• Seeker of souls

    Seeker of souls

    0 pages by earthdrake

    If you disappear, will someone notice?

    Will anyone search for you?

    And what about those who reincarnate or transmigrate?

    Who will seek them?

    And why?


    Author's note, will present profanities and traumatizing content.
    Currently writing chapters, once there are a few ready will start to release them.

  • Summoned Heroes' Life

    Summoned Heroes' Life

    4 pages by Cogito

    The same familiar setting of a brave youth being summoned into a different world to defeat a demon lord.

    The formula that happened simultaneously across the globe as youths were forcibly taken away from home.

    This is what happens when they all went returned back.

  • Maharaja: The Inquisition

    Maharaja: The Inquisition

    1 pages by Avicenna

    The story is ongoing. Will give synopsis at certain chapter.

  • Princess Of The Black Castle

    Princess Of The Black Castle

    12 pages by DingaLing

    The gods are beings that create the worlds and many races, they enjoy looking at their creations and the things they do be it war or peace, but sometimes they want to change it up a little so they created a very special being called the demon king and his kin the demons so they created an endless cycle of death for the king and his kin, but that same demon king and his kin manage to escape the cold cage created by the gods, and now he is reborn as a human what will become of this new world?


  • The Memoirs of Tiapa Kynos

    The Memoirs of Tiapa Kynos

    12 pages by FlawedByDesign

    Hello, I'm Tiapa Kynos. My story starts in hell.

    Not literal hell, mind, but the type of hell that only Destiny can create. The type of hell where every day is living agony and what burns the worst is that there was nothing you could have ever done to deserve where you ended up.   

    But don't worry. Even though I started a slave, used in every fashion a female slave can be used, it ends in... well, I won't spoil it. Suffice it to say that recovering from 13 years of torture, misery, rape, and abuse is possible. It just takes a long, long time.  This is not the story of my time as a slave, but what came after. When I finally stole my freedom from those who never had a right to it. This is my story of learning that, even at 27, I was still a child, and finally getting a chance to grow up.

    My story is of hope. Of finding a family. Of find my Destiny.

    I hope it teaches you as much as it's taught me.

  • Records


    4 pages by Eldiabloalchemia

    What is Power?

    What is Skill?

    And what does one do with them?

    These define a person.

    Follow the story of one who is both blessed and cursed , of one who has everything and nothing.

    p.s. My first story. I'll appreciate any and all criticism. Please point out any mistakes. Thank you.

  • Crimson Marble

    Crimson Marble

    11 pages by Zendreion

    A squad of skilled soldiers, their pasts, their reasons and the crimson marble.

  • world renown

    world renown

    4 pages by Vcente

    He had destroyed countless worlds, he destroyed mine.

    All hail


    The dibia's of Minos, a world rich with magic, merged their world's core with a planet with no magic.

    The effects are still unknown. 

    All was done to escape ; but it was already 


    Everthing is changing. "what" you may ask. Read to find out more. 

  • Facade


    55 pages by spiritfox33

    In a world full of lies, where does the truth lie? In the great unknown? In the minds of the rulers of the world? Or does the truth lie somewhere else? Somewhere....more obvious, where every single person can see and access....but do not realize?

  • The Melancholy of An Immortal

    The Melancholy of An Immortal

    19 pages by 7g3p

    God's "Perfect Being". That was who Ambrose was.

    Or at least that was what he was supposed to be.

    He had the perfect mind, the perfect body and was even immortal. However it was because of his immortality that he could never be the perfect being.

    So God had tried to kill him off, but not even It could do that. Ambrose was truly undying.

    It was because of his immortality that he never, felt any desire, unlike Humans who could find meaning to their lives in that desire.

    He lived for hundred of millions of years and has seen everything from the extinction of the dinosaurs to the birth and death of empires, all the while remembering every single second of it in excruciating detail.

    Living his life without any meaning, Ambrose could do nothing, but exist without any desire.

    Until he looked across the crowd of people.

    It was then that he felt desire.

  • Jeremy was not always a snake...

    Jeremy was not always a snake...

    0 pages by Archer

    Jeremy was not always a snake. Yesterday he was human, today.... not so much. 


    This is my first novel, so please excuse me if it is not that good.

    The releases will be very, very, very slow. I might even not post for months... 


    i will try my best but there is a very high chance of me giving up, or restarting. Multiple times...

    I might even change the title, and/or plot (and probably everything else)



    0 pages by LittleFinn


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  • The Unpredictable story

    The Unpredictable story

    0 pages by skyblader70

    One day Jinx was walking from school and got hit by a bus by accident and was send to the heavens only to find out that his time didnt end and was killed by mistake so god reincarnated him in a another world...

  • republic of the dead.

    republic of the dead.

    8 pages by rusticsoldier

    fantasy land no stats.. no rpg settings.. its just a fantasy story..

    Main character Lou Brown 36 years young. Wants to change his life around.. sells his grocerystore. purchased a herd of domesticated land wyvern. hitches up his chariot. And is about to set off from the town of pleasentville. His ex got the house he sold the store.

    Lou is going to make a name for himself... He just not sure he is willing to make it a good name.

    In the Republic of Dawn. The peace of the nation is kept. with large armies of undead. in addition to there standing army.. Criminals skeletons are sold at auctions.. if the nation does not need any. This has kept the peace with the neighboring countries that are sometimes 10 times larger in size...with one country surrounding the northern and western border.. and two other countries that have at least one side. the nation has profitated largely from trade. 

    The republic is only 694232sq mi2 just a little larger then the state of Alaska.


  • On The Battlefield

    On The Battlefield

    17 pages by Raker

    In a world ravaged by the damage of past wars and the monsters it created joined by the constant greed and corruption of mankind a "solution" was needed, that solution is the phenomenon at the end of the  21st century , Mercenary wars.

    The historical year of 2085 , exactly 50 years after the great war that took the lives of more than a third of the entire world , the Council of Revived Society  or C.R.S have deemed that conflict ,especially violent conflicts , shall always be in human nature. As such rather than try to forbid it they decided to limit it by creating "Mercenary Wars". To avoid repeating the mistakes of the past and sending millions to their deaths  small controlled 'wars' with predetermined numbers in a isolated environment shall serve as the new means to solve conflicts between countries as well as corporations .

    Overtime this became an instant hit in the entertainment industry , as the depravity and adrenaline it offered it's watchers was unmatched.Naturally such a system is bound to be filled with flaws and it’s share of corruption and young Zayn is about to be thrown in the midst of it all.

     A word for myself : I am a fledgling writer from Romania and this is one of my first babies so i'll appreciate any comment/criticism on how to improve my writing . Do note that english is not my native language as such i'd love it if you would point out any gramatical errors or things that feel out of place. Thank you for reading this and i hope you will enjoy what i have to write.


  • Mighty tale of some evil nord looking guy.

    Mighty tale of some evil nord looking guy.

    10 pages by dmagic

    Don't exept much this is my first time writing a story. (updates will be slow bcuz i want everything perfect[ill try])


    A bored guy gets killed by a random muggers because of bad joke and some cliché reincarnation god(dess) gives him 3 wishes (wait isn't that a genie???????) and reincarnates him in a world full of magic and swords (and evil bandits[and kings]that haven't touched a woman in ages bcause of their evil and manipulative wifes) and this is his story of evilness and cheesy-ness

    (if you still haven't coughed up blood I strongly advice checking the story out if you want cough up blood)


    (this story has a miniscule amount of Greek mythology and thinks from games like Skyrim, Dark Souls etc ec)

    WARNING. The characters WILL be made out of paper and cardboard AND I Have no idea how to write a medieval world but it's not gonna be all sheeps and rainbows there will be edgy moments, rape (no the MC doesn't rape anyone don't get your hopes up) but not detailed but hinted and victims that the mc saves (no romance until the MC grows out of his nord fantasies and starts looking at girls but with his conversion skills, we all know its not gonna happen), hero rival that thinks hes evil but actually he just hates bratty kids and is bratty against him too (wow what a hypocrite) so the hero thinks 

    Spoiler: Spoiler

     But enough of the synopsis and read it already!!!!!


    i put the 2 content warnings but I think the gore will be pretty mild and the 18+ scenes gonna be amateurish




    BIG SPOILER!111!!!

    Spoiler: Spoiler


  • Dice Roller

    Dice Roller

    3 pages by KenchiC

    "I'm definitely better than everyone."

    It was Kent's favorite line. He was perfect in every way possible. In his grades, sports, and even on his facorite hobby, playing games. He is the pinnacle of all human beings. People are talking about how perfect he really is..


    That was Kent's view on himself, and everyone surrounding him. He was the complete contradiction of his own view. Everything about him screams "AVERAGE!"

    Games are his only strong point, and he's still average there. Luckily, a new game on the VR came out. Would he be able to carry out his ego, or would it be the exact opposite?

  • Competion


    0 pages by eac1

    This is a competion between me and my friend on a story and will not be further updated

    Setting: A mountainous terrain sprinkled with small shrubbery a bog to the south and the sky is overcast

  • Super Eternal Peerless Immortal Master King

    Super Eternal Peerless Immortal Master King

    1 pages by Swamped

    A spoof I whimsically wrote.


  • For Altine

    For Altine

    14 pages by Udumori

    The Sun has Set.

    There is no sun but a fallen sun in the world of a certain wanderer.

    Yet, all he can do is to live on.

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