• Gemini


    6 pages by AbsoluteZeroX7

    My name is Darius you ever wonder what the universe holds? No? well me neither you expect to try be most impressive on your first day on your new job that your long time child hood friend hooked you up with and things took a turn for the worst you could say. This job isnt any intresting job by any means just a cook normal I study and study the culnary arts trying to be best I can but where I am from there isnt really many job opertunitys. Its a small town here where I grew up. There isnt much to go around this side on earth the econmeny has not great to however there is an important even happening soon a grand ship called the Elara it may look like a normal ship that you travel across the sea however it travels thru the galaxy. Once space travel got around Earth has mostly been vacent people traveling all across the universe now even tho Earth is still high tech and mostly run by one man its been peacefull here and just the way I like it. What is so special about the Elara it will be hoasting the most important people in the galaxy you could say King of the Universe I read up on some histoy he has been in many wars and establishing peace along the way and if it wasnt for him Earth wouldnt be so peacefull. Now this is where my friend comes into play she hooked me up with the job being a cook on the ship she works with the goverment that was her field of study she was on a mission to keep the peace. As for me I love to cook it is my passion and if the universe could be saved by my food then I would but for now its just to pay the bills and live. I have not seen her in about a year but we keep in touch her name is Myrilla but I call her Mira for short. Before I get ahead of myself lets start at the beggening where I first started on Elara and would be my only time.

  • The Sentinel Protocol

    The Sentinel Protocol

    1 pages by ACRendon
    The world began to fall apart as a new race of humans emerge - Queers. With people cursed with devastating abilities, terrorism became even more deadly and dangerous. At full force, the government still failed to provide protection. But one day...everything changed...

  • The Imperfect Girl for Me

    The Imperfect Girl for Me

    7 pages by mardwalimcan

    I met this particular girl on one of our P.E. class and eventually made her my Imperfect Girl.

    AUTHOR: I do hope some people like my story, I'm not good at making stories, but I hope my story can be understood by people who read it. Also, if you find some error in my grammar, please do correct me. 

  • The Novelist

    The Novelist

    7 pages by GreyjoysAnatomy

    Whatever you do, don't accept the invitation. It could be a simple letter in your mailbox. A single document in your email. Even a seemingly harmless pop-up on your computer.

    They'll be persistent, demanding horrid actions for you to committ. You'll try to quit, to go back to what used to be such a great, normal life. You'll fail.

    The game has its hooks in all of us, and it's only a matter of time until you're next.

    God help us all.

  • Dungeon Survival

    Dungeon Survival

    1 pages by Slowbie

    A story about the ardous life of a child in a dungeon. 

  • Mana Whisperer

    Mana Whisperer

    23 pages by Oz Melinum
    From a dimensional crack, an infant without 'destiny' attached to it arrives, offsetting the balance of the world. From the many powers that be to the family that he makes along the way, Julian Eques sets out on a perilous path fraught with dangers. With emotion as the usual catalyst to magic, the people that inhabit the land he walks are a danger unmatched.

    Dangers that threaten to consume not only him, but also the things that he value--principles, bonds, nature; everything that enables the world to subsist and exist in an orderly fashion--constantly hang around him like a doom cloud. In a land never truly at peace, where power is truth, he steps forth to make his mark.

    Perhaps one that lasts forever.
  • Apocalypse in Russian style

    Apocalypse in Russian style

    4 pages by Nalevo

    This novel is attempt to simulate possible consequences of Apocalypse.
    The plot is based on the rationality and thoughtfulness of the protagonist’s actions, ongoing events and possible consequences.

  • Immortals: The Eternal Kings

    Immortals: The Eternal Kings

    22 pages by SleepyWriter

    12 humans granted by the Gods what their kind had been searching for since the dawn of time. Immortality. Each with their own powers and circumstances, how will they use these new abilities? Are they great blessings, or terrible curses? For what purpose were they chosen?

    In this new world so similar yet different to our own, how will their future go?


  • Dance of the Knights

    Dance of the Knights

    12 pages by feels over reals

    Serj is leading a calm life in the middle of nowhere with his crush, aspiring for nothing but to grab her tight butt, content to never get anywhere in life. That is, until he's offered to take his hated grandfather's place as a Knight at the king's court. 

  • Project Genes : Year 2300 [Dropped]

    Project Genes : Year 2300 [Dropped]

    20 pages by Raizer_xXx

    Philippines: Year 2300

    The Time when Philippines are divided into three factions akin to the caste system; First, the Bid. This group signifies the lowest and poorest of citizens. Secondly, are the Commoner. They are the middle class citizens of the society. And lastly, on top of the pyramid are the Bidders.

    Why Bidders? They are qualified to buy Bids or even Commoners in order to transfer their memory genes to them and become immortal. This memory gene is invented by the company MEMO that is held by the current diplomatic government. It is an experiment of Europe that passed and is used by Bidders to live for who knows how many centuries.

  • The life of a minstrel

    The life of a minstrel

    6 pages by SlothPig

    An elf grew up, with the spirit of a man inside him. He was like any human in our world, with dreams. His dreams were of being a part of a band. But he had no talent with his voice ,nor had he enough dexterity to play an instrument. The closest he ever got was to be a roadie. He managed there instruments and there sets, but he wanted...MORE. One day, he got his wish and found himself dead. But he was reborn. In his elves body, he had a beautiful voice and nimble fingers. He was strait forward in his previous life, and now he vows to take his life down a more carefree path.

  • Seven Hills 90210

    Seven Hills 90210

    4 pages by MrBillyD

    A Beverly Hills 90210 / Buffy: the Vampire Slayer fan fiction tale.

     Brenda and Kelly are feuding over Dylan, when Anya the Vengeance Demon, from Buffy: the Vampire Slayer, offers her help.

    A comedy with euphemized expletives. (That means dirty words being covered over clumsily, for comic effect.)

  • The Scavenger

    The Scavenger

    18 pages by Somniator7

    Due to a catastrophic explosion, caused by a failed experiment, the known world was fractured. Space was torn open and abominations never before seen or heard of flooded the land. Humanity tried to fight back but the seemingly immortal beings couldn't be stopped. 

    That was years ago. Humanity now survives in splintered groups of villages or bands of marauders, existing on the edge of the once known world. These people live in fear, reduced to picking off the remains of their once great civilization. The ones responsible for this duty are the scavengers, brave souls who scour the rotting skeletons of humanity's past to try and rebuild elsewhere.

    Chase is a scavenger, a good one if he had a say in it. Though Chase rarely has a say in anything so he prefers to keep quiet. As a new type, he's not well liked in his village, though he doesn't really understand why. Besides his ability barely qualifies him as a new type, that was until he hit his limit and didn't stop.


    I don't own cover. JonasDeRo did it.


    This is one of my first stories, so constructive criticism is appreciated. Go easy on me guys my heart is fragile.

  • Age of Enlightenment: Deception of Misdirection

    Age of Enlightenment: Deception of Misdirection

    289 pages by Ryhean Chron

    In times of when the world around people seems ordinary, A good stable world. In the world of Atlas the world seems balanced as it is, but when plots, deception, and treachery lurks around the corners of the world it bring chaos and disorder. The talk of unknown puppet masters about bringing plots into actions to the world brings people of curiosity and selected people into the unknown puppet master's maze. Whatever treachery that lurks in the shadows the cause and effect of plots will no doubt lead to chain of events that begins with a Deception of Misdirection.

    Author's Notes:

    Book One: Deception of Midirection is my starting book for the series called 'Age of Enlightenment'. 

    Theme: The theme in my series is 'change', the story is viewed through mutiple point of views on how characters developing to change as the world around changes. Having characters adapt and react to the situation they're on and how will they survive, getting knowledge that completely changes their view on the world, and finally how a person could change the world with power. 

    Setting:  A fantasy world yet I've set the time period alike to the 17th century.



  • The Amulet

    The Amulet

    3 pages by rushedman

    Our protagonist recieves an amulet in a dream, and becuase of this amulet his world will be turned upside down. 

    (This is the only Synopsis I can give currently as I am still working on the story I will update as I flesh out the story more)

  • The Prophecy of seven

    The Prophecy of seven

    13 pages by Xlr8

    In the void in which nothing exist something unknown to anyone's knowledge or understanding, creating things form nothing ,awaits the time for the future to tell what its course is going to be. The Prophecy is about to begin its inital stage.

  • Echoes of the Cosmos

    Echoes of the Cosmos

    32 pages by Writer Eternal
    New project besides my main story. Hope you enjoy.

    A teen encounters magic for the first time and reincarnates with a different kind of Earth in the cosmos.

    With sword and magic, bravery and wisdom; the teen makes his mark in history.

    Story ended.
  • (Very) Short Stories

    (Very) Short Stories

    0 pages by Odd Genesis
  • Bringing Fire to Heaven

    Bringing Fire to Heaven

    19 pages by Mindaugas

    This story is set in a world with technology roughly equivelent to perhaps the early 20th century, yet where powerful magic exists and there are no explosives. Rising human nations vie with huge steel airships armed with air rifles and naptha mortars, trains, telegraphs, electrical lighting, combined with plate armour and imperialistic monarchies clinging to power.

    The gods are however very real and very mindful of the dangers of human progress whilst their power is, as it has always been, fed by blood sacrifice. This story will follow an immensely powerful and intently driven human mage as she seeks to reap the heavenly hosts with vengeful fire and slay the gods.

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