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The Solace we never had, the Salvation that didn't come.

The Solace we never had, the Salvation that didn't come.

Original Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Romance School Life Supernatural Tragedy
In a world of magic, there was a boy and a girl. It was by chance, but not by fate. The world's weakest but ingenious magician, and the world's strongest and insane wizard, how they met, their journey, how they parted, and their legacy that threatens the world. Will they find their way to peace or will they remain haunted by the choices they have made. In this partial society in an impartial world, what future did these two create with their own hands.


My first writting and i 'm not good with english so help me plz . I think my fic have some gore death and mature contain in it
This is story about a man being thown in the god jail cuz what he have done ( and the first of couse bitch slap a god ) and the fate smile with him.
Reincarnated Corpse

Reincarnated Corpse

Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Horror Romance Supernatural
Takke Uruma was a simple 25 year old man who enjoyed reading novels and fantasizing about things which would never come to pass. He had a normal job, with a small apartment, and was content. Among the stories he read, many tales of reincarnation were told. Stories of characters who escaped their mundane life and through death, found themselves in bright and fantastical worlds.

One day while commuting home from work, he stumbled across a mugging taking place in a dark ally. Upon foolishly intervening in an attempt to help the victim, he was stabbed. Laying on the cold stone of the back alley, he unfortunately bled out before help arrived.

But he is not completely without luck, for after he died, Takke Uruma was reincarnated.

....however, unlike in his stories, Takke Uruma finds himself reborn in the body of a skeleton.
Lume Noua

Lume Noua

Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Martial Arts Romance School Life Reader interactive
When your time in the world comes to the end, what do you do? Do you fight it or simply wait for death to come. Julius is quite old and is on his deathbed. Having lived his life in anyway he can, he simply waits for his upcoming death.
Does his soul ascend or perhaps this is one of those 'reincarnation' stories? WHO KNOWS! After all not everyone lives once.

*First attempt to write a story*
-Be gentle senpai
(My spelling may suck)
(A bit busy so I might not update for a while after releases)
Re: Shapeshifter

Re: Shapeshifter

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Harem Martial Arts Supernatural
This is the story of a lazy 30 year-old man who died and woke up in his own personal hell of boredom.
Until he was freed from it but it was to late the damage had already been done.

Warning mature content their will be gore and some sexual content.... 17 or older only

This is my first ever attempt at putting a story on here hope you all enjoy it as much as I will
The Creature

The Creature

Original Adventure Fantasy Short Story Tragedy
A creative writing that derived from a short poem, so this is just a short story based somewhat on a poem.

Follow David and Lucy on a journey to discover the source of the strange rumors within the ruin of the ancient kingdom Nettle.
First Fiction
It's a short story with the intention to test the water
Like seeing if the stone will float when thrown into the lake
Please state everything that you see and suggest any improvements,
Story is told by stage like scenarios...

Don't read the poem until you finished the short story it kind of gives it away.
The Creature: copyright 2011 by jon gutmacher
Silver Wings

Silver Wings

Original Adventure Comedy Fantasy LitRPG Female Lead

Luna doesn't remember much about herself. The faces of her family and friends, even her own name, she can't recall anymore. All this happened after she came to the world of Arkon.

But wait, no matter how I look at it, isn't this too much like an RPG?!

*Am influenced by many light novels, and some stuff I read on this site... I especially stole a bit of stuff from "So What if it's an RPG?!" since I read that the most recently. Translations can be found on scrya's site. Akatsuki no Yona also big influence =w=

*Cover art is not mine, credit goes to... idk where credit goes to cuz I found it off google after searching Ashe from LoL fanart :P

Divine Progress

Divine Progress

Original Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Tragedy Anti-Hero Lead Magic Male Lead Summoned Hero Supernatural Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content

Progress is a dubious god. After failing him, three people are banished from modern times and sent to another world. Seemingly out of place, Christoph is snatched from his own time and plunged into a world of violence and magic with no deity to lend him support. Instead, Progress has seen fit to curse him with an eternal hunger for magical energy. Branded as a demon, he must fight for survival while battling the servants of the god who sent him there, struggling against the 'gift' that Progress bestowed upon him and the past he sought to abandon. Can he make his way across the lands and gather enough strength to survive without the blessings of the Divine? Or will the gods bend him to their will, breaking him if he seeks to resist?

 This is not a short story, and the plot will take many twists and turns before Christoph's journey comes to a close. After all, it is not the destination, but the Progress that matters in the end.

Like many other stories on RoyalRoad, this is my first piece. Feedback is more than welcome, so please leave a reply if you have a comment or question.

God Yuje

God Yuje

Original Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Psychological Romance School Life Slice of Life Supernatural Tragedy
A man who had lost everything.

Lost in his rage, nothing but the haunting memories of the past was what fueled him to move forward.

Vanquishing everything that stood in his path; he was branded as the worst criminal in history.

Kings and their kingdoms fell by his hands–humans or not.

Due to certain circumstances, he was forced to attend an elite school while hiding his true identity.

To what extent would a man who had lost everything go to get back what was lost?


Reader's discretion is advised. Contains some [tragedy] materials that may offend the weak-hearted. You have been warned.

Additional Tags: Dark
The White Dragon (Inactive)

The White Dragon (Inactive)

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi Female Lead Supernatural

This is a story about Michiko, a woman that was taken by a god to be reincarnated in a new world. In this new world she will apply her knowledge and willpower to become strong and live a happy and exciting life. But life in this new world is not easy so she will also have to overcome great dangers. So follow Michiko's new life in a new world where she will strive for knowledge happiness and power. Author's note: the new world where Michiko is reincarnated is more or less the world of Warhammer. There will probably be some things that are inconsistent with the lore and I will be making some assumptions of my own so please don't quote me on it. Please post any problems you find down in the comments. Lastly I hope you have as much fun reading as I have writing it :)

Nocturne: Rise of the Heavy Metal Saint (Vol. 1)

Nocturne: Rise of the Heavy Metal Saint (Vol. 1)

Original Action Adventure Comedy Drama Fantasy Harem Martial Arts Supernatural
In a land of myth and legend, a small boy found on the doorstep of Yeoric Rainsword, a mountain of a man who is both master of the hammer and of The Metal, but who has no children of his own and lives only with his three wives.

This boy, with hair as blue as the sky, must learn what it means to be the best like no one ever was... to wield the power of The Metal, the magical music that burns in the heart of the righteous.

In a world filled with heavy metal fury and more RPG tropes than you can shake a stick at, can one young boy learn what it means to be a man? Come witness the spectacle.

AN: This story is a parody, but a more serious one than most things that I write. It is a complete recreation of some of my earlier thoughts with the story Nocturne, and an epic fantasy world that I wanted to create. It bears little resemblance to that story outside of a few names and a small bit of the plot.
Fused Power

Fused Power

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Harem Romance
A boy born from a mistress, on first look has bad potential. Because of that they are thrown out and gain a monthly sum of money to live normally. However, what happens when the father who has thrown them out comes back and tries to kill the child he never wanted to see?
Mature warning is here because there are some scenes I think are classified like this. But other mature content will probably come in later chapters.
This is my first fiction, which I hope to finish. I don't know how long it will be but I hope you enjoy reading it.
LandFall's legacy

LandFall's legacy

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Harem Martial Arts Romance
An 18 years old ojou san considered as the youngest martial art genius and master of other fields , found herself transported by an unknown item into an another world.
Find out about her decisions as she embrasses her new life .


Fan Fiction Action Martial Arts Supernatural Sexual Content Fan Fiction
True Nephilim

True Nephilim

Original Action Adventure Comedy Drama Fantasy Martial Arts Romance School Life Slice of Life Tragedy Reader interactive
Fear decides people action; rash actions that will only lead to their demise in the near future

Out of fear the New Gods Decimated the peaceful True-Nephilim's but, not without a fight. However, their loses we're not in vain as their only adversary was no more, they rejoiced; or so they thought.

The only surviving True-Nephilim finally set out to explore the world, trying to find clues and the truth of dark secrets kept away from him. But, first he decided to explore the world, to meet stronger opponents, make friends and of course get stronger!

So I finally got the story planned out

Hope you guys give it a chance and please give me feedback

(language and other mature things would come)
Regalia of the Fallen Sky:  Raven’s Visage

Regalia of the Fallen Sky: Raven’s Visage

Original Action Fantasy Horror Psychological Romance School Life Sci-fi Supernatural Tragedy
Some say she's cursed, while other's would say blessed.

On one side she's called a """"Gentle Angel"""", while the others calls her a """"Destructive Demon"

Is she our salvation or our destruction?

Which one really is it?

A person wrapped by Enigma

One who commands both fear and respect unlike anyone before.

A person widely known, but not much is really truly known about her.


One fact is clear:

She's is the one who can bring """"Ruin"""" to us all if we let her justice be done and then """"heaven"""" would fall.

This is the tale of her fate

her crumbling destiny

and her legend.

A Dark Fantasy Tale of A Mysterious Girl Who Just Wanted To Be Free.

This is the chronicles of the one who must seek out """"Ruin"""".


Hello Im Kenv!

Hope you all enjoy this story that i wrote on my very limited spare time
Eternity's Coda

Eternity's Coda

Original Action Adventure Drama Fantasy
Author's Note:

This would only consist of the prologue for months. This project was paused on 5th of December 2015. (56657 words).

I am currently working on a prequel. (Sorry, I just had to! The ideas kept on coming that I couldn't afford to waste the inspiration)
Here's the link:

This is the revamped version of Armus. No further chapter past the prologue will be uploaded until I am done with Volume one. This serves as a placeholder so I can just instantly upload chapters later once I am done.


After 3000 years of periodic wars between the forces of humanity and the Demon Kings, history failed to repeat itself. The 108th Cycle which should have come thirty years after the previous one, was not set in motion. Starved for an era of peace, humanity declared absolute victory a decade after the expected date of the 108th Cycle.

Little did they know that the world would have been better off if the 108th Cycle had come.

Follow Chase Blackstone, a thirteen year old boy and also the protagonist of the story as he found himself sucked into the whirlpool of fate thanks to supernatural interventions. Accompany him, as he discovers a crisis beyond his wildest dreams and arrives at eternity's end.
When Realities Collide

When Realities Collide

Original Action Sci-fi Virtual Reality
It is the era of Virtual Reality.

Games, Medicine, Military practice.
VR has played a part in almost every person's life.

Unknown to many, another technology was being developed to compete with Virtual Reality. It was AR, or Augmented Reality.

William Lee, a high school sophomore, accidentally obtained this new technology and participated in a game using it, without any idea of the dangers involved with it.
Reborn in another world, as a male?!

Reborn in another world, as a male?!

Original Action Adventure Comedy Drama Fantasy Gender Bender Romance Supernatural Tragedy
Synopsis- Anna Stark was, by all means, an ordinary teenage girl until she died trying to save her best friend, who was about to be run over by a truck. Luckily she saved her friend, but only in exchange for her life. In her final moments, she regretted not living her life to the fullest. However, death wasn't the end that Anna expected and now she has a second chance to live. Reborn with a new body on a new world. Given a task to unify the fragmented world, she will embark on a journey to bring peace and unity to the new world.

The only problem with that is that she was reincarnated as a male and the world in which she was reincarnated in, Terra, only 5% of the entire population is male. How will Anna now fare in a world where men are a rare species?


Original Action Adventure Fantasy
People many different worlds get summoned to a world of fantasy and magic, asked to save the human race from extinction by helping them defend and defeat the so- called 'Demon race', but whats so special about End and who is she?

In the prologue(s) it's about building up to the part of 'summoned to another world, so don't be confused, well try to be because as the story builds up, it'll start to make sense so no complaining.
For the start I'm just going to put up Action/Adventure/Fantasy genre and more will be added.