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Waking Up In a Game

Waking Up In a Game

Original Action Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Virtual Reality Martial Arts Slice of Life Supernatural Male Lead Strong Lead Magic Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content GameLit High Fantasy Dungeon Mythos War and Military

Toshi lived a normal life, a happy life. His father worked in the adventurer's guild where he made money for his family, and his mother lived in the house, taking care of him and cooking food for the family.

Toshi looked forward to waking up and playing with his friends, but there was something odd in his life. He didn't notice it at first, but slowly, with each day passing, it became more and more noticeable.

Each day repeated itself... forever and ever.

Without fail, each time he woke up, his mother would wake him, telling him that his food was on the table and every single day it was the same thing, rice with bacon.

It continued like this for god knows how long, each day repeating. It was practically torture for Toshi, but then one day, something happened. Something that stopped the 'time-loop' that he was trapped in.

[The servers have now opened! Good luck, players!]

Note: Lemon scenes (sex scenes) will appear in this book, so if you're not a fan of that then leave.

Lost Scrolls Of IF: Origins

Lost Scrolls Of IF: Origins

Original Adventure Comedy Fantasy Supernatural Male Lead Strong Lead Multiple Lead Characters Non-Human lead Magic Low Fantasy Mythos

When the Multiversal Balance shifts a god and his friends must defend the Multiverse from Tracy Jones, the essence of all evil. 

It is a fantasy adventure novel with sub genres of Comedy. It is the first part of 5.

 Thanks to my friends who made the IF possible

Christopher Paylor

Kevin Sanford

Jasper Brumwell

Rosemary Clusker

David Nixon


Tyan Isles

Natalie Erasmus

Without them the IF would be nothing

Eight steps to the end

Eight steps to the end

Original Adventure Anti-Hero Lead Fantasy Female Lead GameLit Gore Profanity

When the System Apocalypse fell on the world, most didn't understand what was going on.

Life is a game now? Monsters prowl the streets? Random ruins, caves and sewers turned into dungeons?

Wait? Internet is gone? Why can't I charge my phone? Can this blue box stop floating before my face? How do you even do laundry by hand?

Well, people asked all sorts of questions.

Will this work like in the web novels? Should I risk my life to be the first to kill a ten levels stronger monster? Could I even do that? Why do I not have legs? Will I respawn? I want to respawn. 

I don't want to respawn, I want out of this hell. Why did I choose this games system? Immortality sucks. My stats will never be high.

Can I exploit the enchanting and potion crafting? What do you mean the time doesn't pause while I operate the crafting station? The potion only lasts six seconds!

What sort of idiotic System Admin thought it was a good idea to not nerf the insta-kill spells!!

Wait? I can Draw?

There are classes not shown at the Crystals?

Some dungeons scale with level?

I can trade cards with NPCs at my own Outpost?

Some questions, led to better outcomes. But only a tiny bit better.

Unless, of course, they were asked by someone who remembered every single piece of data from that game they played as a kid.

And maybe, just maybe, it was one of those games that let you... well, it wouldn't be fun to put everything in the synopsis.

So yeah, the System here, is based on various real games... but since that's where the inspiration (copy-pasting) ends, I don't think fan-fiction tag is quite required.

Just wanted to build the ways to exploit the System, with something that actually exists, so it would feel slightly less like plot armour. Hopefully. 

Hero's Exodus

Hero's Exodus

Original Action Fantasy Portal Fantasy / Isekai Supernatural Male Lead Strong Lead Magic Strategy Urban Fantasy

Over the last five years, children of Earth have been brought to various worlds, becoming Heroes in their own rights. And ever since a few months ago, they have returning. With new bodies and the abilities to cast magic, they have disrupted the flow of everyday life.

Leoric, a human turned Ice Elf, has finally returned after hundreds of years, with only a few years passing on Earth. Brought in by a mysterious organization who seeks to protect the Heroes, Leoric longs for the chance to see his family again and somehow return to society. And to do that, he vows to combat anything that stands in his way. Be it fellow Heroes, this mysterious organization, or the unknown dangers to come.

Souls for Hire - Call 555-2368-SOULS now!

Souls for Hire - Call 555-2368-SOULS now!

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Reincarnation Portal Fantasy / Isekai Martial Arts School Life Male Lead Magic Wuxia GameLit High Fantasy

Imagine you've just lost your job. You're walking down a back alley in New York City, and all you have left is a small apartment on the third floor for the next three weeks. Your cat, wise as he is, decided to leave you for the neighbors' milk, and your ex-fiancee has found a new love in an up-and-coming freshman football player. The happy couple smiles at you from every sports magazine you encounter.

Is it raining? Of course, it is raining. Your coat is wet, your trousers are soaked, and you wonder if you should gamble your last dollar on a one-dollar hamburger meal, or go home and commit slow suicide by eating the pastrami in your fridge. The pastrami the previous lessee left in the fridge, when he was booted out.

Would you spot the envelope, sticking halfway your neighbor's mailbox? Would you take it, open it, read it? Would you call the number and try to sell your soul?

Would you wear a hat?

Would you?


This is a story in short installments. Let me be honest upfront: I have no idea if I will ever finish it, or if it will go anywhere. Chapters may or may not show up. Ever. I'm not a great writer, nor a native English speaker either. To be honest, I need all the help I can get.

Fair warning: this story may simply not be of your liking. It might play a joke or two on the reader, parody RR, WP, HP, who knows. Please take it as it is: light entertainment.

Then again, Kind's Kiss started as a joke, did reach a 100k+ words, and still isn't finished yet. Who knows what will happen to Souls for Hire?


Paragon of Light

Paragon of Light

Original Adventure Comedy Fantasy LitRPG Mystery Multiple Lead Characters Strategy GameLit High Fantasy

The world has revolved around a divine game, the Paragon of Light doing battle with the Paragon of Shadows, since time immemorial. Now, suddenly that game has changed - changed genres. Will the four Disciples of Light figure out the new rules and find their Paragon in time?

Machina Core - Bastion Academy Book 1

Machina Core - Bastion Academy Book 1

Original Action Fantasy Sci-fi Cyberpunk Martial Arts Slice of Life School Life Male Lead Magic Wuxia Xianxia Low Fantasy

For Jiyong, Bastion Academy is more than just a school for magic in the heart of the kingdom… 

It’s his chance to pursue the secrets of the ancient ones’ machines and get his family out of the poverty-stricken outer-city. His acceptance letter in hand, Jiyong is sure nothing will stand in the way of his dreams. 

When a street brawl lands him in a coma only weeks into the year, his chances of graduating are all but shot. With an unlikely digital companion, he’ll have to rebuild his magic core and catch up on all his classes, or risk being dropped from the academy at the end of the year. 

But kingdom life is not like the outer-cities, and kingdom kids are far more ruthless about who they’ll allow to climb to the top. Jiyong will have to train hard and fight for every score to make it in this wealthy academy for powerful families, all while supporting his own from afar. 

The Confident Battle Mage

The Confident Battle Mage

Original Action Adventure Fantasy School Life Male Lead Strong Lead Secret Identity Magic Strategy High Fantasy

Because of an incident at birth, Adan is incapable of casting spells due to a blocked mana flow. His mana flow can only be opened when he’s urinating making it embarrassing for him to wield spells in public. Hiding his true identity as a battle strategist is the only way he can ever hope to become a battle mage.

True Void Arts.

True Void Arts.

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Reincarnation Martial Arts Male Lead Profanity Gore Xianxia High Fantasy

A young man suddenly regains his lost memories from his previous life on earth at the age of six. The young man named Naath had constructed his own special cultivation methods in his old life. Before he could use them however he was caught in a tragic accident and died. In the world he was reborn into cultivation is commonplace and countless people follow this path.

Follow Naath on his path of cultivation as he steps into a world far bigger than he ever imagined. Discover the countless secrets tied to Naath, his cultivation, and the mysteries and secrets the very heavens themselves wish to hide for eternity.

The Magic of Light

The Magic of Light

Original Adventure Fantasy High Fantasy Magic Male Lead

All of Chad's hopes of going to The Academy are gone. He's too old now. The winds of fate did not blow his way and a recruitment party never came while he was an eligible age. Winds can change however, especially when you save an Academy Wizard.

The Therapist Interviews - Zach Frack

The Therapist Interviews - Zach Frack

Original Anti-Hero Lead Fantasy Male Lead Short Story Psychological Romance Slice of Life Traumatising content

An introduction to a character in my eBook series, The Dragonfly Temple Chronicles. It also inadvertently became a study in someone with PTSD, so any constructive feedback from readers who suffer from such an affliction would be greatly appreciated.


The Color of Predation

The Color of Predation

Original Sci-fi

Emotion is fundamental factor of human life. Now let's imagine if we can use it for another function. How dangerous it can be brought to humanity.

In The Name Of Hope: To Become A God

In The Name Of Hope: To Become A God

Original Adventure Fantasy High Fantasy Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Portal Fantasy / Isekai

Aryan was a relatively ordinary young man. Apart from his fanatical obsession with games and anime, and a completely crazy mother, nothing in his life could be called unusual.

However, one day, the unusual invaded his life as an unwanted guest. In minutes, his life changed forever. Aryan died and was transported to a new world, full of mysteries and adventures to live. Something he only imagined in his most unbelievable dreams.

But his dream couldn't be further from reality. In this new world, Aryan will have to deal with a quest imposed on him by an unknown system.

He will have to become a god.

In another world as my waifu #1: Brave New World and the Fallen Prince(ss)

In another world as my waifu #1: Brave New World and the Fallen Prince(ss)

Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Reincarnation Portal Fantasy / Isekai Gender Bender Harem Female Lead Strong Lead Non-Human lead Magic Sexual Content Gore High Fantasy Mythos

Follow Auros in his journey exploring a new world where he chose to be reincarnated as his waifu!

He, now she, will live her life to the fullest even if that means capturing bandits and turning them into cute maids or making a fortress inside a volcano. 

Nothing will be out of her reach! Not even saving the world from the advancing threat of the Dragon Lords!

References, comedy, ecchiness galore, lots of imaginary fan service and a nice adventure are included in this story. A Wattpad's top 50 Yuri story now on RoyalRoad!  Enjoy!

Schedule: 1 chapter every Monday-Wednesday-Friday starting from next week!

Cover illustration commissioned by me and done by LARH (LarhIlustrador on facebook).

Guided by Guilt. Blinded by the Past

Guided by Guilt. Blinded by the Past

Original Action Fantasy Grimdark Male Lead Short Story Tragedy

A knight who has killed his lady's family upon her return from overseas is met by her understandable wrath.  However, is that all there is to it?

Cautious Of The Intruder

Cautious Of The Intruder

Original Action Adventure Short Story Profanity Sci-fi Super Heroes Urban Fantasy

I sat on my porch watching the world change.

but the world doesn't like idle bystanders.

The Path of Eagles

The Path of Eagles

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Gore Mystery Profanity

Valeth, a young boy with a hidden past, is forced to enter the tower, where he must learn to survive and progress if he wants to uncover the past

Operation Vitae

Operation Vitae

Original Action Fantasy Romance Sci-fi School Life Male Lead Female Lead Strong Lead Multiple Lead Characters Secret Identity Strategy Urban Fantasy War and Military

Charlotte, an orphan test subject who had a chip implanted in her at the age of 4, was placed in a special group working for the UN after years of training, her first mission; Protect the hidden son of the Japanese Minister Of Finance. 

Will she be able to complete it? 

Human King.

Human King.

Original Action Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Psychological Strong Lead Non-Human lead Anti-Hero Lead Strategy Profanity Sexual Content Traumatising content High Fantasy War and Military Ruling Class

Humans have ruled the continent, Pangea since long ago. They claim to be the most holy race, created by High God Bathala however with the appearance of a single man, the world was flipped by his question.

"People are good and the monsters are evil? Who decided that?!"

Bad Boys Do It Better

Bad Boys Do It Better

Original Profanity Romance Sexual Content

Claire Jonshon,

lives with her mother in Alabama.Five years after the divorce of her parents,she decided to move back with her father in New York.Its her last year of school before university and she doesn't know what to expect.What she didn't expect was a brother who hates her guts and a father more cold than Antartica.Add in a hot bad boy that has a short temper and you have the story of her life.

What can she say?Bad boys always do it better.


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