Aaron's POV

"Okay students! Today is the day we start our soccer unit!" Our gym teacher tells us. I look over to Luka. I see the anger in his eyes, and his fists are clenched. Ever since the incident in 7th Grade, he's hated me. And I didn't care. I wasn't too fond of him either. We all start with a small game. Me and Luka are on opposing teams. S--t. He plays the game with fire in his eyes. He's so determined, it's almost admirable... almost. I've personally been more of a theater kid all my life. He's been the sports kid. So why did he want me gone? I don't know. He can always just let go, like a normal person, but no. That's not how the human mind works. You can't just forgive and forget. Trust me, I know... after about three games, one where I accidentally tripped Luka, the class ended. Now, it we had to go to our assigned clubs before the last subject of the day. I see Luka, trying to avoid all eye contact. He trips me before saying, 'I know you did it on purpose'. And when I get up, if I'm correct, I think I hear him say sorry, very quietly.


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