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Tales of Regventus Book Two: Keene

Tales of Regventus Book Two: Keene

Original Fantasy High Fantasy Magic Multiple Lead Characters

Max has claimed the title of king. As Ansel and Griffa work to prepare Max for the future, the powers in Aurumist continue on with their dangerous plans. Ansel struggles with his feelings for Griffa while trying to keep both Max and her safe. As Griffa goes through her own troubles, she has to decide if she will become who she was meant to be. The war for the kingdom hasn't begun, but the danger is growing.

Book 2 of Tales of Regventus Series.  See Book One: Adalwen first

The Voice of Titans

The Voice of Titans

Original Adventure Fantasy Multiple Lead Characters Magic GameLit High Fantasy Steampunk Progression

The campaign to destroy the Crystals of Orbis has thus far proven to be brutal and bloody, but nonetheless successful. That is until the Kingdoms with the remaining two Crystals tighten their defences, creating barriers that even the great Kingdom of Ruvia cannot penetrate. However, King Tostig of Ruvia has a plan – if brute force doesn’t work, then the next best option is sneaking into their borders and using newly developed technology to destroy it in one fell swoop.

When the scorned Commander of the Nininian Army appears, battered and bleeding, the opportunity is too good to not take up, and with the Ruvian Commander and a throwaway guardsman accompanying her, it’s a foolproof plan. But the powers of the Crystals and their legacy extend beyond the Aether they harbour, and technological advancement proves to not be the only thing it’s good for.

Gods of Atlas

Gods of Atlas

Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Portal Fantasy / Isekai Slice of Life Male Lead Strong Lead Non-Human lead Magic Anti-Hero Lead Strategy Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content GameLit High Fantasy Mythos War and Military Ruling Class

My life wasn't very glamorious or exciting. It consisted of paying an absurd amount of taxes, spending eight hours a day sloshing through disgusting enclosures at the local zoo, and getting plastered on the weekends. In summary: life sucked, but at least I knew what to expect from each day.

That all ended when I was pulled into another reality, and the crazy system that ruled it decided to make me into a god. The only thing more unexpected than that; several zoo animals came along for the ride...

The Primordial Tower

The Primordial Tower

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Psychological Martial Arts GameLit Post Apocalyptic Time Travel First Contact

The Eternal Lion, Conqueror of the 98th floor, Paragon of Destruction watched in horror as his companions were slain, one by one, by "that" existence. Humanity had made a fundamental mistake from the begining, this had never been a fair trial to begin with. 

His rage knew no bounds, as he knew the only reason he was still alive was because it wanted to torment him, to kill his comrades right in front of his eyes before finishing him off.

He only saw one last glimmer of hope, which the reward of the 98th floor had provided him with.  

[The Inheritance] 

Allow your knowledge and experience to flow back in the river of time, back to the begining of the Primodial Tower's awakening on Earth. Entrust the fate of humanity to one of your kind.

Cost of Activation: Erasure of existence from the river of time. 

To think that all his efforts would only lead to becoming a stepping stone for another. With a final roar in defiance, he activated the skill. 

"Let the roar of the eternal lion tear through the boundaries of time"

The Magic Cultivator

The Magic Cultivator

Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Martial Arts Supernatural Magic Anti-Hero Lead Profanity Gore Xianxia High Fantasy Dystopia

Without power, you can't protect anything, let alone yourself. 

Only after suffering a deadly attack that forever took away his ability to cultivate did Devon understood the true meaning of this idiom.


After losing his ability to cultivate due to a conspiracy, Devon sought revenge. 

However, how can he fight his god-like enemies without power? 

"If I can't cultivate then I will find my own way to strength! Until I kill that bastard, I will not rest!" 

Thus began the legend of The First Magician in a world of cultivation. 

Basically, it's a Xianxia world with western elements.

I will try my hardest not to fall back to the common tropes. 

Please read and review. 

Just give it a chance. 

Teen of Life and Death

Teen of Life and Death

Original Action Adventure Drama Romance Martial Arts Harem Strong Lead Magic Urban Fantasy War and Military

Let's enjoy the story of The Teen of Life and Death. A young boy and his father left their home clan after it was destroyed leaving them as the sole survivors.

What happened? What did they do? Will they survive?

What do you think? Will they stand atop the world or perish? Nooo, it's the latter of course!!!

Watch as they travel far and wide and turn their life around and start a new journey. In a world where power is absolute, we're power conquers all. A world with warriors, magicians, hunters and more haha. 

This has a slow start but I GAURANTEE that if you make it to at least chapter 4 you won't referent reading it, in fact you most likely keep reading and wanting more!!

The New Age of Havenfall

The New Age of Havenfall

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Historical Reincarnation Male Lead War and Military Progression

Matt Thompson.
Good man. Intelligent man. American. Teacher and historian.
Now, a dead man.
A weak country. A poor people. A dead King.
Now, the nation that Matt must lead.

Matt Thompson travels into a world different, yet similar to his own world's past. He must lead Havenfall as Prince William. As King William. But, the kind southern island that is called a nation is small and weak, surrounded by enemies.

How will Matt live his second chance at life?
How will William protect Havenfall and its people?
How will Prince William save Havenfall and its people?
How will King William lead Havenfall into the new age?

Surrounding Nations of Havenfall Map

The Known World

The Deluxe Room Boy

The Deluxe Room Boy

Original Contemporary Drama Female Lead Romance Sexual Content

This is a tale of obsession told in two POVs—Adhira and Raghav. Coming from a backward orphanage in Nepal, Adhira is exposed to a modern world in Australia. Adjusting to a new culture is hard enough, she falls head over heels for a rich boy Raghav Rai, one of her flatmates, who occupies the deluxe room. The story is about how she deals with her desire to be with a boy way out of her lead while facing other challenges.

Being rich does not mean he has it easy. Raghav is conflicted between his desire to do his own thing and seek a career in photography or support his family business of running Indian restaurants. The owner of the apartment is his aunt, Mrs. Meena Benerjee, who makes him promise not to mess around with the girls in there, before leasing it out to him. When he meets Adira he is disturbed and confused by the way his body reacts to her. While he ignores her advances to befriend him, ends up rescuing her, from different situations and in the process gets entangled with her life.



Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy LitRPG Portal Fantasy / Isekai Male Lead Strong Lead Magic Profanity Gore Traumatising content Xianxia GameLit Dungeon Time Travel Loop Progression

Pulled into another world, Josh Bodinski and his Gym Class, are conscripted into ORDER to fight the beasts of Chaos. 

Helped only by ORDER's System, Josh must survive, and level up, to get vengence on the god who brought them all to this world.

The question is, can Josh kill a god, or will he just be cannon fodder, like everyone else.

Mission Report

Mission Report

Original Comedy Drama Fantasy Short Story Female Lead Magic Profanity High Fantasy Villainous Lead

For Fiana, one of the three strongest mages in her empire, her last mission went smoothly except for the fact it might have traumatised her ward, and now she's going to get yelled at.

Echo Of an Empty Soul

Echo Of an Empty Soul

Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy LitRPG Portal Fantasy / Isekai Martial Arts Slice of Life Male Lead Magic Profanity Sexual Content Gore High Fantasy Dungeon Progression

Alone. On the verge of collapsing sanity. How long will a single man survive surrounded by hordes of enemies? Even if it's a different world. 

It's a story about survival and living the best life alone in an unknown place filled with unknown dangers. 

So, basically shut-in's isekai slice of life.

Where It All Began

Where It All Began

Original Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Contemporary Female Lead Strong Lead Magic Profanity Gore Traumatising content Low Fantasy Progression

The future has been changed countless times, but one event stands central. The arrival of magic and a game-like quatization of everything. Eva was unaware unaware of just how many times she had been killed by the invaders. If she knew, she'd tell you that apochalypses are just terrible. 0/5. Do not recommend. In fact, she had no idea there would be anything other than a good nap and ice cream on her day off. 

This story will have elements of cultivation in it, but primarily will be LitRPG.

Short Stories from Solaris

Short Stories from Solaris

Original Sci-fi Short Story Slice of Life Profanity Sexual Content Traumatising content Super Heroes War and Military

The present state of humanity is so far beyond what anyone could have imagined during the 21st century. Across the once vacant system, mutliple subspecies of humans struggle to coexist with one another and the new alien inhabitants. 



Original Adventure Comedy Fantasy Slice of Life Male Lead Female Lead Multiple Lead Characters Secret Identity Super Heroes

What was a hero? 

Someone with superpowers? or was it someone that devoted themselves to helping others?

Aaron didn't know. all he knew was that one day he, and a few others had woken up with powers and his girlfriend, a hero enthusiast with a little too much money and free time on her hands was more than willing to tell them, and if possible, make her own team of heroes. 

Starting Today I'm a Kitsune!

Starting Today I'm a Kitsune!

Original Comedy Drama Fantasy Romance Reincarnation Portal Fantasy / Isekai Female Lead Non-Human lead Magic Traumatising content High Fantasy

Please read regular chapters and then Mini-Chapters in order listed for the best experience!)) NEW RELEASES EVERY MONDAY!!!!

Taka has woken up to find that she has died a tragic death. At the hands of her tormentors, she has lived a life many would have plunged into darkness to escape. A Voice tells her that she has a choice-- reincarnate back to earth, live a comfortable life the next time, or be reborn as the messenger of a God who has taken a liking to her.

Deciding to take a leap into a parallel world filled with magic, Takara finds herself in The Realm of Ileria in Tatsu's Kingdom. And...she's a fox messenger of the Goddess Inari?! Armed with a fluffy tail and fuzzy ears, Taka decides to live her life to the fullest, given that she has plenty of it due to the gift of immortality.

When a nine-tailed fox comes to call. Things become far more exciting and less lonely.  Motoyuki decides to take Taka under his tails and teach her the ways of the Fox Clan. 

Taking a brave leap, she begins to learn how to live a life free of her past life's boundaries and shackles.

Follow this persevering young heroine in this romantic comedy, a slice of life experience!

Some Overpowered Idiot (Village Series 1st Edition)

Some Overpowered Idiot (Village Series 1st Edition)

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Strong Lead Magic Anti-Hero Lead Satire High Fantasy Dungeon Dystopia

Tom Bob Jerry is the invincible protagonist in this amazing story that will probably be on hiatus after a few chapters (when I get bored). The cruel world to which he is transported finds itself no match for the sheer dullness of Mr X (X stands for 'Xtremely-well-written-character').

The supporting cast of intricately-developed characters will cause you to question the meaning of their existence, quite possibly even before they appear in the story.

If this synopsis got you hooked, please see a psychotherapist.

Gender Bender Superheroines: The Reliquettes!

Gender Bender Superheroines: The Reliquettes!

Original Action Comedy Gender Bender Super Heroes

An interconnected superhero universe centered around 'The Reliquettes', a gender-bending team of superheroines determined to keep the world safe. Each male turned superheroine owes their newfound form and ability to the finding of a unique powerful relic of some kind. 

Videogame Cafe

Videogame Cafe

Fan Fiction Adventure Comedy Fantasy Contemporary Portal Fantasy / Isekai Martial Arts Slice of Life Supernatural Female Lead Profanity Fan Fiction Low Fantasy Soft Sci-fi

Mostly Inspired from Black Tech Internet Cafe, with a hint of Almighty Videogame Designer 

In a semi-modern world where cultivation reigns supreme, join June as she opens up a store for relaxation and gaming in this new world.

Ashes And Oceans

Ashes And Oceans

Original Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Male Lead Non-Human lead Magic Mythos

Legenda are legends, myths are myths, weapons, creatures, gods, humans of incredible power. All things caught up in human belief and worship. All true. The world changed. Anything that humans beleived in, even some beleived in by civilizations long fallen, their beliefs forgotten, come to life, when a god, a True god, unlike the one we humans beleived up, flew by earth, and realized where -- was. --- decided that he, a ------ of -----, should help us out. -- introduced mana, and a system based off --- reading -- light ------. But unlike most planets, with our beliefs, and not having mana on the planet originally, the humans suddenly became a minority among beastkin, and other "monsters". When the system hit, most humans evolved into some type of beatkin, some taking forms of some myhs or legends, weapons or creatures from the belief lingering in the world. I will share my memory, of the fall, when humanity burned, and from the ashes and oceans, a new world rose again.

yes the blanks are purposeful. important for the story not to be spoiled.

posted by [email protected] and by no other, only on this site

Cassie Nova and the Fractal Engine

Cassie Nova and the Fractal Engine

Original Action Adventure Fantasy School Life Female Lead Strong Lead Grimdark Gore High Fantasy Loop

A girl living in generic suburbia learns on her thirteenth birthday that she is destined to become a dark wizard, the prophesized uninstaller of worlds who will bring Armageddon to the multiverse.

This is a collab with Vitaly S. Alexius, author of Romantically Apocalyptic.

P.S. The synopsis will be changed later to include more depth.