• The Book of Monsters

    The Book of Monsters

    0 pages by darklordliz

    The world of grim holds many riches and strange treasures. 

    The book of monsters is a strange grimoire that allows its user to create any monster, within limits of course.

    - Only monsters killed by the user can be used as parts

    - Monster parts must be absorbed by the book

    - When making a monster, the parts from storage will be used

    - Any monster killed can be remade

  • Highschool boy love

    Highschool boy love

    17 pages by Army-sensei

    It's about Miguel who loved Fatima since 1st year of highschool but he has no courage to tell her how he feels about her until he realized they were 4th year of highschool they were been through a lot they became a group for activities or projects but they never get to talk because he always gets nervous when he talks to her.

  • Somnus - a FFXv/Dynasty Warriors/Assassins Creed Fanfiction

    Somnus - a FFXv/Dynasty Warriors/Assassins Creed Fanfiction

    13 pages by Kahun

    Today I woke up and was like, yeah I think I want to write something today and voila: this happend.

    This story is about Vin, short for Vindex, Zervos the Son of a Crownsguard and a boy with special Abilites.

    I really suck at writing Synopsis' so please read even if you dont think that the description suits your taste

    Updates are random since I write this for fun and I don't got a lot of free time. Also I will ask my readers what they want to see in forms of polls, since I'm not finished writing the story yet.

  • My life in Heaven or Hell

    My life in Heaven or Hell

    5 pages by TrueDevilDragonGod

    No plot Just Trying to Survive.  First person POV may include other if nesscary.

    Year 2XXX

    All Human on Earth was transported or teleported to a Different Dimension call (HH) or Heaven or Hell by the human. The reason it is call that, is because it can be a heaven for the strong ones, but hell for the weak one.  They must survive the first mission before they can come to HH zone.  They can earn point base on how well they do in a mission and buy stuff from an online store that sell weapon, future weapon, fiction weapon, upgrade, lifespan, boost in human body and other etc. They must survive dangerous movies, games, anime, and other fictional thing, like anything I can think of.  We follow how a young men with no name who like to daydream all day like when he was a teenager.  He call himself Omega, since he was the last human to be transport to (HH).  

    Note, he and other player don't know anything about those game or stuff since the years is 2XXX. He can buy guide in the store for detail about the plot. 

    They are call player since it easier to be more gamelike.

  • One Day Super Powers

    One Day Super Powers

    43 pages by Bainator

    A man catalogs his experience with an experimental drug said to give those who take it super powers

  • Power Plant

    Power Plant

    18 pages by bencel88

    In a world where a fraction of the population has powers, three teens make their journey to be the greatest heroes the world has ever known.

    Alice Lane, an enhanced alter, dreams of becoming a superhero since she could talk. Now graduating from middle school, she joins aims to join the ranks of one of the very few prep schools for heroes. Will her power be enough or will she fail to become one of the crusaders of her dreams?

  • You're No Hero

    You're No Hero

    5 pages by killercrashman555

    In a world full of magic and wonder. A Hero must rise to defeat the Demon Lord as he wakes once again after 1000 years. She must fight to save those who she loves and holds dear. She must fight because very few can fight for themselves but not all goes to plan. Can she protect her kingdom or will she fall to the power of the Demon king and his Army of Monsters?


    Note: The same story is on another website. A Friend of mine and I are doing it together through this account, we put it up there first. If you'd consider it, you can read it on the site there, gives us more moral support. This is the wordpress site. 

  • Hundred-Leg Hero

    Hundred-Leg Hero

    2 pages by K X Douglas

    Isaac had an okay life.  He never had trouble affording food or making rent, but he seldom did anything exciting or novel.  He never expected to die young, or to be reincarnated in a fantasy world as a centipede.


    This was written for Royalroad's 5th Anniversary contest.  I may continue it at a later date.

  • Muttsu no Saikoro

    Muttsu no Saikoro

    0 pages by hazaru

    Do you ever wish to die?

    Have it occurred to you to take your life?

    Did someone ever heard your sufferings and pain?



    There are many people that are mostly save but there are still some that continues to wait for help and worst take the suffering with them until the end.

  • Scarlet Origins

    Scarlet Origins

    22 pages by valiantine

    Elucidara Scarlet, a young novice meijai-in-training, finds herself tested when she lands in hot water on one of her many adventures, as well as makes a new friend. Scarlet Origins is one of many short stories that together serve as a prologue for Scarlet Rhapsody.

  • Land of Tomorrow

    Land of Tomorrow

    4 pages by kazumi

    Getting a notif from God warning him of the imminent danger, Ahmed rejoices as the wish he always prayed to happen finally occurred. The earth is going to change, all the creatures roaming the universe will have to pass the test if they want to survive. When most hear of what's going to happen, they will probably think "meh, ill just kill a goblin, level up and go on my way to become op", but when the first quest to be recognized by the system consists of killing 30 goblins, second thoughts about this apocalypse are bound to be born.

  • Dark dungeons of dread and horror

    Dark dungeons of dread and horror

    2 pages by Ivan_Ivanovich

    A short story for submission to:

    Royal Road Countdown Event #2


  • The Legend

    The Legend

    0 pages by darklordliz


    Legends, they are the apex of human existence. Stories that have been past down throughout the ages so long they are but fragments of the original. Legends have been in all cultures throughout all civilizations since man began to pass down tales. Humans have a yearning to be remembered, Legends are people who have not been forgotten.

    Let me tell you a story, a legend of sorts. About a man without emotions and a lady with a vengeance. Let me tell you a legend, the legend of a assassin who was breed to kill and lived to served. About a abounded little girl who grew to stand above all. 

    Let me tell you about Mari Fior Celo and her shadow Lazur Zegan.

  • CyberSpace3


    0 pages by LmaoKat

    Kenneth Lane passes the evaluation test for the system made by the Originals. This system transports species into a space between space, called the 'CyberSpace'. He must stay there for 12 years and earn 'Energy Crystals' for Earth. Who knows what he will encounter within CyberSpace-3.

  • Joe Stein: The adventures of a 'realistic' reincarnate

    Joe Stein: The adventures of a 'realistic' reincarnate

    7 pages by Jester.The.Crazed


    What would happen if a story wasn't take from an ideal timeline, but rather one brings out my personal interests- I mean the interests of a great story. A storyline whose purpose is to serve as a creative vent. A story posted on a site only to hear opinions of others.

  • Samsara Overlord

    Samsara Overlord

    13 pages by abdirahman

    All souls return to River of Resurrection, it is in this river you will always end up in at the end of your life. The River of Resurrection has one duty, to erase all of your memery and send you on to your new life, depending on your Karma. Feng Shui is back in the River of Ressurrection for the second time and why the hell does he have the memery of his last two lives.



  • Un-usual


    14 pages by Pritam

    Maria Smith is an American Resident and a very bright student. She is beautiful. Lately her family broke. Her parents got divorced. Her mother had won the custody over her in the courts. Her mother being an Indian decided to send her to a boarding school in India. She did not want Maria to get affected by the divorce. So Maria was going to India. In a boarding school in the city of Mumbai called Emperial International School for her high school.

    Arjun Kashyap is a student in the Emperial Intenational School. He is also in the boarding.He doesn't talk to people much, he has his own group. He has quite some influence in the school and there is a rumour in the air that he can fight. He is from a village in Kolkata and is not much into the ways of the polite society.

  • Mysteria Chronicles

    Mysteria Chronicles

    8 pages by Ars Magna

    A young girl from earth transmigrated into a fantasy world.

  • Tek's Short Stories

    Tek's Short Stories

    5 pages by Tek

    This is a collection of my short stories. They may be fantasy, horror, or science fiction. Reader beware...

  • Drugo's revenge

    Drugo's revenge

    2 pages by olieboer

    Scientists create a machine that is able to siphon souls from soulspace into bodies in the mortal world. They might however have underestimated the plans the soul has with its new body.

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