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Ikemen yuusha no yome wa Mamono Joou. “Kore wa densetsu no shurida!”

Ikemen yuusha no yome wa Mamono Joou. “Kore wa densetsu no shurida!”

Original Fantasy Romance Sci-fi
This is the story of a love that spans two worlds. A love betwixt an orc queen from a world of High tech and magic. And a Japanese man summoned from our world and era to be a hero and stop the Evil Genocidal Human King. Now come and enjoy his non-traditional fantasy scifi love story?
Second Horizon

Second Horizon

Fan Fiction Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Horror Martial Arts Supernatural Virtual Reality Fan Fiction
Virtual Reality game, Second Horizon is the first VR game released and Joe Deveraux lands the first copy made before the release. Read as he become a scythe wielding Demon Master and summons demons from Hell to aid in his adventures.

My other fiction is called Martial Morpher
Reincarnated: As a love doll

Reincarnated: As a love doll

Original Adventure Comedy Fantasy Harem Romance Reader interactive
Beware: adult content

Just another Reincarnation story
Chris Holland is just another run of the mill MC. A virgin not living life to the fullest, dying then being sent to a fantasy world

He's a womans """"plaything"

(my run at the typical overused reincarnation story, will be long or short depending on you guys)


Original Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Harem Virtual Reality
A boy who was lost.

Fate and fortune has given him a second chance to live in a world that is between [Myth] and [Reality]. A world that is [Virtual], yet it lives and breathes like the [Physical]. A miracle within a miracle.

But there is no miracle without a price. There are forces moving unseen beneath the surface. When the lines blur, there will be no bystanders.

A/N: Any references to fiction/games/literature belongs to their respective IP owners and not me. Any resemblance to real persona is purely coincidental.
Better Days

Better Days

Original Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Harem Martial Arts Romance School Life Slice of Life Sports Tragedy

follow Logan Betterman in his journey in a different world after dying in the battlefield.

i would upload a new chapter three times a week depends maybe during exams i would upload once a week , Chapters 1 to 3 are short because i fucked up on chapter 1 but chapter 4 onwards will gradually increase.

bad words, very asshole like characters, tragedy (but no NTR), some medical terms you have to search in google to find what the meaning is, and others . so... be safe

comments and suggestions are welcomed pleased tell me if you still could understand shit .
Joe in medieval fantasy world

Joe in medieval fantasy world

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Harem Supernatural
Joel nickname Joe is a not so handsome and not so bad guy but has a boring life.
One night while reading LN's on his smartphone, a message appeared stating
"Do you want to elevate your life?"
Sender: True God

He then was teleported to Infanadah, a harsh world of magic and conflicts, where anything you can think of can lead to death.

By gaining knowledge from two worlds, he tries to develop his survival and magical skills or any other methods as he tries to live here and make his life enjoyable.

Why did True God choose him? Why is he sent there? Does he have a mission?

He is not your typical pitiful bullied or betrayed MC. He is just bored.
This is my first time writing a novel so please don't be harsh on your reviews.

Tags might change in the future.


Original Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Martial Arts Supernatural
The story of a child who has suffered for his gifts.

The story of a man who will change the history of cultivation forever.

The story of one who faces loss at every corner but still gains the strength to overcome.

Decadent World

Decadent World

Original Fantasy Sexual Content Gore

Meet Joe, a avid gamer known in the mmo world as Alsavir. Too keep it short he is a no lifer, that doesn't have any friends and wastes time with mmos. One day, on the rare occasion that he left his house he died bitten by a dog. Lame right? Not quite if you add a crazy god, mystical races a RPG like world that has fallen into depravity. Also he is now a she. P.s - I know it's a lame synopsis but I'll edit it later. Also tags - mature, sex, slavery, rape, gross stuff like gore, shit and piss, use of foul language and generaly immoral situations

Doll - The Ultimate Plaything

Doll - The Ultimate Plaything

Original Action Adventure Fantasy
Raised to be completely still, silent, and unfeeling; Doll is what such people are called. Growing too old for this role our MC is forced into the world whether she wants to go or not.
Readers Beware

Readers Beware

Original Drama Fantasy Horror Slice of Life Supernatural
This is a suspenseful short story about a mysterious library, a precocious little girl, a cryptic old man and the consequences of breaking the rules.
It all start when Mr. Lorady Linden arrives with his traveling library and little Kitty Purrow checks out a book. Before she leave Mr. Linden gives her some very specific rules to follow. What could possibly go wrong? Read and find out what fate awaits Ms. Kitty.

This is pretty much my first attempt at writing something even remotely scary. It's pretty tame, and hopefully it's a fun read. I'm always open to constructive feedback.
Liquid Magic

Liquid Magic

Original Fantasy Slice of Life Supernatural
A little less than 3 years ago, something happened. No one knows what, but now we all have to live with the fact that magic is possible. And now, the world finally getting used to there being magic, it has to learn how to deal with the people who can use it.
The God of Beastgirls.... and other stuff to.

The God of Beastgirls.... and other stuff to.

Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Harem Tragedy
Life has it's “ups” and it's “downs”. Some of us have more ups, other have more downs, but regardless of your “luck”, you and everyone you know will eventually die. For Jake his life was filled with """"downs"""", why you ask? Well he was never an athletic kind of person, but where he failed in athleticism he made up for with his brain. No, seriously! He was one of the smartest human beings alive. Calculations, theories, physics, language they were like the back of his hand. This lifestyle of seclusion and insane amounts of studying growing up led to him becoming socially awkward and having zero friends. But even Jake never thought that one day he would die, or not at least anytime soon.

At only 24 years old on a Saturday morning Jake breathed his last breath. Why did he die? He thought maybe it had something to do with million of dollars and files he stole from “CrayTech”, a billion dollar tech company. But he had only stolen from the company three days ago, yet a man in a black with a silenced pistol was standing in his living room moments before his heart stopped beating.

He thought it was over, but once he realized what had happened to him he was already alive again. In a completely perplexed state he thought: “What the f**** is going on?!?!?”

Follow Jake on his new Journey through a new world with demons, magic, beastgirls, beastgirls, beastgirls, and f****** beastgirls! (he was pretty much a Kotaku, so when learned of the beastgirls, he had already had a goal in mind)

WARNING!! This is my first try at doing this so it might be horse sh**.

Also the story will include Violence, Strong Language, Death/Killing/Murder, Sexual themes..., and more Mature Content.
You have been Warned!


Enter John. Cue unfortunate accident. Welcome to a new world.

This story is about a person (John), and how he deals with being sent to another world. Unlike most fictions he will not become instantly overpowered, he might later though. If anyone knows me from my work on DIVE, this will be different. Instead of an intelligent MC, he is just trying to get by. Of course he is given a single cheat ability to help him on his journey. There might be a bit of comedy added in as well.
The Gate to Chrono

The Gate to Chrono

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Romance

(Dropped). A boy and a girl are teleported into a world, the world of Chrono. Join them as they go on an adventure through Chrono. Making friends and foes along the way, but also have a good time while their doing it. In a world so strange their going to have to use their wits and smarts to survive. What will happen next?

A Meaningful Journey

A Meaningful Journey

Original Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Psychological School Life Sci-fi Virtual Reality Tragedy
A youth in grief, can he find some relief in a virtual world?

I wanted to write a story a little simpler than my previous attempts at grand epics. Rather than a sprawling story, I wanted to tell a simpler story. The emotional journey of a young guy set in a classic VR local.
Lost Realm

Lost Realm

Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Psychological Romance
Rainier Forrester, a bored young man with a troubled past and forlorn future is brought into another world by a strange encyclopedia book. This world filled with corrupting magics and rampant technology is hostile to anyone and everything and forces Rainier to use every trick in his mind to gain power and survive to come out on top.

And Rainier isn't the only human brought into Ademptis...
The Gods Summons

The Gods Summons

Fan Fiction Action Adventure Fantasy Harem Fan Fiction
At the Academy Award , people was transported to an another world.
Follow Mark Through his struggle to become a God.
Re: Chaotic Nature Spirit

Re: Chaotic Nature Spirit

Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Gender Bender Harem Martial Arts Romance
Hahahaha one weird title huh?

from the maaaaaker of Re:Ent(paused) and other stuff... I bring you this weird shit!

Yes another 'Re:' but this one will be good! I promise.

potential harem, potential romance, potential wuxia themed stuff

The 'Gender Bender' tag is the transformation type.

Mature Warning!
Gore! There will be lot of lovely gore! There may be sex later on but I'm not sure.
The Reluctant Manager

The Reluctant Manager

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Slice of Life Supernatural Virtual Reality
A man named Johnny Nguyen plays a virtual reality game and ends up transporting to another world. The typical world of sword and magic. However, not everything is as it appears to be. Onward to HIGH adventure!!

Make sure to quit questioning God and start trusting him or else!

Warning: A few chapters may contain mature content. Discretion advised.
Uncovering The World!

Uncovering The World!

Original Adventure Comedy Drama Fantasy Harem Psychological Romance Slice of Life Tragedy
I'm a novice when it comes to grammar but I hope you enjoy the adventures of Saladin who was a mining slave until his world changed and set him free. Watch him grow, and change from a lovable pervert to someone that everyone respects.

Horrifying and unique creatures which can never be seen unless your literally messed up.
You're wrong if you thought it's one of those typical harem adventure stories as it has lots of twists.

Saladin would gain a ring which would be the main core of the story.

By the way, if you think the romance is cliche and predictable, then guess again.

The main plot would appear later in the chapters but if you stayed all the way, than you're going to have the time of you're life.

Warning it contains tragic, mature and gore scenes