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Open Heart, Open World

Open Heart, Open World

Original Fantasy Romance Male Lead Non-Human lead Magic

Kelves Weaver is the last of his Caprimet clan after a war between humans and the Magicant people resulted in all Magicants being sent to a dimension called the Sealed World. He lives a depressing life alone in the wintry region of Winstead, keeping to himself and indulging in his vices to pass the days. When Geralt, a Caprimet from a different clan, finds Kelves and invites him to meet his sister, Kelves's journey to opening his heart suddenly begins. Everyone finds themselves getting a bit more than they bargained for, but that's not always a bad thing, is it?

Prequel to Because This World is Loved and the Medlia series.

School of Supers

School of Supers

Original Action Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Sci-fi Harem School Life Male Lead Strong Lead Secret Identity Anti-Hero Lead Strategy Profanity Sexual Content Gore

Imagine Harry Potter in college with superheroes instead of wizards, sprinkled with a spicy harem, and you have School of Supers.

Caleb Fairbane’s eighteenth birthday passes without event until he kisses his superpowered girlfriend and somehow siphons her speed acceleration abilities.

After the Super Intelligence Bureau learns of Caleb’s illegal superpower, he is rescued by a clandestine group of supers.

But they aren’t heroes. They operate outside the law, take no orders from government agencies, and their morals are dubious at best. Caleb owes them his life, and they give him a mission: enroll in the School of Supers.

Caleb isn’t one to ignore favors, and he almost likes the idea of being a villain, so he enters the School of Supers posing as a super with incredible speed. The first year of Superhero School proves more difficult than he could have ever imagined, and he’s only just learning the extent of his illegal powers.

New Chapter posted every 2-3 days!


Bizarre is normal here [JJBA]

Bizarre is normal here [JJBA]

Fan Fiction Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Supernatural Strong Lead Multiple Lead Characters Non-Human lead Strategy Profanity Fan Fiction

It was a normal beautiful day in the quiet town of Morioh where people were going through their daily lives, as usual, students waiting for the summer break that would soon start. Unknowst to the people of that town, there in the middle of it all at an alley that isn't supposed to exist a hooded figure arrived in the town, escorted by the ghostly hands of the malicious spirits.

Jojo's bizarre adventure fanfiction. Takes mostly place in the 4th part of the series.

Eternal Warden

Eternal Warden

Original Action Fantasy Martial Arts Male Lead Profanity

Standing guard over the three Realms are the Eternal Wardens. With unparalleled might they keep all of the outsiders out and keep the Realms safe. Every one million years, they conduct a Trial to accept the top 1000 to join the Wardens in their glorious goal of protecting the Realms.

During one of these Trials, a Mortal teenager however managed to accidentally enter the Trials. This is the story of Jack Lumi, a young man that thought that he had given his life for another to awaken in the Trials meant for people that could move mountains and upturn seas with  but a flip of their hands.

How he will face these Trials and how far he will go, only time will tell....

Atemporal Chronicles - Commencement Tale

Atemporal Chronicles - Commencement Tale

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Historical Male Lead Magic Profanity

    Jake is summoned to an old forest to write down old stories of a mysterious man named Hank.

    An untold legend unravels as Hank narrates his life from the very beginning for all curious minds to know and be awed by this miraculous chain of events.


The Sword Artisan

The Sword Artisan

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Male Lead Magic Strategy Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content


A century ago, a rift tore open in Dia D'Nar connecting it to an unknown dimision. The rift was known as Calamity. Hordes of deomic creatures poured through the Calamity, threatening to cosnume the world. A Sword Artisan, wielding a powerful sword, destroyed the Calamity.

Although the main invasion was over, smallar rifts continued to exist all across Dia D'Nar. With the Sword Artisan gone, the world had no way of destroying these rifts. This won't stop a young artisan named Shepherd from scouring the Calamity Fields in search of the Sword Artisan.

Growing up a street urchin, Shepherd wants nothing more than to learn how to craft the blade that destroyed the Calamity. And he will sacrafice everything to accomplish this.



Original Action Horror LitRPG Psychological Tragedy Male Lead Strong Lead Magic Strategy Grimdark Profanity Gore

Scientists discover that a massive gas cloud in space will cover the solar system in one year. They assure the populace that they recognize the gas and confirm that it is harmless. A year passes, and the fateful day arrives.

Eric goes to school like normal, but the world begins to change.

System Initiating... Standby...

Modification is being chosen.... Standby...

Undead System has been chosen... Standby...

System starting in 3...



I, the son of Blood Mary, have become a king of 6 realms.

I, the son of Blood Mary, have become a king of 6 realms.

Fan Fiction Adventure Drama Historical Psychological Reincarnation Male Lead Strategy Grimdark Fan Fiction

I, the unemployed, who graduated from Oxford and majored in History and Economics, was dead in a car accident. But, I was born again, as a son of Blood Mary and Felipe II, a person who didn't exist in history. 

In order to survive and secure my throne, after winning the civil war which occured right after the death of Blood Mary, I have burned my competitor/my aunt Elizabeth - who would have become Elizabeth I, the 2nd popular queen after Queen Victoria - to death, and decided to become greater ruler than her. 

I will be the king of Great Britain, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, France and Itlay - the king of 6 realms - using my historic and economic knowledge and my Tudor, Habsburg lineage as a claim for those crowns. 

No one, nothing, shall stop me. 



Original Action Adventure Fantasy Psychological Reincarnation Male Lead Anti-Hero Lead Strategy Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content



It is a form of punishment or torture.

And can be also be a form of salvation.


Ultimately, it forms different perspectives depending on the beholder itself and on how the beholder take it as.




A point in time where finding your purpose.

Purpose, of life itself and experience its flow, either epiphany or hell.




It is an end.

A point of no return.

It also makes the beholder feel free, breaking away from the chain of life.

It makes the beholder recollect and reflect when crossing the boundary between life and death.




A place where a path will ultimately, be chosen with or without consideration in the decision, free.






A place where recounting life, take it as a feeling.


The joys and sorrow accumulated, playing back, making the beholder reexperience life.






The Genesis Of Chaos

The Genesis Of Chaos

Original Action Adventure Drama Fantasy LitRPG Martial Arts Supernatural Strong Lead Multiple Lead Characters Magic Strategy Profanity Sexual Content Gore

After the earth entered a new era which is known as "The Genesis of Chaos", which causes changes in the natural laws by which the universe is governed. The energy of chaos affects all the technology of the earth, turning it into obsolete scrap. The human being dependent on technology will now have to face all the aggressive changes that the earth is undergoing. And the new threats that loom over the world, is that or face extinction.


Four orphaned brothers who have had to survive all their lives on their own, will now have to face a changing and dangerous world with their new skills, limited resources and new threats that have arisen from the energy of Chaos.


Author's note: English is not my native language, I write because I like to write, that's my hobby, I hope for your support. Thank you



Original Action Adventure Fantasy Male Lead Magic Wuxia

Earth met its end , what will happen next. Will it be really the end for the world. Thats when the time where an unknown blood from ancient civilization appear, the very first human civilization in earth.

Beasts of War

Beasts of War

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Romance Martial Arts Supernatural Male Lead Strong Lead Non-Human lead Magic Anti-Hero Lead Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content

Two Gods and one Devil, each with their own specific cultivation systems. Essence Cultivation, Soul Cultivation and Bloodline Cultivation. All decided by a small brand on your right hand when you're born. A brand is what makes or destroys legends.

A poor boy is born with the cultivation system of the Devil. His, disgusted, parents sell him to an infamous Army Squad.

By trudging through discrimination, war and a life of hell, watch as that boy becomes the King of Beasts.

Short Stories Prompt Inspired

Short Stories Prompt Inspired

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Short Story Magic

Join me as I work on improving my writing skills one short story at a time. My goal, to eventually work on a novel. Feel free to provide criticism, I'll need it if I'm to improve! 

Project: You have died

Project: You have died

Original Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Reincarnation Summoned Hero Male Lead Strong Lead Magic Anti-Hero Lead Strategy Profanity Gore

A monologue story about a man who died and was reborn in a new world of mysteries and intrigue. Where monsters and magic are common place and gods are plentiful. The story follows his life as fate conspires to bind him to a path which he will eventually struggle to come to terms with.



*** The story is a slow burner inspired by web novels with the main character accounting every action in time. I doubt this style is for everyone ***

My Precious Little Flower (Watashi no kichōna chīsana hana)

My Precious Little Flower (Watashi no kichōna chīsana hana)

Original Drama Romance Short Story Contemporary Slice of Life Male Lead Female Lead

Yuki Asagiri is a oridinary highschool boy who seems to care more about Social Media and Video games than he does about his studies and his future. His life is changed when he meets the beautiful new transfer student called Ayumi Koshibari who offers to help Yuki with his studies in return Ayumi asks for a favor from Yuki, He must help her start a musical themed club so she can persue her dream of becoming a singer on the big stage. Seeing no other alternative Yuki accepts Ayumi's proposal and their adventure begins.

This time, Instead of laugh... I will help you said

This time, Instead of laugh... I will help you said "I love You" to the Princess

Original Action Drama Fantasy Romance Reincarnation Slice of Life School Life Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Magic Grimdark Gore Traumatising content

[What if... at that time I'm Trying to talk to her]

Hajime Udin, A Top notch playboy, last night broke up with her girlfriend who dated him for 6 month. One of his friends who know this fact come to his room to tease him and suddenly asking him ti watch a fantasy movie with him.

[What if... at that Time, I put all of my effort to Join to the Hero's Party]

When watching A movie he laugh at a certain scene because it feels so stupid and mainstream where a certain foot soldier suddenly run from the formation and got hit by the fire and instantly become an ash.

[What if... at that time, I don't see her smiling face]

When he sleeping he saw a dream about a certain boy who keep saying 'What if' in his head even though he can't hear what the boys talking about. after a certain time finally Udin hear another voice without saying the first word that he hear repeatedly and the context is a very sorrowful even though it is so wishful. a voice about the boy little love song for the girl he like so much until he sacrifice himself to protect her.  

[At Least… I can become a meatshield for her, for the girl that I like, Princess Elfrina Putri. I hope... I can say that I Love her Smile]

It is not a Story about someone who suddenly get an overpowered skill nor even a strength to overpower the other. it is a story about an ordinary boy who fell in love with the princess of the biggest country. a story about a talentless boy who can only trying her best so he can stand beside the girl he loves. a story about a little love song that the boys told to himself for a very long time until he lost his life. a little love song that he tell to a person who he entrust his wish.

After hear all of his regret, i can't feel i can ignore his feeling for the girl...

"Haaa~ ...This time, Instead of laugh... I will help you said 'I Love You' to the princess"

Without fail... I'll tell your little love song to your Princess, Elfrina Putri.

Reborn with a maxed out intelligence skill

Reborn with a maxed out intelligence skill

Original Action Fantasy LitRPG Romance Mystery Reincarnation Slice of Life School Life Supernatural Male Lead Strong Lead Magic Strategy

Matthew Smith is a normal boy. Well, he used to be a normal boy before he died. Now, after getting reborn into another world he is given another chance. Another chance to have a life full of adventures and happiness. To achieve a life like this he is given a special skill.

A maxed out intelligence skill.  


Think of it as a rewrite for the "Reborn with 1600 iq" but with more mystery and fun stuff.

Crossing Paths with a Snake

Crossing Paths with a Snake

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Non-Human lead Magic Profanity Gore Traumatising content

After years of research he had finally created something that could match up to the Noble Beasts, a small snake by the name of Orou. Inheriting everything from a man he knows as his creator, he seeks to see the grand world and the magnificent sights with his own two eyes. What awaits Orou isn't a world of sunshine and glory, but a world of deception and manipulation.



Original Action Adventure Fantasy Female Lead Magic

A young scullery maid bound to a slumbering castle must embrace her innate powers to wake the castle and save the townsfolk from a fiery dragon.

When Sleeping Beauty’s spell sweeps through the castle, putting everyone to else to sleep, Hailey is the last girl standing. While she watches everyone she cares about fall to the ground asleep, mages outside the castle battle to keep the spell from growing to cover the entire kingdom, giving their lives and their magic to keep everyone else safe. The legacy of the mages must be passed on and Hailey finds herself stepping in to shoes that she doesn’t think she can fill.

Note this is a Work in Progress and hasn't been through any editing.

The Law of Averages

The Law of Averages

Original Adventure Comedy Fantasy Sci-fi Profanity

What young boy doesn't crave adventure? What young man doesn't wish to be a superhero?

But time marches on, and life grows dull with responsibility. Is it any wonder that old dreams are forgotten?

Welcome to The Law of Averages: In which a man is dragged solidly out of his comfort zone. Be careful what you wish for, you never know when it will come true.