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Nefarious Alike

Nefarious Alike

Original Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Psychological
""""I am Eona Guillory. My parents was killed. My future was destroyed. Now someone wants to exterminate me. But I will turn the table. I will kill that person even if it cost me my life. Cause right now, I've got nothing to lose."

The story of how a young women, rebels against fate. Rebels against the world. Just to seek out the truth behind her past and herself.

The cover art and story is 100% done by me. [More of my art on my Instagram @duh._3] May contain some strong language but I'll try to keep it at minimal.
Lord's Domain

Lord's Domain

Original Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Martial Arts Psychological Romance Virtual Reality Tragedy
A lost son finds a father. A lost soldier finds a cause to fight for.
This is a story of love unattainable, battles unwinnable, and relationships forged across worlds.

This is my first attempt at a structured story, so stick with me, and I hope I'll stick with you. I'm not sure on a stiff release schedule, but feedback will be my strongest motivator to make more.
Please enjoy and leave your thoughts!
Morning star(cancelled)

Morning star(cancelled)

Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Martial Arts Romance
this story is about the demon lucifer and the person he has a contract with.

i am writing two stories so i might take me days to upload sometimes.
Another World? Never Saw This Coming

Another World? Never Saw This Coming

Original Action Adventure Fantasy

John Montem is a kindhearted tall guy who was in the wrong place at the wrong time, which proved to be fatal? Nope John ends up in Another World, what will ensue? Will he ever find a way back? Will he want to? Probably not to be honest, but who can say?  Follow along on this adventure of Fantasy! Adventure! and probably a goblin named Smerg.

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Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Gender Bender Martial Arts
Well, I am in this slightly odd situation…

You see, I'm a reincarnated person, born into a world that looks a bit like something right out of an old kung-fu movie, with people wearing Chinese dresses and doing things like running in the air.

Here… Things get odd. My memory from my last life is a bit faulty, with some very important points missing, yet others strangely clear. For one, I at least am sure I was a man in my previous life, but I can't remember my name, face or the name where I lived, but I can still remember things like school, the face of my friends and so on.

Now, I am Lia, daughter of a blacksmith and a gorgeous woman who kept a secret from us before suddenly disappearing. Reborn on the wrong gender, with the dream of being a blacksmith, a missing mother and stuck as an aide, I'll need to survive whatever this world can throw at me.

I hope I can do that with so many hungry eyes on me…

What? Being cute is really hard work!


Tagged mature for POSSIBLE future content.

A try at something new for me, hope i can get this moving for a long time. Wish me luck! ^^

Title still tentative... Might change later.


Original Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Sci-fi Virtual Reality Reader interactive
Jack matures from a helpless boy into a man capable of fending for himself. All of this was possible through Noah, a rogue VR game run by the out of control Cerebral AI.

Warning: This is not like LMS or ARK, instead think of 'Ready Player One'
Life's Exodus

Life's Exodus

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Harem Martial Arts Romance Tragedy
I was a being that transcended even the Gods.

I stood at the top, the apex, the pinnacle of power.

And yet here I am. Shackled, powerless; a mere husk of my former self.

The memento of my loved one binds me to this cursed place.

Why, you ask?

Why? Because I am. I am the end, the harbinger of demise. It was my quest. To bring end, to be end.

The Gods respected that wish and in turn got immortal life. But, oh the irony, the immortal life I gave them made them break their promise.

Corrupted by their attachement to their mortal selves they betrayed me.

They took her life, one of their own kind and my love, and bound me with her flesh and blood.

She, the Goddess of beginning. I would end the cycle and she would repeat it. We were so different and yet we loved each other.

My rage burned without stop in sight, however time takes it all. Hate, love, sadness, joy, they are all taken away.

But the memory, the memory of hate, to kill the Gods, this stays. Yes, I will end them.

They played me a fool and now it will be their time to pay the price. But the price is costly.

I can't wait! Their fall is near! My dawn shall be heralded by their deaths. Corpses shall tower to the skies and blood shall form rivers! As I am death incarnate! I am their bane, their RUIN! You fools, you don't play... with DEATH!

My new destiny awaits.....


Original Action Adventure Sci-fi Virtual Reality
Space battles, planet discovery, colonial invasions.
Warring Factions Online was a space-themed scifi VRMMO.
Joshua dela Cruz was the newest employee of NightWalkers Internet Cafe. His job was simple maintenance. Not even a month after his employment, he was thrust into the game to help the Internet cafe earn extra money and promote its services through advertisement in the game.
A Fate Set in Stone (On Hold)

A Fate Set in Stone (On Hold)

Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Supernatural
After dying and making his way into the afterlife, our protagonist happens to have a stroke of good luck. With the help of the substitute god of death, he's given a second shot at life in a world run by gods who probably played too many video games as kids. Monsters, magic, dungeons, bandits, and all that good stuff is there, except it turns out to be much different than Jed initially expected.

(I picked some generic tags since this is my first story and I am not 100% sure where it is going to go. Mature warning is only there for some less-than-polite language.)
Song of Change (Cancelled)

Song of Change (Cancelled)

Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Martial Arts Virtual Reality
The song that changed the world. All around the world, the song has inspired many.

One man, inspired by the song, created one of the most advanced VRMMORPG ever.

A young man, tired of the life of the underworld, tries it out.


Sorry, I lost all motivation to work on any novels (plus I have a huge amount of problems in RL) so no more stories.
The Devourer

The Devourer

Original Action Adventure Comedy Drama Fantasy Harem Horror Martial Arts Psychological Romance Supernatural Tragedy
Dropped for now, I may pick it back up later.

David Huddleton has an unusual ability. Throughout is life he tried his best to use it for good, and help people with it.

But now, for some reason, he's attracted the attention of the Devil? She sent some kind of giant monster after him, and after a close battle, he was defeated.

After being sent to Limbo, the Devil's father made a sudden appearance! He made it so that David would be reincarnated with his memories and ability intact, because the Devil broke some kind of rule.

Now, David is being sent to an unknown world to be reincarnated as some creature that everyone there hates. What will he do? Who will he meet? Most importantly, will he survive?

Abyss "tomb of the gods"

Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Harem Martial Arts Supernatural
Zion Mendoza a normal office worker and a book worm suddenly thrown in a world full of possibilities, a world where the only limit is your imagination and resolve...

note: this is my first novel so i apologize in advance for all the the grammatical error.
any suggestions and comments are welcome and appreciated
* the cover i found in google and did't claim ownership of it, if the owner want me to take it down just me a msg. thankz """"cover only temp.""""
Equilibrium Online

Equilibrium Online

Original Action Adventure Comedy Drama Fantasy Gender Bender Martial Arts Psychological Supernatural Virtual Reality
My first time writing a story.. Please be gentle.. If you could offer any improvement's I would greatly appreciate it, If you have any suggestions fire away I welcome all criticism.

Year 2029
Follow our protagonist in a world created purely for one man's entertainment.

Equilibrium Online a one of a kind, innovative VRMMORPG designed by Excel. This game is completely different to your click and slash kind of game as skill plays a large part of your survival.

Then it happened...
Millions gone
Vanished without a trace
Sent to a world they have no clue about.
This is the story of a boy, Sent with no help to a female only continent.

Follow Andrew as he explores the world of Aeria as his Avatar Gale the Sylph.


Original Action Adventure Fantasy Psychological Tragedy Reader interactive
So I just had some new ideas that I wanted to get out and I came up with story. I don't really know what I'm gonna do with this and I'm kinda just going to wing it.

I'm going to try something new with this story where at the end of some chapters the readers are given a choice and depending on that choice the story changes and the MC goes on a completely different route. So after those chapters where the readers get the choice the next update will have 2 chapters updated based upon their choices and each chapter will have a different scenario but the same ending (kinda). Or you might choose the wrong answer and die and the MC will die along with you (LOL).

But this is all just for my enjoyment and I'm planning to see how this goes.

Will not be updated regularly.

I changed the title from Best of the best to this because the previous title had no relevance to the story at all... this title doesn't really have any significance to the story either in my opinion.... if you have any title recommendations then i am welcome your ideas.
Cursed by a goddess...

Cursed by a goddess...

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Horror LitRPG Romance Anti-Hero Lead Harem Magic Male Lead Non-Human lead Reincarnation Supernatural Profanity Gore

Well ever seen one of the cliche moments in a manga.. well seems it happened to me and not in a good way. i died, hit by a truck no less, pissed of a shota loving goddess. Well i got a new 'life' if you can call it that at lest...i think i should get a little bit of payback for what she did to me... ( i'll update as i can, but not sure how often it going to be. try to hang in there. also feel free to write or post with helping hints or anything.This is my first story and i will apologize for any spelling or grammar issues. Feel Free to review and rate me so i can see how i stand. ^^) ---Update---03/17/2016----- (i also added a permanent character sheet so can see where he stands as i update it with the exp he earning in the background. ^^) i also added a new pic (credit got to overlord, all Hail Ainz Ooal Gown -sama !) also fixed the name a bit, what you think ?

Hardcore OP-ness

Hardcore OP-ness

Original Action Adventure Comedy Drama Fantasy Harem Horror Martial Arts Psychological Romance Sci-fi Slice of Life Supernatural
Most people pray for good health, a loving family, and to win the lottery. I asked “Can you send me to a game-like fantasy-style world? It can't be too unrealistic, but also, it would be nice if I was immortal to some degree. Oh yea, no rape or slavery either, cause then I'll have to spend the whole time trying to create a perfect society, and I'd rather not have to deal with all that nonsense. No other players either, cause that always creates a ton of annoying drama, and I just want to have a fun, relaxing, and enjoyable time.”

Three years later, after I had completely forgotten about all that… well, better late than never I suppose. The moral of this story, is to be careful what you wish for; also, cuteness is justice, so don't complain if adorable bunnies beat you to death and devour your corpse.

(Warning: This story includes profanity, numbers, humanity, nudity, uncomfortable realism in a fantasy-world, awkward but mild sexual-content, descriptive violence and gore, nekomimi, necrophilia, bizarre and disturbing sexual-content, offensive language, plus all of the other things that disclaimers usually have to tell you about. Do not read this if you dislike transportation, virtual reality, fantasy, or other similar genres… or me, because I'm the author.)

I'm only posting a few chapters on this site, but there are over 100 on my wordpress.
The Legend of Ambrosius Amos Black

The Legend of Ambrosius Amos Black

Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy
Ambrosius Amos Black or Amos, gets his world turned upside down when in the middle of his chemistry class he gets transported to a different world.

With his witty mouth and sarcastic remarks we follow his adventure as he tried to find a way to get home, and escape being grounded for all eternity by his mother.
Parallel (A Virtual Gamer's Story)

Parallel (A Virtual Gamer's Story)

Original Action Adventure Comedy Sci-fi Virtual Reality Cyberpunk Martial Arts Male Lead Strong Lead Magic Profanity

VRMMORPG/Mecha Hybrid.. In the year 2014, an invention called the Nesla Coils, capable of producing free electrical energy plummets the economies of many countries and nearly sends the earth into World War III. However, two inventions: The Virtual Drives and Mobile Suits which use these coils as power sources placate the powers into an uneasy alliance. Mato Suzuki, a 17 year old professional gamer is 'invited' to participate in an event, whose ramifications unbeknownst to him are world-changing.

As The Only Mortal in This World, I Take It Upon Myself to Teach These Immortals About The Value of Life!

As The Only Mortal in This World, I Take It Upon Myself to Teach These Immortals About The Value of Life!

Original Fantasy Psychological Tragedy
In a World Populated By Immortal Human Beings, Lived The Sole Mortal Human.
His Goal in Life Is Really Simple. It is To Make These Immortals Appreciate Life!


Original Action Adventure Drama Harem Romance School Life Supernatural
follow xyrous on his journey to...... well ok to tell you the truth i am really just writing this as i go as soon as i figure where this is going i'll rewrite the description

Just someone trying to write a story how i would like it