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Children of the Singularity (S4)

Children of the Singularity (S4)

Original Action Psychological Supernatural Multiple Lead Characters Grimdark Profanity Gore

Even the end of the world had its beginnings. Most reminisce over comforts that seemed so common yesterday even though yesterday was so far away. A select few reminisced over the original pocket that now enveloped the world.

It began with the Chernobyl disaster releasing an otherworldly being preying on humanity's very soul. It grew stronger with every scream, it’s corruption instilling absolute bedlam and madness.

With the required elements all being present in that fateful year of 2012 the predator found it’s escape in those who became known as the Children of the Singularity.


Artwork by AlexAlexandrov (deviantart)
Metro 2033. (2011). [image] Online at: [Accessed 2 Jan. 2018].

A Mother's Love

A Mother's Love

Original Short Story Slice of Life

A mother's love is one of the strongest forms of love.


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Transition and Restart, book two: The Billion Dollar Empress

Transition and Restart, book two: The Billion Dollar Empress

Original Comedy Drama Romance Sci-fi Slice of Life School Life Strong Lead Multiple Lead Characters Profanity

The billion dollar empress is back in town. Without her empire, and most definitely without a billion dollars. After her transition and arrival in a world where she was never born fifty years earlier, Christina Agerman has started to rebuild her life as a high school student in Japan. She has found friends and love, and now it's time to restart the fashion empire she never created. But it comes at a cost. How strong are those ties of friendship and love when she starts out on a road she has to walk alone?

The Ambassador's Clerk

The Ambassador's Clerk

Original Comedy Sci-fi Mystery Male Lead Strategy


Too clever by half!


Jason Pitt is the Chief Clerk for Earth's ambassador to Rixis. His boss is an idiot, and he pretty much runs the embassy on his own. He attends high class diplomatic parties, ambassadors from across the galaxy call him a friend, and he's having an affair with the boss's wife. So yeah, good deal!


Unfortunately, Jason knows far less than he thinks he does. The boss's teenage daughter is sneaking out at night, an Earth Intelligence agent is poking around, and even his friend Dii, the gossip-mongering Ootooroo ambassador, is starting to get nervous.


All Jason has is a business card. "Gozemar: Procurer of rare items and services." Too bad nobody seems to know who Gozemar is, or what Gozemar wants. What Jason doesn't know really can hurt him, and what he's slowly stumbling across is likely to do a whole lot more than just hurt.


The third novel from Aaron Dov, author of The Madman's Clock and Jovan's Gaze, The Ambassador's Clerk is a humorous look at diplomacy on a planet where nothing much happens... until everything bad happens at once.




[Oneshot] Archa Nove Mundi

[Oneshot] Archa Nove Mundi

Original Action Drama Horror Short Story Supernatural Strong Lead Multiple Lead Characters Non-Human lead Secret Identity Anti-Hero Lead Gore Traumatising content

Set in a fictional modern city called Londinium Novus, our story tells the tale of a spritely vampire girl on the run and how she's saved by an unlikely ally. Blood, gore, and dark humor, you can expect things to turn grisly fun really fast!


Hello dear readers,

As the author of Dragon Road: How I Rise in My New Life, there was a time where I didn't have access to my drafts for DR, so I decided to make this little 'oneshot' or short story based on my next work.

You won't be able to tell mostly from the oneshot alone, but it's inspired by Underworld, Hellboy, Guyver, and Bloody Roar, so I'm really excited on how it's going to turn out!

Please let me know how you feel about it or if there are any pointers you'd like to give. If it gets popular, I might decide to make a full novel of it alongside DR, otherwise I'll work on it after I'm done with my current novel. Enjoy!

P.S. The cover image is just something I found off Google. If the owner would like me to take it down, please PM me to let me know.

Escape the Room Game #1 - The Bedroom

Escape the Room Game #1 - The Bedroom

Original Adventure Horror Mystery Short Story Reader interactive Gore Traumatising content

This is an interactive story game where you, the reader, must solve puzzles in order to escape a number of rooms and ultimately escape the confinement you are in.

The game incorporates a life points system to make the game a bit harder. Each player starts out with 5 life points. Each time you meet a bad ending, you lose a life point.

Reach 0 life points and you lose the game.

Once you solve the puzzle(s) in the room, you must pm me your answer (DO NOT WRITE YOUR ANSWER IN THE COMMENTS!). Depending on the answer, I will give you a link to either a bad ending or a good ending.

The game has started so please enjoy. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask in the comments.

Journey to Elvander

Journey to Elvander

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi Cyberpunk Summoned Hero Male Lead Female Lead Multiple Lead Characters

Journey to Elvander will be available on Kindle, iBooks, and Print on 2/14/2018. If you read it here, please leave a review on release day. Your help is greatly appreciated! Feel free to contact me via Twitter to get yourself a FREE advanced eBook copy.


Deacon Maynard may be young, but he is hardly idealistic. A Tech Repairman, he spends his days surrounded by tools and broken phones, watching the news unfold on the television while carefully trying to avoid the reality that seems inevitable.

There is a war out there… and it is creeping closer and closer to his home.

Elvander, a high-tech country miles away, is locked in a colossal battle with the deadly terrorist organization, Shadow Cannon… and it’s a war Deacon wants nothing to do with.

Until he spies a flash of light outside his apartment window and discovers Ragnar, a giant machine Golem meant to be a Shadow Cannon secret weapon – a machine that is now asking for his help.

Suddenly thrust into a war he wants no part of, Deacon must struggle to discover the truth, save his strange new friend and possibly save the world.

Fate: A Short Story

Fate: A Short Story

Original Comedy LitRPG Short Story Male Lead Strong Lead

If you had 3 wishes, what would you wish for?

One man gets lucky. Let’s see what happens.

Time-Leap With Certain Possibilities

Time-Leap With Certain Possibilities

Original Action Fantasy Romance Sci-fi Harem Supernatural Male Lead Strong Lead Magic

This story is of a Certain Boy whose life changed drastically after an attempt of Time Travel which caused him to jump in Another Dimension and who would have thought that this boy was the one who was going to save the whole world.

Gleaners' Guild

Gleaners' Guild

Original Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Sci-fi Virtual Reality Cyberpunk Male Lead Magic

2038, California. Stan is doing his mandatory "volunteer" service years on a collective farm when he encounters Thousand Tales, a game that offers immortality to the super-rich. He can't afford to have his brain uploaded like those elite customers, but maybe he can turn a profit out of the game instead of just playing it. Not as a legendary swordsman or a brilliant wizard, but as a dealer in the junk no one else seems to want. If he plays his cards right, he can draw the attention of both the farm's supervisor and the game's ruling, meddling AI. Should he, though?

LitRPG. Part of the world of "Thousand Tales", a novel series on Amazon, though no knowledge of it is expected. This story is around 12K words long. I'd appreciate feedback to help write a much longer version! Updates every few days. Cover art from, by Lorc, CC-BY.

(Oneshot) The Engagement was Unintentional

(Oneshot) The Engagement was Unintentional

Original Comedy Fantasy Short Story Magic

The 'evil demon queen' unintentionally got engaged to a hero who (she assumed) had come to slay her.

Wyrm's Den

Wyrm's Den

Original Comedy Fantasy LitRPG Short Story Virtual Reality Cyberpunk Male Lead Magic Strategy

Quest Objective: Enter the Sorrowborn Caverns and find the terrible Wyrm of Azern, a feral draconic creature that was summoned by a band of crazed cultists.

Difficulty: Insanity

With the hardest quest in the game, Dragon Kings of the New World, only available to complete one night of the year, Sivlander and his friends get ready for one hell of a rough night.... 

Release Schedule


Chapter Two — 21st August 2017

Chapter Three — 28th August 2017

Chapter Four — 4th September 2017

Chapter Five — 11th September 2017

Chapter Six — 18th September 

Chapter Seven — 25th September 


Want FREE LitRPG? Get a 100,000+ word dragon fantasy LitRPG today—!

I Was Reincarnated Into A Harem Game As A Villain, Please Stay Away I'm Gay! V1

I Was Reincarnated Into A Harem Game As A Villain, Please Stay Away I'm Gay! V1

Original Adventure Comedy Fantasy Romance Reincarnation Male Lead Secret Identity Magic

I reincarnated into a harem game that my best friend loves, my past memories are of a young gay man that was killed tragically by a drunk driver. I am now Yuki Aikyo a young aristocrat and main villain in the game Romance Fantasy ++ My fiance is the main capture target, she is pretty, spirited and wonderful... It’s too bad I like men! Please let me finish high school without being left destitute by the male lead! 

Please note, this book contains a gay character or two ( no sex scenes or explicate material, however). If you are homophobic I do not recommend this book. 

Currently voted in top 100 on web novel:'m-Gay!

There have been a few random 0.5 ratings from what I can only assume are from people who don't like a gay mc or dislike the genre. I just ask that you read and judge the book for yourself. (Completed) (Completed)

Original Drama Fantasy Psychological Tragedy Supernatural

Waking up normally, eating breakfast, brushing your teeth while basking in the sun, preparing for the day, is something that Lark dream of. After all, Lark is an anomaly called a 'sliper' an existence that jumps worlds to worlds hijacking his otherworldly counterparts body and taking control of them. In this beautiful nightmare, how will Lark go on? What will be his fate? Will he able to escape the beautiful nightmare of being transported into an other world every time he sleeps? Or will the madness of the voice in his head corrupt him before he reach the ending he desire?

Re: Globus Online (Completed)

Re: Globus Online (Completed)

Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Harem Romance Virtual Reality

This is a story about an Otaku reincarnated into a game... But not as an NPC... But not as a player. What will this mix make him? Where will his story go? What will happen to him? Find out in this light novel! Inspired by multiple Light Novels across Royalroadl.

Tangled Peril (A Jake Mudd Tale)

Tangled Peril (A Jake Mudd Tale)

Original Action Adventure Sci-fi Male Lead


Jake faces down a double-crossing buyer on a routine delivery and helps a desperate woman escape captivity. But now the same man is determined to kill them both.

He's a former mercenary turned galactic cargo runner who tries to get by and lay low. But his conscience, questionable choices, and bad luck thrust him into the thick of trouble more than he’d like.

Join Jake on a day that goes from bad to worse as he narrowly escapes death more than once, trying to make things right.

Author's note: This is a novelette, in ten chapters. I'm posting them all here. If you're interested in more Jake Mudd stories, visit



Original Short Story
Wings of Freedom [Completed]

Wings of Freedom [Completed]

Original Action Martial Arts Romance School Life Tragedy

A world where martial arts and technology thrive together, lives a youth who lost his home to war. When he was still little, he was picked up by a soldier from the Martial Arts Department right after losing his home. Under him, he learns his fighting style and makes a name for himself as a ""Courier"". He may seem cheerful and social but in reality he never lets anyone close to him. How will his cold stature change when he gets a new roommate? "There is nothing worse in this world than aqcuiring a family again just to lose it again." *Mature due to language, not planning on putting in any gore or explicit sex scenes.* If you like the story, let me know in the comments below. This is my first story so let me know if you think that I'm rushing things too much or going a bit too slow. Also whether i turn enough attention to details or interactions. If you have suggestions or concerns about my story, don't be afraid to PM me or just write a comment down below a chapter. Thank you for reading. (This is going to be a 12 chapter tragedy)

Transition and Restart, book three: Wingman Blues

Transition and Restart, book three: Wingman Blues

Original Comedy Drama Romance Sci-fi Slice of Life School Life Strong Lead Multiple Lead Characters Profanity Gore

Every great hero needs a wingman. A loyal friend, someone to have your back and a voice of reason. Matsumoto Yukio is one such loyal friend, and so is Takeida Kyoko. They stay in the shadows of a hero and heroine each. They watch the great game of love unfold in front of their eyes and help their best friends to overcome every obstacle. Until Yukio and Kyoko fall in love with each other. Hero and heroine to each other, and old loyalties are pushed to the breaking point. PG13

A Change for A Date

A Change for A Date

Original Comedy Romance Slice of Life School Life

A generic romance story between a boy and a girl.

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