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The Book of Madness

The Book of Madness

Original Adventure Fantasy Romance Short Story Slice of Life Supernatural Multiple Lead Characters

Not really, I just named the book with a fancy name because I liked it! Haha!

Anyways, you may think of this as a compilation of incredibly short stories amassed by an omniscient, omnipresent being (ME!!!) who has the most honorable hobby of peeping at various beings at various worlds of various universessss from various periods of time.

Such stories may or may not have sequels due to my utter inability to focus on one thing and may or may not cause the feeling of dissatisfaction.

Read at your own risksss!! Muahahaha!!!


[A/N: ALL stories here are MINE and I wrote them MYSELF. If you think you've read one of them and think I plagiarized them, I DID NOT. I simply have a tendency to create different accounts in different websites with different names. This means I tend to forget passwords or even the fact that I actually have that account. Please be informed that I ABSOLUTELY ABHOR COPYING OTHER PEOPLE'S WORKS AND HAVING MINE PLAGIARIZED. Please do inform me if you've read them before and I'll try to take them down if it's my account and please don't patronize those that aren't.]

Rebirth: The badass young lady

Rebirth: The badass young lady

Original Drama Fantasy Romance Reincarnation School Life Female Lead Strong Lead Secret Identity

The eldest young miss of the Li family, the youngest businesswoman, the once in a lifetime genius, all these titles are for one person and that is Li xiao yue.

She, who after her parents death, took over the responsibilities for the business just to let her little sister have a good life as only she suffers but didn't think that she will be betrayed by the same little sister and her so called lover just for the property of the current one of the super family, Li family. 

"Your everything should be mine! I am the true heiress of the Li family! Even Qi ge is only mine!" says Li miao as she snuggles with Qi feng.

"This kind of unwomanly and ruthless woman is not even worthy of being compared to my Miao miao!" says Qi feng while looking down on Li xiao yue with his cold eyes.

As she loses her consciousness after waking up, she finds herself as the timid and naive Xi xiao yue and vows to take revenge for the previous Xi xiao yue and to make anyone who harmed her have a life worse than death!

As she accidentally dripped her blood on the jade gourd pendant left by the biological parents of the body, she gets herself a space and an ability which let's her make her own business empire.

Let's follow and see as she treads through the path to the peak again while avenging for her grievances of the past and present.


The Organization

The Organization

Original Adventure Comedy Sci-fi Multiple Lead Characters Profanity Gore Traumatising content

All it takes to ruin everything is one well-placed idiot.

John Iverson is just that idiot. Running out of money and prospects, he took a job for janitorial work, listed at twice minimum wage, with one provision: No questions asked or answered. 

This job, as to be expected, was something unsavory. In particular, it was for the world's largest secret government agency, a compilation of the subjects of a thousand different conspiracy theories, of the paranormal and unknown, and of the cutting edge of science: The Organization.

Most people would recognize that such a thing should be kept secret, and that sharing sensitive information obtained in the line of duty would be an extremely terrible and unsafe idea.

John is not most people.

In fact, he's more the sort of person to use his newfound knowledge to pedantically correct people on the internet, and then bask in e-fame.


The consequences of such include, but are not limited to: Assault, demonic summoning, grand theft auto, temporal manipulation, sudden dog ownership, trespassing, being held at gunpoint, a few pleasant dates, dismemberment, grooming, and the apocalypse.



Original Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Martial Arts Supernatural Male Lead Magic Profanity Gore Traumatising content Low Fantasy Urban Fantasy Super Heroes Mythos


I was there before Death was born. I was there when the Sea of Chaos formed. I was there when the first universe was born. I was there when life appeared for the first time. I was there at the dawn of time, and will be there for its twilight.

Long story short I am old and powerful. I would be called an Eldritch Abomination by many among you. This however is not my story. This is the story of my favourite human, a man who managed to surpass my expectations until the day of his death. A man to whom I personally taught the deepest secrets of Creation.

The story of my Disciple, born to a world within the Fayd. A man who was called many names. Godkiller, Guardian of the Gates of Death, My Left Hand, Destroyer, The End by his enemies. That Crazy Dude by his allies. I call him Sam-Sam, mainly to annoy him.

But primarily, this is a story of a man doing his life right. With all my wisdom I can’t think of him living a better life than he did, given his circumstances.

So gather round, for the story of my dear friend.

Copper Claws

Copper Claws

Original Adventure Drama Fantasy Supernatural Female Lead Profanity Traumatising content

Nora, the only survivor of the massacre of her town, My Little Wanderer, has moved on, lives her ordinary life, perfectly unaware of her twin sister’s ghost that is haunting her.

Kara is a restless spirit. Trapped in her bitterness, anger, and jealousy, she watches her sister, following her every step.

The only person in the world, who can see Kara, is her nephew, Jaro, who comes up with a plan to help her move on.

But in order to do that they have to travel into the very heart of the treacherous Steppe, a place that is known for magic, both foul and not and inhabited by bandits, hunters, and strange, dangerous creatures.

Quiet View

Quiet View

Original Horror Profanity

Yonic awoke to a thud, a slouching slump of a noise. The kind of noise you'd hear if you slammed a bag of wet clothes across a stone floor and dragged them. It was 3A.M., Yonic had to be to work in three hours. in his groggy state, he didn't even question the noise that awoke him, instead reaching for a cup of water he forget to pour before bed.


A Second Legend

A Second Legend

Original Fantasy Short Story Female Lead Low Fantasy Non-Human lead

The tale of a storyteller. A young otter falls in love. Having to face her father and make a choice.

A love, a choice, a connection.



Original Action Drama LitRPG Contemporary Sports Slice of Life Male Lead Profanity


What if FIFA was real, what if you could track your life achievements through skill ranks and experience points. Well post-concussion for Jay, this is his life ... for better or worse life is now a game and he plans to win at it.

The Dark Saviour

The Dark Saviour

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Supernatural Male Lead Low Fantasy

In the year 1980 a new substance began appearing on the surface of Madagascar, its potential was limitless and it was impossible to the scientists to understand its nature . Five years later The Madagascar War over the substance began, the conflict was fought everywhere, and not many alliances were formed which made the War even more chaotic. At the end of the 20th century the war came to and end, not because of an agreement was made, but for the substance had stopped appearing. The world was devastated to such an extent that even after fifteen years had passed many of the places that once were considered the richest became the poorest.

Paul, a young man working at a supermarket was living his life unaware of how these facts will shape his destiny.

The Silent Queen

The Silent Queen

Original Adventure Drama Fantasy Romance Male Lead Female Lead Strong Lead Multiple Lead Characters Strategy Gore High Fantasy Villainous Lead Ruling Class

I do not mind.

The silence of the halls, that lasted for 13 long years

. I do not mind at all, for it was all part of my revenge

. I do not mind, my carefully sewn lips opening in front of a stranger prince, uttering lying words as I speak for the first time in forever.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Julian, I hope we will have the best relationship ever.” I would say, as I clutch his hands in my gloved ones, happily taking him around my home.

I do not mind the lies, as I carefully sharpen my blades, ready for the attack that would give me everything, the throne, my vengeance, my voice.

But what’s this?

I am not the only one who is lying.

No, someone in this castle, this building, is carrying a filthy sack of untruths that would bring my plan crashing down.

“Aurelia, I’m so glad I met you...”

But somethings holding me back from finding them.

Somethings holding me back as my castle walls crumble and foreigners overtake the rooms, and as I slowly fall from the princess to the criminal.

It's then when I realize that I am not the master, but the fool.

The Leviathans

The Leviathans

Original Action Sci-fi War and Military Traumatising content

Humanity has taken to the stars, unfortunately we are not alone there.

With humans having colonies on the Moon, Mars and above Europa the future of Humanity should be a bright one, but when tensions in the asteroid belt threaten to spark a war between China and the United States the two super powers are moments away from war.


That is when they appear, near Jupiter creatures larger than anything humanity had ever thought could exist appear.


Can Humanity unite in the face of this new threat?


Will it be enough?

Shinning Duos

Shinning Duos

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Romance Harem Male Lead Female Lead Magic Profanity Sexual Content Gore Xianxia

Everybody wants to shine in their own life. And the journey to shine above all whether it's by will or force is a long but interesting one.

Apocalypse Arcana - The Devil

Apocalypse Arcana - The Devil

Original Action Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Magic GameLit High Fantasy Post Apocalyptic

One day is just like the next for Artemis, until the Akashic Archive integrates his planet into a system of magic and survival. Gifted a mask that promises him magical powers, he cuts his own path through an Earth that no longer resembles the mundane world that nearly bored him to death.

Resist: The Scourge Wars Book 3

Resist: The Scourge Wars Book 3

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Horror LitRPG Portal Fantasy / Isekai Male Lead Strong Lead Magic Anti-Hero Lead Strategy Grimdark Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content GameLit Mythos War and Military

Winter has arrived and placed the Collective in a precarious position. In the north, they are assailed by the Ignatum Empire the Patriarch of the Collective, Mors dal Ventryx is forced to travel from his fortress in Soulreach to the front lines to personally defend from Imperial aggression. As a result, Generals Bludtyr and Grievum are largely left to their own devices and forced to reconsider their tactics against the Scourge. At the urging of the Cult, they turn the population of the Collective into weapons of war. 

Meanwhile, Slate has decided to split his forces to delay the Collective attack while removing a threat to his flank. He soon learns that assaulting the city of Koral may be a harder task than he originally considered. He turns to the Empire to help him weaken the Collective and protect his own people in the process.

When Slate is forced to return to Bastion without his companions, he is faced with an old enemy that threatens to raze his capital city’s defenses and allow the easy invasion of the Collective army from the West.

In book three of the Scourge Wars, Slate must accomplish one thing: Resist or die.

Find Evolve: Book 1 of the Scourge Wars on Amazon
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If you're interested in following a story that takes place a thousand years before the events in the book, take the opportunity to read my ongoing webserial Grow. You'll get to read about the places and events that become myth and legend within the books!

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The Day the King Died

The Day the King Died

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Tragedy Male Lead Strong Lead Multiple Lead Characters Magic Profanity Gore High Fantasy

In a dark cell, sat chained, a dark man. Foot steps thumped down the spiral stairs leading to his lonely cell. Heavy footsteps that bore the burden of a man who killed his father. A flickering light finally bounced energetically against the far wall beyond the cell bars as the steps approached. Then the man emerged with a torch and a bowl. He placed the pitch covered stick in a holder on the wall. 

He fished for his key and slid it into the padlock on the iron gate that stood between him and the beast he had created. 

"How did it come to this old friend?" Said the jailor, gripping one of the cell bars with one hand. The man chained to the wall did not respond. He hung his head and stared at the floor.

"I hope you're happy. Their armies are here now. They stretch as far as the eye can see. No one will help us. They might march down here and gut you too despite all the good you did them," the Jailor continued into the silence. He carefully placed the bowl between himself and his friend.

The chained man made no move to take it or even indicate that he noticed. The jailor sighed and exited the cell. The door squeaked as he swung it shut behind him. The key slid into the lock with a metallic clink.

The jailor walked back to the stairs and grabbed the torch from its holder. He sighed turning to face the chained man once more. "I know he was like a brother to you. I know you would have - did - go to hell and back for him, but he wasn't the man you grew up with."

“You knew what would happen,” The chained man’s voice rattled and scratched. “You knew how I would feel.” Anger creeped into the unsettling mixture that was his voice.

“You’re right. I knew what you would do the day the King died. I just wish -”

The chained man laughed at the remorse he heard. At least it seemed to be a laugh, but the grating sound could easilly be misinterpreted as choking. “I wish," the jailor continued to the man's rasping laugh, "you could know what I know, see what I have seen.” 

“You wish you had killed me when you had the chance!” The chained man bellowed suddenly straining against his chains. His captor turned away and his shoulders drooped as he started back up the stairs, his footsteps heavier than when they had come.

The devil's got my number

The devil's got my number

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Supernatural Male Lead Strong Lead Magic Anti-Hero Lead Profanity Gore Traumatising content Low Fantasy Urban Fantasy Mythos

Dalton was always a nice place. Always had been. When that new couple moved here, we were all ecstatic. They were wealthy, but not arrogant, always willing to help out their neighbors. All around the perfect kind of migrant. They brought a child with them. Jacob. He was beautiful, just like his parents. He had his mother's beautiful hair, and his father's beautiful eyes. But he was different. He wasn't social, or nice, like his parents. He mainly kept to himself. Until one day he didn't. Strange tales, of the boy running around the neighborhood at night started to pop up. Of sacrificing children and dark rituals. The average person dismissed it as just that, rumors. But those of us that had seen the boy, knew the truth. His eyes were no longer the deep, vibrant color of his father. They were the green of rot, his skin the color of a corpse. The devil had taken the boy, and, like a disease, he was spreading his curse.

The Participants

The Participants

Original Action Adventure Romance Sci-fi Reincarnation Supernatural Secret Identity Profanity Gore Urban Fantasy

Zack Vernon is an immortal Observer sent to watch the world on behalf of the Creator.  When his suicide attempt fails spectacularly and earns him a spot on the national news, the other Observers are drawn to him.

They believe Zack to be the reincarnation of a rebellious Observer from a previous world.  Several of them plan to punish him for the sins they believe he committed.  One of them wants back the man she has loved through hundreds of worlds.  But Zack remembers nothing before the present.  All he wants is a chance to end his life.



Original Action Psychological Mystery Slice of Life Male Lead Female Lead Strong Lead Strategy

My name is Evelyn. I work as an Insurance Inspector for Santinela GmbH, the largest insurance firm in Europe. My job is to investigate and evaluate insurance claims, in an attempt to prevent cases of fraud. What is the benefit of doing a job such as mine? You learn how to get away with fraud. I know a scammer when I see one, because I am a scammer. Those are the ones who are my target, those are the ones who I pay back with the same coin, while making a profit on the side.

The Path of the Crystal Elves

The Path of the Crystal Elves

Original Fantasy Short Story High Fantasy Magic

There are four kinds of elves in the Realm of Aehlvyr: the High Elves, who are high-strung, noble, and eager to look down on the other elves; the Dark Elves, who are vicious and fanatical come wartime, and faithful and industrious in times of peace; the Wood Elves, whose love for stories, nature, and music may make them seem a timid people, when truly they are capable of shape-changing; and the Crystal, or Magic Elves, who isolate themselves from the others to study magic in all its forms.

This is a tale from the Realm of Aehlvyr, a magical, unusual place. In this tale, the magic of the Crystal Elves will take shape, accidentally inviting the very first non-elven resident of the Realm into their crystal spires.

Eternal Vow

Eternal Vow

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Tragedy Secret Identity Grimdark Dungeon War and Military

A single vow made a few thousand years ago kept the whole world at peace. It lasts until someone tells him the code to undo it all. To let his weary body find its rest. To let his pitiful self find peace. Will humanity unchain him though?

Will sympathy be enough to break the Eternal Vow?