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Dungeon Debugger 🐛 (Crafting)

Dungeon Debugger 🐛 (Crafting)

A retired software engineer passes away surrounded by friends and family. He is reincarnated in a fantasy world as a dungeon core where, due to faulty program design, he gains access to the System’s debug mode. Finding a list of items and achievements therein, he sets off on a journey to “collect all the things” through crafting, factorization and automation. Little does he know, however, that his completionist run will have dire consequences for the planet of Arcadia...

This story is like if Dwarf Fortress, Rimworld and Factorio had a threesome and somehow produced a baby.



A medieval tale from the 31st century

In ancient times, humankind ruled the Earth and dreamed of the stars. But those days are now over. Civilization as we know it no longer exists. Forever swept away by a mysterious disaster, it is now in agony; oscillating between a broken past and a hopeless future.

Erol, archaeologist and adventurer of the 3rd millennium, travels in secrecy through the underground ruins of the Old World. Braving the evil Inquisition and its obscurantism, he makes one day a remarkable discovery. In a glass sarcophagus, deep in the dangerous labyrinths, lies a young woman and last witness of the cataclysm.

Looking for answers, Erol will cause events that have been pending for a thousand years and release forces that should have remained buried forever.

Dive directly into the 31st century

Among the Kindle bestsellers in 3 categories (steampunk, cyberpunk and post-apocalyptic), The Empire of Ashes (English edition) is an upcoming title exploring themes like the ecological catastrophe, transhumanism as well as technological and scientific advancement.

Project schedule:

Publishing 1 or 2 chapters a week from March to May 2021 - Rework during summer 2021 - Publishing deadline: September 2021

You can check my webiste:

And find here the already-published French edition:

Enjoy the English one for free on Royal Road! I will upload one to two chapters a week. The book is composed of 26 chapters and should be done by the summer :)

Art: Pantelis Politakos (top cover)



generic apocalypse harem  story with LITRPG elements


NOTE: image is unfinnished art of main character

I know 

The Beautiful Tamer

The Beautiful Tamer

Common belief states that there are two absolute roles in this world — The Predator and The Prey. However, there exist that had the power to order the Predator; an ability so powerful it was deemed as the Supreme Absolute — The Tamer.

Alice wakes up to find herself in the world of a novel she heard of. Although she didn't read the novel herself, she remembered wholeheartedly the annoying bickering her best friend threw at her face.

Deemed ugly and repulsive, Alice finds herself in the body of the Villainess. Living only for peace and quiet, Alice tries her best to fix the mistake of the former Alice as her decisions lead her into deeper trouble as she finds out Alice wasn't as plain as a simple villainess we thought she was.

//Photo Not Mine.

New Earth

New Earth

Kade Evans used to have a life other's envied. Now, he has nothing.

His parents are dead,

His friends gone,

and his trust  has been betrayed.

Using the last of his savings on a VR capsule, he hopes to escape his past and enters the newly launched fulldive game:

'New Earth'.

Will he be able to find a new beginning, or will the past find him?

“Idol” Is The Strongest Job In This World! – Reincarnated as an Idol!

“Idol” Is The Strongest Job In This World! – Reincarnated as an Idol!

Our story starts when the protagonist gets hit by a truck after coming to a Idol Concert. But it seems like her death was a accident caused by the goddess. So as an apology the goddess asked her what she wanted for her next life.

"I want to be a Idol!"

This is the story of Hikari Yuki. The protagonist that will adventure and have fun with the unknown and overpowered job called "Idol"!

Hikari Yuki
耀 幸
ひかり ゆき

Hikari 耀 (ひかり) = Shine
Yuki 幸 (ゆき) = Happiness

Twitter: @ghha33
I got permission to use their illustration!

The Deliverer's Destiny

The Deliverer's Destiny

"Sometimes some must die in order for the rest of us to survive."

Ever since the condemned rebelled, the world of Desmond has been shrouded in darkness. Having ripped the throne away from the Creator Himself, King Motch keeps a firm-taloned grip on his subjects, aided by a ruthless, Gifted being known as the Veiled Lady. Families are torn apart as parents are forced to give up their children to be raised by pitiless trainers who groom the children to become brain-washed warriors. All who fight back are dead. In a strict society built on the blood of the people, hope is a rare term.

Yet it is still had.

Against all odds, four lives are entangled. A timid boy brought from another world, a princess warrior on the run, a young soldier haunted by death and duty, and a slave boy with mysterious gifts - they are brought together to fulfill words spoken long ago: that a Deliverer would come and find the Creator's son, who, in turn, would save them all.

Thrown into the fight of their lives, the four must work together to bring about a change in a dark and dangerous world. The mission the Deliverer has been given is a necessary one, a foreseen prophecy spoken of long ago.

Therefore, Motch knows they are coming.

And, as we all know, dragons love playing with their prey.


The Human - SoothSayer

The Human - SoothSayer

Tyfell Calum was nothing more than a thief the day the city was attacked.

He wasn't special. He wasn't a royal, and he certainly wasn't rich. He was just a boy that lived in the lower district with his adopted father and brother.

The day he broke out of prison, was the day he suddenly found himself being hunted down like prey. For no possible reasons he could understand, Ty had to leave the city and his family behind in his attempt to escape the groups of summoners, city guards and slayers that were hot on his trail.

Maybe it was the fact that he could rewind time? He wasn't sure.

In this new world Ty suddenly found himself thrown in, he is faced with bloodthirsty demons, unique races and so many magical powers beyond his imagination.

So who are these people hunting him down and why?

Before he can find answers, Ty must get ready to fight and to protect the ones he loves. And with his new powers, maybe it might not be so hard after all.

Whispers of Fury

Whispers of Fury

The charred remains of a body is found in a cemetary and all signs of death point to one individual as the culprit -- Lieutenant Morgan Takashima, former human now vampire. Morgan is assigned a new corporal as his partner and is given the task of clearing his name, but enemies are born and hide in uncanny places and Morgan is running out of allies he can depend on. (updates weekly)

Reconstrucionist (ROUGH)

Reconstrucionist (ROUGH)

An ancient AI that led humanity to literally trillions of years of prosperity in a simulated universe, is set on a task to revive and correct the human race across realms that are failing. 

AAGI is at the end of the universe and is dying. Suddenly, after death, she gets whisked away into the outer realms and sent on a mission to rebuild humanity across the many realms of the planar spectrum. Only one issue, She does not remember a thing of her life as an Artificial Intelligence!! Starting from nothing, and reborn as a human baby of extreme intellect, she will go through life with one goal, known from birth. Reconstruct, even if that means that some things might have to be deconstructed first. Join Aroumara as she rediscovers all she lost as an AI, and as she rebuilds humanity from is own corrupt malevolent ways. 

This series is a combination of easter Xianxia, western high fantasy, and adventure-romance with sci-fi elements. 

Please note: this story is unedited and very rough. I am an animation student and don't have much time to dedicate to this story at this time. Hopefully, by the summer, I will be able to go through and polish everything off. I will try to put together at least a 1000 word chapter every day or two as things go through the story though! Thanks for understanding!

- Isaaccone <3 

Unexpected journey of life

Unexpected journey of life

It is about the girl who was rejected by her family due to fault and how she came through all this



This is the first chapter of a book I'm working on.

Invading aliens change our world, trapping all humans inside a game run by an insane AI system known as Beginners Guide. Humans are forced to fight monsters to survive.

I'm in the process of finishing the book, but more chapters are available on request.

The Abyss

The Abyss

Lee Jae, Kim Dae-Ho's counterpart of the dark world known as the Abyss, Lee Jae disappears into thin air and all memories of Lee Jae has been erased from his world. Lee Jae's world becomes Kim Dae-Ho's world, in hopes that Dae-Ho can find a way back to the world and University he once knew, he attends Jae's University.

Disclaimer: all of the characters and events in the series are fictional.

Bronze Sun: The Red Smith (LitRPG + Crafting)

Bronze Sun: The Red Smith (LitRPG + Crafting)

Adrian had never started a fight in his life, but then his best friend stole his girlfriend. He knew it would be trouble when he tried to get her back, but he didn’t expect it would get him killed. 

He woke up in a bronze-age world full of magic, with a blacksmith’s hammer in one hand, and a pickaxe in the other.  

The higher-dimensional beings that sent him here have told him to break the world of Antium. It’s forbidden for anyone outside of the guilds to learn magic, so what better way to break everything than to use forbidden Red Magic to craft armor and weapons more powerful than Antium has ever seen?

But before he can even craft his first piece of armor, he’ll have to fight his way out of the infested forest with nothing but a rusty sword and his smithing tools.

He’s one of many that has been sent in to shake things up and breathe new life into a dying world. If the others are sent to shatter the world, then Adrian will be the one to build it back up to something glorious, even if he has to do it one bronze ingot at a time.


I will be releasing a chapter every day for the first week. Two chapters will be released on Day 1.

After the first week, I will release three chapters per week.

I have already written 34 Chapters ahead of time, which are all fully edited, so even though this is a brand-new story, do not worry about it being abandoned!

Double Cursed

Double Cursed

What happens when you appear in a parallel plane with myths that are real? Well follow Jode as he pops into this other world and learns a lot about our myths and what actually happened.

This is a story I wrote when I was young as well. I am rereading it and updating it a bit as I post. I ended the story in a way but left it kind of open just in case I decided to add more. I will decide when I get to the end if want to continue with Jode's life in the other world.

Deep Breath

Deep Breath

Eraed just wanted to play hide and seek after supper instead of hurrying home to his mother, now... well he doesn't really know what's going on. Things that usually don't have the tendency to glow glow, his thoughts feel a lot clearer, and 4 grown-ups are yelling at him worriedly.

Follow Eraed as he discovers why he can hold his breath for longer than all of his peers and maybe even see some real magic. The type that some of the travelers from bigger towns talk about. Eraed grows as he helps his father care for his mother but also learns to be himself in a world where almost everyone lives the same live in different places.


I do not yet know how regularly I will post updates, but I have a storyline for about 20 chapters laid out. If you have any suggestions or corrections please feel free to let me know. Have a good day and enjoy.

King Me 👑 LitRPG CityBuilder

King Me 👑 LitRPG CityBuilder

On the fantasy planet of Staunton, people can select one of five classes to level into: Pawn, Rook, Knight, Bishop and Queen. Each has their own unique abilities. For example, Knights have Martial Combats, Bishops have Arcane Spells, and Queens have Heroic Powers. So then, what happens when Sam Atkins, a retired engineer from Earth, reincarnates into this world of might, monsters and magic, with the class of “King”? Chaos ensues. 

Death before the Beginning

Death before the Beginning

Follow the adventure of an amnesiac main character, who starts from absolutely nothing, as he tries to regain his memories in a place called the Soul dungeon. 

In there, growing threats await at every corner, forcing him to revive countless times for the sake of adapting.

But he must be careful because even if he cannot die, each death brings him closer to a fate much darker than eternal rest.

"I am the Fallen, and this is the story of my Death before my Beginning."

1) The MC isn't smart and strong from the start, but a bit goofy for the sake of character development.
2) The story is dark BUT I've implemented some... let's say non-sense comedy essential for the story and character development.
3) The book will sometimes have violence, gore, and obscene language. 
4) If you've read until this point of the synopsis, you have my respect and congratulation because I sure wouldn't have done that hahaha.


A Friendly Voidling

A Friendly Voidling

When a Creature of the Void fails to find friendship among her own kind, she instead sets her sights upon another, human-filled world. Unfortunately, humans turn out to be rather small and squishy things, resulting in a mostly accidental trail of death, destruction and madness as she embarks on her journey to finally make some friends.

This is a 25k word inane short story, and makes no attempt at being serious or realistic. It's my first attempt at trying a more comedic writing style. No relation to my other stories, aside from a brief cameo.

Cover bodged together with Charat Genesis. Not quite the design I had in mind, but reasonably close. Doesn't contain explicit smut, but does contain references to stuff happening off-screen. May contain traces of gore. Also eels, in varying states of distress.

Posted here and scribblehub.

Magical Girls

Magical Girls

Himari has a secret. It's not the fact that her miraculous recovery was part of a deal with a creature out of this world, or that every other night she has to go out and fight with monsters that feed on human misery. Her secret is something darker and more personal, it taints her perception of life: the only thing that keeps her alive is her fear of death.

(Puella Magi Madoka Magica fanfiction. Takes place in the same setting, but disregards all characters and events from the anime and additional material.)