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How Do You QA Test a Tsundere Android!?

How Do You QA Test a Tsundere Android!?

Original Comedy Drama Sci-fi Slice of Life Male Lead

After finishing his first degree in Computer Science, Nick now searches for a job in the hi-tech industry. His attention is drawn to Anomalia, the company developing the most advanced androids in the world.

Blessed with the curse of finding uncanny flaws in every product, Nick aims to become a “Quality Assurance” tester. It’s a safe job, where he can spend his time interacting with lifeless products and doesn’t have to worry about being socially inept.

Little did he know, that becoming a QA tester in Anomalia will suddenly turn him into a father. Not to mention, his cheeky android daughter hates his guts... but also unconditionally loves him!?



Cover art by Fluffy Flower

Soul of a Hunter

Soul of a Hunter

Original Adventure Fantasy GameLit Gore High Fantasy Magic Male Lead

Nineteen-year-old Rex works with his childhood friend Cam to fight the monsters in the area around his town as the only Hunters protecting it. It's a quiet, peaceful life without much difficulty. Their work is worthwhile, the money is decent, and the locals treat them well. They are content.

However, after they receive an ominous warning, the pair of Hunters must push themselves harder as they search for a potential issue in an attempt to put it down before it becomes a threat. When they track this new danger to its roots, however, they find themselves fighting tooth and nail just to protect their town. When that comes to pass, they can only hope to hold out long enough for reinforcements to arrive. No matter the risk, they will fight to protect their home, proving they possess the souls of true Hunters.

[participant in the March-April 2020 Royal Road Writathon challenge]

Flight of Icarus

Flight of Icarus

Original Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Psychological Tragedy Virtual Reality Slice of Life Male Lead Strong Lead Secret Identity Anti-Hero Lead

Most stories are about accidental heroes, people who save the world without even meaning to, but not this one. There was once a person with a name Kirin. He was tired of people looking at him with admiration and trying to win his favour. He hated them for making him act nicely all the time and testing his patience every day. So, when he finally got the newly come out game called Regal Dream, he entered without a dream to become the strongest of them all. He didn't want a legend shared with many. He wanted one of his own.

Seeking Elysium

Seeking Elysium

Original Fantasy Romance Reincarnation Slice of Life Male Lead Female Lead Multiple Lead Characters Magic Profanity

Elysium Ling is a returnee. She’s been to an alternate world, coerced into fighting their wars, and somehow returned alive.

Now, 13 years later, she finds herself again taken to a foreign world – this time, by her own choice. Not the same world that she returned from, but a foreign world nonetheless. There, struggling in an unknown world, utterly alone, she has a chance encounter with a young lady with a lovely voice. An encounter which would spark a chain of events that would irrevocably shape the world around them.

That young lady’s name is Rosalind. This is her story.


Disclaimer/Trigger Warnings (Please Read!)




Notes on Relation to Lily Ex Machina

While this story is intended to be a sequel to my first work, Lily Ex Machina (LxM), I will be writing it in a manner that does not require readers to have read LxM to understand it. While having read LxM will likely enhance your enjoyment of this work(I hope), I am intending for this story to be able to stand on its own legs. As such, certain worldbuilding elements that I have expanded upon in LxM will likely be repeated in Seeking Elysium(SEly). As such, for newcomers, it should not be an issue to follow this story without prior knowledge of LxM. On the other hand, for my returning readers, I do beg your forgiveness for forcing you to read through stuff you already know. I’ll do my best to try and make it interesting, but no guarantees of success, I’m afraid.

On the other hand, if you’re a newcomer to this series and enjoy SEly, I do hope you’ll take the time to read Lily Ex Machina as well, if only to get more information of the backstories of some characters.


Update Schedule

I will only post completed volumes on RRL; if you would like to follow the story while it is ongoing, you may do so at my website. I update twice a week, on Wednesdays and Sundays. Supporters on my Patreon get access to chapters a day earlier.

Diary of Erica Kron

Diary of Erica Kron

Original Fantasy Slice of Life Female Lead Strong Lead Non-Human lead Magic High Fantasy Dungeon


I've merged several of the earlier entries together to be more accommodating to new readers. If you tried reading before but couldn't get past the whole "I have to click next a hundred times" thing then it should be much better now.


Hi. My name is Erica. I'm a sprite, and though I might be a little young I'm living on my own for the first time. I can't wait to meet new people and to learn more about the world I call my home.



Original Action Adventure Fantasy Romance Male Lead Female Lead Multiple Lead Characters Secret Identity Magic

Khale Whitlock is a nobleman's third son, destined to be married off for his father's political gain. When a mysterious and secretive organization of shadow assassins forces him into their ranks, Khale must learn to live a dual life if in order to survive.

Coral Llewellyn is the daughter of a chanceller and foreign to a city that has forgotten the magicks of old. When her logical, orderly life is thrown into chaos with a revelation about a her heritage, she must wield her magick and learn how to maintain balance. 

Together, Khale's darkness and Coral's light may prove the only weapon capable of withstanding an ancient evil just below the city's surface. An evil that has its sights set firmly on them.

Note: This story includes some Violence, ocassional Victorian or Vintage-style Profanity, and includes light Romance.  The story contains perspectives of two straight main characters: one male, one female.  

If my story interests you, consider checking out my others! The Hunter Prince is a newly started traditional fantasy.  Fortuitous Mage now has the entire First Draft uploaded.



Original Action Horror LitRPG Psychological Tragedy Male Lead Strong Lead Magic Strategy Grimdark Profanity Gore Short Story

Scientists discover that a massive gas cloud in space will cover the solar system in one year. They assure the populace that they recognize the gas and confirm that it is harmless. A year passes, and the fateful day arrives.

Eric and Michael go to school like normal, but the world begins to change.

System Initiating... Standby...

Modification is being chosen.... Standby...

Undead System has been chosen... Standby...

System starting in 3...



It's a Reincarnation of the Reincarnator (Book I)

It's a Reincarnation of the Reincarnator (Book I)

Original Adventure Drama Fantasy Historical Reincarnation Gender Bender Female Lead War and Military

(This story will not be written in a third-person descriptor, it will be written using First Person Pronouns.) Sorry if this is not your cup of tea.

When referring to oneself in ancient China, people avoided first-person pronouns ("I", "me", "we", and "us"). Instead, a third-person descriptor was used, which varied according to the situation.

Lu Tian Qu is an extremely fickle person. She is so fickle it took her 11 years to graduate from college because she changed her major four times. (And that doesn't include the breaks she took in between.)

She went to sleep, the same as any other night. However, when she woke up she was in the body of a 13 years old girl who was also named Lu Tian Qu. The original body owner had reincarnated back to the age of 13 after being exiled in the furthest corner of the Lu compound and forgotten for 29 silent sad years. She died falling to her death trying to escape by climbing over the wall after her reincarnation.

Come join Lu Tian Qu on an escape as she to figure out what to do with her life all over again.

T/N: I am a new writer with horrible grammar and spelling. English is not my first language. So please excuse the horrible grammar spelling, plot holes, etc. Thank you for showing interest.

The Dungeon Hive- Volume 3

The Dungeon Hive- Volume 3

Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy LitRPG Non-Human lead Magic

It has been years since the Dungeon Hive created the Beastkin. In that time, the Kin had grown in numbers and strength but with the growth come problems. In a bid to unite the Kin, the Speaker made an audacious plan to go to war against the Humans. Can she succeed? More importantly, would the actions of the Dungeon Hive help or hinder her plans?

This is it; the last and FINAL adventure of The Dungeon Hive!


Fantasy Begins: Book 1 of the Dungeon Hive Trilogy, Dungeon Flames: #2 of the Dungeon Hive Trilogy, and Spread of the Dungeons: III of the Dungeon Hive Trilogy are now available on You can find them at the following link; Book 1Book_2Book_3

Isekai Speedrun

Isekai Speedrun

Original Adventure Comedy Fantasy Sci-fi Portal Fantasy / Isekai Male Lead Secret Identity Strategy Grimdark Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content GameLit Post Apocalyptic

I accidentally glitched into a parallel world when I tried to break my speedrunning world record.

I need to find the main characters, put the band back to together and kill the final boss before he triggers the bad ending.

My name is Qwerty Uozewe and this is Mu-Ur Quincunx Any% Deathless Untied World Record on Nightmare Difficulty [Live Commentary].

Magikind [Original]

Magikind [Original]

Original Action Fantasy Sci-fi Supernatural Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Profanity Gore

The third millennia, a time of change and evolution. An era, where people, through countless generations, have evolved strange powers and abilities.

Through several centuries of selective breeding, these beings, known as mages, have become part of the very foundations of society. However, some refused to change or adapt. They believed in purity and refused to interbreed with magikind. Known as the manush, they were a rarity among society.

Now, in the fifth millennia, the manush are thought extinct. With magikind ruling the world, a three-way war grips society. In these uncertain times, a manush called Gin, will herald a new era for all Magikind.


A story of how man could realistically evolve while still pushing boundaries.


Disclaimer: Chapters will be edited once the first volume is done. Bear the beginning for the time being, and hopefully you can see my writing improving over time (I've learnt a lot on how to write because of this (though I'm still not perfect :P))


Proud Member of Writers to the End, WriTE

The link to the pledged fictions


PS. If you find the 'notes' too boring or too info-dumpy, feel free to skip them and just read the main chapters. They're there for the reader to understand Gin's world (written in the perspective of Gin). But later on, we can see some interactions between the main characters and the occasional references to his past  in the notes, so it has its purpose.

The Everlasting. (Completed)

The Everlasting. (Completed)

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Psychological Martial Arts Supernatural Male Lead Magic Gore Traumatising content

An Everlasting. A title given to those who have reached a state closest to godhood. Be it through might and power or through love and compassion. These beings hold great influence over the realms.

This story is about Asura, a young orphaned child, who was taught the way of the blade and has mastered the Warrior Arts at a very young age. Given a recommendation by his master, Asura ventures out to broaden his horizons and to learn magic. Follow Asura’s journey and his quest to reach Everlastinghood.

Comment by the author:

Looking at the chapter list, you might have noticed Volume 1 is not there. The reason is that it’s in the process of being published so I’m somewhat restricted in where and how I can post it.

Edit. 18/04/2017

The first volume is now officially on sale. It is no longer possible to get the first volume for free. I am sorry but it was free for a long time and it was time for it. 

 However if you like to support me you can find th first volume here on Amazon (

Compared to other stories on Royal Road this one is faster paced. No artificial extensions of the story by spending forever in generic constructs, like random ranking tournaments, that don’t really matter for the overall plot. That’s the plan anyway. Volumes consist roughly of 30-35k words.


Additionally: I am not a native speaker, nor have I had any formal education in the English language. I am trying very hard to improve myself. If you want to help me by proofreading my story, shoot me a PM and we’ll see if we can arrange something. Other than my thanks and fake internet points I can’t offer anything, though. Yeah, poor student here…

Edit 22/06/2017

Hey the story is officially ended if i ever decide to continue it will be on another date. The ending is open for anyone to use their imagination. Thank you all for the support. I hope we could meet later in the Everlasting II.



Chosen of the Veiled God: Death March

Chosen of the Veiled God: Death March

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Strong Lead Multiple Lead Characters Non-Human lead Magic Anti-Hero Lead Grimdark Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content

Book 2 of Chosen of the Veiled God is coming to Royalroad, you can read it here:

Chosen of the Veiled God: Throne of Vega


Death March Mercenary Company, a bunch of misfits, outcasts and psychopaths. The smallest and most ruthless group to call the Free Cities their home. If one really wants the job done in the most brutally efficient way, they are the people to be hired. Few make the mistake to not pay them and fewer do not honour their contracts with them.

Theirs is a world of assassination, murder and theft, governed only by their own mad code of conduct… and the will of the last god to walk the mortal realm.

The Veiled God has found its new toys, its new chosen ones.


Pitch Black Dreams(Completed)

Pitch Black Dreams(Completed)

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Martial Arts Harem Slice of Life

There are virtues and there a vices and there are things that are neither. There are sinners and there are saints and there are people who are neither. There are men and there are monsters and there are creatures that are neither William "Billy" Maddoc is a young man who's neither here nor there. An ordinary, boring, absolutely, unremarkable person, in a world of Magic and Demons and Gods. A young man who simply wishes to spend his days in relative peace. Avoiding trouble as much as is possible. Doing little relative harm. Occasionally trying to make a buck here or there to makes ends meet.

Blood and Honor: Redemption

Blood and Honor: Redemption

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Short Story Male Lead Female Lead Magic Profanity Gore Traumatising content GameLit High Fantasy War and Military

So Crime and Punishment...I am learning my lessons from the crimes I have commited against the people I care for the most. My so called 'friends' use me as much as I used to use them. I didn't notice until after I began to learn my lessons. My sister though won't have anything too do with me and with the world being set on fire...I really wan't to reconnect with her.

My name is Ava O'Conner, or better known as Ava Stormcaller, scion of the Loranan Family. The most hated High-Elf Family in all of Duran'thia. I am on a mission to save the Loranan Family name, but redemption always has a cost. 

Authors Note* This is the Second Short-Story after Blood and Honor. 


Discord: Blood and Honor Discord Channel

Luxury Cafe Owner

Luxury Cafe Owner

Original Comedy Psychological Contemporary Slice of Life Male Lead Satire

Alan Pender, a bored, 20-something, college graduate with a degree in general studies woke up the day after graduation and suddenly realized his degree was useless and he had to get a job. As he walked around looking for help wanted signs, a series of unfortunate accidents occurred resulting in him entering a coma. When he woke up, he discovered he'd been granted a mysterious system. Moreover, the system finally provided him with some direction about what he should do with his life. Follow Alan as he explores his new found calling!

Novel is completed and available in its entirety on Amazon.

The Abandoned Sorcerer

The Abandoned Sorcerer

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Mystery Supernatural Male Lead Strong Lead Secret Identity Magic Anti-Hero Lead Grimdark Gore Traumatising content

Orion Zakari is an Ice Sorcerer, the last of his lineage. He's got no clue where he is or how he got there, but he knows one thing for certain: he is being hunted.

His home and family are gone: razed and massacred. He will be next when the hunters find him. But if he can put enough pieces together, maybe he won’t have to follow his family down to eternal damnation. Maybe he can avenge them. And maybe, just maybe, he’s got a destiny waiting past that.

Monsters and men, merchants and mages, hunters and the hunted. This is the story of the abandoned Sorcerer.

What is the Pledge?

Release schedule: Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 16:00 UTC.

I created the cover using Adobe Illustrator.

The Dark Lands: A Villainess’s Guide to Settling into Her New Home

The Dark Lands: A Villainess’s Guide to Settling into Her New Home

Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Multiple Lead Characters Villainous Lead

Born into House Vesely, the third most powerful family within the Kingdom of Ranislava, fourteen year old Lady Iskra had it all and more. She had command over a large number of servants that answered her every beck and call, whatever she wished for she got without issue and her friends served a purpose in inflating her ego and bolstered her social standing and she was poised to become the next queen once her betrothed, the Crown Prince, ascended the royal throne. Life for the young woman was good.

That, however, all came to a crashing end when she discovered the rumors surrounding her soon to be husband and a low ranking barons daughter to be true. In a blind rage, she had nearly murdered the girl but was quickly subdued and tried. In a strange twist of fate, she has been stripped of everything she once held dear and exiled into the Ranislava’s most dangerous and untamed duchy, Voldigrov. A land rich in volcanoes and home to roving armies of orcs, goblins, trolls and other foul and hideous creatures that prey upon those who are stupid enough to enter the cursed domain.

Now, alongside two of her former family’s most trusted servants as well as a levy of unwashed and untrained peasants, she must traverse into the mysterious realm and cling to a sliver of hope that the gods of fate don’t bring further ruination upon her.

Wild Child

Wild Child

Original Action Historical Sci-fi Tragedy Reincarnation Martial Arts Gender Bender Strong Lead Grimdark Wuxia Profanity Gore Traumatising content War and Military Ruling Class

A posthuman, dying as the shockwave of a supernova reaches his starship, awakens to find himself in the body of a little girl on ancient Earth — a girl who was just murdered by marauding invaders from another tribe.

Written by MrSimple
Edited by Trismegistus Shandy

The Glory of Bowsette

The Glory of Bowsette

Fan Fiction Action Adventure Comedy Romance Gender Bender Female Lead Strong Lead Multiple Lead Characters Secret Identity Magic Fan Fiction War and Military Villainous Lead

Bowser, on his last legs and in a desperate act, decides to abandon everything he's ever cared about. But upon obtaining the Super Crown, he finds a new purpose in life, unlocking a potential that he never saw coming... 

The most-popular Bowsette fan fiction on the internet makes its way to RoyalRoad at long last! Catch the excitement, catch the adventure, catch the Hawk--er, Koopa!

Cover art by Joi Massat.