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Ars Goetia

Ars Goetia

Original Action Comedy Fantasy Romance Supernatural Male Lead Secret Identity Magic Anti-Hero Lead Profanity Mythos

John, as a freshly minted adult moves to a new city to continue his regular life in this normal world. The question is, if this world isn't as mundane as it seems, would he has to become abnormal, too?

Hello there! This is my attempt at writing my first serious fiction and completing it! Warning for those interested : this work will not include harem nor NTR, as I'm not into the former and dislike the latter. Constructive criticism appreciated!



Original Action Adventure Fantasy Mystery Male Lead Low Fantasy High Fantasy

After being infected with a deadly virus, Avren lost all hope to live.


At death bed, the unimaginable happened!

The Ogre's Pendant

The Ogre's Pendant

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Male Lead Female Lead Magic Profanity Gore

The land is conquered.

 A thief and a demon killer run afoul of its new overlord and the wizard that serves him. Now the wizard seeks his life's ambition, an artifact that will make his word law. The demon killer and thief begin to have ambitions of their own. Yet the prize lies within the Forest of Giants, grown from the corpse of an empire.

A Sword and Sorcery story of high adventure.

Updates every Saturday until the story is finished.

In the Name of the Unholy Spirit

In the Name of the Unholy Spirit

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Psychological Supernatural Strong Lead Multiple Lead Characters Non-Human lead War and Military

On his dying breath, the five year old Silas is saved by the angel Arkun. To save the boy, the angel shares a part of his broken halo, and in doing so, he ends up making the boy the first human with angelic powers in the world. 


Follow the adventures of Silas and Arkun as they build an Empire and shape the world according to their desires.


"Participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge."

Player 47 - Rewritten

Player 47 - Rewritten

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Psychological Reincarnation Portal Fantasy / Isekai Supernatural Male Lead Strong Lead Multiple Lead Characters Magic Anti-Hero Lead Profanity Gore Mythos

[participant in the Royal Road Writathon Challenge]

In an unfamiliar world full of monsters, demons, deities and secrets buried for the better, a game is being played. 160 "Players", each one a soul of someone who died on Earth, will kill each other for a second chance at life. 

No one but the strongest deserves to live again and Frey Alcott, the 47th Player, does not plan on staying dead for long.

(A rewrite and continuation of a discontinued fiction.)



Original Action Adventure Fantasy Male Lead Romance

When misfortune strikes time and again for Ryu, meeting the Prince sparks the begining of an epic journey that will lead to the uncovering of the many secrets hidden away from him. 

Author notes:

Was bored and depressed during the lockdown so I thought of writing this story to take my mind off things. Please keep in my mind that this is my first attempt at writing anything, so it would definitely be amateurish, feel disjointed and also somewhat lack consistency. I will try to improve by reading your comments as I go along!

The Survival of the Prince

The Survival of the Prince

Original Adventure Fantasy High Fantasy Magic Tragedy

"Life is an interesting thing, it brings us to interesting places, it whispers to us interesting tales, it shows us interesting paths, but one thing that life does not do is coddle us, and that in a sense makes it ever more so interesting" - an interested philosopher

I hope you enjoy the story.

[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

Angel and Wolf: The Fury

Angel and Wolf: The Fury

Original Action Drama Horror Tragedy Martial Arts Male Lead Female Lead Multiple Lead Characters Anti-Hero Lead Grimdark Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content

The Public has caught the eye of fast, strong men engaging in running gun battles and devastating fights in broad daylight. A war has been ignited. Unnatural things are occuring. Michael has been pushed into a journey into himself, and an inner darkness in him might be a bigger issue for those around him. Lani has only one purpose in her heart, and that is to protect Michael at all costs. Something dangerous is jeopardizing that end, and she is finding that it will not be easy to serve her directive while keeping Michael from objecting to her ways.

Am I Invincible?

Am I Invincible?

Original Action Comedy Fantasy Romance Reincarnation Portal Fantasy / Isekai Martial Arts School Life Male Lead Strong Lead

I Died ?

So What I Met God ; I will Reincarnate

I Got Sent To Novel?

So What I Have Got Experience Reading Such Novel So I Will Rule As A Extra

No Not Extra But A Gag Character?

So What I Have Got A System

Gag System ?

So What If It's A Gag System ; F*ck This Shit I'm Out .

The Lioness of Shadi

The Lioness of Shadi

Original Adventure Fantasy Female Lead Magic High Fantasy Mythos

The oldest city in the world is destroyed, and with it the rule of Kullah. Punished by wicked blades and evil acts, the woman who was once high priestess of the goddess of love and fertility, daughter of a king, must abandon the ashes of the life destroyed by the hounds of Nadar and find a new path. Her quest to stop the empire that destroyed the only home she has ever known will take her far beyond the bounds of her land and bind her to the ancient goddess of the wilderness called the mother of demons. Alongside her are the faithful companions responsible for her rescue from the waters of the sacred river and staunch allies found along the way. Raising an army is no small thing, nor is stopping the tyrant Nysra, whose skin can turn even gods-blessed bronze and who may breathe fire or conjure lightning as he wishes. 

But perhaps the enemy Ilati faces have made a fatal mistake. Woe to the men of Nadar, for they have let a lioness slip between their spears. (Also on FanStory as an original fiction)

An ordinary novel but every 10,000 words the audience kills the least interesting character

An ordinary novel but every 10,000 words the audience kills the least interesting character

Original Fantasy Multiple Lead Characters Profanity Psychological Reader interactive

That’s right, dear reader. The lives of nine people are now in your hands. They’ve woken up at the top of a tower in the clouds with only one directive: BE INTERESTING, OR DIE.

So how does it work? Chapters are posted daily during each arc. After that, a poll will open for 24 hours. The character with the most votes will then get a 1,000 word chapter before dying. From there, we roll on to the next arc!

Love and Valor (BL)

Love and Valor (BL)

Fan Fiction Action Drama Fantasy Romance Male Lead Grimdark Profanity Fan Fiction Low Fantasy

"But we must not forget the tragedies of the past," he continued, "For the day will soon come when our glorious king shall rise to power again. As the legends foretold…"

"You, young sir, Do you know what the legends say?"

"That the Red King's return shall be heralded by the awakening of the Demon Knight, his most trusted and most beloved, from his slumber of a thousand summers."

______________________________________________________________________________________________ First time writing a story and English isn't my first language so please bare with the few mistakes you might find.

Beyond The Shadow

Beyond The Shadow

Original Fantasy Psychological Mystery Short Story Male Lead Female Lead Multiple Lead Characters Strategy Grimdark Profanity Sexual Content Traumatising content Villainous Lead Ruling Class

The novel is set in a fantasy world, where the females rule. And the males are deprived of their status and treated like slaves.

Gary is a former athlete turned alcoholic, drug addict. On one of her regular unlucky day, he encounters her... and ends up becoming a bartender. But this bartender is unique... since, when requirement arises, he has to satisfy the carnal desires of his bosses.


This is not a Romance, but an all out Dark novel. 

The level of darkness will vary, but rest assured it will be something new and intriguing.

Whenever in doubt, expect the worst. As every situation will lead to something worse and terrible.

Consider yourself be warned!

Chimera King: The Rebels of Last World

Chimera King: The Rebels of Last World

Original Action Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Reincarnation Portal Fantasy / Isekai Harem Supernatural Male Lead Strong Lead Magic Anti-Hero Lead Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content GameLit High Fantasy War and Military

When a night out with an old military buddy goes horribly wrong, Cade Clarke finds himself ressurected into the world of Antinium. Join him as he survives attacks from vicious creatures, steals their animalistic attributes to increase his own strength, and forms alliances with some of the most powerful and gorgeous women in the cosmos.

Never After

Never After

Original Action Drama Fantasy Female Lead Magic

Harmonia is a teenager born with a silver spoon and the inability to use magic, unlike her peers. After years of living a stagnant life and a dream that kept plaguing her mind, 17-year-old Harmonia Fleur seeks for a way to fix her problems, but to no avail.

Until one day, she overheard a conversation between her father and an agent, about a Dangerous Prisoner, with knowledge of magic that far surpasses anyone of this age. With newfound motivation, she goes against her father's words and seeks for the Prisoner. Leading her to an encounter that she thought would fix her problems, What transpired was nothing she could've thought of, a full-scale prison breakout.

When the very thing that plagued her mind appeared right before her eyes, Harmonia realizes that her life is about to take a drastic turn.

I also post this story on Scribblehub

Breaking Limits: A DBZ Fan-fic

Breaking Limits: A DBZ Fan-fic

Fan Fiction Action Adventure Reincarnation Martial Arts Female Lead Strong Lead Fan Fiction

She really wasn't expecting things to be this way. She wasn't expecting to die. Not so early. She had dreams she wanted to achieve. She wanted to change the world. To make it a better place. She was a good person. How did she die so soon? She was sad. Disappointed. She wouldn't be able to achieve those goals. 

It was ironic seeing as she was hoping to die since the age of ten and when it finally happened she was disappointed. 

Her life had ended. 

Or at least that's what she thought. 

When she suddenly finds herself reincarnated into the dragon ball universe she had to improvise her dreams and goals. 

From then on her new goal was to become the strongest female fighter in the universe. No to become the strongest fighter even surpassing Goku himself. She would make sure females had a more prominent role in her new world. 

In a world where you kill or be killed only the stro ng survived.


Soooo, I have this story posted on webnovel by the same name and image, feel free to check it out over there if you wish. I also have the same user name and profile pic. 

True Alpha (BL)

True Alpha (BL)

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Romance Male Lead Strong Lead Multiple Lead Characters Profanity Sexual Content High Fantasy

Hating his omega fate, Jeonja strives to become the strongest wolf, in hopes of challenging the Ultimate Alpha, who is known to be omnipotent and immortal, a wolf who rules the world and is feared by all. But Jeonja never feared the unknown, the only obstruction is his omega status.

The Legendary Thespian

The Legendary Thespian

Original Action Comedy Fantasy Mystery Martial Arts Supernatural Male Lead Non-Human lead Magic Anti-Hero Lead Strategy High Fantasy Mythos

This is the story of a beggar/pick-pocket turned noble turned magic apprentice turned vampire.

In a world where people constantly wear different masks, hiding the true nature and put on a play to get what they want, one boy is determined to out-act them all.

This is not a story in which the protagonist causes lots of misunderstandings to crop up, but a story in which the protagonist tries his best to create "deliberate" understandings to further his cause.

Affairs of the Soul

Affairs of the Soul

Original Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Male Lead Female Lead Multiple Lead Characters Non-Human lead Magic Anti-Hero Lead Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content High Fantasy

Life in Oethera's Wildlands is a hellish thing. If the monsters don't eat you... Ah, who are we kidding, the monsters will eat you. On the upside, this makes it a great place for those who wish to be forgotten. After all, the past doesn't matter when people are solely focused on surviving the present.

That's where our story starts: the siblings Noma and Kothara have been working as mercenaries for the past two years, trying to carve out an existence for themselves in those merciless lands. Not a great life, certainly not a good life, but an honest one at the very least.

However, when the opportunity for a membership in the Adventuring Guild (a prestigious and much better paying endeavour than mere mercenary work) arises, the two choose to answer the call, both unaware of how much that decision will make their lives spiral out of control.

It's the beginning of a journey that'll change the world to its core.


Hello, everyone.

So, first things first: release schedule will be Tuesdays and Fridays, exact times hinge on my own chaotic sleep schedule.

Also please note: I'm not a native English speaker, so expect some errors, especially when punctuation is involved, it's a completely different beast where I'm from. Furthermore, I'm a rather green writer with no formal (or informal) education, so please share your critiques and advice on how to improve. As you'll see, I desperately need it.

I also learnt most of my English off the internet, which means it'll be a mishmash of British, American, maybe even a bit of Australian English here and there.

Finally: stay safe out there, and by out there I mean barricaded inside, of course.



Original Action Fantasy Gore Historical Tragedy

This is the story which is unheard or told before, there are five clans which are ruling over the continent called "wu yaosu" and threat of war remains the same so will they be able to live in harmony?

This is about war, greed, hate, fear, betrayal and many more as you explore this story by yourself!

Each clan must prove their worth to be the best!

Come, join me! in an unexpected story which has a unique end and interesting plot!