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Original Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Sci-fi Mystery Reincarnation Portal Fantasy / Isekai Martial Arts Supernatural Strong Lead Secret Identity Magic Profanity Gore Low Fantasy High Fantasy Post Apocalyptic War and Military

Something sinister is brewing but can I uncover the plot before it's too late?


DC: Alexander Swift

DC: Alexander Swift

Fan Fiction Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Reincarnation Slice of Life Male Lead Strong Lead Secret Identity Anti-Hero Lead Profanity Sexual Content Gore Fan Fiction Low Fantasy Super Heroes Villainous Lead

Michael Payne was a businessman of great intellect and charisma, The owner and CEO of Payne Enterprise.

He started with nothing, no parents, no money, but became the worlds savior.

He cured 14 types of cancers, stopped miscarriages, and even ended poverty in several countries, the world celebrated and treated him as a savior sent from god.

But that couldn't be further from the truth, he used this as a mask for his "real work", Behind the cloak of being the people's savior he was the worlds biggest crimelord.

He had his fingers in every cookie jar such as Murder, Rape, Drugs, Prostitution, etc.

He had everything he could ever want and more, Money, Fame, Power, Connection, and with the trust and loyalty of the people whilst also having an army of criminals at his back, he was untouchable to anyone and everything.

Dying purely of old age at the ripe age of 104, he closes his eyes wondering what was on the other side.


This Book

This Book

Original Fantasy Horror Psychological Mystery Reincarnation Supernatural Multiple Lead Characters Gore Low Fantasy Urban Fantasy Mythos

The author, Edward Faust is aware that “This Book” does not really describe what this book is about. We shall pretend that it is a meta artistic choice but the reality is that Mr. Faust is bad at coming up with titles, and since starting This Book back in 2015 as a NaNoWriMo project he could never come up with a good one.

This Book’s genre is YA Supernatural, but that’s only as helpful as any genre tag (IE: not very) so I shall describe it further. This Book is primarily about reincarnation, but it also features mythical creatures such as angels (known here as Seraphs), demons, Byzantines, as well as homeschoolers. Two mythical homeschoolers in fact make up the main characters of this work, a pair of siblings named Grayson and Kish. They live in metro Atlanta in the year 2019 AD with their Aunt. On one particular day they are plunged into a rabbit hole of spiritual and metaphysical politics by the arrival of a mysterious one-eyed Green haired woman and strange humanoid creatures into their lives. That is where the story begins. Yes.

Absent Thought

Absent Thought

Original Drama Romance Short Story Contemporary Slice of Life School Life Male Lead

Life can be cruel sometimes. This is about that and a little more.



Original Action Adventure LitRPG Sci-fi School Life Male Lead Profanity GameLit

Colton Bridges' life is going according to plan when a stranger walks into the store where he works. Bleeding out, the man grabs Colton's hand trying to stop him from calling 911. "Don't tell anyone you have it," the man warns Colton. After breaking free from the stranger, Colton calls for help but the man is gone. Not dead, gone...just gone. 

Join Colton in a harrowing journey as he struggles with newfound powers and unprecedented root access to his life while running from shadowy government agencies and dirty cops. What would you do if you were the superuser?

The Island: An Elrich Saga Novel

The Island: An Elrich Saga Novel

Original Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Gender Bender Female Lead Profanity Sexual Content Traumatising content Mythos

This is a side novel to Eri's story. Taking place several months before Eri's arrival on Elrich.  Here in Rille's world, we see the starting point of Elrich's descent into chaos. This is the true beginning.

I was always in the wrong place at the wrong time. Bad things just happened to me. It was hardly ever my fault, but shit happens, right? For me, it happened to an alarming degree.

Rille, the heroine of our story, is magicless in a world full of magic users.

Rille is also unlucky. So many things have a tendency to go cattywampus on her. Her own body included.

She's not always a she, there are days she feels distinctly male. However, societal conventions prevent Rille from becoming the person she wishes to be.

Living in near constant pain from swollen joints, Rille lives her life making soap and hopping from job to job because she's always being fired.

Her mother has a gambling addiction but is unnaturally good at it. Gambling has both bankrupted them and pulled them through some of the coldest of winters.

Rille's luck seems to be changing though.

Her mother, the luckiest person Rille knows, won tickets to the all-expense paid trip to The Island. Free health care spa and a daily allowance to be used in The Island Casino.

Not everything is as it seems. Half of The Island is a research base but what are they researching and how will this change Rille's life and Elrich forever?

I Just Wanted To Die But Instead I Became Immortal

I Just Wanted To Die But Instead I Became Immortal

Original Adventure Drama Fantasy Horror Portal Fantasy / Isekai Supernatural Male Lead Female Lead Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content High Fantasy Mythos

Bridget Bridges has lead a meaningless life. She was nothing but a burden on those around her, so she decided to end it all. Throwing herself into the river, she wakes up on a distant shore. Now, it seems no matter how many times she gets herself killed, she can't seem to die. Trapped in a savage world with her final means of escape taken from her, she fails to cope.

Stacy the Vampire was on a mission to wipe out a local tribe of lowlifes. However, she finds something unexpected. A tasty suicidal immortal.

An Intergalactic, Isekai... What?

An Intergalactic, Isekai... What?

Original Fantasy Sci-fi Short Story Portal Fantasy / Isekai Male Lead Magic Satire GameLit High Fantasy Space Opera

A short story that has a little bit of everything.

Kyrio's Monster House

Kyrio's Monster House

Original Fantasy Portal Fantasy / Isekai Supernatural Male Lead Magic Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content Villainous Lead

A man dies, gets a second chance by a random god and decides to play god.





Note: Most chapters are in Alpha version, that means some grammar mistakes and missing tables.

King Of All Heavens

King Of All Heavens

Fan Fiction Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Reincarnation Martial Arts Male Lead Anti-Hero Lead Wuxia Profanity Gore Fan Fiction Xianxia Villainous Lead

A seemingly ordinary boy dies, meets a mysterious figure and granted him a new life. He regrets everything he has done in his previous life and swore to cherish his life if he ever gets a chance. Read how he becomes The King Of All Heavens.


"Geniuses? Puny Imbeciles. They are not worth a single coin to me. I will eradicate and kill them all regardless of their origin. They are nothing but a speck of dust in my eyes."

"Gods and Demons?  I'll bathe in their blood. Even Emperors will personally come to greet me. Lest they wanna die"

The Undead Revolution

The Undead Revolution

Original Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Female Lead Magic Gore Traumatising content

Undead. A broken, shambling horde of mindless creatures. Dangerous in groups, laughable if alone.

They rise, like they did many times in the past. But now it is different.

Mindless creatures they are not anymore. Tactics, feints, communications. Strange words to describe their behavior. 

Fear ripples through the sentient creatures.

And Silvy is now in the middle of the chaos.

The Deist Hero

The Deist Hero

Original Psychological

If I were to ask another person a question such as:

Do you believe in a god?

A simple question, but one that has been debated throughout the ages. How do you he or she would answer?

What if I added some context to the question?

Do you believe that a god could appear in front of you and change your life immediately?

Perhaps more difficult, but still one that can either be answered as yes or no or perhaps in a longer format.

What about this next question?

Would you put your trust in a god that appeared before you one day and asked you to go on an extremely important quest that only you could carry out at the risk of death?

Hell no.

Then tell me, oh great deity.

Why would I reincarnate into a different world and become your puppet to complete a quest that would only bring benefit to you at my own risk? Why would I put my trust in you when the cause of my death was at the works of your hands? Why would I be in awe of you when you have never done anything good for me throughout my entire life even when I cried out for you during my darkest hours?

Ah, are my words too enlightening for your omniscient mind?

I'm sorry, just smite me now and go find another mortal to do your bidding.

You may be able to make my body submit, you may be able to inject your will into my mind...

...but you will never ever be able to subdue the desires of my heart.

Sovereigns of Thousand Stars

Sovereigns of Thousand Stars

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Romance Reincarnation Martial Arts Male Lead Strong Lead Magic Wuxia Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content Xianxia High Fantasy

A world created by Bladeless Saint, a God of Madness.

It was said that common sense in this world is considered crazy, and the concept of madness is what they worship and considered admirable.

and with this type of world, how can one live life peacefully?

A reckless boy with exceptionally strong talent on cultivating the madness qi.


A reincarnated girl whom a saint from the past who had died miserably when she fought several saints for Godhood.

A reckless youth who seek crazy adventure and a reincarnated girl who seek on the path of revenge.

As they met, how things would develop for the two of them?


The Lord of the Opera house

The Lord of the Opera house

Original Fantasy Historical Psychological Supernatural Male Lead Anti-Hero Lead Strategy Low Fantasy War and Military

The Zürtzün Empire. Once a mighty nation, it was plunged into war, completely devastating it. The people of Zürtzün felt deep bitterness towards their former enemies and intense anger towards their King, who they felt had betrayed them, dragging them into a war they didn't want to be a part of. The drastically falling popularity of the King marked the beginning of a war fought within the Imperial capital of Zürtzün, a war of deception and political intrigue with many different parties vying for power in the face of the King's decline. But one party proved to be more ruthless than the rest.

The Adlerschrank emerged a powerful party and wiped off almost all their opponents right off the map. They seized control of the Imperial capital and the rest of Zürtzün, placing their leader, the Herrscher, at the top position of power. He was charismatic and passionate, and the people of the Empire came to adore him more than they ever did their King. With his dangerous fanaticism, he won them over.

He promised them wealth. He promised them power. He promised them vengeance.

He promised them a war, one where the Empire would reestablish itself and crush its enemies.

But deep in the heart of the nation, a poison is brewing. The Opera house, the enforcers of the Herrscher's rule and the exterminators of the Empire's "pests", has been neglected and left to rot, in the eyes of a seemingly insignificant, but hardworking desk writer. He plans to escape the clutches of the Opera house but inadvertently plunges himself headfirst into the house's affairs...

Under the aegis of Chronos

Under the aegis of Chronos

Original Adventure Fantasy Historical Sci-fi Slice of Life Supernatural Male Lead Sexual Content

Do you believe in sea snakes, demons, interdimentional passages.... Henry, 7 years old, believes in it and plans to go and observe them closely.
However, during his expedition, not everything went as he had planned and when Henry woke up, nothing was the same.



Original Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi Cyberpunk Slice of Life School Life Supernatural Male Lead Female Lead Strong Lead Multiple Lead Characters Non-Human lead Secret Identity Magic Anti-Hero Lead Grimdark High Fantasy Steampunk Mythos Ruling Class

In the great war of the ages, the snake corrupted in the dominion of the second heavens.

Allthough he was defeated his time was yet due and untill he is finished he will corrupt the earth and all of the heavens. Untill he is put down by the one foretold.

I Reincarnated as the Queen, Now What?

I Reincarnated as the Queen, Now What?

Original Fantasy Mystery Reincarnation Slice of Life Female Lead Sexual Content Traumatising content Ruling Class

What would you do if you wake up in a different body, in a strange place and are the Queen?

Ecologist Rosa Mendez gets to find out if she has what it takes to be Queen.


Warning: this story contains sex between consenting adults

Tales of Erets Book Two: The Soothsayer's Sons

Tales of Erets Book Two: The Soothsayer's Sons

Original Action Drama Fantasy Romance Male Lead Female Lead Strong Lead Multiple Lead Characters Magic Anti-Hero Lead Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content High Fantasy Villainous Lead Ruling Class

This is the sequel to "The Crusade of Stone and Stars."

The conflict between the people of Arx and the people of Nihilus continues. The
Arxians, having conquered Nihilus, have appointed the iron-fisted Duke Jachai to
rule over the land of their enemies. His ruthlessness has only fueled the flames of
rebellion in Nihilus, and tensions are rising.

Ardal, a former professor of Nihilite magic, has discovered that he has a terminal
illness that may require him to seek help from his worst enemies in order to cure.

The Hope of Home

The Hope of Home

Original Fantasy Romance Harem

Wist, forced to leave his only home, travels in the hope to find another home and to find a place he could be himself.



Original Action Adventure Fantasy Portal Fantasy / Isekai Male Lead Female Lead Multiple Lead Characters Magic Profanity Urban Fantasy Post Apocalyptic

Toxic air, frigid tundras, killer forests, and deserts as hot as Hell itself. In spite of it all, mankind's secrets can, will, and have continued to form underneath the crust of a world thrown to the wolves by even the gods who once sought to protect it.