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The Adventures of Alan

The Adventures of Alan

Original Adventure Drama Fantasy Romance Reincarnation Slice of Life Supernatural Male Lead Traumatising content

What happens when a university professor somehow ends up in another world, where magic bends the laws of nature? Alan is, albeit unwillingly, about to find out. 

As a professor of physics, he has a decent understanding of how the world works, or so he likes to think. Armed only with his knowledge, Alan is thrown into a world very different from his own. In his new reality, he will meet both friends and foe, he will seek knowledge, he will build power, and perhaps he will even find love again? 

Follow Alan through his adventures, and find out for yourselves how he deals with the challenges thrown at him by a new world, while struggling with the issues brought with him from his old one. 


Author’s note: A fair warning.

This is the first time I’ve published anything, and basically the first time I’ve written anything more than mandatory school-stuff. The story will probably have inconsistencies, grammatical errors (not my native tongue, though that excuse is getting old), and potentially confusing (missing?) plot. I will naturally do my best to write something worth reading, but my main goal in writing this story is to have fun and explore the limits of my own creativity. My hope in publishing it here, is that I’ll reach someone who enjoy the story, and can push me forward towards writing more, as it is difficult at times to find the motivation to write just for myself. 

Additionally, I can’t really promise to have regular updates, as I have a full-time job that often likes to take the ‘full-time’ part literally, and a sporadic social life that occasionally surprises me (happy surprises mostly, so I shouldn’t complain). I’ll aim for once a week to start with, and take it from there. 

Happy reading!

Cover photo by Jeff Hire (/photographer/gun4hire-58415), from

Curse of Clwyd

Curse of Clwyd

Original Historical Horror Mystery Supernatural Magic Gore Traumatising content Mythos

It is 1788 and King George III has succumbed to a deepening bout of madness. Doctor Francis Willis has been summoned from his asylum in Lincolnshire to treat the King only to find that it is no medical malady that tortures His Majesty, but rather twisted mythological Celtic magic. He leads the effort to lift the curse on the King and restore the realm to sane governance before the King is forever lost to madness and the realm descends into chaos.



Original Action Adventure Fantasy Contemporary Supernatural Male Lead Female Lead Magic Profanity Gore

Magic was once a reality of everyday life, existing and influencing the lives of those who walked the arcane path and the ungifted alike. The existence of the supernatural was a constant since the dawn of humanity; however, in the fires of World War I the world of magic disappeared from the surface of society and the ungifted were forced to live their lives without the influence of miracles and sorcery. 

A little more than a century after the disappearance of magic, Noelle Sellers travels to Ithaca, New York to begin her job as a rookie patrolwoman. There she finds the errant mage Levi, witch siblings Lorelei and Beth, and a mystery that neither the surface world nor the hidden world of magic can explain.

When the magical realm threatens to return from its exile and its deepest denizens reemerge, Noelle and Levi have no choice but to bear witness to the depths of the world and the meaning of their own lives within it.

Cover by Daisy Drew:

Cultivation Anomaly Type 1B

Cultivation Anomaly Type 1B

Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy LitRPG Reincarnation Portal Fantasy / Isekai Martial Arts Harem Male Lead Female Lead Strong Lead Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content Xianxia High Fantasy War and Military

Follow the journey of an individual given a classic cheat trope in a cultivation world.  What does a man do when he finds himself unsure of who he really is yet is given a cheat?  What really happens to a cultivation world when it is overrun by MC level characters?   Is the cultivation world just run by cruel young masters, short sighted elders and uncaring experts?



Tags may be removed or added to this story as it progresses.  For example, I added the harem tag because I wasn't sure if it would appear so be forewarn.  Also, productive feedback is always appreciated even it may be ignored. 

Fractured Glass

Fractured Glass

Original Drama Fantasy Historical Psychological Magic Grimdark Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content Villainous Lead

My life is a simple story. Not unlike many others. Third in line to the royal throne, yet further than all my younger brothers.

On the day after my attempted awakening I overheard my father giving my mother an ultimatum.

Either she divorce him and we leave the palace together or she abandoned me, cast me out of the palace, remove my name from the family registry, and forever shame my name, my honour, my...everything.

Oh how I bit my nails, hiding behind the old oak door. Concentrating on her ever word, her tone, anticipating what she would say. The seconds felt like hours, slowly creeping on, as I waited for her response... and the before I could even hold a complete thought she replied.

'She's my mother, how could she even think of that possibility,' I thought joking nervously.

I thought, thinking what she would say was, 'Hell no! Fuck you! She's my daughter, and I would never abandon her!' Then I heard it, 'Ok.'

twelve years of my life I lived with this person, these people that hid behind hollow mask. 


My life shattered at that moment like a pane of pink glass falling from a tower window.

Now I will melt and mold the shards of my heart with the burning fire of my hatred into the dagger that kills every one of them.

First book that I'm writting that goes beyond a few hundred words(hopefully) and I'm publishing. Hope you can stick along with me at least until I get the groove for it. Point out any mistakes gramatical and plot based please so I can get better. Thanks hope you enjoy.

FYI: I'm doing this for fun so I could pump out 10 chapters in a week or I could not write for a month, but I'll try for longer chapters at least.

Accidental Savior

Accidental Savior

Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Strategy Profanity High Fantasy War and Military

Well well well.........

Here you come, thinking oooh look at me, I am just going to read the synopsis, I will read it and I will know how a man's whole life is going to occur. Well it aint that simple my child, this here is my story.

It's about my trials and tribulations and the laughs I had along the way, some of them at my expense.

Sorry about the nagging lads and ladies, if you want ACTION, ADVENTURE, COMEDY AND TRAGEDY, I have got you covered, the same way the sunshine covers this land, everything would be lit, but the sun wont shine behind your arse.

So let us ride the waves of destiny and see where it takes us.... spoiler alert its jail.

Ultimate Deadly Overlord Dragonic Emperor Shadow Undead Ultimate Supreme Absolute Godly.

Ultimate Deadly Overlord Dragonic Emperor Shadow Undead Ultimate Supreme Absolute Godly.

Original Action Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Portal Fantasy / Isekai Magic Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content High Fantasy

Story of Alex Wright as he transforms from a human into an OP human.

The Demon Awakened

The Demon Awakened

Original Action Adventure Romance Mystery Reincarnation Martial Arts Strong Lead Xianxia

Clashes of swords, sabres and powerful martial techniques echoed in the environment of Xingyang Battlefield. This was the fight for existence between Gods and Demons of the highest Eternal Realm.

Gods had gained a slight advantage against and the Demon Emperor Kangxi surrendered. But he wanted the innocent soul of his son to live a life of freedom. So he sealed his soul in frailest of the bodies to avoid suspicion and sent it to the lowest mortal realm. 

Now he has awakened again, although unknown to others. Will he avenge his father's defeat, or make his own way out in this cruel world? Only time can say, but his actions will surely shake the Godsland

King of All. Dragon of Fury, Mercy, and Ambivalence

King of All. Dragon of Fury, Mercy, and Ambivalence

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Reincarnation Portal Fantasy / Isekai Supernatural Strong Lead Non-Human lead Magic Grimdark Profanity Gore Traumatising content High Fantasy Ruling Class

(Note- This story will be very slow in updating as I have little time, and by slow I mean sporadic and with no path as well so one week I may pump-out like 3 chapters or none. So please don't get too worked up over it or something. Eventually, I'll have quite a lot of time to spend on this and even maybe do a rewrite/revamp if it turns out wrong. Also, yes, my MC is named after me.)

Now, this may be a little hard to follow but, humor me.

This is the story of Ajuran Guldyr Wulfralen, a recently reborn human into his true dragon form. On top of that, a cultist group decided to steal his egg and attempt to force his soul into submission.

This went as well as trying to make a lion eat with a knife and fork, and resulting from it a dragon born of the highest blood rose with his unshackled anger formed by his rage at the entire existence of everything for the wrong-doings in life and in death. His new and unchained hate resulted from the subconscious knowing he wasn't supposed to be a human since before he died he felt attracted to something, and then, he found dragons. The second he laid eyes on them and read the myths and legends and all the literature he could about them, he decided he wanted to be one, and no longer human. Just like that, he went out to end his own life only to find he died by a drunk in a truck. Ironic, no?

Dead at the age of 15. His new life truely began with Orvin, since the cultists stole his first 15 years of his new life from him, then sealed him away when he escaped.

This is where their travels will begin. So of course, why would I tell you everything here?

The Jellybeans

The Jellybeans

Original Adventure LitRPG Profanity Sexual Content Gore

A typical LitRPG, inspired by Dungeons and Dragons and Critical Role. This will be my first time attempting to write a longer story.

I am hoping to update once a week or every two weeks at the latest. If anything comes up then I will let you know.

Every person is unique and brings with them many skills amnd talents taht others don't have. They add their flavours into the lives of others to either make the taste richer or foul. Embark on a journey with a bunch of adventures who will try their best to achieve more than they ever could.

Creation Conquest

Creation Conquest

Original Fantasy Sci-fi Female Lead Magic Male Lead Mythos

In the massive middle country, a tornado forms in the middle of a barren desert. From the dirt and dust, a young female is created, full of precious material and the task to save a fallen society.

Yakuza Swap

Yakuza Swap

Original Action Comedy Romance Gender Bender School Life Secret Identity Profanity Sexual Content

Takeru Amano was a 17-year-old delinquent that led an uprising, young yakuza gang called the Shi-kai that had built up an infamous reputation around the underground world. 

That was until an accident caused him to wake up with the same face as the girl he had a crush on back when he was still attending highschool. 

Will Takeru survive in his new life as a girl? And how will he get his original body back?!


A comedic light tale that mixes gender bender with fun craziness. 



Original Action Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Sci-fi Portal Fantasy / Isekai Profanity GameLit High Fantasy Super Heroes Post Apocalyptic

In one night the world changed. Impossible Spires appeared and with them came terrible monsters and wondrous abilities that defied the laws of science. The safety of everyday life was gone. Survival was thrust into the hands of a woefully unprepared humanity. Now they had no choice, but to fight and grow stronger for the end of their world was only the beginning.

Updates Sunday and Wednesday PST

The Dragon’s Kin

The Dragon’s Kin

Original Adventure Comedy Fantasy Reincarnation Male Lead Female Lead Non-Human lead Magic

What would you think if you suddenly woke up in a dark place without a light?


What if you found out that you are no longer human? When your memories as human slowly fade? 


What should this little dragon do!?

The Human that became a God

The Human that became a God

Original Action Comedy Fantasy Romance Reincarnation Martial Arts Male Lead Xianxia Mythos

In the vast universe, there's Three Great Celestial Gods that governs it - Zeus, Poseidons and Hades.

One day, the Oracle said that the Chosen One would appear as Zeus son and unite the three planes. 

Threatened by this, the Gods and Goddess attacked the Celestial Kingdom of Thunder and after a long war, it was destroyed, leaving the universe with only Two Great Celestial Gods remaining.

What they couldn’t expect is that his son - The Chosen One, was sent secretly towards the Mortal Plane.

Accompany the ascension of the Human that became God and his way to revenge.

PS: I don't own the Cover, if you are the owner of it, contact me.

Soulless (Apparently)

Soulless (Apparently)

Original Action Adventure Sci-fi Mystery Female Lead Non-Human lead Profanity

When a serial killer emerges on the robot-populated planet of Zynima, a few machines form a ragtag group of vigilantes to put an end to what deceptively seems like a simple open-and-shut case. Join Aural Automaton and Shock System as they uncover the ugly truth behind this string of murders.

Part of the AUU-16 series.

The Point Legacy

The Point Legacy

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi Magic Portal Fantasy / Isekai

PLANET EARTH in the year 2020,The ground shakes with a heaven sundering roar, a massive figure is seen in the vast skies above, the figure both stationary but omnipresent. A voice thunders, like the massive roar of the inimitable tide, "You have been selected to represent me in 'The Games'." It sounds almost displeased when it utters the word "selected". "Brace yourself and say goodbye to the little attachment you have to your planet, for never will you see it again, unless...." Then the lights went out on a planetary scale.--------------------------------------------------Each human of every race awakens a new form of levelling, a Point Cloud (search online for the same for a visual impact), each dot in a Point Cloud, known as a Bio Point, can be 'opened' with energy and in doing so will help the person gain more strength. Hope y'all like it.

Queen of the Castaway Isle

Queen of the Castaway Isle

Original Adventure Horror Psychological Tragedy Supernatural Female Lead Anti-Hero Lead Profanity Sexual Content Traumatising content

Sophie liked to think of herself as a tough sort of woman, a survivor. As an average person, she survived hell on earth and returned to tell the tale. Give or take.In a tragic freak accident, she and the survivors of two plane crashes were trapped on a strange uninhabited island. It took 8 years for help to locate them.

Of the original 288 missing passengers and crew, only 22 people remained. The world went wild, everyone wanted to know what happened. What went on there?

In a true Lord of the Flies fashion, it was humanity at its worst. It was hell on earth, a miniature apocalypse in the middle of the ocean.Sure Sophie had survived, but even after years of intensive therapy, she isn't always happy about it.

Those who murdered her younger brother were now rich, those who raped and left her baby sister to die in childbirth were famous. The kings of that hell island, monsters wearing human skin, had sold their stories and were now living the good life after. And try as she might move on, hell has followed her home.

Till she wakes up 13 years back in the past that is. Less than 1 day before her scheduled flight to hell.



Original Action Adventure Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters

James Marcun grew up not much as a saint, but neither a sinner. He could have been the smartest in the room, or perhaps the dimmest. It was all a matter of perspective.                                                 

Lukas Robins was the only son of two overprotective, but never quite there parents. He did exceptional in his life, but nothing was as great as things could have gone. He achieved the mediocre, the basics of life. Past that, he could never.                                                

When given the opportunity to do good that will impact more than themselves, would they lay their lives down? Would they destroy the evil, with the knowledge it would destroy them too?

Follow James and Lukas on their desperate, unbeatable, and trying journey to achieve...something. Who will allow evil to live, and who will put their life down?


The Broken System: What Bred the KING

The Broken System: What Bred the KING

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Tragedy Reincarnation School Life Male Lead Non-Human lead Magic Strategy Sexual Content Gore High Fantasy War and Military Ruling Class

Kinoya an ordinary research fellow, was bitten by a genetically modified spider. Did he become next SPIDERMAN?

Of course, NO. He died just to become an object of research himself. Being a fascinating subject, he was researched extensively and he had died again but not until he killed them all.

He got a loving family on the next time he woke up. A Gift? Of course No. His family was devastated in front of very eyes and he was sold as Sex SLAVE. What should he do? Of course, Kill them all.

And then

[Ceremony successful…

Tribute accepted…

Connecting the soul...]

[Connecting to the world…

Activating the system…



Connecting to the system…


[THE BROKEN SYSTEM activated.]

He had no intention but the destiny had chosen him. Willing or not he was led to the path of KING armed with a broken system. BUT ascendancy and demise are the two side of the same coin...


Schedule: 7 chaps/Week (Extra on weekends)

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