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Heaven's Defiler — A Tale of Wholesome Villany

Heaven's Defiler — A Tale of Wholesome Villany

Original Adventure Fantasy Psychological Tragedy Reincarnation Martial Arts Supernatural Male Lead Female Lead Strong Lead Multiple Lead Characters Non-Human lead Magic Strategy Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content Xianxia GameLit Mythos Villainous Lead

Just as Light cannot exist without casting a shadow, Good cannot exist without harboring Evil.

In a distant world, where monsters and magic are real and cultivators seek the path to immortality, a young boy reincarnated into this world and became a Hero. With the death of the last of the Demon Kings, he became a legend. The Hero died of old age with the belief he did something good for the World.

Little did he know that his actions only favored a greater evil. a sinner that goes by the name of Derek Yun, locked away for centuries after he murdered a god. As time passed, another Hero was born amongst the men and, to equal the balance, the sinner was also reincarnated.


This is a somewhat rewritten version of my last story that went by the name of 'Heavenly Martial Academy', but the setting changed and also did the tone. I hope you enjoy this new version as I try to merge the best of Eastern and Western Fantasy in a single magic system.

I do not own the cover.

The Uncharted Stars

The Uncharted Stars

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi Male Lead Strong Lead Magic Grimdark Profanity Gore Traumatising content High Fantasy War and Military

 This story is HEAVILY inspired by Warhammer 40k. This is the first story I have ever made and want to entertain myself in other ways than playing video games. Please enjoy and let me know if I suck [insert profanity here].

Humans are fighting a xeno race called the Dryadali that enslaved humans for what is believed to have been a millennium. They are now each side is trying to commit genocide against each other.

I know the synopsis is shit but bear with me and the story will probably not be updated for a while as I don't have much time due to work.

The Great Master of the Universe that Command the All Worlds

The Great Master of the Universe that Command the All Worlds

Original Action Sci-fi Virtual Reality Reincarnation Martial Arts Magic Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content Dungeon

Melt Azain Resurmor Caninzutsu is The Great Master of the Universe that Command the All Worlds, follow his adventures ~



Original Action Adventure Fantasy Horror Reincarnation Portal Fantasy / Isekai Supernatural Female Lead Strong Lead Multiple Lead Characters Magic Anti-Hero Lead Grimdark Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content High Fantasy Dungeon Mythos Villainous Lead

**Warning: Violence!**

All great wars have a beginning.

This story follows Maya Vail, a human girl raised in the Shadow Realm among monsters, as she learns to be a Master Pilot in the human world. As a Pilot, she will have to conjure a summon and control its mind to do battle against other pilots. Its winner takes all!



Creator's Dilemma:

So I have this major issue that I need your help with!! I find myself constantly creating new projects (over and over again.) I never know which one to devote my time to... So I've come to Royal Road to hopefully solve this little dilemma.

The idea is that I'm going to just submit my projects and whichever ones gain interest and followers will be the ones I pursue, and the others will simply be put on a backburner.

So without further ado, here are some of my stories. Please follow the ones you like to show interest. I'll continue to write for the ones that people like, but I'm sure there will be some that people don't -- which is why I'm here. As the creator, I can't tell which ones are good and which aren't. You can though!


Here is the first entry!




If you like my work, supports are greatly appreciated.


Tim the Engineer

Tim the Engineer

Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Portal Fantasy / Isekai Male Lead Magic Profanity Gore High Fantasy

“The summoning scenarios are broken down into groups of ten.” Emi Ito stated.

“Don’t, don’t you dare say another word.” Muttered Genzo Uchida. His eyes had turned bloodshot and his hands shook with rage.

“The first thirty…”

“Shut up!” Genzo bellowed “How dare you help these disrespectful gaijin?” Flecks of spit and madness flew from his face, his fist raised ready to strike. But Emi did not flinch, instead she was about ready to continue when Yuma Takeuchi interrupted her.

“Uchida, please,” her sweet sounding words could melt ice. “I think we will have a better chance of getting home if we all work together.” When she glanced up with her sleepy looking eyes at Genzo Uchida he deflated visibly.

“Were not getting home.” Uchida said coolly. “Group summoning, large, that puts us in the 60 series. No one came to greet us after five minutes of arrival. That leaves scenarios 68 and 69. In scenario 68 there is something that binds the large group together; they are all classmates or a single family. But thanks to the gaijin” he spit out the word “I think we are scenario 69 with no way home.”

Ikko Inoue’s eyes went wide, while Katsukno and Hayata started muttering to themselves. Tim took on a serious look and rubbed his scruffy chin. Emi maintained her stoic expression while trying to find something to refute. McKenzie glanced at Randall and giggled. Randall took the prompting of his teammate and followed up by approaching Genzo. “Uh, so we are in a sixty-nine?”

“Yes.” Replied Genzo with the seriousness of someone who’s life was about to end. McKenzie covered her mouth and snickered.

“You and me, were stuck in a sixty-nine situation?” Randall pushed with a grin.

“Yes, we are all stuck in a sixty-nine scenario together!” Genzo retorted in anger.

McKenzie fell on her butt laughing.

“What the hell is so funny?” Demanded Genzo, whose face had turned red.

“It’s a problem with the automatic translation.” Retorted Tim.

Randall, who seemed unable to quit started in again “So, about this sixty-ni…”

Genzo interrupted Randall with a swift punch to the face. But, because of their height difference it was a bit of an uppercut that left Randall rattled.

Tim and Ikko moved to step in between the two, but Genzo showed no further hostility. Instead he just stared at his clenched fist with such intensity it grabbed the attention of the room.

“I unlocked a skill.” He said bluntly.



This story follows the adventures of Tim, who was summoned to another world. A world he does not like, a world he does not want to be a part of.

There are lots of little puns and jokes and the entire thing is kind of a satire of the isekai genre.

The Hunter Trials

The Hunter Trials

Fan Fiction Adventure Fantasy Romance Strong Lead Fan Fiction Low Fantasy Mythos

Chloe has run away from too many foster homes. When she finally finds a home she believes will be able to protect her, the Hunter strikes again, this time, kidnapping her friends. With the help of a mysterious boy, who isn't all that he seems, Chloe must find her friends. All the while staying alive. 

The Beautiful People

The Beautiful People

Original Drama Slice of Life Multiple Lead Characters Profanity Satire

A weekend getaway meant to get away from the stresses of life is anything but, as troubled pasts boil to the surface...

Genius has an Infinite Capacity

Genius has an Infinite Capacity

Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy School Life Supernatural Male Lead Magic Strategy High Fantasy

Alevier is a student of Magic, who is preparing to become an Archmage that is able to summon powers untold and split the mountains and shake the earth. But, there was one problem that stood in his way: his utter lack of talent. And no matter how hard he worked, he could never fill the gap between him and his peers. But could that really stop someone in a world where wonders could come true, and magic was omnipresent?

After a particularly traumatic incident, he finally obtained the magical powers he had yearned for, along with a strange grimoire from an ancient being. It seemed that fate had great things in store for him. That or an irresponsible creditor had dumped his responsibilities onto him. Perhaps it was preordained that one must pay a price to gain something. 

Geniuses have infinite potential, and Alevier has just stepped into the realm of genius. But he is yet to discover what pains he must bear, for creatures so terrifying that they could kill him with a single glance are now out for him. But the game is not over, yet.

The Oscillation

The Oscillation

Original Action Drama Fantasy LitRPG Psychological Portal Fantasy / Isekai Martial Arts Slice of Life Supernatural Male Lead Female Lead Non-Human lead Magic Gore Traumatising content Low Fantasy Urban Fantasy Super Heroes Dungeon Mythos

It was an average day in Miami—then fractures in the sky appeared.  A pulse from that crack changed the population; some people's biology changed while others received magic and physical strength.   After the chaos, the political drama ensued, followed by the discovery of portals that brought deadly creatures.  They called this event "The Oscillation" and it changed Rachel's life forever.


Rebirth of Fallen

Rebirth of Fallen

Original Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Reincarnation Male Lead Female Lead Strong Lead Multiple Lead Characters Magic Profanity Sexual Content Gore High Fantasy

Ever thought about getting a new chance on life in the new world? How you would make it a better life, how you would do so much better in a world of fantasy, of new races and magic?

Raijen got the second chance, Erin got the second chance too, everything should have been perfect. New world, new opportunities, new family, but the price had to be paid first.

Because the tales usually told are of loving families, heroes rising to power, and good winning over all adversities, we love them, which is why we tell them.

But what happened those who turned out to be evil, what shaped them? What forced them to live in such a way that we don’t want to tell their tales?

Let me show you what happens when you are reborn as one of the many, and not one of the privileged. Let’s follow the path of the fallen.

Hello everyone, this story was in my head for way too long and I have finally gathered the balls to commit and start writing and publishing the chapters to get feedback and feel on what others might think of it.

I'm new to this, English is my second language so be prepared for that - I would appreciate if you can tell me of any mistakes from typos, grammar (comas - going by feel there, really) to what sentences don't make sense if you feel like it.

I will publish one chapter (1500 words or so) every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Thank you for reading and I hope you will enjoy this journey as much as me :)

The cover is temporary until I find someone to make a proper one.

My site if you are interested is here where I will publish as well.

The adventures of an otherworldly man.

The adventures of an otherworldly man.

Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Portal Fantasy / Isekai Male Lead Strong Lead Magic Profanity Sexual Content Gore High Fantasy

This is the story of Aiden Read. He is a 19 year old high school graduate who is just trying to go through his everyday routine and earn some money to help him with his future studies. 

One morning he is myseriously transported to a medieval fantasy world.

With absolutely no money, fame or significant strenght, Aiden is, luckily, helped by the generous lord of a town called Pinewood. There he will train both his skills and knowledge, in order to try and find a way back home.....or at least survive the crazy world he just entered.



Dreaming Dungeon-ing

Dreaming Dungeon-ing

Original Fantasy Slice of Life Magic GameLit Dungeon

The purported annals of the thoughts and experiences of one Mathew Henkirk, puissant to his affairs serving as a drafted entity performing in a role of what common modern parlance dubs a Dungeon Master or a Dungeon Keeper, on a distant point of multiversal continuum, during his hours at rest.


How I spent my dreamtime faffing around and building up a dungeon in another world.

This is a thought experiment aimed mostly at trying up some relatively (and hopefully) fresh ideas on a relatively played out concepts, while not straying too far away from the basic underlining ideas.

As such, while I do have a vague concept of where the story is going, in truth the endpoint is anybody's guess.

Shall we undertake this journey together and try having some fun along the way?

A Fresh Start

A Fresh Start

Original Comedy Romance Contemporary Sports Slice of Life School Life

I'm Kurogane Ryouya.

Back in middle school, I was that lame kid that everyone bullied.

I had no friends, and was alone for a year.

It was on a particular day that my life was changed forever...


The Red Death-A tale of rebirth in a fantasy world

The Red Death-A tale of rebirth in a fantasy world

Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Reincarnation Portal Fantasy / Isekai Slice of Life Female Lead Non-Human lead Magic Anti-Hero Lead Grimdark Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content Dungeon

The year, 3552. A notorious mercenary commonly known by the moniker - Red Death - had finally gotten her revenge after hunting down the Warlord that had killed her family and fellow mercanaries across the broken remnants of a massive space- based empire. To achieve this she sacrificed half her life, her health, and nearly all her collected resourses to finally bring that man down. 

With her revenge concluded, her exaustion and injuries had finally caught up with her. She had fell into a deep sleep only to awaken in a reality not her own.

A bloody sci-fi merc goes to a fantacy world.

The Moth Princess

The Moth Princess

Original Adventure Drama Fantasy Romance Non-Human lead Magic High Fantasy

A Moth Princess who spent eight years as a captive is rescued by a Templar Knight. She emerges into the world as a clueless adult and is thrust into dangerous situations she has little control over. Can a fifteen-year-old in a twenty-year-old's body learn to control the situations that unfold around her?

The Dragon of Rosemont High

The Dragon of Rosemont High

Original Adventure Fantasy Mystery Supernatural Male Lead Magic Profanity Low Fantasy Urban Fantasy

Four months ago, the death of his parents sent Elias Drake from New York City to the small town of Rosemont. Living with his workaholic aunt and trying to fit into a new school is no small task, especially not when a string of murders turns out to have potentially supernatural origins.

With the help of his best friend, Zoe Chung, a wannabe witch, it's up to Eli to unravel and mystery and stop the killer... as well as deal with some serious, monstrous changes of his own.

Origin and Soul

Origin and Soul

Original Action Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Reincarnation Male Lead Strong Lead Non-Human lead Magic Anti-Hero Lead Profanity Gore Traumatising content High Fantasy


This story has been dropped due to some mistakes I made while writing it.

The Last True Dungeon

The Last True Dungeon

Original Action Fantasy Horror Non-Human lead Magic Anti-Hero Lead Profanity Gore Traumatising content Dungeon

Some of the gods jealous of the originals dungeons powers sought to destroy them. after killing the last of the dungeons the gods realize what a mistake they made when the world is thrown into turmoil and essence runs rampant though the world. Unbeknownst to the gods one of the original dungeons had survived the purge.


These chapters are missing a lot of small details, that i will be adding as i edit them. feel free to add comments or critism. If you have ideas or plot points you would like added such as names for people or places comment them below.

Saldrisil - Beginnings

Saldrisil - Beginnings

Original Fantasy LitRPG Multiple Lead Characters Magic Anti-Hero Lead Gore Traumatising content Xianxia GameLit High Fantasy

Earth is dying, so it sends out a colony ship with 200 people held in Cryostasis to *hopefully* find a habitable planet and save humanity. Said spacecraft happens to fly into the trip of a black hole, which teleported them to a world where magic and fantasy flourish, however, most of the passengers are deemed 'incompatible ' by the System that rules this new world.The few who were accepted by the System awaken on Saldrisil and a new adventure begins...

The Pros and Cons of Being Immortal

The Pros and Cons of Being Immortal

Original Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi Portal Fantasy / Isekai Male Lead Magic Anti-Hero Lead Traumatising content High Fantasy Mythos

I emerge from the rift into the vastness of space.

As I drift through nothing I contemplate my past and future, where I came from and where I am going.

I see the void spread around me and wonder at the meaning of it all.

Then I gather my energy and create a spacial rift toward my next destination.