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You don't need cheat-class magic to capture the villainess of the otome game

You don't need cheat-class magic to capture the villainess of the otome game

Original Comedy Fantasy Magic Male Lead Romance School Life Slice of Life

(Japanese style light novel)

I'm an adult male working for a foreign company, but I love otome games. And I absolutely adore Elizabeth-tan, my favorite tsundere villainess. When I went to buy the new game in which she reappeared, I had an accident and was reincarnated as a capture target in the game; a prince from neighboring country.

With the blessing of the spirits, I have cheat-class magic abilities. But, to be honest, I would rather reborn as Elizabeth-tan's beloved fiancée.

However, it can't be helped. So, since I cannot wait for the condemnation event, I have decided to elaborate a plan to capture Elizabeth from the Orthodox Prince.

Fields of Deceit (Multiverse OC/SI)

Fields of Deceit (Multiverse OC/SI)

Fan Fiction Action Adventure Fantasy Psychological Harem Male Lead Strong Lead Non-Human lead Grimdark Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content Fan Fiction

Lyle struggled through a lot to get where he is. Now, he's ready to rest. Sadly, the world won't let him be.

There's a tragedy at every corner and he just can't keep well enough alone.


A multiverse story with a Bloodborne start. Has a Waifu Catalog base, so if you don't know what that is, I recommend looking it up.

I'm aiming for good quality, so let me know mistakes, plot holes, or even if you don't like the direction I'm going.

Kagayaki Tamashi no Ryoiki

Kagayaki Tamashi no Ryoiki

Original Action Drama Fantasy Female Lead Magic Multiple Lead Characters Romance

The world of Terranum, world of a grand fantasy, once during the ancient time, monstrous beast known as Bellua roam the entire Terranum, the ancient civilization of human couldn't do anything but serve as food and plaything for the Bellua, until one day.. six people with the power of six elemental magic appear and push the Bellua back, eventually earning humanity reign over both the Bellua and Terranum, thus the start of a new age, known as the age of magic.

Time pass, now in the present day, magic had become common and humanity no longer need to be afraid of Bellua anymore, Matoi LePrana Lucet, the princess of the currently reigning kingdom of RauLucent, was attending one of her kingdom party, celebrating her 17th birthday, in the middle of the event, a pair of shadowy mysterious figure suddenly appear and thrash the entire party, stating their action as the "The End of Humanity".



Original Adventure Comedy Fantasy Virtual Reality Portal Fantasy / Isekai Male Lead Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content Satire Low Fantasy

A student finds himself in a coma and is having a lucid dream of a fantasy world, after listening to too much brain waves altering music. While this alone would be a concerning outlook for anyone, something seems to be strangely menacing about this new world he encountered.

Undying Martial Paradise

Undying Martial Paradise

Original Adventure Tragedy Reincarnation Martial Arts Male Lead Strong Lead Anti-Hero Lead Wuxia Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content Xianxia

He died prematurely only to reincarnate In a world where might makes right and the weak we're only fodder to the strong, a world where Martial spirits and personal power meant inheriting great powers. Paradise World where  only those that challenge the heavens reign supreme.



Original Action Fantasy Reincarnation Harem Supernatural Male Lead Profanity Traumatising content War and Military Villainous Lead Ruling Class

The Grand Republic Of Atus has fallen with it the world. Thrown into chaos by the discovery of alien technology that has pushed humanity into realms beyond the means of mere men a powerful figure like a god has seen fit to reset the world back into the stone age erasing all traces of old humanity or at least that was what would've happened in theory instead many decades pass our protagonist Richard has managed to somehow "survive" stuck in a broken body if any word could fit. Now if he wishes to live past the night he'll have to be even more ruthless than all that could suppress or use him for their own dream.

By the Grace of the Divines

By the Grace of the Divines

Original Comedy Fantasy Tragedy Reincarnation Reader interactive Supernatural Profanity Traumatising content Mythos

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the sixth edition of the Grace of the Divines, I, Samsara, will be the host of this magnificent event. A soul has left its body on one of the Earths of the seventh creation and as a way to celebrate the birthing of this new creation, together the divines will challenge the fate of this poor soul!

Poor Nico Duncan died by being sandwiched by trucks. Now he finds he has lost control of his fate as he revives the same day once again, but this time all trucks will be against him.

Author’s note:

The idea of this novel is to be 100% directed by the reader. Not only readers will dictate the result of polls, but also make them from commentaries (also adding tags to the story if needed). Because of the foundation of the novel, the story will be based of improvisation. Every choice is possible if voted enough. The reader will take the role of a nameless Divine, but his actions could affect the world in more than one way. What will yield the fate of Nico as the chaotic notions of the vox populli keep coming?

Hopeless Divine

Hopeless Divine

Original Action Comedy Fantasy LitRPG Romance School Life Supernatural Male Lead Magic Profanity Gore Traumatising content Super Heroes


Querty Sith.

Guy with a funny name, 'brilliant' at studies, 'average' in physique, 'proud' owner of a half paralyzed face capable of showing only a painful looking smile with a chillingly uninterested sounding voice to boot.

He's not prime hero material  but  he still tries to be one and his efforts were rewarded to his surprise.

Then... he gets summoned to another world, which is something alright.

Not given any divine quest by a goddess or demon king to beat, he isjust is met with an apologetic former hero turned Headmaster and a fantasy world to explore. 

Ok and with maybe a few villains to beat and people to save.


No harem. Or much of any romance for our superhero, probably.


Upload schedule: Planning to upload proper chapters by October end, detail due to final proof reading and actually writing being required. Sorry!

The Spirit of a Hero: A Realms of Adventure Novel

The Spirit of a Hero: A Realms of Adventure Novel

Original Action Adventure Fantasy High Fantasy Magic Male Lead

The Realms. Infinite worlds spread througout the vast and empty Void, filled to the brim with life, civilization, wonders, and dangers. Magic flows, kingdoms and empires rule, monsters prowl, and the very fabric of the universe is able to be molded. 

Young Blaise and his best friend Willow had always dreamed of joining the Hero's Guild, an organization of skilled people dedicated to peace, protection, and exploration. One night, when his peaceful family farm is attacked, Blaise and Willow find themselves thrust into the Hero's Guild and into an adventure far larger than either would have ever expected. Blaise and Willow will have to unravel the history of their world and the secrets of the Hero's Guild in order to save themselves and all the people of the Realms. 

Another Reincarnated in Another World Garbage Story.

Another Reincarnated in Another World Garbage Story.

Original Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Reincarnation Supernatural Male Lead Magic Grimdark Profanity Gore Traumatising content High Fantasy Mythos Ruling Class

So this guy reincarnates in this fantasy world were magic is real. Not a satire but i feel obligated to tell you first time posting a story anywhere and would love to write better. Any critisim is warmly welcomed.

The Obscure World of Cultivation!

The Obscure World of Cultivation!

Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Martial Arts Slice of Life School Life Male Lead Strong Lead Magic Strategy Wuxia Profanity Gore Xianxia High Fantasy Super Heroes

  A world of Cultivation in the year 1000, the world has been broken up to many countries and cities! The Nine lands are vast and holds many secrets such as the Obscure Will of the world's founder. Divided and restless, the only goal of the strong is to get even stronger and obtain all the strength for themselves.

   After the world was divided, fifteen years later a young master is thrown into this world.

   This is our world. This is the start!


   I am from the greatest Noble family in the city. Our strength is unmatched and our wealth is unparralled. Even the Emperor begs for our support! Even in cultivation, my family controlls the strongest of the city, matching even with the Emperor. My life was indeed...fantastic.

   However, they stole everything from me. My power, my resources... do they think with such betrayal that they can go on and live happy lives?

   If I can obtain the secrets of the world, I will unveil the masterminds of this plot... by then, I will be the strongest of the Era.

   I will unify the Nine Lands.

Those Who Wished for the End of the World - The Chronicles of the Demonic Slayer

Those Who Wished for the End of the World - The Chronicles of the Demonic Slayer

Original Action Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Contemporary Male Lead Strong Lead Magic Grimdark Profanity Gore Traumatising content GameLit Dungeon Mythos Post Apocalyptic

                The year is 2030, after a decade where the human race progressed in all fields by leaps and bounds, humankind already could see another decade of prosperity. Many conflicts around the world finally ended, and many dictators have been overthrown. Thanks to those factors, poverty decreased to unimaginable levels that have never been seen before. Humanity reached a point where 99% of the population have at least one cellphone with internet access almost for free… with so many possibilities at one fingertip, no one could have ever imagined humankind returning to the dark days. But the era of prosperity came to an end, just like it started… with cellphones.

                Nathan was just a sophomore college student when everything started. However, the end of the world and the collapse of society didn’t hold meaning to him in his life. He could count the numbers of success in his life with the fingers of a single hand. While humankind was progressing, Nathan’s mind was stagnated. He grew up as an orphan, but he went to a normal school, and thanks to that, he soon came to know that the term orphan was more than just a label for those who didn’t have parents. It was also used to determine the value of someone had. It didn’t take long before Nathan got used to those condescending eyes on him. Despite that, Nathan succeeded in obtaining two amazing things, Lydia’s and Chuck’s friendship.

                Thanks to his two friends, Nathan managed to avoid the dark thoughts of his teenage years. But soon, the shadow of his two friends made Nathan question his identity. Who was he without them? He got in college and had a part-time job in order to maintain a simple lifestyle, but anyone could do it at that age. While he was struggling with his inability to succeed in doing anything, Chuck was already a famous football player. He was strong and charismatic, thanks to his carefree attitude. Lydia, on the other hand, deserved the title of genius more than anyone else in Nathan’s eyes. She was smart to the point that she already had job offers to work in big pharmaceutical companies even before she entered college.

                When Nathan started to question himself, the end came. A weird app appeared in his cellphone granting him, and to everyone else crazy powers, the entire earth trembled, and millions of weird buildings appeared across the world, and they also came…

                Will their friendship withstand the end of the world? Or will their ideologies clash and make them follow their own paths to the very end?

The Gay Nerd Who Stole His Heart

The Gay Nerd Who Stole His Heart

Original Drama Romance Contemporary Sports School Life Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Secret Identity Anti-Hero Lead Profanity Sexual Content

"I don't know how I feel towards you," Jonah said with boredom, pulling the cigarette from the edge of his mouth and blowing out of the window. "But one thing I know is that I'm not gay, I love having sex with girls. That being said," he threw his cigarette out from the window, and leaned towards Kylan, whom breath fell stuck in his throat as his cheeks slowly reached the sharpest pink. Jonah smirked as his palm pressed on the jawline of Kylan, his navy irises never turning away from Kylan as his lips approached his. Before they could connect, a low grunt with an exhale cause Kylan's nerve to run wild, and Jonah approached his ear and whispered, "I would definitely like to try it once with you."

Jonah Minty, the hot jock, the student athlete, and the man every girl goggles every single second of the day. He has money without even holding a job a day in his life, and people that would do anything he said without a second of hesitation. He was in shape, appeared older for his age, with jet black hair and cold navy eyes. He was way taller than Kylan Burkens, whom always secretly eyed him whenever he marched by. 

Kylan Burkens, a nerdy student with large glasses in the edge of his nose, and small freckles that many ridiculed him for. He was not scrawny, but did miss some meat on his bones. However, his green eyes were always following Jonah whenever they had the chance, and as he returned home everyday and write in his journal about what he would see of Jonah in the changing rooms, he never thought that it would all change in one night, when he would attend the first party in his life.

A simple drunk mistake turned his entire life in a roller coaster that he did not want to stop. 



Original Action Psychological Romance Contemporary School Life Male Lead Urban Fantasy Super Heroes

A geeky highschooler struggling with mental health problems develops superpowers. Or does he?




Gonzalo Lopez is just a normal teenager except that he is invincible. Or is he?

Ever since that fight with Bill Jackson where his abilities first manifested and he broke the bully's hand by accident, everything has been spiraling out of control.

Now all of a sudden he's getting invited to parties, his psychiatrist's started dating his Mom, and at least two different international organisations are trying to hunt him down.

Then there's Ali-the new girl in school and the only other person who believes any of this is happening to him, who seems to be hiding a secret of her own.

Is she really his friend like she says she is, or does she have some sort of ulterior motive for being so nice to him all the time?

Should he tell her about Miracle Force, the superpowered United Nations peacekeeping unit he's just been recruited to?

And is any of this really happening, or is it all just going on in his head?

[Bears some minor coincidental similarities to 'Worm', available elsewhere on this site, however I started writing Weakling before I had read any of Worm.] 

Forest Queen

Forest Queen

Original Adventure Comedy Fantasy Psychological Female Lead Non-Human lead Magic Sexual Content Gore High Fantasy

A young woman finds herself alone, without memories in a ghastly tomb.
With nothing to go on but an elaborate dress and a crown on her head,
she declares herself the Forest Queen, not realizing the hardships awaiting her.
Follow her as she experiences just how grueling life can be for a queen lost in the woods;
And quite possibly how she will have to sacrifice a lot more than just her pretty dress to survive...

Playing in the same world as A tale of Thorns, and Beastly this is the story about how someone no matter their birth can become a survivor in an environment dangerous and unpredictable.



Original Action Adventure Fantasy School Life Male Lead Gore High Fantasy War and Military

-        Human beings are divided into four types, namely: Elementals, Fortifiers, Metamorphic and those who do not have powers are pejoratively called Void.
          In this fantastic world devoid of magic and spirits, Kalui finds himself alone, without memory and about to die, when he meets Roldi, a strong and kind man, who makes his first family. The threat of the big monstrous animals is nothing compared to the danger involved with the boy's unknown past, which forces them to flee looking for answers. No place is safe in a world where virtually everyone has some kind of power.


Hi Hi Hi! If you read, leave a feedback of what you think of the story! Criticism, praise, theories, anything hahaha ...
If you find any mistake, I will appreciate if you let me know!

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New chapters every 15 days

Ocean Graveyard

Ocean Graveyard

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Male Lead Mystery School Life

Students from a high school are kidnapped by wizards to another world and forced to compete in an ocean survival competition.

Angel's Dirge

Angel's Dirge

Original Action Fantasy Horror Contemporary Supernatural Female Lead Strong Lead Grimdark Profanity Gore Urban Fantasy Super Heroes Mythos Post Apocalyptic War and Military

After a year of silent manifestations, the angels that have appeared worldwide turn against
mankind. Peri Delaney, a young woman with anger management issues, survives an attack that kills her only friend.

She and a handful of others have somehow been altered by the attacks, developing abilities that can only be called supernatural. The government begins to collect these ‘Changed’ into a group called Project Aegis, hoping they can be used against the "angels" and save mankind before it is too late.


My intention is to publish the first 5 chapters one a day till Monday, then I will switch to a twice weekly release schedule. 

Evolution of Chaos

Evolution of Chaos

Original Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Reincarnation Martial Arts Harem Supernatural Male Lead Magic Profanity GameLit Dungeon Ruling Class

A story of a man turning into a hero of the sky 

Mimic Child

Mimic Child

Original Action Adventure Comedy Mystery Slice of Life Male Lead Non-Human lead Anti-Hero Lead Mythos

A false beginning.

A false life.

A semi-false hero.

But, a true story.

A young hero's journey into the long-forgotten tombs of a dungeon spirals into his life becoming nothing more than a memory as his fate becomes intertwined with that of his first enemy!