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The Journey of a monster King

The Journey of a monster King

Original Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Mystery Tragedy Reincarnation Male Lead Non-Human lead Magic Anti-Hero Lead Profanity Gore Traumatising content GameLit High Fantasy Dungeon Mythos

After being forced out of his house for not paying rent. A 17 year old  is robbing a local grocery store to "prove himself" by a local gang, join and hopefully earn himself some extra cash. known as the "beastmen" they prowl the streets of his hometown attacking their rivals. as he desperatly tries to run from the scene a rival gang the "brawlers" capture him and kill him. Black. He opens his eyes and... "Why do my hands have scales?"

Join him on his quest to get revenge and destroy his enimies!

Storms overhead

Storms overhead

Original Horror Mystery Male Lead Grimdark Profanity Gore Traumatising content Mythos

The life of Thomas J Stern was a simple one. His responsibilities in life were to write columns of numbers and occasionally look out the window. For five long years, he lived in the Stern’s peak lighthouse, having inherited the land from his late grandfather. There is just one complicated problem in Thomas’ simple life though; his home is on the front of the world’s longest recorded storm, and by what the numbers say, things are about to go from bad to worse.

Death's Embrace

Death's Embrace

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Romance Reincarnation Portal Fantasy / Isekai Martial Arts Harem School Life Male Lead Strong Lead Magic Anti-Hero Lead Strategy Grimdark Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content Mythos War and Military Villainous Lead Ruling Class

There was once a man who had plenty of regrets in his life. With a stroke of luck, he gets a second chance to start over, but everything is different now. People have powers and the world is going crazy. With his new ambition to explore and take over this new world, he will have a lot of challenges, but follow him on his journey as he becomes King.

"If only the strong can be free, then I will become the strongest!"

The Romance of Zhang Li

The Romance of Zhang Li

Original Historical Romance Short Story Female Lead

In a poor village in ancient China, a new lord arrives with a proposition: he will hold a contest to find a bride. Zhang Li may be renowned for her intelligence, but not her beauty or likeability. Yet she enters the competition, hoping to win the mind and heart of the lord in order to save her family from starvation. She had given up on love, but can she find that too?

The Threadmistress and the Teddy Bear

The Threadmistress and the Teddy Bear

Original Adventure Mystery Female Lead Multiple Lead Characters Profanity Super Heroes

In a world where heroes with powers are commonplace: Where they serve the community through policing, security and the defence of the nation. Where they are trained, regulated and monitored. Where rogues or villains are hunted and captured. And where history is written by the victors. Comes a thread user named Emery and her Teddy Bear who is not what people think.

The Grandbell Legacy

The Grandbell Legacy

Original Action Drama Mystery Martial Arts Harem Male Lead Secret Identity Strategy Wuxia Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content Post Apocalyptic War and Military

Ci-ci Bell, an alias chosen out of necessity, has spent his entire life working toward the goal. And now, he stands on the greatest stage there ever was.


And yet, during his speech, he speaks words that shock the entire world.


Millions tune in every five years to witness the best genius of the last half decade bask in the glory of the Grandbell Award. But, for the first time in history, its recipient makes an enemy of the world with two simple words.


This is a harem novel, so be sure that you're okay with that before reading. As much as I could promise you that the harem members won't be 2D plot devices, everything is always up to interpretation.
However, what I can promise is that regardless of whether you enjoy harems or not, the plot of TGL will be gripping, exciting and interesting. If it helps, just pretend like the harem is just a side indulgence for my fellow pervs before we get to the real story, lol
(just to be clear, the harem will without a doubt give a purpose to each female I introduce into it. I just know that some people will rage regardless, so, I put this disclaimer here).


 **The artwork of this cover does not belong to me. I was unable to find the original source. But, if you happen to be the artist, pls DM me on twitter with proof and I can hopefully buy the rights to use your work. @Awespec

High Lord Calamity

High Lord Calamity

Original Action Drama Fantasy Romance Reincarnation Martial Arts Harem Supernatural Male Lead Strong Lead Magic Anti-Hero Lead Strategy Grimdark Wuxia Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content Xianxia GameLit High Fantasy War and Military Villainous Lead Ruling Class

In the sea of stars, the experts gather.

Their origins, mindset, and experiences differ, but they have something in common - they all speak the language of power.

The absolute might, that nothing can chain has the power to silence everything.

In all eras, there were always people who ruled and those, who were ruled. Only the mightiest can set these laws and control others and their own fate.

The path of the sovereign is filled with blood and corpses.  

Calamity was neither the fiercest nor mightiest man to have lived.

He was born the day his family was massacred, hence his name. His name held another meaning, the hope, that one day he would return as a calamity to his enemies. 

Considering his talents and background, he reached unimaginable heights and fulfilled his family's last wish.

Unfortunately, his end wasn't pleasant. He died in the hands of junior, whose realm was lower than his.

He had worked harder than others, yet it never truly made up for the gap between him and those who never lacked the care of mighty experts and had access to limitless cultivation resources.

Still, at the peak of his life, he was pretty strong, but never did he have time to settle down and enjoy what he had. He had come that far with undying persistence and unshakable willpower in the first place, still wasn't enough.

Before his soul was destroyed along with his body, he resolutely decided to give everything up and flee for his life, as he escaped with the secret technique, towards an unknown destination. 

As fate would have it, the luck was on his side this time, as he managed to successfully give himself the second chance.

Will the scenario repeat itself, or will he walk upon the path of the sovereign in this life?

God only knows...


Terminus - A Reincarnation Story

Terminus - A Reincarnation Story

Original Fantasy Strong Lead Anti-Hero Lead Profanity Traumatising content

Josh Brolin was sentenced to death. However, on the contrary to his expectations, he found himself in an overgrown forest full of life. 'This isn't hell...?' He thought to himself as he surveyed his surroundings.
Nothing was as it was supposed to be, but he eventually concluded that he got a second chance to live - for whatever unknown reasons. 
He accepted his new life and decided to make the best of it. 


Shadowland Chronicles: Book 1

Shadowland Chronicles: Book 1

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Martial Arts Male Lead Magic Profanity Gore High Fantasy

A book to turn the fiction genre on its head. What is good and evil?

In this first book of the Shadowland Chronicles, we follow the blooming of our protagonist into his fated role as an instrument of change in the land of Tolden. His strange abilities slowly unfold, as does the mystery of where they came from.

A story  of magic, religion, strife, and personal discovery, this first installment in the Shadowland Chronicles series sets the stage for the epic tale that will follow.

Recovery Club: A Collection of Short Stories

Recovery Club: A Collection of Short Stories

Original Drama Romance Short Story Slice of Life Profanity Sexual Content

There's never a right or wrong answer to the question; what is love? Recovery Club is a collection of stories about the feelings we go through in the midst of love, heartbreak, anger, denial, frustration and recovery. The stories you read in this collection exist in the realm of both reality and fiction. Some stories are salvaged memories of an older generation, some are stories collected from close friends, and others are from strangers who were willing to share their tales.

My upmost thanks goes out to everyone who has sat down and talked with me in preparation for this collection. I hope that these stories will do your experiences justice. 

Authors Note: This is a side project for me. Stories will be released as they are completed. 

The Hero of Destiny is a Girl Now?

The Hero of Destiny is a Girl Now?

Original Action Comedy Fantasy Romance Martial Arts Gender Bender Male Lead Female Lead Strong Lead Magic High Fantasy

The Prophecy foretold of a destined child - one who would bring an end to the Dark Lord's evil reign and usher in a new Era of Light. That child was Ariz Vidane. Fulfilling his destiny was supposed to come at the cost of his life, but Ariz managed to subvert his ultimate fate.

...And in quite a creative fashion.

Demon Lord Cthulhu in another world

Demon Lord Cthulhu in another world

Original Action Adventure Comedy Portal Fantasy / Isekai School Life Supernatural Male Lead Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content Dungeon

Demon Lord Cthulhu is about to conquer the world and trying finish off the last Humans in this world.But before this could happen a class full of Student are beeing summoned to intervene.

Everyone got useful Skill's expect of Saito.

Saito's unique Skill Trolling is still a mystery and still unsolved with no records of the past. What will he achieve with his Skill who knows.

Downfall of the Nanite-Hero

Downfall of the Nanite-Hero

Original Action Drama Psychological Tragedy School Life Supernatural Male Lead Anti-Hero Lead Strategy Grimdark Profanity Sexual Content Gore Low Fantasy

[Author notice: This Story includes hard violence/torture revenge and hate. Be aware that this is only a story and is for people to let out some steam.]

If someone is skilled in creating a Cover and want to help out me I would Appreciate it.

The Protagonist Kai trying to be accepted by Society even thought he was framed and labeled as evil.The Story plays in the modern Century with him being a Student and researching on nanotechnology.The breakthrough how ever wasn't like Kai imagened, changing his life forever.

Street Cultivation - a modern wuxia/litrpg hybrid

Street Cultivation - a modern wuxia/litrpg hybrid

Original Action Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Martial Arts Supernatural Male Lead Wuxia Profanity Xianxia GameLit Urban Fantasy

In the modern world, qi is money.

The days of traveling martial artists and mountaintop masters are over. Power is controlled by corporations, modernized martial arts sects, and governments. Those at the bottom of society struggle as second class citizens in a world in which power is a commodity.

Rick is a young fighter in this world. He doesn't dream of immortality or becoming the strongest, just of building a better life for himself and his sister, who suffers from a spiritual illness. Unfortunately, life isn't that easy...

(Higher resolution version of the cover:

Author's Note: I'm aiming to do something a little different here, with cultivation and LitRPG elements in a modern setting that has developed around them (so not system apocalypse). The story will have one foot in realism, so don't expect the protagonist to be handed immense power immediately. There's a longer note at the end of the first chapter, but the plan is to upload a new chapter every three days until the story is complete.



Original Adventure Drama Fantasy Romance Gender Bender Male Lead High Fantasy

Eory lived 12 of his eighteen years in captivity due to his evil heritage and finally has a chance at freedom when his caretaker, Kori, informs him that the usurper king who beheaded his family is willing to give him a chance at freedom if he can behave flawlessly for one night at the ball.

Elemental Emperor

Elemental Emperor

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Short Story Portal Fantasy / Isekai Male Lead Strong Lead Magic Profanity GameLit


Story of a man becoming an unparalleled existence after being transported into another world.



Writing for fun and improvement. 


MADTAKS: Legend of the Four Corners

MADTAKS: Legend of the Four Corners

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Mystery Portal Fantasy / Isekai Martial Arts Sports Supernatural Male Lead Strong Lead Multiple Lead Characters Magic Strategy Mythos

Santi, the world's number one and undefeated sepak takraw player, unexpectedly lost to a Balut vendor and lost one million pesos as a wager, a miracle Sepak Takraw team was accidentally created.

Their aim? To prepare for a sport that would change humanity's fate. This is the story of sports, of brotherhood and friendship.

Witness how an unlikely team and friendship sprouted between the mysterious son of the forest, a vegetarian Aswang, An ex-drug addict and the prideful king of the four corners. All strengthened with the spirit of Sepak Takraw!

The Legend of four corners begin!



1. I currently am the only writing, editing and revising the story so expect some grammar and spelling errors.

2. If you notice, my average word count is at 500 words. I personally prefer this to stop bombarding too much information in one chapter and also to give me more space to update more chapters.

3. The story progress might be a little too confusing at the start but, rest assured, there will more detailed informations later on as the story progress that will explain most confusions.

4. Opinions, personal beliefs, and names of characters and places in the novel do not represent the beliefs and ideologies of the author and real people in the real world.

5. I would do my best to update every day. For now, I plan to schedule my updates every 12 noon (GMT+5). Numbers of chapter may depend on my work loads as I am currently working in a company (A video Editor), if less work loads, more chapters will be released.

6. And lastly, this is actually a sports-fantasy novel. So expect a little bit of out of this world action.

7. I am planning to host this novel in more web novel sites. In case I get a contract, I will have to remove this novel from other sites.

Heaven's Defiler — A Tale of Wholesome Villany

Heaven's Defiler — A Tale of Wholesome Villany

Original Adventure Fantasy Psychological Tragedy Reincarnation Martial Arts Supernatural Male Lead Female Lead Strong Lead Multiple Lead Characters Magic Strategy Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content Xianxia Dungeon Mythos Villainous Lead

Just as Light cannot exist without casting a shadow, Good cannot exist without harboring Evil.

In a distant world, where monsters and magic are real and cultivators seek the path to immortality, a young boy reincarnated into this world and became a Hero. With the death of the last of the Demon Kings, he became a legend. The Hero died of old age with the belief he did something good for the World.

Little did he know that his actions only favored a greater evil. a sinner that goes by the name of Derek Yun, locked away for centuries after he murdered a god. As time passed, another Hero was born amongst the men and, to equal the balance, the sinner was also reincarnated.


This is a somewhat rewritten version of my last story that went by the name of 'Heavenly Martial Academy', but the setting changed and also did the tone. I hope you enjoy this new version as I try to merge the best of Eastern and Western Fantasy in a single magic system.

I do not own the cover.

The Uncharted Stars

The Uncharted Stars

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi Male Lead Strong Lead Magic Grimdark Profanity Gore Traumatising content High Fantasy War and Military

 I was a bit too ambitious starting this project so I am going to restart as soon as I have more chapters done, so I am not rushed.

The Great Master of the Universe that Command the All Worlds

The Great Master of the Universe that Command the All Worlds

Original Action Sci-fi Virtual Reality Reincarnation Martial Arts Magic Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content Dungeon

Melt Azain Resurmor Caninzutsu is The Great Master of the Universe that Command the All Worlds, follow his adventures ~