    The whole story, however, started then...

    To put it bluntly, Riku Yamato's life was sh*t. Why might you ask? His mother's a whore and his father was a drunk. While his father kept beating him up, his mother was out with a rich lackey. Sadly, Riku 'did' have friends. His only friends had dumped him already, and apparently, their friendship was fake. Depressingly, on the very same day, Riku Yamato had been run over by a truck, therefore, ending his pitiful life. Then how did it 'started' if he died?

    Riku Yamato, an 18-year-old 'Japanese Student', a loser at school, a bipolar wimp, is about to embark on a journey across death. A journey, he had unintentionally wished for. A journey, he had never asked for. A journey of remembrance. Reliving the pain of losing someone, the suffering of being toyed by others, hundreds-of-times more dreadful. Transporting him into a fantasy-like world, as an enslaved monster, a [ Beeman Slave ].

    In other words, reincarnation... Crépuscule No.99 Opus 144...

    [ Unloading Memory... ]

    [ Memory Successfully Unloaded! ]


    1 Chapter / Day or 4 - 8 Chapters / Week | 1 - 5 ( Edited ) Chapters / Day | 1 - 4 ( Extra ) Chapters / Sunday
    { LE } is for ( Lightly Edited ), { E } is for ( Edited ) Chapters, { CE } is for ( Closely Edited ). Please keep watch of the signs people!
    Average of 3000 Words / Chapter
    I will also be posting on Webnovel, so say hi to me if you happen to pass by!
    <=>11/09/18 - Birth of Koeji Sllycc's beloved novel, 'The Legend of The Lightning Emperor ( TLLE )'


    Please read my other novels! - Crown of Sin ( COS ) - https://www.webnovel.com/book/12086163005903005/Crown-of-Sin

  • Something About Monsters

    Something About Monsters

    9 pages by spookynonsense

    "Violeta supposed that there was a first time for everything, but she had never expected to have a first time as a murder witness."




  • The Treacherous Mage

    The Treacherous Mage

    9 pages by PolarDivinity

    The heavens have long been something that humans believe to exist. There is not evidence nothing to support the claim, but even then people would never deny it's existence.

    Babel- a word that means confusion. When used people remember the tale of Babel's Great tower which was meant to reach the heavens. Thwarted by God through creating languages that caused haos and confusion between the humans. 

    But all myths were created based on something that really occured, a fantastical story based on a fact. But is the story of the grand tower really a myth? Or was it real?

    Walter Babel, a 16 year old youth who went through various troubles has recieved the inheritance of his ancestor giving the reason as to the origin of his Family name, Babel. Does the myth have more to it than just what is known? What is the reason for his name "Babel"?

  • Growing Up Toony - Episode 1

    Growing Up Toony - Episode 1

    9 pages by ShadowtheCartoonist

    Imagine a world where cartoons are real - where two-dimensional beings interact with us humans, and toon shenanigans occur daily. But it's not a perfect world...predjudice between the two races has been ongoing for decades. And this takes us to the small town of Webson, and the daily life of a toon boy named Little Shadow. This is but the start of his journey, and the many events that follow....

  • Grant Me Thy Arrow

    Grant Me Thy Arrow

    9 pages by SkyDreamer

    A sharp arrow pierces the veil of darkness, shattering tranquility and the normal course of fate. A blunt arrow breaks, crumbling to dust beyond any hope of restoration.

    This is a tale about two people who are not meant to be, but as fate would have it, they are drawn together against their own wishes. A love not of their own volition, but arising from someone's playful prank. With their fate thrown into disarray, they will struggle to regain what was lost and search for the missing puzzle piece in their lives.

    The trickster wears a mask, but it's starting to crumble. Parts of the mask are breaking apart, leaving gaping holes and insecurity in the place of where fun and indifference were supposed to be. The trickster's joyful life as he knows it is starting to dim as the brunts of his mistake make him question the power he wields.

    The arrow flies on its solitary path, but where does it end? When two worlds collide, will sparks fly or will there be nothing but remnants left in their wake?

  • Lost World: Grom's tale

    Lost World: Grom's tale

    9 pages by quirkyturtle

    Some people mean the best but come across as assholes instead, others are just assholes. When Grom set out to make his mark on the Lost World he had every intention of being the good guy, the lawful good as it were but it was not meant to be apparently. Leaving a trail of destruction in his wake Grom quickly finds himself as one of the most hated players in game and it's all just one big compounding misunderstanding.

  • The Legendary Couple

    The Legendary Couple

    9 pages by serifpersia

     The Legendary Couple by serifpersia

    The story follows Ruu and Lin, a couple that tries to fight for freedom and peace within the  kingdom of  "Ami", a kingdom created by two human races. Ruu is an adventurer while Lin is the former princess of that kingdom after five centuries.

    Many years before that event, these humans lived in two separate continents that were separated by one big mass of water. They were like a two massive islands.

    People lived their lives without knowing about the existence of intelligence that might rest inside of the opposite land mass. But the event of the comet hitting one of these lands changed lives of many.

    Normal Humans that had powerful swords, advance writing system and unique culture had to flee from danger as the comet was hitting their land. As they didn't have any other choice, they used the last source of energy to power one massive ship that will sail for the first time.

    Many of them died during the trip that was taking 50 days. People didn't want to go this place because they were afraid of the unknown but the comet hiting them, led to change of hearts. They sailed on the land of demi humans that had magic powers in their fingertips.

    Humans fought the other race and won the war because of their more advance tech. In the end both human race leaders agreed to form a kingdom where both races could coexist. Lamar the leader of the demi humans made his daughter Lina, a girl with cat ears as new queen and the leader of the normal humans, Hin made his son Leo the king of the newly formed kingdom. Evil people within two races worked together to destroy this peace.

    Will Ruu and Lin defeat those bad people or will they die,we shall see.

  • Paradox Invincible

    Paradox Invincible

    9 pages by AlvaroEliezer
    Zane Arcadios thought to be a genius, and is sure to be successful. But when live the same day twice, and have your memories in conflict may not be a way to prevent your destination end in blood and tears.
  • The Last Setmini

    The Last Setmini

    9 pages by Zoo

    Sen is a young student living in the South of France. Following the death of his grandfather, he must live on alone. However, a fateful encounter with one of his grandfather's last friend gets Sen involved in politics beyond his understanding. Stranded in another world, he must fight his way back to Earth. But how will he react upon learning the tragic fate of his family ? 

    ~ Temporary synopsis. Please do read the author's note.

    I do not own the cover picture. I will immediately take it down at the owner's demand.

  • Haikye Raifu

    Haikye Raifu

    9 pages by RuinedRune
    A light novel, which I am creating.
    The next chapter will be released soon.

    In the year 2023, Kimoto Haikye learned about his secret talent, that previously belonged to an archmage many years before him. He unravels his life and heritage throughout this story, as well as losing many loved ones of his.
    This novel is over Kimoto's journeys to become an archmage. However, this story will roll over 7 -10 chapters.
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