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The Warden of the East

The Warden of the East

Original Action Comedy Fantasy Male Lead Magic Profanity Gore Traumatising content


We follow(at a distance)the story of Eric Karlon the most holy and mad of the four wardens of the walls.We will see him try to reason with HERETICS.......meaning asking if they are a heretics then kiling them!

hello! This is my first story and well me anglish is vry beid(my English is very bad)so if I get something wrong please tell me and if there is something that does not make sense or if the story is going downhill.Am BEGGING YA TELL ME!!!

am going for a story that is a bit more real life like.YES there will be monsters,magic and of course HERETICS!!BUT I want a bit more like real life so no leather amour that everyone wears, no katana love(what i mean is that katana are everywhere and also it's impossible for a katana to just slice thro plate!!!)no dumb logic where since it is a skin of a beast or something then it means that's its lightweight,stops every blow with ease and repairing is just a few stitches.NO dumbass villains that are Just "oh am a plot point so i must be evil!".lastly NO am PISSED SO I GOT TO WIN(meaning people are not just gonna become better at everything just because they are pissed off or black out and win the fight.)


P.S Pic is not mine so if its yours pls tell me in the comments or something I will take it down 

In Memoriam

In Memoriam

Original Adventure LitRPG Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content

William has set himself a goal and in achieving it he will honour his Grandfather's memory. He doesn't care about his family, their politics, their goals.

William will become a delver and pit himself against The Dungeon and climb. Perhaps he will achieve glory and merits of his own. Or maybe he will die alone in the depths.

He doesn't yet know how things will go, but he intends to see his resolution through to the end. Earnest the Undying taught him to do things in full or not at all and William keeps that teaching close to his heart.

Spirit Shifter

Spirit Shifter

Original Action Fantasy Short Story Supernatural

The story revolves around Miroka, an average high school girl who is interested in making friends with the class loner, Zef. Little does she know that she will soon get involved with the boy's supernatural work, exorcism.

Nello & Pastrache ~2nd~ :: (The Reincarnation Story of A Dog in Flanders in an LitRPG Transmigration)

Nello & Pastrache ~2nd~ :: (The Reincarnation Story of A Dog in Flanders in an LitRPG Transmigration)

Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy LitRPG Reincarnation Summoned Hero Gender Bender Supernatural Male Lead Female Lead Magic

Nello and his faithful dog Pastrache were left frozen on the steps of the Belgium Church. In sympathy, the Goddess of Rebirth and Transmigration have given them a second chance at living in an alternate reality of fantasy and magic with new bodies. However, will they be able to survive in an equally cruel and lonely world, or repeat their tragedy once more? Please root for them.

DND Homebrew Shorts

DND Homebrew Shorts

Original Adventure LitRPG Short Story Supernatural Profanity

These are short stories for my homebrew DND campaign.

The campaign will be set 10 years after magic apocalypse. Technology quit working and people slowly became other races or abruptly changed the day of the second sun. No blue screens and limited magical items but players are allowed to scavenge for guns and supplies.

These stories will start off with the people who help create the backgrounds for my campaign but will work on other ideas eventually.

Of Black Cloaks & In Between

Of Black Cloaks & In Between

Original Fantasy Male Lead Magic Profanity Gore

"It has come to my attention that the people of Madrankade are nothing but superstitious little children. They may have aided in the creation of my kin, but we are as far removed as an eye and a door are related. Rather than bathing in knowledge, they choose to stew in their ignorance. 

Oh, does it create such an odor!

I've thus set out to reclaim the truth, so that one day, one day..... I do not have to see the blood of my kin painting the stones of these streets. Let it be known here, the Theory of Fracture, to the beginning. The beginning of us all...."

—An introduction from the now lost book, "Shadow, Blood, Kin: The Fragments and Madrankade's Most Hated" by Sanktus Nambroke

Lost to the Mist

Lost to the Mist

Original Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Summoned Hero Supernatural Male Lead Female Lead Magic Strategy Grimdark Profanity Gore Traumatising content

The year is 1870, the Franco-Prussian War rages on, and a newly formed unit -14e Régiment de Cuirassiers- armed with the latest in weaponry and training are marching to join the rest of the Brigade in an offensive to stall the Prussian advance. However, as on the march they run across a strange grey fog, one that obscures all vision within. Despite the risk, they march onward, upon riding through the mist, all 1200 find themselves transported to a fantasy realm seeming stuck in the medieval ages. Having to lead this Regiment of elite cavalry is a young blonde haired man by the name of Luc Demoulin. Being a newly promoted Colonel and untested Commander, it’s up to him to protect all those within the 14th as they try to figure out where they are and establish something of a home in this new world they find themselves. To help in this effort are a small population of elves led by a beautiful elven woman by the name of Calondra, whom the 14th had saved from a life of slavery mere moments after arriving…

Vampire's Revenge

Vampire's Revenge

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Supernatural Female Lead Strong Lead Non-Human lead Magic Anti-Hero Lead Gore Traumatising content

"I had a dream. It was a very nice dream. I dreamt of my parents. Of my slightly overworked but always content father and of my ever helpful and beautiful mother. They were both very smart, very wise and very old. We had a picknick in the castel garden, among the rose bushes. I'm very greatful for everything my parents did for me and for the dreams that let me see there faces again. Never letting me forget why i do the things i do. As for those filthy, detestible, disgusting humans... Hmph... Let them come! Let's see them try to take me!"

The small girl with crimson eyes, pale and frail looking, no more than 8 years old said while hefting a huge, crimson, 10 barrelled rotary machine gun onto her shoulder as if it weighed nothing.

Carefully making her way down the mountain of corpses she slept on, she carefully tidied up her fine, black silk, gothick dress.

As her bare feet carefully stepped from one mangled corpse to another, her claws tapped the gun making clicking sounds. "Where should i go today? Continue West? Or maybe switch to the North? So many human cities and so much walking. I really should get myself one of those things they ride in."


Not much, just something i threw together in my spare time. Bare in mind that I am waiting this on my phone and the autocorrect is more of a pain than it is helpful so if you see a word that looks out of place just post the sentence in the comments and I'll try to get around to fixing it at some point. 

Enjoy and see you on the other end.

Synergist - Ascendant

Synergist - Ascendant

Original Action Adventure Drama Fantasy LitRPG Martial Arts School Life Supernatural Male Lead Strong Lead Magic Grimdark Wuxia Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content

In a world of cultivators and mages, those with the title Synergist are king.

Flea was born an urchin, expecting to die young and broken. Fortunately, destiny had other plans for him. Granted the mysterious ability that called itself "System", he is afforded the opportunity to rise to the top. Will he fly or falter?

Follow our protagonist as he discovers his destiny. Expect great and terrible things from him and from his world.


I've finally decided to put proverbial pen to paper and submit something to this website. I'm new to writing, and just want to get the experience of writing something down. Expect a weird medley of comedy, grim dark(ish) and hijinks of some sort. I have no intention of ever taking the story down fromt the website, though I might publish it if I'm happy with the quality. I'm always open to constructive criticism and feedback!

Somewhat of a reunion...

Somewhat of a reunion...

Original Short Story

A short story about remembering a not-so enjoyable past.

Wishing Flower

Wishing Flower

Original Sci-fi Mystery Tragedy Short Story Reader interactive Male Lead Secret Identity

A story about a scientist and his little sister. The names used in the organization are codenames so only family members knows the members' real names.

Let’s Love!

Let’s Love!

Original Fantasy Romance School Life Supernatural Female Lead Non-Human lead Secret Identity Magic

A sequel of “Mr. Vampire’s Wife”. The MC this time is Reika, Lilica’s daughter!

The twins arrived at the human realm and already found someone they’re interested in since the first day! Will this newfound love continue on forever?

Mr. Vampire’s Wife

Mr. Vampire’s Wife

Original Fantasy Romance Supernatural Male Lead Female Lead Non-Human lead Magic Sexual Content


A succubus who travelled to the human realm in search of a good prey meets a handsome young man with a majestic aura at a bar. She asks him for a night just to feel addicted to his taste!

They meet each other again after a month and became partners in bed, only to find out that the man was already married! What will happen to this newly found partnership?


Author’s note: This novel is a fantasy story that doesn’t really have that much of a fantasy aspect. It focuses on more of the MC’s life so please keep that in mind!

T.L.C.W (True love Crossing Worlds)

T.L.C.W (True love Crossing Worlds)

Fan Fiction Action Comedy Fantasy Romance Reincarnation Slice of Life Supernatural Male Lead Female Lead Magic Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content Fan Fiction

Armed with memories, knowledge, power, with the promise of allies, and his true love at his side, Ares Pendragon (formerly Harry Potter), goes back to the end of his second year. So he can do the most good, save the most lives. His soulmate Mal, originally not from his world, is at his side, and together, they embark on the task of saving, not just that world, but the universe.

Should be easy right?

Contains Dumbles, RW, GW, MW, and Granger bashing. 

The Dual Cores - A Dungeon Core Story

The Dual Cores - A Dungeon Core Story

Original Fantasy LitRPG Multiple Lead Characters Magic

James and Jessie are twins with opposite tastes. For example; James liked Science fiction, and building games, while his sister preferred fantasy, and fighting games. An accident happened and they died. they died together as one and ended up in front of the goddess of dungeons who separated their souls while keeping them together as the first dual dungeon.

Image Conqueror

Image Conqueror

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Reincarnation Male Lead Strong Lead Secret Identity Magic

Before you read this, despite how the first chapter seems, this is a fantasy reincarnation novel. It is not a story about technological developments.

I will edit this synopsis, it is frankly terrible:

Life in a new world. A world different from the old world. A world where magic rules above all other things. A world where everyone can drive magic, can use the power of magic. A world where the only thing that limited your power was your ability to imagine, your ability to manifest your memories into a mental picture. The clearer the image in your mind, the more focused the magic, the more vivid the image, the more powerful the magic.


Old Synopsis:

Life in a new world. A world where magic rules above all. A world where everyone has the power to do magic. A world where the only thing that commanded magic was your memories. The ability to imagine them. The clearer the image, the more focused the magic. The more vivid the image, the more powerful the magic.

However, what if you were blind? There was magic that could fix blindness, but they could not control magic with the images made from magic. Even though new images could be formed with the eyes healed by magic, these images could not be used to invoke the world's law of magic.

Only one in all of history has broken this rule...


Cover Font is Argos MF.

A new life in a strange world

A new life in a strange world

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Psychological Reincarnation Martial Arts Supernatural Male Lead Magic Anti-Hero Lead Strategy Grimdark Gore

There is something to be said for being sucked into an inter dimensional portal, carried through rivers of time and space with such force that your flesh slowly disintegrates - only to be dumped in the body of a newborn.
I, Edred Brant Aylmer, have been reborn.


All rights reserved by AaronRidg3

Reincarnated into a  weak god

Reincarnated into a weak god

Original Action Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Romance Reincarnation Harem Magic Profanity Sexual Content Gore

It seems like I have reincarnated into the world of Marcas. I am a new god of war, as of now.

I will be updating this novel three times to 5 times a week. I hope you Guys enjoy it  


Okay, guys, I have decided to add polls every two chapter. This pool will affect how the story progress. at first the poll will be simple but later on will become more complex. if there something not added in the poll and you which to see later in the story comment on the comment session. your opinion is really important to me. 

this being says I hope you guys enjoy the story. let's grow it together. 

every opinion matter so let make this happen 

happy reading, 

Mafioso Loco

The legend of the sun guild.

The legend of the sun guild.

Original Action Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Reincarnation Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content

Durning the age of darkness it was said that four people of great power were born.

The first man of great might. Who hunted the monster and saw them as know more than a means to an end. He fought to simply feed his hungry for blood and power. He tough the both the heavens and the darkest depths of hell the meaning of the word fear. He was a swordsman and during his time their were few who could say otherwise and by his end their was know to be only one who could claim to be his better. There were none who love the sword like him. And there would be none who his blade would love like him. They said that number did not matter to him. That all who face him blade would die without exception. They is a legend of him bringing death to an empire so he could claim the life of widow of a soldier who died of his own blade in the face death so that the sword man would not now the satisfactory of taking his life. They called him the messenger of death


The second a man of great rage. An noble avenger to the weak and and terror to the strong. He was a berserker but unlike most who would attempt to control they rage he would reveal in the through of it controlling him. He would streak across the battlefield ripping both friend and foe apart alike and he would do so with nothing but his bare hand. They called him an immortal they said the more be bleed the more his power would grow. And they spoke of the power to he he could trade his blood for death. They said that no mortal weapon could kill him and that he would rise to fight no matter the injury. There was a legend of him ripping off his own head and using it to club his enemies to death. They called him the immortal wrath.


The third was a woman of madness and magic. She was a hated witch. They say that her only objects was to spread misery and hate. It said she lead many a good man from the right path to one of great evil just to she if she was capable of such things. Her experiments left only detestation in their wake as she tainted the lands in some way worse than the worse then the void or darkness ever could. Her magic was a foul and dangerous thing that saw all her enemy become her enemy. That she enter the territory of both the formed of order and the gods of Chao us would not go. That she played with the energy of the void. Legend speaks of a place where she corrupted the very darkness that that claim both the land and the people. Some say light would flee from her presence in fear of the shadows fate for that was her name she was the fate weaver.


The forth was a man. He was simply known as… the hero of the world.


But this is not his story.  

No this is a story that speak of the other three

The unrelenting swords man

The undying wrath

The unquantifiable desire

But it mainly speaks of their second life. For the age of darkness has long since pases and the age of fire is coming to a close. But as the age dies a new one must be born. 




Original Action Adventure Fantasy Psychological Reincarnation School Life Male Lead Strong Lead Secret Identity Magic Strategy Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content

Where would a concoction of words take the young Kirke? Born in the Forest of Mists in seclusion, since a child he was enamored with symbols. Raised by his loving but mysterious parents, he dreams frequently of a enigmatic man from an ancient time, who held the power of words on the palm of his hands.

As he grows and is taught magic, his parents also teach him of the importance of Fate, its role in everyone's lives, and the freedom Fate has granted him because of his little soul. As Believers of Fate, they thank it for him. But Kirke, apparently, has a strange connection with Fate. How would it affect them?

He dreams of such power, and Fate, thankfully, has it in store.

But being in tune with words come with a price - and his very soul could be ripped if it does. And when he does gain it, what would it mean for everyone else?

In a world where words could literally mean power, Kirke's could shake the Elysian continent to its very foundations.


i hate writing synopses. try out the prologue at least. :)

This novel is character-focused, but I will try to build a world where they live in. We might even see arcs where two POVs (MC and someone else) don't directly interact, but have an impact on each other anyway. This is a different (I hope), take on the reincarnation and powerful MC trope. I won't move away from cliches, but if I can use them in a pleasing, new, or interesting way, then cliche it is.

This is also a study, for me, in a way. I like thinking about the ways of thinking of other people, how it all interacts, how they contradict each other. I like to think about not just the grays, but the extreme blacks and whites - so there's that.Updates would be at least twice a week, Wednesdays and Fridays (but I might post more depending on stuff.) I hope you guys enjoy this with me!