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The Summon

The Summon

Original Fantasy Portal Fantasy / Isekai School Life Male Lead Female Lead Multiple Lead Characters Magic Profanity High Fantasy

The 18-year old Jonathan from modern earth was summoned as a familiar by an aspiring common born sorceress. First, they must survive the Royal School of Magic in the Kingdom of Theron with the help of unlikely allies they find in some of the teachers in this noble dominated society. Together they will have to master difficult challenges, learn to trust each other and survive the many adventures that lie in their future.

Inspired, at least in the beginning by an unfamiliar summon, a fiction I cannot find anymore. It was here on Royalroad.

I will try to release one chapter every 4 days, but this schedule could change. What I will do is communicate any changes in this, at least if I am able to. After one week of no updates, I will post a status update for certain.

I will finish this book, or at least give it a somewhat satisfactory ending. But I will try, together with you, to make it as successful a journey as I am able to.

Prince of Baseball

Prince of Baseball

Original Action LitRPG Contemporary Virtual Reality Sports School Life Profanity

Aiden Prince is 16 and dreams of playing baseball. Unfortunately, he is not athletic and he is very uncoordinated. 

He has always loved the game and knows the rules inside and out. If only he were able to get fit and get the reflexes he needs to even make one of the teams in high school. He doesn't need to be good, he only wants to be able to play. Unfortunately, in his 16 years of living, he never once was able to make a team.

So, what does he need to help him become the Prince of Baseball? Well, a system of course.

Bargain at Bravebank

Bargain at Bravebank

Original Action Adventure Drama Historical Profanity Gore Traumatising content Steampunk

A young man's desperate search for his lost sister collides with the ghosts of their infamous father's past. A bargain struck with the most feared outlaw in the country might win his sister's freedom... and cost him his soul.

In one night, Van Delano lost everything.

His parents murdered. His home burned. He and his younger sister hunted for crimes his father had committed before they were even born, and separated from each other in the chaos. 

Nine years later, Van is still alive, but his sister is still missing.

Now living on the edge of the law himself, and surviving on the merit of his infamous heritage and his own swiftly growing skill at the quick draw, Van doggedly pursues any rumor of his sister's whereabouts.

At last it appears he's found the end of the trail... and it leads straight to Nine-Fingered Nan, one of the oldest and most feared outlaws in the country.

But Van is determined to get his sister back, no matter the cost.

Even if he's gotta make a deal with the devil herself...

Margrave's Divinity

Margrave's Divinity

Original Action Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Supernatural Male Lead Strong Lead Magic Profanity GameLit Urban Fantasy Dungeon Mythos

Unlike his father and brother, Lyle Margrave wasn't blessed with power when the Towers rose outside of the population centers of the world seventeen years ago. However, with his father imprisoned and his brother killed in the Fall of New York, he is alone in helping his mother to provide for their household and get his sister Helen through her last couple years of college. Quitting his job probably wasn't the smartest move to this end, but he wasn't helping anyone as a mistreated secretary. This is followed by even more bad luck in the form of a beating from an Empowered directly outside his girlfriend's apartment and an ultimatum not to return. 

But then Lyle steps into a Secret Gate on a dangerous whim and a figure from Greek mythology gives him the opportunity to gain the power he needs to make a real difference. Something's strange about his power, though, and if he's not careful, that power could get him killed.


This web novel is inspired by Solo Leveling, Daniel Black, some other Urban Fantasy and GameLit novels, and of course D&D/video games.

A commission for the cover is under production right now and will hopefully be up by the weekend of the 27th of April.

O infinito cosmos

O infinito cosmos

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Portal Fantasy / Isekai Xianxia Urban Fantasy Mythos War and Military

Em um dia como qualquer outro, um gigante buraco multicolorido abriu no espaço exterior e sugou a terra, e agora a terra foi para um plano cheio de maravilhas e perigos, mas agora vem uma grande pergunta o que serra da humanidade nesse novo mundo.

Fake Dark

Fake Dark

Original Adventure Fantasy

A fantasy story following the story of a single man and his ascension. How he transforms from something ordinary to something extraordinary. And delves deep into the mind of such a person and the desperation needed for change. No change happens easily even if lead by a hero, legend, or god. 

Wraith Hunter

Wraith Hunter

Original Adventure Gore

War-torn lands, rising factions, and fallen kingdoms. What say you? A vagabond in this troublesome times. Are you a plunderer of the weak, or are you a knight for the fame and glory?

"Me? I suppose..."

I'll take everything. 

One who is not

One who is not

Original Fantasy Slice of Life Male Lead Grimdark Profanity Gore Traumatising content

This is just something I will write whenever I can't sleep. No outline, will see where the story takes me.

MAD MAGUS: A Tale of Almost Gods

MAD MAGUS: A Tale of Almost Gods

Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Supernatural Strong Lead Magic Anti-Hero Lead Profanity Sexual Content Gore High Fantasy

Salemon the Mage. Somehow, the name and the description didn’t fit together. 

But the woodcutter-turned-mage never really was a wielder of magic. He was more of a conduit for the suppressed urges and energies of a collection of almost-gods who had been trapped for millennia.

They do have ambitions for Salemon. Grand plans. World-shaking schemes. Lofty dark or enlightened ideals to achieve, depending on whose turn it is to talk to, or drive, the woodcutter.

But first, they all want to have their divinities back. And have fun.

Rating: MATURE. Gore, Violence, and some settings of a sexual nature.

Cover image: Lothar Dietrich/Pixabay (free for commercial use)/Modifications by the writer




This story was started on my Patreon page, and Mad Magus on that page will be two or more chapters ahead.

Cursed lullaby

Cursed lullaby

Original Action Fantasy Psychological Mystery Supernatural Male Lead Female Lead Strong Lead Multiple Lead Characters Non-Human lead Magic Profanity Traumatising content High Fantasy Urban Fantasy

When the conflict between humans and creatures flare up and threaten their families, a group of kids come together and set out to find a way to prevent it. When they do, they stumble upon an ancient secret, the truth of the conflict, and are forced to on the run with deadly attacks and Slave traders are hot on their trail. If they truly want to find the truth, however, they will have to delve deep into the hidden and dangerous underworld, where crime is the only way to survive.

Dean the Mute in an Empty World

Dean the Mute in an Empty World

Original Adventure Fantasy Psychological Romance Slice of Life Male Lead Urban Fantasy Post Apocalyptic

Dean and Elizabeth find themselves alone in a world once occupied by all of their friends, family, and acquaintances. A population of seven billion simultaniously has dissapeared, and now they must cope with being left behind. 

In Highschool DxD With My Waifus

In Highschool DxD With My Waifus

Fan Fiction Action Comedy Romance Portal Fantasy / Isekai Martial Arts Harem Male Lead Strong Lead Multiple Lead Characters Non-Human lead Magic Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content Fan Fiction

Joseph Seto had won and all expense paid trip to Japan he was so excited. To bad he was killed by Japan's deadliest predator Mr. Truck. God's  assistant made a mistake. She was suppose to kill the Japanese guy who was standing at that spot at 10:00pm not 10:00am so he could save another world from a demon lord. Now She has a 17 year old with no where to go and a shit load of paperwork. God decide to send Joe to another world to be percise the world Hischool DxD. Join Joe and his Peerage as they take the DxD World  by storm.

Bad Harem

Bad Harem

Original Action Adventure Contemporary Martial Arts Harem Supernatural Multiple Lead Characters Anti-Hero Lead Grimdark Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content Satire Urban Fantasy

This is the serialization of Bad Harem: The Postmodern Adventures of Kill Team One Volume 5. The story is pretty self-contained, so you don't need to go back and read the earlier books, but everyone wants you to. Jennifer Lawrence wants you to. I heard she said she would go on a date with you if you read the whole series. That's just what I heard. I can't confirm.

What's it about?

It's about everybody's favorite gun-slinging, face-punching, machete-chopping, morally bankrupt anti-hero: Sid Hansen. Sid desperately wants to add womanizing to that list of pseudo-adjectives in the last sentence, but he keeps running into the same problem: women hate his guts. He's tried everything, but every time he tries to talk to a hot chick she ends up telling him to get lost. Sometimes they call the police. Worse yet, Sid has run completely out of money, so he can't even pay for it anymore. He's seriously worried he'll never get laid again.

So when a billionaire puts a price on Sid's head and a cadre of sultry sex-pot assassins come looking to collect, Sid comes up with an idea so crass, so absurd, so unabashedly sexist, and so death-defying, that only he would ever have the steel balls required to pull it off...

It will be a disaster.

Legends of Bitworld: A Misnomer's Tale

Legends of Bitworld: A Misnomer's Tale

Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy LitRPG Profanity GameLit Low Fantasy Dungeon

“Hello, and welcome to Bitworld. Our names are One and Zero. People refer to us as Gods. This world is inhabited by adventurers of all different classes, each with their own path. Your path…wait, what was your name again?”


“Grey. That’s a fine name! You are entering our world in a time of peril. We are no longer in possession of the Nine; the Wizard Al’eron Con and his legion of glitches have captured them. Soon, we too, will be corrupted. Bitworld is in danger, it is up to you.”


Discworld meets a roguelike dungeon crawling LitRPG, and shakes the hand of the classic Hero’s Journey in this nostalgic coming-of-age story.

Follow Grey, Damsel, and Crow into the illustriously pixelated gamescape of Bitworld. Traverse the misty mountains, hacking and slashing through laggy levels of familiar monsters, and grind your way to destiny…but first, please wait while we load the next screen.


Totem God System

Totem God System

Original Adventure Comedy Short Story Reincarnation Martial Arts Male Lead Strong Lead Gore Xianxia

Invictus reincarnated perfect.

So perfect the universe didn't know what to do with him.

A goddess fell in love with him and caused the kharmic laws of the universe to change on his creation. 

She granted him a system, perfect looks, immortality, and a slew of other abilities. Finally, she even decided to reincarnate to be his female love in a whirlwind story of romance. Unforuntunately, the universe can't hand such a stellar figure, and reacted with nigh impredictability everyday of his life.

When he became ten years old, he learned a skill called Master of the Stars.

He should have been hailed as a genius, but instead they assumed he was a reincarnation of a devil and killed his entire family.

That is where Invictus's story starts, and he goes up to the meat eating fairy who happens to be holding his feral rabbit replacement mother in her mouth.

"What, can't you see that im hungry?!"



Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Magic Anti-Hero Lead Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content Villainous Lead

Picked up by a pack of spontaneously combusting bandits and dragged out into the Harrow? There's no telling what he'll get himself into.

StarFay: Children of the Sun

StarFay: Children of the Sun

Original Action Adventure Romance Sci-fi Supernatural Male Lead Female Lead Strong Lead Secret Identity Profanity Sexual Content Space Opera War and Military

Milly Sayer, a young 19-year-old technician fresh out of training for the massive intergalactic nation, known only to her as “the company”, is sent on a 3-year survey mission to a remote planet known as Minos Minor and it's ring belt, Vikhar’s Grinder. She does not understand why she was sent all the way out here, or why it had to be a world close to the forbidden zone or why it had to be kept a secret. However, she soon finds something that will change her life forever and set her on a course to question the very foundation of society, love and what it means to be human. Follow her as she journeys though the mystery set in front of her, as events unfold outside of her control.

The song Thomas Bergersen - Children of the Sun (feat. Merethe Soltvedt) was listened to extensively durring the writing of this fiction and is the insperation for the title. 

A Wolf In Penrith - A Kammi Kettu Story

A Wolf In Penrith - A Kammi Kettu Story

Original Action Sci-fi Mystery Gender Bender Female Lead Profanity Sexual Content Satire Low Fantasy Urban Fantasy

Got a problem with an Emerged human? Worried that your lover is cheating on you with someone with superpowers? Has someone in your life been the victim of negligent heroics and you don't know who to blame? Call Johanna Redd, Penrith Cities only private investigator that deals primarily with Emerged individuals. You won't regret it, but they sure will. 

Set two years after the opening events of Kammi Kettu, see how the world has changed since it was shaken up by the appearance of superpowered individuals. Characters from Kammi Kettu and Songbird do show up, but this is also its own thing. 

The Kammi Kettu universe was created by QuietValerie. I just have the fun of bringing my mess of a character into the mix. 

The Will of Bastet -  A Kammi Kettu Story

The Will of Bastet - A Kammi Kettu Story

Original Romance Sci-fi Profanity Sexual Content

Dave's seemingly static life get's turned upside down the day the second wave of the Emergence sweeps through the world.

How does the newly minted Catgirl fit into a world of Heros, Villains, and mysterious artifacts of an advanced civilization?

This is a story set in the Kammi Kettu Universe created by QuietValerie. Make sure to read Kammi Kettu!

As with the other stories in this universe this story contains LGBTQ themes.

Hell's Finest

Hell's Finest

Original Action Fantasy Sci-fi Cyberpunk Gender Bender Supernatural Multiple Lead Characters Non-Human lead Secret Identity Magic Anti-Hero Lead High Fantasy War and Military

Hell, a highly mechanical and technical world, was suffering from a new energy crisis as well as the tensing relationship with the Heaven. Mary, an engineering graduate who was taking her internship at the House of Energy along with her friends: a slime , a vampire who had blood-phobia, a zombie cyborg who was interested in human psychology and a moth who collected lamps(and law) were unavoidably mixed up in this great revolutionary epoch that changed their world forever.