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I made a contract with a beast.

I made a contract with a beast.

Change comes around and goes around, and sometimes, it sticks around too.

A Very Messy Space Opera

A Very Messy Space Opera

Farley Cinderfall is a genetic chimera, a technomancer, and one of the few people in the galaxy to have stolen from an archfiend and survived. When an ordinary firefight goes wrong and a gangster’s spell flings her across the stars and into the depths of a hellworld, Farley will have to use every trick at her disposal to get back to her ship and get revenge on the mob boss who ordered the hit.

Knight Betrayal

Knight Betrayal

I was twelve.

I killed someone.

They sent me to the prison.

I was sent to prison to repay for the committed sins.

I obliged.

I obliged for five long years.

Only to get out on my seventeenth birthday to find something that changed...


My Only Family was


This is a story about a boy who gets engulfed in a dark web of past and conspiracies. He has to find out about his past and get out of the huge abyss pulling him only deeper. 

Follow Erak in his search for answers and truth. To find the culprits who had taken away everything from him and exact the owed retribution.

Betrayal killed the god

Betrayal killed the devil alike.

Betrayal was the only sin that could kill,

Both Heart and Mind alike

A small innocent doll made of white straw

Was trapped in the claws

Of The Past of The Sin

What awaited this tender hands

Was being washed in Red

Red of the Evil

Red of the Intimate

Red of the Past

Red of the Sin

A horror unimaginable

A darkness unconceivable

Where Life was...

Worse than Death

The Heart is a Void: Ashes to Ashes

The Heart is a Void: Ashes to Ashes

For Karel, the search for power erodes the sense of mercy.

When a bug traps players in a new, immersive VRMMO, and begins to undermine the system that protects them from experiencing pain in combat, the players scramble to seek power at all costs to avoid becoming victimised.

Many strive to become powerful mages, mastering the power of the elements, or train at combat with damaging weapons. While Karel had begun by trying to enhance his mage powers as far as possible, he eventually becomes disillusioned with this as he sees the power of others who use unconventional and amoral means to take advantage of the bugged game. As he explores this new, Free-For-All world, will he have to turn to cunning and ruthlessness to get ahead?

Shades Of Meaning Book 1 : Ghost Shy

Shades Of Meaning Book 1 : Ghost Shy

Grace tried never to interact with the ghosts that plagued her. After years of practice she was pretty good at pretending they didn't exist. Life was almost normal. That is until she was betrayed and kidnapped. Then it went to hell fast.

Breaking free of her captors was only the first step. Despite her resistance, she came to realize that her new 'normal' would include making friends, or enemies, of ghosts, witches werewolves and a host of other individuals she had no names for. 

She had to fight for her life and the lives of the people she was coming to care for. To do that she would have to make a pact with a ghost and learn to harness the abilities she had suppressed all her life. But time was growing short and her reluctance to accept she was a necromancer of extraordinary power was proving a major problem.

Reincarnated as the Fish Who Slays the Dragon

Reincarnated as the Fish Who Slays the Dragon

The legendary swordsman Aiden has never faced a real challenge in his life until he meets the Dragon at the Edge of the World. In an epic clash, he dies satisfied, only to unexpectedly wake up as something else...

All my stories have a mathematical/philosphical theme.

This story's theme: The relative uselessness of a starting value in a fast-growing function.

Thanks for reading.

- rz

The tale of a vampire which Book 1: a cat, a vile of blood and a serial killer

The tale of a vampire which Book 1: a cat, a vile of blood and a serial killer

The death of Anastasia's uncle leaves her dealing with much more than just emotional baggage. Finding herself plunge into a world of magic, mystery, and danger Anastasia must fight monsters, solve mysteries and try to protect everyone that she loves. But be warned, she must track carefully down this path unless she wants to become just like the monsters she battles.

Any criticism of commentary is welcome. But please be nice.

A Cryptic Saga: Terra

A Cryptic Saga: Terra

“Arcane Augury: the ability to perform mythic-like enchantments using the original elements made to create Earth, Space, and the beyond. This practice is commonly known as Cryptic Magic.”

To many, Cenna Valley is a hidden treasure in the Golden State. Lately, it seems as though the widespread valley hasn’t been itself lately, what with mythical events happening throughout.

Azurite Marshall keeps track of the golden artifacts that have washed up on the isolated shores of Brinola’s Gemstone Beach.

Eunjae Park is drawn towards Arkae’s Soundscape Park: evergreen forests, glistening ponds, and a sudden surge of mythical whispers. 

Iris Clements finds herself greedy to explore Ashebourne’s desert valley mountain tops, hearing windy songs during her slow drives back home for the breaks. 

All three practice Cryptic Magic, and each is eager to dive deeper into the meaning of these events, but the deeper they dive, the bigger chance that darker elements might arise. 

It’s only a matter of time before the entirety of magic bubbles to the surface, and it’s a risk that they’re just going to have to take.



A man recounts the discovery of his fetish for car accidents and the increasingly desperate measures he goes to satisfy himself.

A New World

A New World

The world was as it it was. Then it wasn't.

Existence becomes chaos as messages appear, a System declares power, and the world no longer bends to man's command.

In this shifting land we find Kane Newman who must find his place in this new world and its apex order.

The title of the story is subject to change. The synsposis is subject to change. 

This is a standard 'system post apocalypse' story that are on RoyalRoad, but I hope you enjoy it.

Pandora's Legacy [Gamelit]

Pandora's Legacy [Gamelit]

Serena was many things, but she was no fool. She knew a new opportunity formed every moment. Whether it was fleecing some cultivators or selling throat drops to sirens, there was always a way to get ahead. So could someone explain to her what a Class is and why she is a Herald?!

This the first time I am seriously writing an original story. I will be Writing each book in Parts/Arcs (3-5) with mini arcs (3-5 in each arc). Each Mini-arc is 5-14 or so chapters. I like progression stories and I've always wanted to try and write one like a few of the web novels that inspired me. The Game Lit aspects will be more in the background, with focus on other details like dungeons, monsters, loot, morality, and so on. There will be NO STATS! There will be focus on various kinds of progression.

Updates 3-5 days a week (Usually weekdays)

Chapters will be roughly 1000-2500 words. The average would be around 2000.

Rating: This story is Mature. The themes and ideas in it will likely range from mild or moderate to things out of a horror author's nightmares. There will be gore, horror (psychological, supernatural, body), traumatizing content (abuse, neglect, suffering, etc), swearing, and likely sexual elements down the line. Overall, the M rating and flags are here to allow me more creative freedom.

Tone: Tone will be a mix of some action-adventure, fantasy, mystery, multiverse craziness, tragedy,  eastern and western fantasy elements and mythologies (including monsters and legends from other cultures/regions), slice of life elements, horror, and very very slow burn relationships in general. There will be war, death, grief and violence.

MC: MC is analytical/rational with emotions. She is mostly in control of those emotions, though can lose it over things like her curiosity being picked or losing sense of time when creating. There will in fact be several POVs and Main Characters, though Serena would be the dominant or the true unifying point of view that connects many of them. Everyone will progress in power, abilities, intelligence, skillsets, and other growth, eventually becoming rather strong. 

Fights: Fights will be detailed. I will do my best to have it be more strategy/tactical than mere brute force.

Stuff this story won't have:

- Insane Fanservice

- Murderhobo plots/That Guy antics

-  Pacifist MC

- Senseless Harem (The tag is more a precaution. Each relationship is a slow burn and build and could develop in different ways depending on choices and actions of characters or even readers)

The Torchbearer

The Torchbearer

In a young world, an infant deity makes their mark across the eons. To what ends? Who knows? We'll figure that out along the way. 

I'm a brick! But why do I have hands?

I'm a brick! But why do I have hands?

This is the story of a brick. A brick that got itself reincarnated into a world of equality,peace and happiness. Too bad it thinks it's all fake. So want to see what horrors equality can bring about?Just read!

Disclaimer: The MC was a brick for a long time and it's only experience of the world were from a the throne room/grand hall and it thus became very delusional, so if you want a story with a MC that is always right, this is not it.

The Human Effect

The Human Effect

From the dawn of our civilization even before the establishment of the three major religions that share the same roots there have been those who have tried to influence our thinking and understanding. In this book will be a collection of stories designed to get one thinking. They all have to deal with conduct and the issues associated with it. The stories are written to convey a thought and do not represent real persons or situations. Some historical facts are used to enhance the story.



What happens when one of the purest angels of God, kills...?

Becca has a past that she just got to recover
She has a secret that she just managed to remember
She carries the key to changing everything
And her uncle is ready to teach her how to use it

Even if it stains the whole reality in shades of gray

Updated every other Monday

Revenge of the Chaotic Sorcerer

Revenge of the Chaotic Sorcerer

Ten years ago, Kai's brother was killed by a mysterious masked man. His dying words? "Continue what...starte...Chao...ergy..." Now 15 year old Kai is out for revenge. On a quest for strength, he travels to the corners of the world. Will he succeed in getting his revenge? Will he die? The only thing that's sure about this world is...Chaos.

Revenge of the Chaotic Sorcerer updates every Sunday and Thursday!

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Dark Duality

Dark Duality

The humans of Azren have been at war with the abyssal creatures for over 200 years and have held their ground. However, war is brewing between the remaining kingdoms of humanity. Hidden within the heart of the Gretchen Kingdom a young nobleman is coming into his prime, but he hides a dark secret that may usher in the end of everything if he cannot control it. 

Pick-Your-Own-Adventure: Escape from AllMart

Pick-Your-Own-Adventure: Escape from AllMart

You’re the hero!

You awaken in a strange and seemingly infinite megastore known as AllMart.

It’s home to everything you could ever want or need, but hidden dangers abound!

Pick your own path, but watch out! Can you ESCAPE FROM ALLMART?



A rise of a young boy into a hero and a villain as he tries to stop the world from crumbling.

The grandfather raised his grandson to be a powerful man to fulfill the words of the same grandson from the future. And to save his family from the disater which is waiting for them in the future.




This is my first attempt at writing. And English is not my native language so you may find some mistakes. Please let me know if you find any . looks forward to the feedback.

Wine Red

Wine Red

They were not zombies. Not in the way most Borehamwood films portrayed them. Instead of brains they craved blood, they didn’t fumble nor fall apart under extensive stress, and they could think. Or so, he thinks.

Almost human-like, almost. If most humans were cannibalistic and bloodlusted by nature.

He’d like to entertain the idea that they were as human as he was. That they were just young, hungry and afraid. He was certain that if it came to it, Tommy would be forced to eat another being of his own, and that he would with little hesitation. 

What it takes to live it seems.

That thought is always forgotten when he is being chased down alley after alley with Tubbo in tow by a stumbling Feral being, hungry for its next meal.

Ferals, That's what he’ll call them. It's very creative, he thinks, and a good explanation of what they are, if anyone escapes unscathed by the foul creatures.

          When he saves the world, he’s sure to be praised for his wondrous take on naming them.

Giving Tommy lives that long.