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The fall of Napros

The fall of Napros

Original Action Fantasy Historical Horror Male Lead Magic Anti-Hero Lead Strategy Profanity Gore Traumatising content

It is the 27th year of the enlightened times, and Napros is besieged on both fronts. To the east, the brutalized king-worshipping slaves of the Khosroshahr rally their armies, their infernal cannons and griffons tearing the city apart from above. To the west, the steel legions of the Nikelo Dominate pound against the city walls with their acid throwers and hellfire spewers, yet, the city stands. It is said that Napros is the obsidian city, for it has never once fell predation to the whims of outsiders.

But John Theodoukas knows the truth. 

Napros will fall.

The Creed of Corruption

The Creed of Corruption

Original Action Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Martial Arts Male Lead Strong Lead Magic Strategy Gore

An orphaned 14 year old kid, ostracised because he can't access his stats, is finally allowed to touch the class artifact, where every 14 year old kid finally can receive their class, and start raising stats and gaining experience. When his class is displayed, everyone watching is filled with shock.


First time writer, decided to blend aspects of some of my favourite fictions. I didn't make the cover photo, no. Feel free to direct message me or comment any input you have on the story. In the book, there is no group called the Creed of Corruption. That's just because creed is a group with a faith, and the people in this book are usually corrupt.

DNA Origins

DNA Origins

Original Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Sci-fi Profanity

It turns out the Origin System had always been with us, hidden away in the building blocks of all life, our DNA. It took just one person with the cognitive power and a boost in DNA to unlock the system for Earth, now Earth will never be the same place again.

This is a Sci-Fi based LitRPG book.

The Treacherous Mage

The Treacherous Mage

Original Adventure Drama Fantasy Contemporary Martial Arts School Life Supernatural Male Lead Strong Lead Secret Identity Magic Profanity Gore Traumatising content

The heavens have long been something that humans believe to exist. There is not evidence nothing to support the claim, but even then people would never deny it's existence.

Babel- a word that means confusion. When used people remember the tale of Babel's Great tower which was meant to reach the heavens. Thwarted by God through creating languages that caused haos and confusion between the humans. 

But all myths were created based on something that really occured, a fantastical story based on a fact. But is the story of the grand tower really a myth? Or was it real?

Walter Babel, a 16 year old youth who went through various troubles has recieved the inheritance of his ancestor giving the reason as to the origin of his Family name, Babel. Does the myth have more to it than just what is known? What is the reason for his name "Babel"?

Chrono Born

Chrono Born

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Romance Martial Arts Harem Male Lead Strong Lead Magic Sexual Content Gore

Chrono, a boy who only knows a life inside a box finally emerges after one faithful encounter.

Follow Chrono as he explores the seven skies and much more with friends and family along the way.

(Release of chapters of volatile. Read at your own risk.)

Artifact Cultivator

Artifact Cultivator

Original Action Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Martial Arts Supernatural Male Lead Female Lead Strong Lead Magic Strategy Wuxia Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content

When an Archmage reached the limits of his growth, he risked it all to create a godly artifact that could allow him to grow stronger.

After the artifact was formed, a god tried to steal the artifact in greed.

In battle, the Archmage died, but before he did, he sent his artifact into another dimension in hopes that someone worthy would obtain his artifact.

This artifact just happened to land in the hands of Aya, a young beast-kin girl that has no dantian.





This novel will be centered around cultivation, and I will probably make some weird cultivation levels, so be prepared.

The artifact was made in a sword and magic world, so it comes with a system. (Aya would be able to use it to see her stats)

There will be magic, but it will be referred to as a lost art or something.

This will be a yuri novel, so if you don't like that... just warning you...

Traveling with the System

Traveling with the System

Original Action Fantasy LitRPG Reincarnation Martial Arts Male Lead Magic

Reincarnated into an unknown world, Kouta will find himself fighting to survive with his mysterious system.

The Benefits of Hearing Voices

The Benefits of Hearing Voices

Original Action Fantasy Psychological Tragedy Supernatural Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Magic Grimdark Profanity Gore Traumatising content

Darius never liked the voices, so he decided to try to silence them.

But did it work?

Hey guys!

Hope you like this story!




Original Action Drama Fantasy Mystery Anti-Hero Lead Grimdark Profanity Gore Traumatising content

In a Spheric world where humans live in a constant survival practice...

In a district, where the poor and weak live...

A boy with ambitions and dreams asks to be enlisted into the proud army that wants to conquer and explore Mercury and the land outside of it.

For there is a life outside of Itia, beutiful but blindingly deadly.

Chronicles Of Zaria - Book 1: Dawn Of Akaal

Chronicles Of Zaria - Book 1: Dawn Of Akaal

Original Action Adventure Drama Fantasy

From time immemorial various legends have always enticed the people of the world but one in particular has been forgotten in the antiquity- the legend of the 7 Immortals. It is said that “When the Seven Immortals reemerge the end of the era is nigh.

Zaria, a child of a shepherd, was born on the day when the serpent of eternity wreaked havoc on his hometown and was saved by a passing priest who took him as his own. Twelve years from then Zaria will come upon the truths that will plague his entire life and the reason the priest saved him revealed. Will Zaria embrace his destiny or will he forge a new one.

Rise Of The Sword God

Rise Of The Sword God

Original Action Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Martial Arts Male Lead Strong Lead Anti-Hero Lead Wuxia Profanity Gore Traumatising content

Before they knew it, Earth was absorbed into a world full of powerful martial artists called cultivators. Nobody knew what to do as such a thing should never have happened, yet it did. Many were given chances to rise, yet they gave up on them due to their own stupidity and inferiority, all but one man. Watch him as he rises and becomes the strongest sword god of all, achieving the peak of the new world.

Twisted Branches

Twisted Branches

Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Male Lead Female Lead Magic Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content

The Old Gods won't sleep forever, and the Dread Beasts wish to reap the benefits of Yggdrasil and her children. Mankind relies on Aether Warriors and Mages to stand in the way.

Preparing to take the three trials of Magehood, Kat knows what she wants. If she can make it as a Sorceress, not only will she be able to venture into dangerous territories to procure rare materials for her father's once prosperous smithy but also have the power to protect the ones she loves. However, life doesn't always go the way one hopes it will. There is more to the three trials than her studies taught her, and the application of the rewards is for her to discover.

How will Kaitlyn Smythe make it in the world of blue bloods and affluent when all they see her as is a charity case?

Absolute Power

Absolute Power

Original Action Adventure Horror LitRPG Sci-fi Harem Slice of Life Supernatural Male Lead Profanity Gore

A story about a teenager named Aarav trying to find his place in the world, while trying to make it a better place to live.

NOTE: Please remember the word 'TRYING'.

P.S. - Guys this is my first story. I am trying to learn English better but since I don't have enough money for books, courses or tutors, so your criticism and support will have to do. This is my first time, so please be gentle.


P.P.S. - I selected harem in tags because generally people who like it tend to be more chill. Right now I have a rough sketch till the second volume and there are only two female leads.

I'am not a hero: My adventure in another world

I'am not a hero: My adventure in another world

Fan Fiction Adventure Fantasy Romance Summoned Hero Harem Reader interactive Slice of Life Magic Anti-Hero Lead Fan Fiction

Robin accidentally moved to a world he had never seen before. He tried to return to his home world.

At that time he met people who came from other worlds like him. Called as a hero to defeat the demon god. But Robin is not a hero.

Without strength like a hero. Together with the hero, Robin is looking for ways to return to the world of origin.

Hell to Pay (Blood for Soul #1)  [SAMPLE CHAPTERS]

Hell to Pay (Blood for Soul #1) [SAMPLE CHAPTERS]

Original Action Comedy Fantasy Contemporary Supernatural Male Lead Strong Lead Anti-Hero Lead Profanity

What if you were hunted by the gods, doomed to be thrown in Hell to rot...

First rule of being a fugitive for a crime you didn’t willingly commit: trust no one. Second: humans, demons, and heavenly-beings are assholes. Third, if I have to hear another goddamn pop song, I’ll lose my mind. 
A demigod nowadays is a complete joke. Hell, I bet even sorcerers, witches, and fairies are taken more seriously than me. 
When you’re on the run from the gods, paranoia becomes the only friend that you need. 
I wonder if my goddess friend can actually be trusted. Beer....I need a beer. 

An action and urban fantasy novel. 

Edited by M. Smith.


Full book on Amazon:  HERE

Hunter's Odyssey

Hunter's Odyssey

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi Gore

With no intact memory, and even less understanding of the bleak world he's crash landed on, one man must rise up to the elements of nature and all its challenges to survive. Fleeting memories of a life long past haunt his waking moments as nightmares wrack his mind during solace. With seemingly no answers and only more questions he advances in life to one day find the answer to his suffering. 


Gambit vs Nightwing

Gambit vs Nightwing

Fan Fiction Action Fantasy LitRPG Short Story Virtual Reality Martial Arts Sports Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Fan Fiction

Gambit vs Nightwing in a mojo world style VR battle.





Artwork by

[email protected]

Desert Wanderer

Desert Wanderer

Original Adventure Comedy Fantasy Male Lead Magic Strategy Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content Satire

Sarius Serya is an abject failure of a knight. He can't swordfight, he can't ride horseback, and when it comes to the bow and arrow, he couldn't hit the side of a barn from a yard away. 

After an incident with a female thief, Serya is thrown out of the King's Army and into the harsh desert. With nothing but a sword, a knife, and his noble lizard steed Toby, Serya will try to find shelter, safety, and women... well, he was doing that before he got thrown out, but, whatever.

This story will include sexual content and violence. Read cautiously... unless you like that stuff, which, I do too, man.



Original Action Comedy Drama Fantasy School Life Male Lead Strong Lead Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content

Despite living in a rich family, fate has never been kind to Isaac. He lost his mother at the age of 4 and has been targeted by assassins more times than he could count, and only pure luck had seemed to save him during those times. Albeit all these facts he grew up kind and giving, just that he didn’t trust easily. He was kicked from his family as they finally gave up that he would have any use to their family, and in the harsh conditions of the world around him he would finally find the truth in matters closely tied to him.

A Duel of the Divine

A Duel of the Divine

Original Fantasy Historical LitRPG Reincarnation Multiple Lead Characters Non-Human lead Strategy

Gantu's career had been a long and illustrious one which had honed him into one of the best captains of the fleet.

This was meant to be Gantu's final mission for the federation before his retirement with honours .

A routine reconnaissance of a small continental planet in the far outer reaches of the federal space force. He could not have been prepared for absolutely everything going wrong on the mission.

Now he finds himself stranded and he must ensure his survival on this planet. Perhaps with the help of a higher power or two, he can utilise alien concepts and apply his experience to survive and in turn further his new benefactors agenda.

Can he build a better future and stop this planet from destroying itself for a second time in the process?

Extra Tags

Village building ; Army building ; kingdom building ; Religion ; War

 This is my first attempt at writing in the public domain, I'm trying to keep the story unbiased and neutral as possible as it progresses.

Due to the main characters viewpoint it will be skewed at first. I hope to balance this out with the eventual introduction of other pov characters. 

Any constructive criticism is welcome and will seriously be considered. 

Thanks for your time,