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Tom Sawyer, Space Lawyer

Tom Sawyer, Space Lawyer

Original Comedy Sci-fi Short Story Space Opera

Can an invading alien armada navigate Earth's complex legal system?

Obviously. They have great big guns. Of course.


Tyrants and Heroes - Gaius: Childhood

Tyrants and Heroes - Gaius: Childhood

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Tragedy Male Lead Magic

Set in a in a fantasy world shared by many races, full of magic, mysteries and dungeons. Every few generations a Tyrant will invariably appear, posessing unnatural power and charisma and cause havoc until defeated by courageous heroes. More than a hundred years have passed since the defeat of Tyrant Teldarion, ruthless leader of the Elves, and some people start worrying about the possibility of a new Tyrant appearing.

Living in a small town, Gaius believes he was supposed to have had a mediocre life, but the presence of a strange building that could not possibly have been imagined by someone of his world and a series of almost miraculous circumstances puts him on the path to an extraordinary life and extraordinary knowledge.


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Catch Me If You Can (a PicYourStory entry)

Catch Me If You Can (a PicYourStory entry)

Original Action Adventure Sci-fi Male Lead Strong Lead

A survivor of a spacecraft crash desperately tries to survive in a ruined world long enough to escape capture and find a way to return home.

(this is an entry to Scribble's PicYourStory writing event)

The Piano [Completed]

The Piano [Completed]

Original Drama Tragedy Short Story Slice of Life Supernatural

Sometimes the hardest thing in life is to forgive yourself and let go and one man discovers this amidst the flames of the past.

Jake's Day

Jake's Day

Original Sci-fi Tragedy Short Story Cyberpunk Supernatural Male Lead Grimdark Gore Traumatising content

Jake is a good, hardworking man that just wants to get his sister out of the slums and his boss a cup of coffee, but the actions of those around him end up spelling a horrific ending for our protagonist.

This is a branch off from another series I write, The Helena Chronicles.  This takes place several books after the first.  I chose to write this to show the Butterfly Effect and the poor tragedy of Jake, which wouldn't be expanded upon in the series.  Just some random stranger that let a little girl use his phone.

On the Outskirts of Minazuki

On the Outskirts of Minazuki

Original Comedy Romance Short Story Slice of Life Female Lead Profanity

Might contain a bit of profanity on the later chapters, but the language may be softened up from the translation. I just kept it on just in case.

This was from the old story that I TL'd to English. The old one's already completed, I was just doing some TL and editing the parts where it didn't make much sense. The plot would be unchanged so you could enjoy it regardless.

Basically this was my attempt on making a lighter Yuri story, more on the side of Shoujo-ai I guess. The story was about two childhood friends who grew up in the small town and attended the same Middle School in a big city connected by the railways. One day, their feelings blossomed towards another and they start to tread towards this path of 'Forbidden Love'. Well that's pretty cliched lol. Their antics were sometimes kinda absurd though.

Anyway, I couldn't explain much. It all start when I thought about writing one based on trains, or was it a train station? Oh well, I totally forgot. I was just happy I could finish an actual story from the way back. Now I felt so goddamn rusty lol.

Just Another Man

Just Another Man

Original Sci-fi Tragedy Short Story Male Lead Post Apocalyptic

In a vast dead city, a man attempts to improve his lot in life.

Other tags: Dystopian, Flash Fiction


I do not own the cover art:

"Oh What a Beautiful Morning" by Thomas Hawk is liscensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

The Boy With Rabies

The Boy With Rabies

Original Psychological Male Lead Traumatising content

It was supposed to be a normal day for 17-year-old Theodore "Theo" Williams. He was an animal-loving teenager. One day, he was in the woods when he saw a raccoon. It approached him and he thought it wanted to be pet. When it bit him, little did he know that the bite will soon have him fighting for his life.

DISCLAIMER: I got this idea based on a documentary I watched a few years ago. I apologize if any information is not accurate. I tried to use the stuff I remembered from the documentary.

This story is also on my WattPad account: @SparklingSnazzer


Update: I did go back and edit some more so I hope it looks a bit better now. :)

Wyrm's Den

Wyrm's Den

Original Comedy Fantasy LitRPG Short Story Virtual Reality Cyberpunk Male Lead Magic Strategy

Quest Objective: Enter the Sorrowborn Caverns and find the terrible Wyrm of Azern, a feral draconic creature that was summoned by a band of crazed cultists.

Difficulty: Insanity

With the hardest quest in the game, Dragon Kings of the New World, only available to complete one night of the year, Sivlander and his friends get ready for one hell of a rough night.... 

Release Schedule


Chapter Two — 21st August 2017

Chapter Three — 28th August 2017

Chapter Four — 4th September 2017

Chapter Five — 11th September 2017

Chapter Six — 18th September 

Chapter Seven — 25th September 


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Death by Ex-Girlfriend: Aika Crisis

Death by Ex-Girlfriend: Aika Crisis

Original Comedy Drama Romance Harem Slice of Life Supernatural Male Lead Sexual Content

It's been four long years since Osamu left his hometown of Kyoto. He returns to town expecting a short trip down memory lane, only to be kidnapped by one of his ex-girlfriends. But it's not just one Osamu has several crazy dames vying for his heart, and sometimes his blood. After his house is destroyed on the night of his return, Osamu is forced to live under the same roof as his four exes, a fate worse than death.

In Aika Crisis, the star of the story is Aika Mihara, one of Osamu's exes. Osamu initially returned to pay his respects to Aika's late mother, but he quickly discovers that Aika is no longer the cheerful, bubbly song bird he once knew. Her eyes have gone cold, she's emotionally distant, and she hardly plays her guitar anymore. Aika Crisis tells the bittersweet story of Osamu's attempts to rekindle the friendship he once shared with Aika, his reply to her secret wish, and how it all ended with neither of them getting what they truly wanted.

It's funny, it's crude, it's sexy, it's endearing. It's Death by Ex-Girlfriend!

A Servant of Justice

A Servant of Justice

Original Drama Fantasy Short Story Magic Gore High Fantasy

A short story exploring the fallacies of man and the laws they construct set in a limited scope of a high fantasy world. Magic, monsters and moral uncertainty fill this out this tale of friendship and hard decisions.

Normal in Parenthesis—The Old Will and the Dawn to All | Our World

Normal in Parenthesis—The Old Will and the Dawn to All | Our World

Original Comedy Drama Psychological Romance Slice of Life School Life Male Lead Traumatising content

"The world is unfair and unjust."

Is someone without his emotions can still be called 'human'? Or is one abnormal? Somehow, not everyone that appears to look human can't be technically human in this world.

Gin Sakato, a high school student finds himself in a normal life that he sought for and obtained. But everything changed just right after he was starting to discover his once lost emotions. With a life changing event, he faces the darkness of the reality and stood with courage, found his own self, found the love that saved him from the chasm and learn what is the reason of his being.

Was it Gin that influenced the people around him, or was it the other way around? Every one of them knows that one thing is for certain—the only constant thing in the world is change. It was the relentless force that led them to their cheers of glee, and cries of regrets. They realized: while there is despair, there is hope; and while there is hope, it does not mean that hopelessness will never fall anew. But in the midst of the storm, Gin, and everyone that clung to hope continued to push forward in their normal life and world.

The story continues in Rainbow of the Horizon.


*Alternative name/abbreviation: NoFutsuu*

The Vacuous Stranger

The Vacuous Stranger

Original Action Fantasy Horror Mystery Supernatural Male Lead Female Lead Strong Lead Magic Gore
It was foretold that knowledge would bring the world to ruin. Hungry for insights, fuelled by pride and strife, mages of kingdoms developed new magic everyday, their destructive power knew no bound. The prediction proved correct, but in a way no one could have foreseen. The world was wiped out by a mysterious cataclysm of pure comprehension...
But life continued on. Nearly a century later, the order of old long gone, the names of the lands forgotten. In this new shattered world, a pair of twins discovered a Stranger with a big iron on her hip.

*participant in the NaNoWriMo Royal Road challenge

Eternia Memories: 1

Eternia Memories: 1

Original Drama Fantasy Contemporary Slice of Life School Life Profanity Sexual Content Low Fantasy

Kato and his two sisters, finally finished with their lifelong training, begin their final year of secondary school free from their duties for Eternia. However, not only are their Eternian overseers still watching over them, their friends and classmates can already see war with the other third-year classes looming on the horizon from day one. Without much choice, they will bring their gang together like they always do to lead their class to victory.

You Used to Be My World

You Used to Be My World

Original Romance Short Story Contemporary Slice of Life Male Lead Female Lead Multiple Lead Characters

Charlie Jiang doesn't really care about the marriage with Mandy Song. During the three years of their marriage, he doesn't even try to understand her. He has always only listened to Vivi Qiao's one-sided words and condemns Mandy Song of crimes she never committed. Has it never occurred to him that when there is a crisis in Jiang family, Mandy Song agrees to their marriage without slightest hesitation, for what? Charlie Jiang never cares for Mandy Song, so he never knows that for such a long time he used to be her world, her whole world.

But even if he knows, what difference would that make?

I, Mandy Song, is simply not the one he cherishes in heart.

For Charlie, only Vivi matters the whole world to him.

How pathetic!

Read all latest chapters of You Used to Be My World on Flying Lines. 



Original Drama Psychological Tragedy Contemporary Female Lead Traumatising content

This is the tale of two sisters, Lis and Rafflesia, whose lives are tainted by obsession and the sin of charisma. Lis is known as the "Daylily", a courtesan of love for just a single day. Her sister Rafflesia is a girl with a dark secret.

Their daily life slowly spirals out of control and reaches an unknown frontier of the forbidden unseen world.

What is freedom without love? What is love without freedom?



Fallen Stars

Fallen Stars

Fan Fiction Action Romance Sci-fi Tragedy Non-Human lead Sexual Content Traumatising content Fan Fiction

Jedi Master Terus Neeman, master to the young Twi'lek Padawan Yisheera Daal is present on Alderaan when the planetwide communications blackout occurs. As a result, the young padawan back on Coruscant finds herself plagued by a deeply rooted dread. Despite her insistance that something has gone terribly wrong, it seems that neither the Jedi or the Republic will believe her. She decides that if no-one else will act, than the responsibility of saving her master falls to her and her most loyal friend, Kayle Mattuk.

But the two padawans soon find themselves in over their heads, facing overwhelming and continuously mounting odds. Now their only hope is to find and rescue Yisheera's master, because he may well be the only chance they have of getting home alive.

Open Heart, Open World

Open Heart, Open World

Original Fantasy Romance Male Lead Non-Human lead Magic

Kelves Weaver is the last of his Caprimet clan after a war between humans and the Magicant people resulted in all Magicants being sent to a dimension called the Sealed World. He lives a depressing life alone in the wintry region of Winstead, keeping to himself and indulging in his vices to pass the days. When Geralt, a Caprimet from a different clan, finds Kelves and invites him to meet his sister, Kelves's journey to opening his heart suddenly begins. Everyone finds themselves getting a bit more than they bargained for, but that's not always a bad thing, is it?

Prequel to Because This World is Loved and the Medlia series.

The Juveniles - Book 1  (Completed)

The Juveniles - Book 1 (Completed)

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Historical School Life Supernatural Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Magic Profanity Sexual Content Gore Low Fantasy Super Heroes War and Military Villainous Lead

In the year 2019, Joshua Alo, a college drop-out, has been living the depressing dream, going from place to place around Greece, looking for booze, money, women, and most especially, trouble. However within this seemingly never-ending cycle, a strange man appeared in his life and gives him a second chance to regain back his good life, not knowing the consequences that may happen later on. 

The Tomb of Potter

The Tomb of Potter

Original Action Comedy Fantasy Short Story Supernatural Male Lead Strong Lead Secret Identity Magic Anti-Hero Lead


        Renowned and powerful wizards descend upon the mysterious and fabled burial ground of Harry Potter. A 10-chapter story that focuses on multiple characters, those who covet power, those seeking adventure, and the one that focuses beyond. They all converge, seeking an artifact only written in legends.