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Age of Victoria

Age of Victoria

Original Action Comedy Historical LitRPG Romance Male Lead Female Lead Strong Lead

Victoria Blythe wanted adventure. She wanted to explore the world and escape from the strict etiquette of British nobility. With her father fighting in India, the governess assigned to raise her controlled every aspect of her life.

The financial downturn of a friend of the family would lead to her sister's longtime engagement turning into an immediate marriage.

Victoria's thirst for adventure and tomboy ways would not prepare her for the sudden advent of the apocalypse.

Can Victoria and her friends survive this new world of Classes and Skills?

Sky Drifters

Sky Drifters

Original Action Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Supernatural Male Lead Female Lead Magic Profanity Gore

A spin-off story from my Infernal Engineer's books, this is my current project.  

Becca Marshall is the last of her family, and an airship captain.   Aboard her small skiff, Sweetwind she braves the dangerous skies of Endaria in a time where travelers from another world are suddenly reemerging in massive numbers.   Strange, mysterious and undying, these strange beings are bringing war and strife into her world.  

As the storm clouds of war blow, she picks up a new apprentice from among the travelers, and  patches together her band of misfits, cutthroats and arcane tinkers as she plunges her airship deep into trouble, including a runaway girl and her stolen dragon, and an epic search for a lost vessel that could change her fortunes forever.    

[REMASTERED] Volume 1 | Deko Tea Party - Other Worlding the Other World to Our World

[REMASTERED] Volume 1 | Deko Tea Party - Other Worlding the Other World to Our World

Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Multiple Lead Characters Anti-Hero Lead Strategy Profanity




THIS NOVEL WILL BE RIDDLED WITH MEMES, TYPICAL SHOUNEN ANIME SETTINGS, LANGUAGE, AND WORD CHOICE, 4TH WALL BREAKS, EXTERNAL ANIME/MANGA/LIGHT NOVEL REFERENCES, AND IT ALSO AIMS TO BE A LONG-RUNNING ONE (hopefully published in the future to get a manga[or anime]). This is my first work, and will be revised thoroughly over time, do comment and above all, enjoy!

The original Volume 1 doesn't capture the entire theme, comedy and flow of DTP, it was messy, unserious - a wreck in general, so I plan on remaking it. Think of this as an alternate and an actual articulate timeline, the key points remain but the flow will be much more presentable - I hope!

Here's a gist of the first volume:

'I never asked to be born, in fact; if you gave me the choice to reset and pick my stats out, I wouldn't be in this shitty position. You wake up, do what you need to do, eat, sleep, repeat, pretty simple. Then why is life so damn stale?'

A man in his twenties lived a tragic life, barely surviving in the asphalt jungle known as society. Working to study, studying to work, and working to get even more work, he finds life pointless. Raising himself and without time to spare for entertainment, he finally graduates, gets an internship, and the store goes bankrupt.

And that was the best part. The final straw.

Giving up on life and without any consideration for the future, he splurges his remaining monetary inheritance on entertainment, not caring for the world. From behind the screen, worlds and wonders unfold, providing him with more joy than the past decade he has lived - and suddenly that world appears before him, myth to reality.

With the world in chaos, social constructs breaking down, the human race is kicking and screaming; the reset button he was waiting for begins to unfold - 

All while he was dead.

Resurrected a year and a half later, the young man attempts to adapt to this new and budding society of magic, myths and legend!

'Screw surviving, I want to live!'


Quantum Katana Online: Websuit 0.Ɛ

Quantum Katana Online: Websuit 0.Ɛ

Original Action Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Sci-fi Virtual Reality Cyberpunk Martial Arts Supernatural Male Lead Female Lead Multiple Lead Characters Profanity Gore

The washed-up e-sports champion Chie "Rose Crow" Shibuyama is forced out of retirement when her family is threatened by the all-too-real Empress NPC of The White Imperium.

With a fulfilling career and happy family, what more could Chie possibly want? Still, it's human nature to strive towards self-actualization and the devious Empress knows exactly what Chie's innermost drives are. From the Empress's fortress in the glacial mountains of The White Imperium VRMMORPG, she's formulated her machinations and isn't going to give up until she's forced Chie to take up the quest for the Mirror of Truth—even if it means hurting Chie's husband Ken and their son.

Ken "Yamabushi Rock" has always been there for Chie and with his conventionally perfect life, a high-paying career and a loving family, he couldn't ask for anything more—except to fulfill his burning desire to create a game as real as the next-generation VRMMORPG The White Imperium with its collapsible VR gaming sphere and full-immersion websuit. After he receives an offer too good to be true, the line between the digital and the real begins to blur.

As the Empress's hypnotic gaze draws Chie and Ken deeper into the desolate naraka hell of The White Imperium with its supernatural yokai of Japanese myth, they learn that the human heart is more unbelievably twisted and horrific than the unhuman.

Find out if they'll be forced to make the ultimate sacrifice and read Quantum Katana Online: Websuit 0.Ɛ.

Dear Readers,

  • It would be awesome to hear your critical and stimulating thoughts! The best kind of feedback is your specific comments and unfiltered, gut-level reactions. Don't worry—even a critical hit won't keep me down for long.
  • I'm releasing new chapters daily for a few weeks and then publishing the entire novel on Amazon after I've completed serializing it here over the next few months.
  • I love talking about stories—other than my own—so don't hesitate to chat with me on Discord or Goodreads. See my profile for links.


Original Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Reincarnation School Life Male Lead Magic Wuxia Gore

In a futuristic world where Mancers and Cultivators roam, Sazaki is a cryomancer who is born into a family of prestigious pryomancers. His powers are unbalanced and cut between the two elements of fire and ice. Disgraced of his own abilities he finds a way to forge his own path. However, things soon take a dark change when an accident alters everything he once knew and turns back time itself. Now he lurks between the Shadow and Light realms as an immortal being. A battle between the Elemental Nations is beginning. Gods against Ascendants. The universe will never be the same.


[Additional  Tags]: Time Travel 



Original Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Reincarnation Male Lead Non-Human lead Magic Profanity Gore Traumatising content

A man tired with living proceeds to kill himself and wishes that everything would be at peace, sadly the gods have other plans for him. He will conquer the new world one species at a time, just for their entertainment.

Book of Fate

Book of Fate

Original Action Adventure Fantasy School Life Supernatural Male Lead Secret Identity Magic Profanity

The world hides many things from ordinary people as there are many dangerous beings that lurks around them.

The only people capable of fighting them back are the ones chosen by a Book Of Fate who were given the full truth about the world.

The ordinary people were kept ignorant of this debacle and continued their day to day lives until one person, Andrew Venturi, by chance stumbles upon the hidden truth.

And his inclusion would change the Fate of the World.

The Hideous Horde

The Hideous Horde

Original Drama Horror Psychological Supernatural Non-Human lead Gore Traumatising content

In a world where powers are more of a curse than a gift, terrible changes occur to normal humans for seemingly random reasons.


This is currently just a test, because I haven’t made a fiction before. It might become something, but right now I’m just putting in gross transformations that I made.

Don’t expect too much from it.

Rest in a Demon's Embrace

Rest in a Demon's Embrace

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Romance Martial Arts Slice of Life Supernatural Male Lead Magic Wuxia Sexual Content

This is a BL story! Be aware that if you do not enjoy romance between two men you will not enjoy this story.

It is a slice of life and romance story at a slow pace. 

We have a website where we post announcements. 

Release Schedule is a minimum of 2 chapters a week

In the continent of Tiandi humans lived amongst beasts, demons, and spirits. Here warriors were as common as the clouds in the sky, and each expert could either cultivate their inner energy known as Qi, or their soul, to form Spiritual Energy.

In the village of Jinwei, Luo Xiao grew up like a beautiful bird locked in a cage. He was weak from birth and unable to leave his bed for an extended period of time, yet his beauty made him well-liked amongst the villagers.

One day disaster struck the village of Jinwei. A Corpse Puppet appeared wanting to eradicate all life. A seal was unlocked, and soon the Corpse Puppet was dead under the hand of the sickly Luo Xiao, but this was not the end of his misfortune.

Right when he thought that the end was coming, a man as handsome as a god descended to the mundane world and took him away.

For the sake of revenge, Luo Xiao sold his soul to this handsome man, but is it only his soul that this alluring stranger took from him?



Original Mystery Short Story Female Lead

Where she is or what is her name no one knows, but she will figure it out.

One way or another.

By reason or force.

She will know.

*I am trying to write more. So if anyone could tell me with typo or plotholes or anything that i could do wrong, I'll fix it. Also english my second lenguage and I'm trying to write better.

If we have spanish readers i could write in spanish too.* 

____ in Distress

____ in Distress

Original Adventure Fantasy Female Lead Strong Lead Secret Identity Magic

When Princess Natalia of Duria is forced to wed the Crown Prince Edmond of her rival kingdom, she finds herself imprisoned, tortured and held for ransom by an enemy she did not expect and must discover her own way of escape to save her family, her friends, and her kingdom from a terrible evil.

Fair Princess

Fair Princess

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Female Lead Strong Lead Multiple Lead Characters Magic Profanity Gore

Squirrel doesn't know her own name.

Found in the woods as a child, an orphan raised to become a talented tumbler, her past is a complete mystery. For years she's tried everything she could think of to figure out what her real name is and who she was before she was discovered stealing food from a travelling band of circus performers.

Twelve years after she was adopted, she sees an opportunity in a contest hosted by the king himself, a festival the likes of which no one has ever seen before. The best preforming troupe in the land will receive a priceless gift: Any one question asked of the King's oracle.

Yup! Its a dragon reincarnation story.

Yup! Its a dragon reincarnation story.

Original Action Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Romance Reincarnation Harem Strong Lead Non-Human lead Magic Anti-Hero Lead Profanity Sexual Content Gore
Spoiler: Spoiler

Yup! Its a dragon reincarnation story.

Shade Darkuhn is many things, bloodtrirsty,deafenly loud,inconcievably strong, crazy but believer.
No....that was never one of them.
But after he died, betrayed by those who said they freed him.
A curtain god has plans for his soul.
For he was born on the wrong planet, in the wrong universe.
He was never meant to be a mere human.
And so the god made him an offer,
be reborn, reincarnated in the world he was supposed to be born in.
And maybe come to understand more about himself.

"If that keeps my hunger satisfied, than that is were ill go.''

And thus he is reborn.

"aahh.....shit. You never said anything about this."

He grumbles inside the darkness.

As he lays there waiting, waiting to have the strength.
To start his journey, on the road to becoming the most dangerous predator off them all.

Spoiler: Spoiler

I plan to do a chapter atleast every week, but some weeks i may release more and sometimes i may skip a week.

i have a life and sometimes it gets very hectic. Im sorry, but ill try my best.
Thank you for reading and please enjoy.

Shattered Mirror - Harem Master

Shattered Mirror - Harem Master

Original Action Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Romance Harem School Life Supernatural Male Lead Magic Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content

It's been seven years since the "shattering", which set off the awakening chain.

By each new years eve, people would awaken fantastical abilities. The abilities growing more bizarre and unique with each iteration.

The seventh year awakened the last few ones, and with them the grace period came to a bloody end.

The Redwood Trilogy

The Redwood Trilogy

Original Action Adventure Sci-fi Supernatural Male Lead Anti-Hero Lead Gore

Along the Janus String, which connects ever more distant planets from Old Earth, exploration has stalled out on Redwood, a world filled with giant trees and animals. The State has prohibited colonization, and human activity is limited to a one cubic kilometer city.

Marcus Savitch, a Servant of the State, lives in Redwood City. The State does not know Marcus is hematophagic, a condition requiring him to feed on blood. He is a vampire.

Marcus escapes and heads for the giant trees at the center of the world. There he discovers researchers from New Texas have been conducting work in secret for years, observing the mysterious creatures living deep in the woods. When a University Revolution breaks out on their home planet, Marcus returns to Redwood City with a small army at his side . . .

Realm Of The Forgotten Gods

Realm Of The Forgotten Gods

Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy LitRPG Reincarnation Summoned Hero Supernatural Male Lead Strong Lead Magic Anti-Hero Lead Profanity Sexual Content Gore

Malcolm wakes up in another world, a world far different from his own. In this new world magic is real, dragons soar the skies, and gods roam the earth.Malcolm doesn't know why he was chosen to be summoned to this strange world and his memories are fuzzy at best. An overzealous Goddess of Death aids him in his journey, but can he really trust her? Does he even have a choice?

Join Malcolm as he explores this new chaotic realm and struggles with the people and creatures that call it home.

Welcome to New Pangea.

**I also posted this story on Wattpad**

why me ???

why me ???

Original Adventure Comedy Fantasy Sci-fi Gender Bender Multiple Lead Characters Magic Profanity Sexual Content Gore

I just wanted to go to my grandma's place to celebrate her birthday with "herbs" and "holy water".
so, why am I in a dress? why are you guys hitting on me? and most important of all, where did my 200g of herbs & 3 bottles of holy water go?



Original Fantasy Sci-fi Supernatural Male Lead Strong Lead Profanity Gore Traumatising content

This story follows a hardened military veteran named Kase as he fufills his job as a watcher and how his life is outside of his job. Set in futuristic setting where humanity has one final stronghold the Aegis agaisnt the unnatural hordes of demonic life-forms and scrat. The Aegis has become a general mess, a dystopia of some-sorts. Where corporations meet war and war meets degeneracy.

Heroic's Tales

Heroic's Tales

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Mystery Martial Arts Multiple Lead Characters Magic Strategy

In a small world full of magic and powers, the best hero is not necessarily the strongest one, not even the tallest one, ...

Sometime, intelligence, strategy and creativity can be the real strength that will allow someone to rule the world.

Let's follow a group of five heroes and lives through their eyes what is the meaning of magic!


Chaos Rising

Chaos Rising

Original Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Non-Human lead Profanity Gore

Worlds are born, they flourish for a time, and then they die, and new worlds rise from the chaos. The Builder creates, and the Breaker destroys. This is how it has been since the beginning of all time, an endless cycle between genesis and extinction, one holding sway over the other for the stroke of a pendulum’s beat.

That is, until the Builder finally decided that there should be an equal balance between the two, a permanent harmony between order and chaos. He invested all of his being into creating a balanced system of perpetual renewal — a self-sustaining cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. But his brother, the Breaker, is determined to see that alignment ripped asunder.

Chabar is a world balanced delicately between two stars. Its inhabitants have heard hints and rumors of the unending conflict between Builder and Breaker, but those are just ancient tales, steeped in mysticism and widely disregarded. When the Breaker is unexpectedly awakened from the primordial slumber in which his brother had trapped him, he starts out on a campaign of destruction to undo it all. A few select individuals find themselves unwittingly faced with the impossible task of stopping him from ending their world.