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Original Adventure Fantasy Magic Reincarnation Romance Sexual Content

“Fear not the dead, fear the living!”

His name is Rave. The one who, 700 years ago, had lost. The necromancer who conquered half the world with an army of the undead, but then was buried alive under a terrible curse:  never to die, never to be saved. He was so feared that all necromancy curses were buried with him, so that never again could such a dangerous magician arise.

Angelina – a weak historian-necromancer whose only talent was a flawless grasp of the language of the dead. Fate willed it that she find a mysterious gravestone and break the seal holding the one who was never to be released:  Rave – the King of the Dead!

Rave, the mightiest ruler of the undead of all time and all people, is now freed from the terrible curse and seeks to reclaim his throne and take revenge on the descendants of those who betrayed him.

But Angelina dreams only of keeping the details of her birth secret and becoming a real necromancer. But is this girl as simple as she seems?

Will the King of the Dead help this unknown girl or will he use her mysterious blood to regain his own power and speed his way to the throne? And what can they both do when passion begins to ruin all their plans, and dark desires call forth the worst poison? 

On that day it will become clear that the insane madness of the living can be more, more terrible than the bloody hunger of the undead….

Don’t miss this incredible dark saga of the Overlords of the Dead, already a bestseller in Russia, now finally available in English translation.

Death-Bound Chronicles: The Unlucky Shadow

Death-Bound Chronicles: The Unlucky Shadow

Original Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Psychological Tragedy Virtual Reality Male Lead Strong Lead Magic Anti-Hero Lead Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content

The world given was not the world promised. Countless souls must adjust to this new reality that they find themselves in, as the longer they live in this game the more they realize it is anything but. This story follows a young man as he carves his way though this new life, forging a path dispite the adversity that threatens to pull him down one final time.


Hello! This is my first time writing and I'm quite excited. I hope you can enjoy my story as much as I do writing it. That being said, though I'm not sure to what degree yet, those warning tags are there for a reason, so if such topics are not up your alley I suggest you proceed with caution. The story will have a heavy gamelike presence, especially in the early stages. Though it is a VR novel, I do expect it to have some rather dark themes throughout the story.

There is romance I have planned for the story, however I do not believe I will write on it enough for it to deserve the tag, but if thats up your alley then you're in luck.

Thats all I have, Enjoy!


The Prince of Eos

The Prince of Eos

Original Action Drama Fantasy Sci-fi Harem Male Lead Strong Lead Non-Human lead Magic Strategy Gore High Fantasy Space Opera War and Military Ruling Class

The Prince of the moon-world of Eos finds that his world is caught between the aggressive military powers of The Regime and the rapid expansion of the Republican Confederation. He struggles to maintain the independence of Eos while also trying to achieve happiness in his home life with his three wives.


Set in a universe where all forms of advanced technology are biologically-based and psychics help to make it all possible, The Prince of Eos is a political space opera playing on themes of loyalty, betrayal, deception, and courage.

The Adventures of an Unknown

The Adventures of an Unknown

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Portal Fantasy / Isekai Male Lead Magic Anti-Hero Lead GameLit Dungeon

A world with floating islands, that’s what Sage opens his eyes to. A world that resembles a video game seems like a wonderful place, but when you’re thrown into a high levelled area right off the bat, it can be quite terrifying. 

After an earth death experience, Sage vows to never return to that world. But the more he learns about it, the more he desires to leave his own world, and his obligations attached to it, behind. 

What starts out as fun and games soon escalates into something much more than Sage could’ve ever imagined. 

He’ll need to level up and learn the inner workings of this new world if he’s to keep himself, and the people he loves, safe. 

The Returner’s One Millionth Life

The Returner’s One Millionth Life

Original Action Adventure Magic Male Lead Post Apocalyptic Reincarnation Strong Lead

Every time the mc dies he returns to his childhood bedroom at the age of three until his one millionth life were the world suddenly ends.

The story of the gods first creation (Draft)

The story of the gods first creation (Draft)

Original Male Lead Short Story Psychological Romance Tragedy

in thee begining their was only one human, however unlike most humans this man was favored by the gods as their 1st creation and theirfore was blessed with imortality.

Ha Ha... Love Triangle. No.

Ha Ha... Love Triangle. No.

Original Female Lead Gore Horror Mystery Profanity Psychological Romance

    The last thing Rosy needed was a hug. She abhorred them, the way it constricted her arms to her sides and stuffed her close to the alien environment called a body. She never liked them, and it’s not as if there was anything terrible about them, she just didn't like them.  Too close, she thought. This is way too close... I don't like this,  Rosy frowned, not that she was homophobic or anything, but she doesn't know how to feel about this. Them attracted to her? How?

The Epic Of Goth

The Epic Of Goth

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Tragedy Portal Fantasy / Isekai Male Lead Magic Anti-Hero Lead Grimdark Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content Low Fantasy War and Military Ruling Class

Through the bleak hellscape of Vigroth there is only one champion the could defy the odds, GOTH!

Blackened Blossoms

Blackened Blossoms

Original Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Supernatural Female Lead Non-Human lead Magic Gore Traumatising content High Fantasy Ruling Class

Bloodthirsty and cruel to the bone, Tears make it their mission to sow discord and horror everywhere they go. 

But they weren't always that way, no. Tears used to be the light of the lands, apprehending evildoers and lifting up the helpless.

Until someone corrupted their very nature...

Updates once a week on Sundays

Headpat Bot!!!

Headpat Bot!!!

Original Comedy Fantasy Female Lead Non-Human lead Slice of Life

Erika Saito is a first year highschool student who just moved to a new city and due to her shyness is having trouble making friends. On her way to school she becomes unlikely allies with a robot named Byte who is as stoic as they come, but the only way he can keep his fuel cells charged, is through headpats!

Eein Saga

Eein Saga

Original Action Fantasy Psychological Tragedy Female Lead Strong Lead Multiple Lead Characters Magic Strategy Grimdark Profanity Sexual Content Gore War and Military Ruling Class

In a desert province, the sudden arrival of a foreign nation brings war and slavery. 

A young girl Aya and her friends, facing adversity are introduced to a secret sect, offering great powers and wonders and refuge. They embark on helping to fight for their freedom to explore the new world she is thrust into and the right of revenge. Met with problem after problem and the scale of the Nation they are going up against leads the group to be at the edge of the sword at every turn.

Follow Aya as they carve up the world! In this age of Civil Turmoil! Will Deceit and Evil corrupt the young girls' heart!

Also, my first Novel ever written.
This is not your typical revenge, happy go lucky story.... you'd be ill-advised to think so!

Flower Fit for a Vampire

Flower Fit for a Vampire

Original Horror Romance Mystery Tragedy School Life Supernatural Female Lead Strong Lead Non-Human lead Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content High Fantasy

Genevieve Paris was normal. She had normal friends, a normal school, and normal thoughts. She was you average teenage girl with only worries of school and her family implanted in her mind. Yet, like that of a fantasy novel, she was suddenly stripped of anything normal. The word 'normal' was stolen from her life's vocabulary.

Back in her normal days, if you were to tell her that there was a secret world within Earth, she would have laughed and waved it off. Now, she's conflicted. She finds herself on the border of real-life and fantasy. 

Who would have thought that touching a single flower would change your life forever? Now, living with strange powers, even stranger people, and an annoying voice in her head, Genevieve can't seem to keep a steady foot in life. 

Especially not with demons crawling around for blood.

MCU inhumain Izel l'eternel

MCU inhumain Izel l'eternel

Fan Fiction Action Adventure Fan Fiction Fantasy Historical Male Lead Non-Human lead Supernatural Super Heroes

A young Mayan who hunted in the forest found himself trapped in an extremely strange installation for him who had never seen a metal wall or indeed a blue human. These people have done something to him that has profoundly changed who he is, now different from the person who was his people how can he advance in his adventure you will see that in this story. A story of discovery, meeting and learning towards the end of the path of his life.

This story will be in the MCU timeline with a mix of the comics, any character other than my character is not mine;)
This is my fiction but written in English, by google translation so if there are any errors I am sorry.

Apocalypse War: The Return of the Last Demon Slayer

Apocalypse War: The Return of the Last Demon Slayer

Original Action Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Grimdark Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content War and Military

A litRPg novel of time travel and apocalyptic war in a medieval-fantastic grimdark world..

In the damned world of Artorias there is nothing but war and despair, but many heroes stand up against the dark forces to fight against the fateful destiny that promises to engulf all the souls it contains.
In the middle of the 21st century, all the humans of the Earth are summoned to this world to be used as frontline soldiers against the massive invasion of nightmarish existences that are pouring in from the immaterial dimensions.
But in spite of the powerful blessings offered by the Sorcerers and Gods of this world to turn them into superhumans and half-sorcerers, in this impossible war, they were ultimately nothing but cannon fodder.

Mars, a veteran who had survived the fall of the last kingdom, finally knows the peace he yearns for when death snatches him from this hell. But the promise of a peaceful and eternal rest, was not what awaited him. 
His return to life was a painful awakening when he realized that he had gone back 24 years to the beginning of the Ultimate War, and that it was neither the fruit of an illusion nor of his insane imagination.

Already exhausted and traumatized by a first life that he did not want to relive, being confronted again with the prospect of an existence doomed to see all those around him die in the most atrocious circumstances is not exactly something he is willing to accept. Not this time!

Tags - what you won't see: a harem (just a few sinister brothels), an MC with a teenage mind, a wish fulfillment story (only a man in search of overwhelming power to save his world).

Release schedule: two chapters per week (it's my first novel, but when I have more experience, will be higher.)

Author note: I am not a native English speaker, errors of grammar and syntax that I would be unable to see despite the time invested in editing to correct them will inevitably be present, my only way to see them will be with your help,  so let me know when you see any so that I can correct them.

The Hare and the Moon

The Hare and the Moon

Original Fantasy Female Lead High Fantasy Historical Mythos Supernatural

A web of eastern folktales come together as one to paint the world of a far away land and time...

I was trapped on the Fifth Floor of the Dungeon as a Hidden Boss, but wait... the doors now open?

I was trapped on the Fifth Floor of the Dungeon as a Hidden Boss, but wait... the doors now open?

Original Action Fantasy Horror Psychological Reincarnation Slice of Life Female Lead Strong Lead Non-Human lead Magic Anti-Hero Lead Grimdark Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content Dungeon

Rosalia, a recycled soul, gets bound into servitude by a dungeon core for centuries as a dullahan. She served as a secret boss on the fifth floor, rarely disturbed. That is, until the door to her chamber opened once more, and never closed again...

Authors Notes:

I am writing this casually for the most part, so I cannot promise frequent or consistent uploads. However, I will be working on this for the forseeable future, and if I am knowingly taking a long break I will leave a notice stating such. I only have a rough idea of the story plot because I enjoy surprising myself as much as possible while I write. And because of this, I am anticipating that as I become better at writing and as the story becomes more fleshed out, I will go back and clean it up with the best of my abilities while striving to maintain as much of the original intent and direction as possible.

Please forgive me for any minor mistakes I might miss during the editing process, and I thank you for any feedback and support you give me in advance.

Story Notes:

Page Goals - a minimum of four pages per chapter release.

Word Goals - a minimum of 1,500 words per chapter release, a maximum of 4,000.



Original Gore Horror Multiple Lead Characters Short Story Post Apocalyptic Profanity Sci-fi Slice of Life

First off, this is kind of a challenge provided by a friend. I am not the best author/wordsmith but I'm going to do my best.

This will be an 'anthology' of sorts. A collection of different perspectives and short stories set in the same universe. Each story will be somewhere between 1 to 3 chapters in length, and will be seperated as such.


Millions of billions of years into the future, the final star has dimmed and died. The universe sits black, no more stars in the sky.  Yet life continues, hope springs eternal, and people continue to try to live their lives.  Subspace Drives have allowed universe-wide travel, and massive advances in the sciences has allowed for life to continue without the light of the stars.  Rogue planets powered by huge furnaces and thrusters, massive flotillas of ships wondering the void, huge and self-sufficient space stations, scavengers, raiders, planets orbiting black holes and more.  Also intergalactic two-dimensional horrors.  Every day is a struggle to survive, but what choice do those who live have, lay down and die? Not on your life.

Poise in the Darkness

Poise in the Darkness

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Tragedy Reincarnation Slice of Life Female Lead Non-Human lead Secret Identity Grimdark Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content Mythos


Fate is a peculiar but constant thing. Those who say they have 'broken fate' are blind to the truth, their own actions were guided by fate itself even if the existence of such a flimsy principle could be threatened.

A force outside the bounds of control of even gods, this is a story about another life who plays a larger role in the fate of a particular world. One that is naturally absorbed in conflict but only of small scale.

Her very existence pushes the boundaries of the conflict, even if she is oblivous. Penelope is a tragic existence swallowed by fate.

But not all fate is bad.


For safety reasons for future readers, I will consider the regular content of my chapters as R16+ only and any possible R18 chapters I may have planned will be titled as such. Thanks for those who listen to these guidelines, and in the future I may do a cleaner version.

I plan for this to be quite a slow novel (in my own opinion), so please don't expect action or romance every other chapter.

Chapters approx; 3,500 - 5,000.

The cover is not owned by me, please notify me if said owner wants it taken down.

[French] Le Nuage de Rey, Tome 1 : L'Ordre d'Artemis

[French] Le Nuage de Rey, Tome 1 : L'Ordre d'Artemis

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Supernatural Male Lead Magic High Fantasy War and Military

Après plus d'un siècle de guerre sans interruption, l'empire du milieu a enfin réussi à faire s'installer une paix durable. Mais elle cache une société violente, cancérisée par une pègre avide de pouvoir et d'argent. Comme un malheur ne vient jamais seul, un phénomène météorologique nouveau apparaît lui aussi. Un nuage rose qui laisse tomber à certains endroits du monde une pluie modifiant à tout jamais ceux qui la touchent. Un quart de ce ceux touchés meurent, tandis que les autres survivent et voient leur corps et leur environnement évoluer pour le meilleur et pour le pire. C'est dans ce contexte que Myo et ses amis vont découvrir un univers nouveau où ils devront user de leur force et de leur imagination pour protéger le monde de sa destruction.

Magical Arms EX-Bloom

Magical Arms EX-Bloom

Original Action Comedy Female Lead School Life Sci-fi Secret Identity Super Heroes

Iori Samemoto always admired the form and strength of the magical girls who protected her city. Daring and charming warriors who struck down evil and looked good while doing it. By a stroke of fate she is given the chance to become one herself! Ribbons, talking animals, cute callouts! It turns out that Iori's dreams might be further away than she thought. Instead of using their magical forms to fight directly, magical girls use them to power giant robots!

"Wait a second, this isn't cute at all!" Iori has to learn fast - a new threat is approaching the city that only she can deal with, and the other magical girls don't seem too friendly!