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Dungeon Grand Prix

Dungeon Grand Prix

Original Adventure Contemporary Fantasy Low Fantasy Martial Arts Sci-fi Strategy Wuxia

The world is peaceful. Heroes belong to ages past. Now powers are used for one thing, and one thing only: Dungeon Racing. 

Follow a young racer as he strives for glory.

Wanted to do a dungeon diving type story that avoided the cliches. No blue screens. Gonna have some soft magic mechanics to start and might fill it out more as the story progresses.  

The Choatic World

The Choatic World

Original Action Female Lead Low Fantasy Male Lead Psychological Romance Tragedy

Some people said " The democracy the is the important thing to achieve the development of the humanity "... I have no grudge against it... but it will not be suitable for humans... humans are the weakest thing in this world... his desires turned our world into THE CHOATIC WOULD

The Empire of Dardano, Book 1: The Fallen Star

The Empire of Dardano, Book 1: The Fallen Star

Original Fantasy Historical Psychological Tragedy Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Anti-Hero Lead Strategy High Fantasy Ruling Class

"The Fallen Star" is a fantasy epic set in a bronze-age, Mediterranean style world.

Dardano - a vast empire slowly decaying under the weight of tradition and ceremony. The ruler of the empire has died, and now the royal children must step in to fill the vacuum. Prince Fornulus is the heir, but nobody expects great things from the dimwitted and brutish prince, and his siblings have their own plans, none of which involve Fornulus remaining in power. Young Prince Nikolonium wants to turn the empire onto the path of righteousness - but it will take all that he has to stand against his manipulative, ruthless, and occasionally downright sadistic siblings.

Who Killed My Body?

Who Killed My Body?

Original Drama Sci-fi Mystery School Life Female Lead Strong Lead Non-Human lead Secret Identity Gore

When college freshman Anna Tran is murdered while jogging home one night, an alien lifeform body-snatches her corpse and tries to catch her killer, all while trying to keep Anna's fate a secret from her classmates, friends, and loved ones.

Prologue webcomic:

(This comic was drawn and written by the author. Reading the comic isn't necessary for understanding the story, but may help with visualizing the first two chapters of the web novel.)

Hell of the Dead

Hell of the Dead

Original Action Adventure Contemporary Horror Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Supernatural


A priest protecting a woman and her child.

A police chief protecting himself.

A death cult hunting their next sacrifice.

The dead rising to collect revenge!

Erik Handy, the author of Dead Pool and The Creeping City, brings you unrelenting terror at its best.

Steamy jungles. Tons of bullets. The invincible undead. This book is a grindhouse movie in print form!

Hell of the Dead is a new addition to the great horror legacies of George Romero and Robert Kirkman!

(This is the abridged version of my first published book. I will be posting this story on, Wattpad, and Scribble Hub.)

The Absolute Mad Elf

The Absolute Mad Elf

Original Action Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Reincarnation Male Lead Non-Human lead Magic Anti-Hero Lead Strategy Grimdark Profanity Sexual Content Gore High Fantasy Mythos

You know, most of the time, going to a bloody bookstore didn't kill anyone. Sure, a distinguished figure in the domain of philosophy might claim that such an action could kill the ignorance inside. Jack, was most surely not made fully of ignorance that its death would inevitably cause his.

He also didn't listen to philosophers. Not his type of guys. No offense.

Also, on an unrelated note, it wasn't a truck that killed him. Just to get that clear. It was, however, his heart that did him in, the very same weak heart that carried him into his twenties only to flip him the bird and go take a hike right when life was getting interesting.

Alas, one could say that the road to knowledge killed him. Or that death was inevitable in the quest for knowledge...or some other sort of posh like that.

He'd leave that to the philosophers. Again, no offense.

The more important question was what happened after? Why could he think? Where did he end up? Was he still alive, or was he revived 500 years later once humanity had the technology? 

Questions that not only remained unanswered but multiplied ferociously when he figured out he was an infant now. With floating blue screens everywhere, and parents with ear-tips longer than some people had fingers!

Yes...pretty normal. He was going insane.



Original Action Adventure Fantasy Male Lead

Player trapped within a new game planning to grow stronger as the highest level character.

Actively passive

Actively passive

Original Action Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Portal Fantasy / Isekai Male Lead Magic Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content

Follow Kaarl, a regular man, bit of a geek, but in general your run of the mill, neighborhood bachelor, as he tries to survive in new and fantastical circumstances, grow in power, grow as a person (one can dream) and in general have a bit of fun even if circumstances try to make it a challange.

This is my first attempt at writing basically anything besides essays back in school, so... be gentle?

Or rip me to shreds I guess, as long as its constructive.

I'm not a native speaker so please excuse some weird word choices.

But most of all, please do enjoy!



Original Drama Fantasy Romance Mystery Reincarnation Supernatural Female Lead Strong Lead Magic Profanity Sexual Content Gore Low Fantasy Urban Fantasy

|| Book One of the Continuum Series - Completed (slowly uploading chapters) ||

The cycle of life is a simple one: you live, you die, you're reborn as a completely different person, repeat. Every life lived serves its own purpose, and all memory of it is erased once it's completed. After a not-so-simple run in with a not-so-simple death bringer however, Sabina Kagan is unable to agree.

Her life cycle is different from everyone else's and she isn't even aware of it, at least not yet. Her mundane teenage life is flipped upside down as she realizes that the people in her life aren't really who they portray themselves to be. In order to rediscover who she truly is, Sabina works alongside her ex-boyfriend, Elijah, to piece together her fragmented memory. Swaddled in the blissful embrace of ignorance, join in as she learns the truth of how difficult it is to escape the past.

A New Human

A New Human

Original Action Adventure Tragedy Contemporary Female Lead Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content Post Apocalyptic

Humanity has reached another hurdle on its track to the future, only this one may break the rail. Something has spread among the populace of the planet sowing discord and destruction; society now crumbles and creatures lurk the newly minted ruins. Survival is a far off dream for all but the most prepared, making a young girl’s chances even more dire as she finds herself without her family in her once familiar suburbs. Follow her journey as monsters, both human and inhuman, attempt to end it.

FYI - Yes, I’m a cheapo and made this image in google drawings.

Content tags - may be added as the story develops (This is a no super power/magic story however and will stay that way)

Traumatising content - Child in post apocalyptic society, enough said

Sexual Content - People go bad faster than milk in the apocalypse (Direct scenes with children (0-18) are exempt from any contact with genitalia, may witness things however and may be referenced as "Individual is scum cause individual did something to a kid")

Gore - Penetrative, blunt force, sharp force, etc trauma. 

Profanity - Yes.

Please comment, rate, or review so I can know the quality of my work.

Cultivation Apocalypse [Rewritten Version]

Cultivation Apocalypse [Rewritten Version]

Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy LitRPG Martial Arts Male Lead Female Lead Magic Wuxia Profanity Gore Traumatising content Xianxia Dungeon Villainous Lead Ruling Class

When the world as humanity knows it comes to an end, and is altered by forces beyond comprehension, humanity is given the chance to strive for power greater than they had ever thought possible, and even immortality. With the world and the rules it followed naught but a memory, how will humanity adapt to a world where the only rule is that of personal might?

With a whole new world to explore, new challenges to face, new horizons to chase, will humanity gain the strength to not only survive, but thrive?

Andasva the Time-Travelling Sinner

Andasva the Time-Travelling Sinner

Original Action Adventure Fantasy High Fantasy Male Lead Romance Strong Lead

As Isarias, one of the last of the Elder mages, laid in his bed, he turned to his most trusted disciples, Esria the Bold and Vindian the Thoughtful for a final task. 

Raise three disciples each, he said. From the six, all will inherit his final teachings. The art of the Elder mages must not be lost for the path of righteousness can only be protected with fearless might.

Esria's disciple, Andasva the Virtuous, was unchallenged, but he was drowned with corrupted desires. Under Isarias's command, Esria killed Andasva, his beloved disciple. Andasva died, the night the world was invaded and was sent back in time. This time, he will join a different school and lived with his desires instead of masking them.

The Last Real Mage

The Last Real Mage

Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Portal Fantasy / Isekai Supernatural Secret Identity Magic Dungeon Ruling Class

Mages always lived alongside regular people on earth. But then one thing led to another and suddenly our secret society was out in the open and our greatest fears were coming to light.

At the exact same time something else was playing around in our neck of the woods. After fruitlessly trying to fight the entity we were all transported into another world. Along with a random assortment of regular humans who came from various places around the world.

After the initial shock wore off, we mages gathered together and combined our powers to return to our world.

Except I didn’t go anywhere. And I was left all alone in this foreign world. Along with an estimated 200,000 regular humans.

4 years had passed since then. And after my house was burned to a crisp, I received a letter.

And there my troubles began.

The adventures in a magic and Knight cultivation World

The adventures in a magic and Knight cultivation World

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Portal Fantasy / Isekai Martial Arts Supernatural Male Lead High Fantasy Mythos


This is the story of a young man, who travels accidentally  3000 years back in the past. Because he is the first man ever to travel in time, God gave him a system to help him become stronger.
Once in the past, our main character will begin his journey in this unknown but known world.
Through his journey he will know a lot of new people and live a lot of adventures.
Was it really an accident or was it destiny to travel back in time? This is the question that will accompany our main character in this journey.

Autor: Hello everyone, I am Neonime_Tam. This is my second novel and I want to share it with you. I hope you can like it and if you want to, then give me a review. Thank you.

I will publish one chapter a day, from Monday to Friday.

Idle Immortal

Idle Immortal

Fan Fiction Fan Fiction Fantasy Gore Male Lead Martial Arts Profanity Sexual Content Traumatising content Xianxia

 Lin Yang's dream of becoming a Cultivator like his brother,

 But the bitter reality was that at age 10, Lin Yang had participated in the cultivation test but failed because he had no talent for cultivation and had to forget his dream.

 But 5 years later, he summons a very unique rectangular-shaped spirit.

[Portuguese] Future Link

[Portuguese] Future Link

Original Adventure Fantasy Romance Sci-fi Portal Fantasy / Isekai Martial Arts Secret Identity Magic Low Fantasy High Fantasy Dungeon

Uma história que passa 4 milhões de anos no futuro, um garoto de 15 anos fazendo experimentos rotineiros, ele desenvolve uma máquina de teletransporte para outra dimensão, onde os famosos contos antigos sobre terras de fantasias, monstros, masmorras e magia são todos os verdadeiros.

"Como cientista não posso aceitar isso sem explicações."

Nesse mundo de fantasia, ele tenta descobrir todos os mistérios por trás desse mundo e pensar em diversas formas de ajudar o seu povo nas duas '' dimensões ''.

The Vengence of the Sinful Lord

The Vengence of the Sinful Lord

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Tragedy Male Lead Strong Lead Magic Profanity Villainous Lead

After their village is destroyed by a group called "seekers", two young children Ray 14 years and Nora 12 years run away in search of treasure hidden within the black forest mentioned by Ray's dieing great grandfather. What destiny seeks is different from their goals. Accidently, Ray awakens the 'Sinful' Lord Karl which was sealed more than 10,000 years ago. What happens next is beyound his imagination. An adventure filled with suspence, revenge, hatred and in search of the Lord's lost companions known as the " Strongest Devils"....   

The world traveler from the future

The world traveler from the future

Original Action Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Sci-fi Portal Fantasy / Isekai Slice of Life Male Lead Strong Lead Magic Anti-Hero Lead Xianxia GameLit High Fantasy Dungeon

This is a spin-off of my main series, Immense Space.

Charles Barlow was a captain for the Empire, until one day he woke up inside a cave. His artificial intelligence companion now fully self-aware, he finds himself surrounded by monsters and people from old fantasy literature.

The world itself following strange rules of magic and cultivation. Technology acting as if it was an artifact.

But he soon shook himself out of his stupor, a goal in his mind. Make this world into the perfect colony of the Empire, find a way to open a permanent portal, and finally annex this land.

Silent Sorrows

Silent Sorrows

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Portal Fantasy / Isekai Strong Lead Anti-Hero Lead Gore Low Fantasy High Fantasy Super Heroes Mythos

A human cursed with extraordinary abilities that makes even gods grovel at the sight of his ungodly strength. He journeys from world to world defending it from threats that can wipe out the entire population. After he finishes his job he moves to another world. An eternal life filled with violence and desruction that leaves the hero longing for affection and friendship that he may never obtain. How long can human being acting as a god last?



Original Action Fantasy Sci-fi Mystery Portal Fantasy / Isekai Supernatural Male Lead Strong Lead Profanity Gore Low Fantasy Post Apocalyptic War and Military

A physicist existed in 2045, known as Rio Leon. He always believed how laws of physics operated the universe. But his beliefs were destroyed when he encountered mind-blowing and supernatural aspects of this universe, which were against laws of science.

The story expands from heavy Mystery/ Sci-fi/ Fantasy towards explosive/ Decisive Battles that alters the future and past, Which leads up to the Ultimate conclusion and Complex ending.

Writer's Note: My story is ofcourse not for everyone. It is more plot heavy than detail. This is because I didn't want the reader's imagination to be restricted. Also I don't want to stray out of the plot too much. So if you wanna complex Fantasy/Sci-fi/Action story that is easy to follow, then this is for you.