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The Rider with the Golden Torc

The Rider with the Golden Torc

Original Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Male Lead Strong Lead Strategy Profanity Gore

Sons of a minor noble, Estrios and his brother dream of the glory on the battlefield. When the largest empire of their time sends a great army to invade their lands, they are called upon to stand against overwhelming odds and certain death. Estrios and his brother must survive the march to the coast while being pursued by a relentless rider bearing a golden torc. Failure means witnessing everything that they hold dear being laid to waste by the Elahkarian Empire and their subjects.

*Note: there is no magic in this story*

Void Hopper

Void Hopper

Original Action Adventure Sci-fi Cyberpunk Male Lead Profanity Gore Post Apocalyptic

The Old Ones are long gone, but their technology and culture live on. Trillions of beings from hundreds of species speak the Old language, eat the Old foods, and use Old technology. The backbone of this society are Hoppers - smugglers who transport goods through the dangerous dimension of the Void.


The crew of the Discordant Note is on another routine job when they come across a member of a species nobody has ever seen before - a human. He has no memory of his past, his culture, or of the world he came from. What does he remember? He knows how to operate a multitool, fire a blaster, and how to kill a Sarcorian with his bare hands. 


Now, the crew and their newest member must steal a powerful ancient artifact, evade the clutches of the powerful Encephalon corporation, and discover the truth about the Old Ones.

The fool's paradise (dungeon novel)(complete)

The fool's paradise (dungeon novel)(complete)

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Reincarnation Martial Arts Harem Male Lead Strong Lead Magic Anti-Hero Lead Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content Dungeon

A twisted man who Lives for a third time finds himself reincarnated as a dungeon core.

He wasn't born twisted, but living several lives tends to do that, now he just wants to have fun and maybe get some answers, however, greedy adventurers, ambitious leaders, and craving mages won't give him time to catch his breath as he has to balance defending himself, and coming to terms with his new form that is further twisting his mind. 

Author's note. This novel is completed with 851 pages and is now in the editing phase, it may be slow as I might start a new novel, so expect horrific chapters in the beginning. 


Mythran's Master Of All - Continued (Completed!)

Mythran's Master Of All - Continued (Completed!)

Fan Fiction Adventure Drama Fantasy LitRPG Romance Virtual Reality Harem Slice of Life Male Lead Profanity Sexual Content Gore Fan Fiction

This started out as Mythran's property. It's a tribute to his story and I wanted to continue Ren's tale. The first 16 chapters by Mythran are here: Master Of All, Jack Of None  Please Note: This story has been completed at 10,010 pages or 2,752,750 words, Dec. 7th, 2018 (Previous records of 2 million March 31st 2018, First record of 1 million on May 30th, 2017)
17 year old Ren Haddon hasn’t had an easy life. His drug addict parents used him as a lab rat and left him almost crippled for life. After they were caught, he went on to spend his life in the hospital. Under constant care, the white walls of his room was all he knew... until that day. That fateful day his name was drawn out from millions of others to receive a one of a kind class in the new virtual world game called F.L.O.W. (‘Fantasy Life Online World’). These are his adventures.

Tales of Empire City - The Virus

Tales of Empire City - The Virus

Original Action Adventure Romance Sci-fi Gender Bender Male Lead Female Lead Strong Lead Secret Identity Profanity Sexual Content Super Heroes

Kayden Ballard lives in Empire city, Paragon's dark twin - its Gotham to Paragon's Metropolis, and he's hit rock bottom.  Without some quick cash, he'll be out on the street - and from there, its a short step to dying on the streets.  With no hope left, he makes a decision that he can't possibly realize will change the world forever... or destroy it.

Legends of The Great Savanna - Complete Book 1, Ongoing Book 2

Legends of The Great Savanna - Complete Book 1, Ongoing Book 2

Original Action Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Sci-fi Virtual Reality Reincarnation Portal Fantasy / Isekai Slice of Life Supernatural Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Magic Strategy Profanity GameLit High Fantasy Ruling Class

Welcome to the Great Savanna!

Explore hidden adventure within expansive grasslands, protect the unique race known as Martyrs, and discover the Legends of the Great Savanna.

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Martyrs are a unique type of creature. They are born as tall as you or me and grow to twice our size. When they are cubs, their fur is the same golden brown as Savanna grass. Playful at heart, Martyr cubs prowl and hunt like humanoid lions. When they reach adulthood, their features harden. They begin walking on two feet, making it easier to handle the weight of their Ancient Oaths.

James is a normal type of human; short on cash, and desperately trying to build a life for himself. His parents died when he was a young teen, leaving only his little brother Michael behind. They made it through together, but James knew they would never have a comfortable life. So when the military approached him with a high paying contract, James couldn’t refuse. That was how he became the first person ever to enter a fully immersive virtual reality world.

Join James as he saves the life of a rambunctious Martyr cub, is adopted into their clan, and uses magical spells and abilities to help his new family grow from a small band of survivors on the run, into what they once were: ancient and powerful protectors of the Great Savanna.


LitRPG Categories = Town Building, Warrior Mage Main Character (MC), Tower Defense, No Logout.


Chosen of the Veiled God: Death March

Chosen of the Veiled God: Death March

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Strong Lead Multiple Lead Characters Non-Human lead Magic Anti-Hero Lead Grimdark Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content

Book 2 of Chosen of the Veiled God is coming to Royalroad, you can read it here:

Chosen of the Veiled God: Throne of Vega


Death March Mercenary Company, a bunch of misfits, outcasts and psychopaths. The smallest and most ruthless group to call the Free Cities their home. If one really wants the job done in the most brutally efficient way, they are the people to be hired. Few make the mistake to not pay them and fewer do not honour their contracts with them.

Theirs is a world of assassination, murder and theft, governed only by their own mad code of conduct… and the will of the last god to walk the mortal realm.

The Veiled God has found its new toys, its new chosen ones.


Beyond The Wall (Complete)

Beyond The Wall (Complete)

Original Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Sci-fi Male Lead Martial Arts


In a world seemingly much like ours, the survivors of an apocalyptic event find themselves cornered and outnumbered. In a final desperate attempt to find answers, a crew of scouts is sent south of the Wall.

Skyfire Magus

Skyfire Magus

Original Action Comedy Fantasy Supernatural Male Lead Strong Lead Magic Strategy Wuxia Profanity Gore Xianxia



Lynne Hyorn, seventeen years old laziness-personified, manages to enter one of the four prestigious Academies for the Arts of Magic, Skyfire Academy for Magical Arts. However, unlike others, the reason he enrolled was not to pursue Magic, but rather because his father promised him hefty allowance if he manages to enter. His temporary tranquility soon comes to an end, though, as his father is drafted for war and his home is confiscated shortly after, leaving him to sleep on the streets. With no other choice, he decides to finally dedicate himself for the first time in his life, rising up from being just a lowly, Unranked Mage, to the ultimate guardian of the Academy: Skyfire Magus

A coming-of-age story set in a world of Magic follows young Lynne through the perils of strength, dedication, and world where fist isn't always the answer to every question. 

 ~If you find any mistakes, please do comment on them or send me a message. Even though I proofread my chapters, mistakes stay from time to time.~

Glossary of terms (may include spoilers):



Followers of The Way

Followers of The Way

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Martial Arts Gender Bender Harem Supernatural Multiple Lead Characters Magic Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content High Fantasy Mythos


When the worlds were relatively young and the gods still made the mistakes of rebelious youths. When most creatures still knew the legends of their creation, before legends become myths and myths became lost. Follow the stories of a few individuals who lived and died before the laws of the universe were set by the will of God.

My first attempt at a story. Will try to make it interesting but please bear with me. Also not a English home language speaker so expect a lot of typos and gramma errors. Also making all this up day to day. Sometimes I inhale smoke and feel 'genius' revelations fall upon me. (Trying to get all my ideas on paper before my creative years disappear).

Disclaimer: Cover Photo Not Mine. I just thought it looks cool and decided my story is going there.

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Original Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Supernatural Male Lead Strong Lead Secret Identity Magic Anti-Hero Lead Strategy Gore Traumatising content

Jas expected to hear a tale of glory and heroism. He hadn’t planned on living it.

Drenwell is in trouble. The idyllic nation teeters on the brink of disaster as one trouble after another lines up before it. Crops fail. Animals flee. Earthquakes rattle the land. In the midst of it all is the mountain, rising tall over the plains and forests. Legends passed down over the years place it as the center of the kingdom’s woes, host to an ancient, looming threat.

Tucked away in the countryside, Jas isn’t worried. Drenwell has a savior waiting, a man chosen by their god to defeat this evil. He knows it better than anyone, since this Chosen is his childhood friend, Darren. Jas knows that Darren will be the one to end the threat and keep them safe.

But their Chosen is clever, armed with his god-given gifts and talents, and he’s no fool. He can see the truth of the mission laid in front of him, its dangers and risks. The expectations placed on him are strong, but the will to live is stronger still.

When faced with his ‘heroic’ fate, he chooses an option no one expected - least of all Jas. With no way left to him but forward, Jas finds himself trapped into playing hero in Darren’s place.

Oh for the love of....why do I have a reverse harem?[COMPLETED]

Oh for the love of....why do I have a reverse harem?[COMPLETED]

Original Action Comedy Gender Bender Harem Romance School Life Slice of Life
What's worse than a man becoming the heroine of an otome game? NONE!

The MC gets hit by the almighty truck-san and wakes up in the middle of a class, with a female body. Not even summoned nor reincarnated, just waking up with a different body, what's that supposed to be?

Join our MC in his nightmarish life filled with male, male, male, and...magic? there's magic?


Original Action Comedy Fantasy LitRPG Cyberpunk Portal Fantasy / Isekai Martial Arts Supernatural Male Lead Strong Lead Magic Anti-Hero Lead Strategy Grimdark Profanity Gore Traumatising content Satire GameLit Low Fantasy Urban Fantasy Post Apocalyptic Ruling Class

A Cyberpunk Coming of Age Tale

The Apocalypse is ugly. The only lights that work are battery powered or neon. Scroungers kill your neighbors and take control of their bodies. Gang wars run rampant in the perpetual night, as usual, except now, most members have magical spells to defend their turf. Life certainly changed once the Rainbow Letters came.

For Milton, things changed for the better. The world became familiar. He could find loot, learn skills, and equip weapons and armor. It was all much easier to understand than the perils of pre-Apocalypse life with its grocery shopping and going outside.

Then he discovers Ragnarok, Orchestrator of the Rainbow Letters and all of Milton’s problems. The race to figure out why is on. If Milton is to survive long enough to find answers, he must first be strong enough to confront his worst enemy: himself.


* This is work in progress and NOT professionally edited. *

 ** This story is humorous in the begining, but gets very dark around the turning point. Reader discretion is advised.**



Our Chaoz; Our Reality (Completed)

Our Chaoz; Our Reality (Completed)

Original Action Comedy Fantasy LitRPG Portal Fantasy / Isekai Magic Anti-Hero Lead Strategy Profanity Gore

Everyone has their own reasons, be it past events, personality or simply company.

But most at some point divulge themselves into videogaming, be it for entertainment or more compettitive reasons.

In this year and age there are many genres of gaming, one specific genre though still holds on tight to the ledge it was pushed to trying to pull itself back up. MMORPGs were once the top of everybody's list, adventure, combat, storytelling and endless grind in one single game. It was a different life for most, as if a parallel world to our own.

You could be a knight indulging yourself in combat, a mage expertly crafting spells of mass destruction or creation. A ranger exploring the land and hunting down prey, an assassin completing contracts and hording the spoils. A troll scamming children out of their hard earned 10 gold and making more hardcore players rage quit for the day.

Or something else.

Kyle was a simple player, he always picked the strangest classes or jobs and his characters almost looked the same. He played for the combat, he played for the grind and he played for his guild but above all he played for the story.

Kyle is a roleplayer, one who enjoys the simple parts of this virtual life. Whether his guild was starting a war or ending one he'd always have his drammatic entrence or exit, his decleration of annihalition or demand of surrender.

After all that? He divulged himself in the game's story, the interaction with NPCS (Non Player Characters) and their advanced AI.

He went through many questlines, many tales of heroics and many more adventurers of legend but one thing always remained true with his character.

Kyle absolutely loved to the play the villain.

But when game turns reality, what will he and his guild of twisted personalities do?

Death Incarnate (Completed)

Death Incarnate (Completed)

Original Adventure Fantasy Portal Fantasy / Isekai Harem Male Lead Strong Lead Non-Human lead Magic Anti-Hero Lead Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content

Kei was a menace or called by most, a demon. He gets into bloody fights with others. Which makes him a problem to the common folk and criminals alike. But he can't win forever. So, his life came to a close with another merciless brawl. With Kei trying to take as much of them to hell and in his final moments, he never regretted his decisions in this mad world filled with cruelty. If the world is cruel to you then be more crueler back.

Then he received a second chance in a sword & magic world but with a condition from the Goddess of Death.

To save the Demon race.

Note: Don't expect a good story, it's just smut trash as my first published fiction.

Updates are infrequent and may or may not revise these chapters.

The First Archmage

The First Archmage

Original Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Male Lead Strong Lead Magic Anti-Hero Lead Profanity Gore High Fantasy

Not everyone has access to the System - in fact, very, very few become Adventurers. No one knows how the System selects new Adventurers, or why. The System enables people to level up, to gain skills and stats far stronger and much faster than those without access to the System. While magic does exists, no one has ever had the option of a magic class.

Until now - Gavin, an orphan in a small village, is watching a group of Adventurers passing through speak with the village Elders when he suddenly gains access to the System, and one of the Classes he can take on initially, based on his stats and skillbase from before he gained access, is "Wizard".

In a world where Adventurers must swear fealty to their kings or be branded as traitors, can Gavin - a mere boy - keep his secret long enough to become a force none can abuse? Or will his secret be known, and his advanced magical abilities used for a cause he doesn't support?



Original Action Fantasy Supernatural Male Lead Female Lead Non-Human lead Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content

Calla Redgrove is just an ordinary young woman walking home night when she is attacked by a vampire. And now, everything has changed. Follow her journey as she explores the darker sides of her new life.

World After Calamity

World After Calamity

Original Adventure Fantasy Supernatural Male Lead Strong Lead Multiple Lead Characters Magic Anti-Hero Lead Profanity Gore Traumatising content High Fantasy

Two hundred years ago, the Calamity occurred, an event which changed the terrain and climates of the world immensely, shifting continents and regions, developing new religions and altering life itself. The existence of magic and monsters was no longer able to be concealed, and until the Sage came and ended the Calamity, the world lived in chaos.

Now, two hundred years later, two primary forces in the globe, united under a single government, oversee all magical and supernatural crime and disruptions, working from the shadows and in the light to ensure the safety of all.

Something has upset the delicate balance the Sage created, however, and monsters sightings occur more and more frequently, and the signs of a second Calamity have begun to reveal themselves. At the same time, young superhumans begin training to fight against the forces causing this, to protect the mundane from monsters, and to ensure ancient artifacts are preserved and secured.

This is the story of Team Lusvar, a unit of extraordinary superhumans, the world they live in, and the missions they're sent on and trials they face.

Posting Schedule: Around the 5th and 20th of each month.

Forgotten Pages

Forgotten Pages

Original Adventure Fantasy Short Story Male Lead Magic Urban Fantasy Super Heroes

For generations, a nameless man has been passed down through Cane's family- one who never seems to age, remembers the stories of old, and knows the depths of men's hearts. 

On the outside, Cane's family appeared to be simple fishermen. Yet when he turned eighteen and his life entwined with the nameless man forever, Cane learned they were far more than he could imagine. And as they are hunted while pursuing hidden secrets, Cane's life enters turmoil, where nothing is clear.

But one thing is certain, says the nameless man.

The world will soon change forever.


Prequel to the Star Child series, also on Royal Road.  Hundreds of chapters await for you!

High Crew

High Crew

Original Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Martial Arts Male Lead Strong Lead Strategy Gore Traumatising content

High Crew is a finished story, the sequel is in the works. You can follow my Instagram for progress updates and other exclusive content.

Sea Betwixt is a world full of gruesome battles, plundering raids, political intrigue, struggle for success and recognition. Only blade and wit will allow one man to rise above others here.

But make few steps away from civilization and you will face evil spirits, eldritch beings, enchanted places, monsters from beneath the sea and giants from the uncharted East.

A young warrior named Ymdaton will cross this boundary between gritty warfare and mystical encounters many times, as he follows his lord on a quest for dominance. Follow him on a journey to the land of Drevlyani, a small stubborn nation struggling for survival in the unforgiving primeval forest. Will our hero claim his place in legends despite the terrible price it could cost him? Read High Crew and find out!

Cover art by Alexandra Roslik.