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Unwritten Denouement

Unwritten Denouement

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Virtual Reality
Tendris Yuusha had been a victim of relentless harassment and bullying. For a while now, he has been beaten, betrayed, and even ignored by the very people who he considered to be friends with.

Feeling isolated and melancholic, Tendris was a pitiful.

That is, until he discovered an entirely new world.

New Age Online.

Tendris starts his journey walking on the path of self-discovery and growth. At the same time reaching new heights and creating his own legend!
Insanity vs. Disease

Insanity vs. Disease

Original Action Adventure Comedy Horror
Four mercenaries out on a mission come across three super weapons colliding and are caught in the combined blast of the three weapons. What happens to them?
Baptized and forgiven

Baptized and forgiven

Original Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Tragedy
The sounds of the people begging for mercy, all the blood that has been spilled from battle in which I has caused both through out my journey trying to find the one girl.


Original Harem
Last Game

Last Game

Original Adventure Fantasy Romance Virtual Reality
“When born were you able to decide on your appearance, your talents, your skills?”

“This game will essentially give you a new life a new you! And the only limit to your abilities and what you can achieve will be yourself and how you view the new world around you!”

Join Ellen as she embarks on a new adventure, in the first and last multiplayer online virtual reality game, Last Game!
The Great Demon King AI

The Great Demon King AI

Original Adventure Comedy Fantasy Gender Bender Harem Virtual Reality
After being hit by a truck, tricked by Eris Greek goddess of chaos and reincarnated as a VR AI I decided it was time for revenge. Follow AI G8-41 aka Alastair, The Great Demon King AI (self-proclaimed), on his journey for revenge against Eris, the evil gaming company, and all the players of the VR game Oriana.

Oriana, will it be a wonderful paradise of fun or an unending hell? With a cast of game players, AIs, meddling forces of gods and demons and greedy businessmen as they battle for the fate of this gaming world.

The tone is mostly a light comedy but will sometimes go into dark comedy and the main characters are not immune to hardships.
3D/2D: I Got Sent to a Fantasy World and Turned into an Anime Character?!

3D/2D: I Got Sent to a Fantasy World and Turned into an Anime Character?!

Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Harem Romance
Isaac John L. de la Cruz is just your average run-off-the-mill male with a slight(?) inclination towards Otaku culture. He never even imagined anything special or outrageous would happen to him and just lived a relatively peaceful, if a tad bit mundane life.

Problem was, it did. He gets transported to another world for one. And he turns 2D!

Will he ever find a way back home? And even if he did… would he even want to?…

*A comedic fantasy story with a touch of MMORPG and a dash of romance. And, just maybe, a bit of drama(?)...

You have been warned...
AI De..ity

AI De..ity

When Virtual Worlds are commonplace, and Virtual Reality games come out every year, adventures start getting cheap.

Unfortunately this story isn't any better.

A story featuring a slime, a cheap mystery and a VR game. What more could you want?
Elemental God

Elemental God

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Martial Arts Romance Supernatural
Azuel is a demon that had lived his life fueled by the urge of revenge....Finally fulfilling his goal, he embraces death but fate has another plan for him.....
Crazy Blacksmith

Crazy Blacksmith

Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Virtual Reality
There was once a man who was called crazy by the ones nearest to him. But that man doesn't care, he just wants to play the new game Dragon Tale the way he wants.
Conquering The World

Conquering The World

Original Action
I've always had this dream.

Its a dream that every kid had at least once....
So i don't think my dream is that special.
To put it's a dream that connects the greatest minds in history and the all-ordinary children.

This world does not have any fantasy like magic, and is rather boringly....normal.
And this boring it possible for someone to dream about world conquer?
Even if it meant robbing banks, getting the codes of nuclear warheads and causing world war three.
And as everything has a beginning, this, as well, has an ending.

So let me promise you something.
This is going to be a twisted tale, full of treason, bloodshed and taboos being broken.
Can you....handle it?


Original Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Horror Romance Sci-fi Tragedy
From the Author of Re:Ocean
A man is killed by nature and his own mistakes. He awakens to find himself in a place that isn't Earth, in a body that isn't human and has to face a difficult future. The maze that fills the world seems to have numerous secrets and a hidden intelligence and purpose. Will this man shatter the world or be broken by it?
Rated 18+ for Excessive violence in places, coarse language, suggestive scenes and tragic themes.
Inspired by Re:Monster but very different.
The Cruel and Arrogant Bastard

The Cruel and Arrogant Bastard

Original Comedy Fantasy Harem Horror Psychological Sci-fi Supernatural Tragedy
Yes! it's the same story as Arrogance: Blue Cruelty, but I've revised everything to fix the holes in the story.
This is the story of an average man who became a hero for love and lived his life as it was designed for him by the heavens.
Now, he doesn't have an objective as he had lost everything he loved.
What would he do with the craziest army ever created? and what is the meaning behind his recurrent nightmares?
Kingdom Saga

Kingdom Saga

Original Action Adventure Virtual Reality
do you want to conquer, raid, trade, pillage or make a paradise city
join Adrian as he play the first virtual reality strategy game
this is my first fanfic and english is not my native tongue so please comment if there is a mistake thank you


Original Adventure Fantasy
Hey you there, yeah you,you want to read another reincarnation. thats good, man ,thats good

p.s. I put the ?????? so it will be a suprise
p.s.s i will make mistakes with grammar so if you point it out in the comment i will fixxed it
Legend of Xeor

Legend of Xeor

Original Adventure Fantasy Tragedy
!!Needs a lot of fixing, might do it some time in the future!!

Xeor is a """"Young"""" lionman who travels around the world of Allastar
following his destiny.

Might contain bad language, grammar mistakes and bad jokes.
Fairy Queen Titania

Fairy Queen Titania

A woman with power untold goes on a rampage in a dark world, slaughtering millions in her grief. Eventually she is killed, and hoping for death she is shocked to find that she has been reborn as a...
New World Online(NWO)

New World Online(NWO)

Original Adventure Comedy Fantasy Harem Martial Arts Romance School Life Sports Virtual Reality
Let's follow the life and adventure of the most unfortunate guy? he is by far one of the lowest level and weirdest adventurer on a VRMMORPG game (New World Online).not to mention that he is also a hardworking guy but a wierd gamer (?)… weird because he hardly did some real adventuring, all he did was cut down trees, mine some ore, and maybe spend time on a VRMMORPG world enjoying himself doing some trivial things… yes he totally hardly do adventuring quest and such. But how did he become soo strong? he does not even realized that he has the strength and skills to be on par with the most top ranking players.
Is he a moron? An idiot? A happy go lucky guy? Or a real genius? Well if you have time, come and find out what this guy is doing, and his weird play style.
Will he learn the joy of adventuring and killing monsters?
Will he find friends?
Will he become popular?
Will he find a lover? or Lovers?

Gantea, the name of the world in new world online, a massive fantasy world full of monsters and uncharted regions. Where the dreams of mankind lies, the dreams of all those who wanted a life of adventures, the world of dreams of those who wanted to experience the joy of adventuring and diving deep within a dungeon, forest, deserts, underworld, or the vast sea. Anything is possible, everything is achievable, of course it all depends on the player themselves on how far they could travel in this epic world Gantea.

This FF may contain the Following content as I update this
-Foul language's
Pathwalker: Into Darkness

Pathwalker: Into Darkness

Original Action Adventure Comedy Drama Fantasy Horror Supernatural Tragedy
Barely making it out alive, a mage and his companion manage to escape great evil and run off to the city of Aclyth. There they hope to find the help of an artificer, but nothing is as it seems. For inside this city lies a secret ages old in the making.....

I will rewrite first 3 after I get a PR.
I will release every 2-3 days, or at least try too >.>
Plot should pick up after ch.4, I'm setting it up (or hope I am)

Rewrite all 3 saturday, and release a chapter. Hopefully will find pr.
Live a Lie

Live a Lie

Original Action Drama Short Story Psychological Romance School Life Tragedy
To deceive others, you must first deceive yourself.
When nobody knows how you looked like.
When nobody cares.
Who will?
Yet, when someone does.
Will the lie last?

This is a story about an average struggle for an average person who wishes to be something more, secretly envying and despising her high-flying classmates. However, when a certain young man rudely jolts her out of her comfort zone, she finds herself living something that cannot live - a lie.