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The Chronicler

Book 1 now out on Amazon and Smashwords!

A note from The Chronicler

Hello, and long time no see. Recently, I decided to finally publish the first book, so I went through it and edited it. I fixed many mistakes, but I'm no professional editor. Maybe I'll hire one.

But anyways, you can buy the edited version on Amazon and Smashwords for $2.99 now. Oh, and you'll get 25% off until 18th of May on Smashwords. I'd appreciate it greatly if you'd buy the book, but the first book is still available here on RRL. I might not upload the second book here, though.

And speaking of book 2, it's in the works. Hopefully, you can count on seeing it within the next few months, but I'll post here when it's out, no worries. Also, after the 18th of May, I'll probably post again, with a new coupon code for you loyal RRL readers, and I'll do the same with book 2 and onwards. This is where I began, so I do appreciate you people. Buy my book if you want to read it again with a better reading experience, and thanks!

The links are up above and below, since I can only do links in the pre and post chapter notes, apparently.

A note from The Chronicler

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BlodWedd @BlodWedd ago

Wrote you a review 5 * :)

also i have been waiting for a book 2 for over a year please don't make me wait for too long !! Sad

Dractyle @Dractyle ago

Darn man, selling our history to the cattle? Smart move. Also glad to see that the sun didn't take you.

Astrowoud @Astrowoud ago

Hear me, hear me! I bring news from the royal road! It seems that after all this time we finally have news about our hero, the chronicler! He is not dead, instead he has returned!!!!!!!


as a token of appriciation everyone in the city is to donate all of their blood.