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The Adventures Of JamesP

The Adventures Of JamesP

James Pattison a boy who at a young age discovered light novels, and instantly fell in love. He new it was in these fantasy worlds he belonged. So he spent his entire life training and preparing until one day his dreams come true.

Authors note: This is my first attempt at writing a novel so please have mercy and I'm using my phone so......
Anyway some things that need to be said I WILL NOT have a harem ever I hate those things. I might have romance later on. And my mc will not be one of those pussy midget skinny waist length hair white knight MCs so yeah read if you want. Will have short chapters to start but will pick up the length.


Original Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Psychological Tragedy Harem Male Lead Martial Arts Reincarnation Strong Lead Profanity Gore Traumatising content


probrably not going to update until winter break.

Death is an unusual thing.
It's A force only few can escape.
yet when you do you feel so lonely.
I never counted myself among those few,that was until i died.
My death was something only seen in web novels.
You know it is really the most common of deaths in web novels.
When i died i didn't stay dead.
I was reincarnated into a world of ninjas.
A world of death,pain sorrow and destruction.
Yet in all that there is beauty.
My past won't leave me alone,my emotions are to stubborn.
i don't want to remember.
I hope i survive this.

This is the new summary hope you like.
Creative roasting allowed
This my first fic so show the errors in my ways
Give ideas of what you want to see in the future.

[Alternative Recode]

[Alternative Recode]

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Harem Psychological Sci-fi
Parallel universes exist.

Ten years ago, a terrorist organization called Liroli waged an all-out war against the World Order, bent on obtaining the means to travel between these parallel universes. Although the war ended with the government's victory, it was not without consequences. A poisonous element known as Lorine began leaking from the other worlds, bringing a plague that wiped out a third of humanity — the infamous May Death. Those infected gained strange abilities, in exchange for their certain death in a year.

To counter the great plague that threatened humanity's survival, the government launched the World Restoration Project: gathering those infected and sending them into Lorine-polluted parallel worlds to seal the leaks between them. But it isn't that easy a task, as many dangers lurk behind these worlds, while those infected must deal with their own looming deaths.

This is the story of Jack Waterfelt, the only human in the world immune to the May Death, and the 43rd Sealing Squad.
The Star People (Reincarnation)

The Star People (Reincarnation)

Original Action Adventure Comedy Drama Fantasy Harem Reader interactive
I met a girl. A nice girl who told me the story about people born from stars, they were called Heroes. Now I'm no longer in the world I once knew. There's no cellphones or cars here. Only dirt roads and letters. It seems that this is a world straight from your run of the mill fantasy book.


Harsh language occasionally used.
Underpowered? (Dropped)

Underpowered? (Dropped)

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Martial Arts Psychological Sci-fi Supernatural

An avid gamer suddenly finds himself in the body of his precious online avatar and in a strange magical land. Of course he uses his broken abilities to conquer the world and form the biggest harem known to man, right? Nope, not so much.

I was the absolute strongest in Axis Online. The pinnacle of might, cunning, and deftness. So, of course I was thrilled that I had found myself in that body. My story had just begun in an exotic world (albeit, accompanied by Axis Online's top 1,000 players) and I couldn't be more excited.

My joy ended abruptly after witnessing thirty men and women mangled to death in a single blow. Cultivation, it seems, trumps all and we're the only beings without a single iota of qi in our bodies. My nine years of hard work grinding amounts to nothing in the face of a hyper-advanced cultivation society.

...So what? I'm going to survive. Not only that, I'll show them my true colors.

My name? Alex Cross, but you can call me Bloodsing.

WARNING: Gore and language foul lieth ahead. Proceedeth at ye own peril.


Original Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Psychological Supernatural
Deep in the forest the elves have lived in peace and serenity, at one with their forest, for millennia. Their ways and culture have not changed, not for the coming of humanity and not during the rise and fall of humanity's kingdoms.

Alannah is a young elven girl still trying to understand the direction of her life. But her life is about to change. Dark days are ahead for her people, and Alannah must face her fears and voyage out into the wider world if her people have a chance of surviving.


I wrote an extremely short first chapter on Facebook, mostly as a joke, but it proved to be overwhelmingly popular with the LitRPG crowd (having more likes than my main piece of fiction). By popular demand here is Elvendark. I don't know how often I will update this. So it might go slowly at first.

As requested on Facebook, the text has gone back to its original short choppy version. Future chapters will continue in this style. Thanks for the feedback.
The man from peru

The man from peru

"There once was a man from peru, he dreamt he was eating his shoe, he woke up from a fright in the middle of the night to find that his dream had come true."

This is a poem about me, it's a bit embarrassing but this poem and the resulting story helped shape my future, as i discovered i could eat and digest anything!

-Note: I have bad grammar, and am not that good at writing. this is just a little intresting project i decided to play arround with. I will state that i have no idea about anything about peru and don't claim to know anything about it. This all being said, Enjoy!
Staying Human

Staying Human

Original Action Adventure Drama Romance Sci-fi Reader interactive

It's the year 2047, and a virus is turning anyone it infects into rabid animals. The human race is on the brink of extinction. This is Eve's story, a woman struggling to hold onto her humanity while the virus wreaks havoc on her body. Living in a human tribe that needs her only a little more than they fear her, Eve's only friend is the spear she hunts with. When she meets a wolf-hybrid named Bastian in the wild, the mysterious young man takes it upon himself to show Eve that she still has a reason to live, even if it isn't as a human.



Original Action Adventure Fantasy Horror Psychological
A race, no a revolution, they are. Monsters which can change the course of the world; to bring either order or chaos.

Mercenaries, freelancers are just polite identities for them, who bite at each other to reach the top.

Can you rely on them? Only when they covet a reward.

Can you trust them and befriend them? Only if you seek death.

Can you be them? Only if you wish to leave your humanity in the dirt.

For to be one, you must abandon responsibility, remorse, righteousness.

That is what it means, to be an avatar.
Different Point of View.

Different Point of View.

Original Fantasy Supernatural Virtual Reality


World of Dungeons

World of Dungeons

Original Action Adventure Comedy Drama Fantasy Sci-fi
Alex, Jack, Sui, Ryo, and Jason.

They travel through the continents in search of old antics and relics. Several years of hard work, they finally find a clue about the treasure knows as The Relic. It's an old treasure from the beginning of time. The legends say that it can give eternal life to whoever drink its golden water.

The group travel through the harsh Amazon forest and finally find the mysterious cave where they get their hands on The Relic. Unfortunately, heaven isn't on their side.

After just getting their hands on The Relic, the whole cave begins to shake before it crumbles to pieces. Weirdly, The group awakens in a white room. A young little girl appears and says that they all died, but as they have the ancient relic of life in possession, she's forced to give them a second life.

But, the girl is a dungeon God and can only give them new lives in another world as dungeons. Unfortunately, due to a past event, she only has the power to create on dungeon core.

- Warning: Can contain gore, rape, and mature language.
- Disclaimer: I do not own nor have I created the cover.
Chaos Rising

Chaos Rising

Original Action Fantasy Psychological Romance Supernatural Tragedy
He has no idea where he is. He has no idea who he is. He only has a name: Sonkoso.

When he wakes up with no memories, this boy is quickly greeted by what kind of world he lives in. And what could be a better welcome than a burning village? As he goes to investigate, he quickly comes to find out that the cause of the fire was a group of slavers. And he turns out to be a perfect target for the slave life.

*Note. This book is definitely not for everyone. If you're not that great with torture, attempted rape, slavery, and other adult themes, this really isn't the read for you. You have been warned.*
The Sum Of Nothing Is Zero And That Is Exactly What Everything Becomes

The Sum Of Nothing Is Zero And That Is Exactly What Everything Becomes

Original Action Fantasy Psychological Supernatural
Die. And then reset. But Tsukino Kanon doesn't know this is happening. If she can't remember what happens before she resets, how will she escape death?

In the end, all returns to zero.

Fic contains: Graphic violence, swearing, disturbing scenes
Current word count:
Arc 1: 4600 words / Prologue + 2 Chapters


This fic was inspired by time loop stories such as Edge of Tomorrow/All You Need is Kill, Groundhog Day, and the increasingly popular Re:Zero -Starting Life In Another World-, but is written with one question in mind as the stimulus;
"What would a time loop be like if the center of attention wasn't the looper?"
It isn't, by any means, a perfect story, and the planning done is very minimal. I expect there to be a few inconsistencies here and there, but I'll try to make the story as coherent as possible. At best, I'll update once a week; at worst the story should update twice a month.
In terms of the violence and such, this is my first time writing a story with violence in the detail I have; it isn't a lot of detail compared to other works, but it's good enough for me and I hope for others as well. I hope you enjoy it!
OriginStory the VRMMO: The advent of AxeBear

OriginStory the VRMMO: The advent of AxeBear

Original Action LitRPG Virtual Reality Slice of Life Female Lead

Narumi Ando, a former delinquent gone gamer, is a total VRMMO addict who just can’t find the perfect VRMMO to get comfortable with. But Origin Story, a VRMMO that’s just about to go live, just might change all that. … Not just your skills, your backstory as well will shape the world you step out into!

Love it, live by it, fight it, or deny it; whatever you choose to do, you can’t erase it, you and your world’s:
OriginStory (the VRMMO)


Main Site: (Illustrations and the latest chapters - and a more aggressive update - rate found on the main site)


Author's description: Basically a gaming story about a game (aka no weird ai sentience, voodo sci fi magic, yada yada), centering around an aggressive axe-player who enjoys chaos and a little leeroy jenkins-ing. 
As it is written for the audience who also reads translated LNs, there is a strong J-light novel influence as well as Japanese jargon thrown in. You have now been forewarned.
This is also written for gamers, so yeah, gaming jargon and game-world building in the extras.

The previous description of the MC being a bit of a ladies' lady has been scrapped, since the MC basically gave me an 'F you' and went and did her own thing.

The Realm of Aethis

The Realm of Aethis

Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy
For his whole life, he was always fighting, travelling through the world. Then, for the last five years of his life, he was a shut-in. He kept training though, and he got introduced to the world of games, hence why he became a shut-in. However, in one fateful moment in time, with one instance, he 'shifts' into a new 'reality' something he has never seen before. This one person... got transported to the Realm of Aethis.


A.n. I came from Wattpad, and found out this site due to some friends of mine.
No Proofreader though.
A Young god of Vengeance

A Young god of Vengeance

Original Short Story
Deep in the mountains, there lived a boy, a girl, and their pet cat. this is the beginning of his story of his Revenge.

Just a One Shot
A young girl is my master and I'm son of the demon king?

A young girl is my master and I'm son of the demon king?

Original Action Adventure Comedy Drama Fantasy Gender Bender Martial Arts Romance
I was saved by a young girl and then she became my master. I'm a talentless guy but it doesn't matter because I have the ability to absorb people internal energy. Contains 18+
Stone Age– the game where I shall find my wife~!

Stone Age– the game where I shall find my wife~!

Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Historical Martial Arts
[Stone Age]

"Take a step into the past, discover the world of our ancestors. Raise your own, unique tribe and battle other users in a fight for supremacy of the foreign lands of old!"

Thirty-three-year-old Ronny lives in a very ordinary-looking farm with his dear mother. After not spending his weekly pocket money for months for the goal of saving, the young man's finally going to buy a VR helmet. To find a woman more beautiful and simply better than his own mother, Ronny begins his journey in the newest virtual reality game of the world– Stone age!"

"Just you wait, girls – The handsome and suave Ronny's coming for you!"
new world god

new world god

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Magic Slice of Life

What happens when a normal schoolkid learns that he is a god. and not just any type he is a world god

sorry I suck at descriptions and titles if anyone has a better one please tell me, and I will add it

This is my first novel, so if anyone has any suggestions to make it better, please tell me

I am taking a week off to edit my chapters sorry all.

Dragons, Seapents and Titans - DROPPED

Dragons, Seapents and Titans - DROPPED

Original Action Fantasy Romance Short Story Male Lead Female Lead Strong Lead Multiple Lead Characters Non-Human lead Strategy Profanity Gore

I have this fantasy world that is still a work in progress. I don't really have the time or motivation for writing one long story, so I decided to just write shorts.

Here they are (they don't follow each other in chronological order):

Please criticize me, I want and need to get better at writing.