• Unbound Deathlord: Challenge

    Unbound Deathlord: Challenge

    98 pages by edwardcastle

    Due to Amazon's Kindle Unlimited rules, I had to pull most of the book content from RoyalRoad.

    Only sample chapters remain.

    To read a fiction that will never be removed from Royal Road, I recommend my other fiction: Immortal Mage.

    The first two books of the series are out on Amazon:

    Book 1: Unbound Deathlord: Challenge
    Book 2: Unbound Deathlord: Obliteration 

    Book 1: Challenge

    When virtual reality becomes real enough that people feel as if they’re being transported to another world, Valia Online arrives.

    A man running from his past joins the game to forget it all. Calling himself Jack Thorn, he chooses an undead race, Deathlord.

    A mage by choice, and a swordsman by necessity, he soon finds out that he’ll need to use much more than magic and steel to survive; strategy, creativity, and carefully chosen words can often accomplish what simple attacks can’t.

    As the game becomes too real and touches a part of him that he’d rather leave buried, he is faced with two questions:

    Who is he, really?

    And who should he become?

  • (ON HIATUS) Immortal Mage

    (ON HIATUS) Immortal Mage

    403 pages by edwardcastle




    Formerly an Origin Immortal, Aaron Ironblood went to a foreign universe, conquered a world in it, and went for the next challenge.

    Now reborn in a place where magic reigns supreme, he must once again rise to the peak to save first the world and then, the universe itself.

    Follow Aaron as he employs eons of experience to master magic, crush all opposition, and conquer all in his path.

    OP MC is OP
    - The main character has some morals
    - Wuxia/Xianxia elements (including flashy martial arts later in the story)
    - LitRPG/GameLit world with game-like windows and game-like skills (e.g. Check Level skill)

    This fiction will never be removed from Royal Road.
    Even if I decide to sell it as a book or something, all chapters shall remain available here for free, and keep being released until the story is complete.
    Pauses might happen if needed, but I will finish the story.

  • Rebel - An Uni Online Tale

    Rebel - An Uni Online Tale

    14 pages by edwardcastle


    Captain Mark Simmons of planet Tunis was a reliable Space Marine his whole life. He obeyed orders and did so as fast and efficiently as possible.

    Until the Travelers came to the Universe.

    They could be killed, but would resurrect in HQ after a day. They came from somewhere different, for an alternate reality, and infiltrated everywhere. It was a true invasion, in his eyes.

    They were also rebellious, uneducated, untrained, and still, the brass ordered everyone to suck it up and allow them free reign in the Army.

    Mark didn't take it well.

    After killing a Traveller in a mission and being demoted to a Drill Sergeant, he deserted the Army.

    It was not treason; it was for patriotism.

    Someone had to do something against the invaders, and this someone would be him: He'd create an organization with the sole purpose hunt and kill down all Travelers until they gave up on coming to his universe.

  • I Wanted to Live an Average Life But I Got The Strongest OP System Instead

    I Wanted to Live an Average Life But I Got The Strongest OP System Instead

    16 pages by edwardcastle

    This should be evident due to the title, but let me stress it:

    THIS NOVEL IS A NONSENSE-ISH COMEDY. Don't take it too! seriously

    This is a novel I'm writing sporadically just to blow off some stress.

    I'll probably finish it eventually. Maybe.

    Don't expect periodic releases.


    Dude was socially invisible and he loved it.

    All he wanted was to go through his life without attracting any attention. He even managed to get all the way to college without anyone knowing his name!

    No friends, no parties, no hidden martial arts training, no secret gamer skills.

    --- Just a random Dude passing by! Please, don't make way, it would make me too evident! Let me struggle to get through this crowd delightfully unnoticedly!

    But then, in a fateful day, the Most Annoying System - which called itself the Strongest OP System - appeared!

    The epic (doubtfully) fight (more like endless complaints) between man (a virgin college student) and system begins now!

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