• Twice-Marked


    17 pages by LaceLich

    All Wendy London had wanted was to become a professional ballerina. Instead she got a car crash, a bum leg, and her own death.

    Welcome to the world of the City That Was, where magic and genetic purity determine your place in a caste based system. Marked and measured, where the pattern of your soul defines you, how will she live in a world gone mad?

  • Half


    8 pages by PolarDivinity

    A child born of a forbidden relationship. 

    A child cursed since the day of his birth.

    A child who has the power to change the world.

    This child was born into the world befalling great calamity, his birth itself is a mistake everything in his life is a mistake.

    In this world where half breeds are rejected and the strong are accepted. Will this child ever find his true meanign in life?

    Will his power become a blade to clear out his enemies of or a blade that takes his life?

    Will he ever find happiness or will he die in sorrow?

    Follow the struggles and hardships faced by the person who will soon be seen as a hero, as a ruler or a god.

  • Dragontail


    11 pages by Rose.blood

    In the town of Dragontail not everything is exactly as it seems. The schools are different then what everyone expects. Some women are trained, or schooled to become maids. Others devote their life to serving their masters in the most exotic ways. The masters are always different. Women’s lives can change forever. For one girl, everything she has ever known is about to change forever. From her name, seeing her family, and even where she will spend her life until she is of age. Prepare for everything to change.

  • Aruna


    16 pages by okkymh

    Its story that happened in a world called Aruna where magic and science does exist. The story itself is about a kid and his mechanical doll who seeks revenge to the one that killed his mother and find the truth.

  • The Hero & The Villain

    The Hero & The Villain

    23 pages by Wulfrann

    Once again, the Hero had saved the day. She had smashed Chaos down, right through the macadam of the street, and now order could reign again.
    Until the next villain came, and it would start all over again.

    The Hero lives to destroy evil, and hopefully herself in the process. The Restrainer perpetrates evil to take care of her family. This is the story of the confrontation that took one of them out - or both.

    Spoiler: Story Warnings

  • Regarding a Certain A.I.

    Regarding a Certain A.I.

    0 pages by BigFatKoala

    This story is discontinued. sorry.

  • A Journey

    A Journey

    3 pages by Dickson

    An anthology from writing prompts and ideas for books I'm still fleshing out.

  • God of Music

    God of Music

    9 pages by Dark427

    This is a story about a Hero...But not an Ordinary Hero, but the Hero of Music, read about his journey through this new world as he unites the continents and eventually the world, all through love and lyrics!

     (I'll actually upload this one daily so Enjoy)



  • Earth A.A.

    Earth A.A.

    4 pages by Ouroborros

    The year 2030.

    Earth is dying.

    Wars, man-made plagues, overwhelming pollution, and the list goes on. 

    Earth is tired and she has almost given up on the humans on their path to extinction alongside with her and every sentient being.

    So she gives them one opportunity, one last chance to make this right. So she unleashes Ragnarok changing the nature of the world in search of change.

    From the ashes of the apocalypse, a child soldier emerges from the ashes... and with it a small blade filled with knowledge.


    Notes about the Author:

    - Non-Native English Speaker yet fluent to a certain extent.

    - Avid reader starting from Animorphs, LOTR, WOT, Caine's Law and many more that I can't recall.

    - Submission twice a week (hopefully...)

    - Agenda is to become a full-time author and yes this is my first web novel.

    - Will be open to donations and support once this starts rolling and will put in more submissions per week.

    - Last but not least, I am open to criticism. Hopefully, I can handle it...


  • Dead or Alive

    Dead or Alive

    0 pages by Xcrayonex

    On the Year 20XX, a pandemic has spread around Asia-- one that caused the occurance of.. cannibalism. Japan has closed its borders to prevent the spread of the virus. A group of highschool students tries to survive the outbreak. Will they survive? Or will they die?

  • System life

    System life

    2 pages by Fabien Yeoman

    The life of a system and why it is one. Slice of life or maybe slice of existence due to it not being alive.

  • The Emblem of Love and Hate

    The Emblem of Love and Hate

    13 pages by Mengheavenlymonster

    Have you ever pondered, why is love necessary in our lives ? and why hate and love are like two sides of coin . Follow the misadventures of Reincarnated godchild , A girl searching for the meaning of life, A man who lost everything and live for himself and a princess who lost her emotions and see it for yourself.

  • The Book of

    The Book of "B"

    3 pages by Masinity

    The book of 🅱️

    So like any other stories that you have already read, this one revolves around the guy that once thought that life was plain and boring, his name is 🅱️.

    Now, have you ever thought of something so stupid yet, amazing at the same time? That's how his thought process works. He and his friends do bunch of stupid things that they enjoy, until the new employee, ♿ came.

    How will 🅱️'s life be affected by this change? Will he still be enjoying the boredom that he had? Or will ♿ change his perspective in what life is?

  • Dekus hero academia! Not mine...

    Dekus hero academia! Not mine...

    1 pages by Totally normal human

    Spoiler: Spoiler


    Hello there your resident otaku marissa clearwater here and umm well i died by *sighs* him yknow him that man himself and well something pretty interestings gonna go down ahaha well just read this and you'll find  out!



    Btw this is my first fiction ever and likely really amateurish soo yea dont expect anything and please comment for any criticism and i hope you'll like it as much as i do!laughing

  • Smashed Potatoes

    Smashed Potatoes

    7 pages by MrBillyD

    U. S. Soldiers visit an Italian village during World War II.

    This story is based on an actual incident that my father was told about it by his cousin. 
  • Fortuna Incarnare

    Fortuna Incarnare

    0 pages by SlaiSketch

    A fifteen year old girl dies unexpectedly and is reincarnated into a new world. However, her new body has some surprises that she wasn't exactly prepared for. 

  • Realms Beyond Mortal

    Realms Beyond Mortal

    19 pages by GoldFlameTortoise

    Ian Sheppard is an applied mathematician who unwittingly transports himself to another world. He reincarnates many times and becomes a legend in the cosmos. However, the bitter loneliness and the endless stream of betrayals which come along with reincarnation nearly destroy his mind. 

    When he's nearing his absolute limits, he saves a girl. As his reward, his mind is reset to the point of his first reincarnation. He still only thinks of himself as a lowly reincarnated mathematician, despite his former glory which shook the order of countless worlds. Unbeknownst to him, his 'past self' made quite a few enemies in very high places.

    My release rate will pick up once the opening chapters are written. The beginning of the story will also have a bit of a slow start to provide character background. Bear with me.

    I also post on Web Novel and Scribble Hub.

  • Among The Stars

    Among The Stars

    22 pages by OneDream

    The story of a boy who has only known pain and suffering in a torn future Earth. Will he overcome the pain, or will it overcome him? Will he accept his destiny?


    Constructive criticism welcome, Im not a professional tongue-out

  • Underground Tourist

    Underground Tourist

    17 pages by davidhillburns

    For security reasons, a post-democratic American president restricts tourism to the elite few.  Two computer programmers discover illegal, underground tourism and become a part of something greater.

    (perhaps the beginning of a novel)

  • path of the dungeon

    path of the dungeon

    0 pages by yobyoby18

    i've been supressed my whole life but no more! i will leave this world and rule another!


    sup! this is just a teaser for a story i'm gunna do in the future so don't expect any updates on this for a while!

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