• Streams of Mithril

    Streams of Mithril

    19 pages by Writer Eternal
    One young man appears in a strange world that seems very similar to his own. His parents are the same. His room looks just like he left it, but it was not his Earth. Even his siblings acted differently than he remembered.

    Magic and science both exist in his new world. People live in cities with fortified walls and traveled to other cities by locomotive , armored trains. Sky travel was too dangerous and magical creatures yet to be discovered rule the seas.

    One shot ended.
  • Proven


    29 pages by JoshuaWiebelhaus

    A grand quest to defeat a fledgling god is a difficult adventure, not for the weak of body or weak of heart. So who do the gods send to destroy the rising evil god? Only the best, a wizardborn knightmage, a goblin rogue, a gnome scholar reaserching interplaner travel, a half-elf barbarian, a woodelf ranger and a human paladin and a dwarf cleric are called forth. Not all of them go for altruistic reasons, not all of them would be considered good or lawful but each of them is chosen and each of them are Proven warriors.

  • Inter Dimensional Time Travelers

    Inter Dimensional Time Travelers

    148 pages by gunraidan

    A troubled youth find himself dragged into an adventure not bounded by time or space.

  • Why...did I wake up in a zombie apocalypse?

    Why...did I wake up in a zombie apocalypse?

    3 pages by deidei

    As I wake up as usual with the first ray of light, the first thing that enter my ears aren't the chips of birds or the usual squirrel bickering away. There isn't even the annoying noise of cars engine driving by. Ah, what a peaceful morning for once. Well, that is until I notice the awful rotten stench in the air. Ugh, I think I am going to be sick, the acid content of my stomach is desperately trying to climb up my throat. My headache and that wave of nausea are definitely not helping.

    As I clench my nose and struggle to get up to close my window, the room starts spinning and a sense of dizziness hits me. I manage to start staggering toward the window to close it, until the full toll of my hangover hits me with muscle pain and light sensitivity. I then just fall face first on the floor...


    (Thanks to RessQ from deviantart for the Cover image : https://www.deviantart.com/ressq) =3

  • Wayward Son

    Wayward Son

    7 pages by Mitchellmoon
    The story of a man and his descent into madness, once standing at the very peak of the world and now he crawls through the mud, to take back everything he lost.
  • The French Conflict

    The French Conflict

    73 pages by Orange Omega

    This story is about a boy named Hikari who, for some reason, is transported back to the Napoleonic wars era. But not just any Napoleonic wars period, an alternate version of it. What will Hikari experience there? And how will he get home?

  • Cold Blood

    Cold Blood

    9 pages by GalaxyGladious

    The year is 2055, the Third World War is long over and the world is split between the West and the East. 22 year old Bastion Woods, a prodigy and genius Australian sniper, is killed in action during a mission in Baghdad, leaving behind his family and long-time friend and partner Katrina Williams. Is he satisfied with his death? Of course not, not many are, and Bastion finds himself in a plain white field. He is told that he will begin a new life by the Gods, and all was well, but could a story really end so easily? Of course not!

    The so called 'Gods' were the game developers, and he is to spend his second life as an NPC in the up-and-coming VRMMORPG 'Cold Blood', a game based on a dystopian world filled with guns and ruined cities. For the chance to meet his loved ones, he will endure, he will improve, he will kill, and he will survive in this new world.

  • Nightsworn


    28 pages by Inorai

    [Book 3 of the Flameweaver Saga.  Books 1 and two are on Amazon - Chosen and Charred!]

    After what had come to feel like an eternity, Takio has finally broken free.  Ondria’s aid has been secured, along with the aid of the Wavebinder and his Tideborn.  Darren’s army has been fought to a standstill, and the border belongs to the Riverguard.

    For once, it almost seems like things are looking up.

    With every second that passes, though, Drenwell and its Chosen have another opportunity to turn the tides.  The race to Drenwell City is on, for the last of the Four has yet to reveal himself. The Everdark remains yet in hiding, lurking in the shadows cast by his brother, and whoever finds him first and claims his aid will tip the balance of the war in their direction.

    Takio and his allies have no choice but to seek out the reclusive Divine, hunting through the parts of the capital where Rellan’s light has yet to reach.  That search, though, also means putting themselves within arm’s reach of the Order - and Darren.

    With the fight beginning to draw to a close, the deadly hunt is on.

  • Archangel


    50 pages by sorathanne
    Time for changes had come. Will it bring destruction? Or will it bring eternal peace this time around? Only time will tell. This story follows in two person’s point of view. The fate of the world is entirely on their shoulders.

    Klaus felt estranged and isolated to the world after he found himself entangled with something beyond his imagination. For an untalented country boy like himself, would he be able to cope with his raging emotions, his gradually changing nature of self as well as the challenges that lies ahead of him? While he found himself growing closer and closer to a conclusion, well he accept his fate, or will he defy it?

    Julia had been blessed and gifted with power since she was born. Born of a powerful family and all the privileges that comes with it, accustomed to the norms and teachings of her predecessors, she grew up with great sense of filiality and uprightness. But when she unwillingly became involved in something that completely contradict her knowledge and comprehensibility, will she be lead astray, or will she be resolved to continue on her path regardless of what fate it brings?

    Chapter releases may come between three to four days or longer according to circumstances.
  • Citrix’s log: a hunter’s life

    Citrix’s log: a hunter’s life

    168 pages by dionysus

    "You’re hired”

    Dragged into a dimension where sentient beings fight against everything and each other, Citrix gains a new identity as a hunter. Traveling worlds, infiltrating organizations, crossing dimensions is everything in his line of work, even if you consider blood constantly splattering around his workplace. The logs record everything he does, literally everything.

    P.S. Image not mine


    Synopsis 2

    With fragments of memory emerging from time to time, Citrix gets a glimpse back into the life he once had. But old memories mean past experiences, and what he now holds dear may no longer seem true after the memories are back.


    What happens when his old life merges with his new life?

  • The Netherlands

    The Netherlands

    2 pages by LadyKalsifer

    Ariea, a normal female witch wants to leave her world only to meet Tam, a demon from the Netherlands.

  • CyberSpace3


    0 pages by LmaoKat

    Kenneth Lane passes the evaluation test for the system made by the Originals. This system transports species into a space between space, called the 'CyberSpace'. He must stay there for 12 years and earn 'Energy Crystals' for Earth. Who knows what he will encounter within CyberSpace-3.

  • Happiness!


    16 pages by Xenocrisi

    This is the everyday life of a japanese high school student called Komine Haru. She's a smart, lively girl who just wants to enjoy her life to the fullest with her friends; Kenji Makoto, a naive and weird boy and Onoya Hana, the president of the student council

    The story slowly begins to move, in a world where mysterious beings live.
  • Black


    2 pages by #LNjunki

    I have seen my fair share of fights.

    never taken part in one though. Allways thought fighing was stupid.

    all it will take is some idiot to hit you in the face and you end up looking like, like i dont know but it will get harder to get a date is all Im saying.

    So can someone please tell this ten feet tall gray skinned ........person that Im a born pacifict, and OMG is that blood?

  • A Child's Dream

    A Child's Dream

    3 pages by Isaac Greyfield

    Listen to my story as I tell you of the wonderful and mundane adventures of my youth. Subjects such as love, loss, friendship, pain, and adventure, will paint the tapestry of my history in these short and casual chapters.

    Feel free to recount to us your own experiences or to herald the mighty quests of your own for others to enjoy!

  • Ascendant


    59 pages by Inorai

    [Book 4 of the Flameweaver Saga.  Books 1 and two are on Amazon - Chosen and Charred!  Book 3 is on my account here, as well as its original home on reddit's /r/Inorai.]

    It’s time.

    There’s no more hiding, no negotiating truces or bargaining with half-allies.  With Solune found, the last barrier to the war reaching its inevitable end has been cleared.

    But even with the Everdark distancing himself from the war, leaving his brother to fend off the onslaught of Shiina and Efren alone, it won’t be an easy victory.  Drenwell is an old country, strong and well established, and it will fight fiercely to protect its god and people.  The war cannot be fought without sacrifice - something each of them knows all too well.

    The fight will go beyond the battle lines as the four Ascended are locked into one city, left standing at the forefront of the conflict.  They can’t all win, and they can’t all live - and even should Takio find himself victorious, the cost for fulfilling the pact he made with Shiina is steep.  Win or lose, he knows his destination may well be the same.

    Even still, leaving things unfinished isn’t an option.

    With nowhere left to run, their final chance at revenge - and victory - is at hand.

  • Placeholder


    0 pages by cmfairchild


  • special mage

    special mage

    8 pages by matthew9231

    -the empty vessel theory-


    A true empty vessel is quiet.

    If you are loud without ability, you are bound to be watched by others. People catch up fast listening to the sounds the empty vessel makes.

    I've seen lots of empty vessels die out in my life. In occasions where they could have passed just by staying quiet, they ruined up their chances by standing out and failing. I had to look at those people with both eyes open.

    A empty vessel needs to know how to appeal itself to others, without letting others notice too much.

    The ability to step behind in the most important moments, wordings that make you look like something. And the most important thing is...

    to not lie.

    A true empty vessel should always have a escapeway for itself. The moment of carelessness when it thinks it has decieved all others will ruin all that it has earned.

    People call me as a genius that would only come out once in a thousand years. It is a problem since I am a genius in other ways from what others think.

    A genius wizard who mastered the 7th circle at the age of 17.

    People know me as that. Don't doubt it, as I said, I don't lie. Of course, that is not all of the truth.

    On top of that truth, there is a small problem. A problem so critical, I had to decide to live as a empty vessel rather than live a fancy life.

    Well, this is me.

    Nothing special, nothing surprising, right?

    I just thought I would keep live on this normal life, but I made a mistake. Let's just say... it's not a normal mistake.



    0 pages by MAZ

    Growing up to become a typical salaryman, the only joy in Michael's life is playing shooting videogames, especially those wih aliens. 

    He knows nothing about alternate universes. He never watched an anime or read manga. He doesn't like reading. 

    So how is he going to survive in a parallel universe as the enemy of humans. We're not talking about aliens taking over earth, but residents of the world, trying to fight for survival. 

  • The Breaking of Magic

    The Breaking of Magic

    16 pages by Keira

    One part of the world thrives, another dies, and yet another questions why, all without knowledge of the other. Three continents divided by inhospitable seas with one dangerous mystery pushing them each to seek the other: what happened to the magic?

    First work posted here, probably only to be the first chapter, just wanted to familiarize myself with the process and see what kind of reception I get. Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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