Crimson Sky

by Miranox

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Horror Psychological Tragedy Magic Male Lead Strong Lead Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Traumatising content

For years, Rigel has enjoyed a fulfilling life as one of the top mages of Amisos Magic Academy. He is the crown prince of Amisos kingdom, but that is of no interest to him. He wants nothing more than to improve his magic skills and knowledge in the privacy of his academy. At age 18, he learns that Fate has other plans for him. Betrayed and forsaken, daily life becomes a struggle to stay alive and maintain his sanity in the unforgiving world. As the wheel of Fate turns, the world spirals toward a dark future that no one could have imagined.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Regret ago
Chapter 2: Magic Festival ago
Chapter 3: Nightmare ago
Chapter 4: Hermit ago
Chapter 5: Roadside Scuffle ago
Chapter 6: Bloodstone ago
Chapter 7: Turning Point ago
Chapter 8: Despair ago
Chapter 9: The Crystal Chasm ago
Chapter 10: Nashira ago
Chapter 11: Conquering a Mountain ago
Chapter 12: A Different Approach ago
Chapter 13: Fire Tempest ago
Chapter 14: Civil War ago
Chapter 15: The Turbulent Tides of History ago
Chapter 16: Mage vs Mage ago
Chapter 17: Preparations ago
Chapter 18: Introductions ago
Chapter 19: First Mission (Part 1) ago
Chapter 20: First Mission (Part 2) ago
Chapter 21: First Mission (Part 3) ago
Chapter 22: Return ago
Chapter 23: Search and Rescue ago
Chapter 24: Proposal and Conflict ago
Chapter 25: Infiltrating Tyrin Castle ago
Chapter 26: Hostage Situation ago
Chapter 27: Forceful Diplomacy ago
Chapter 28: Revelation ago
Chapter 29: Peaceful Days ago
Chapter 30: Encounter ago
Chapter 31: Third of the Firstborn ago
Chapter 32: Renewed Resolve ago
Chapter 33: Fateful Reunion ago
Chapter 34: War Approaches ago
Chapter 35: The Gathering Storm ago
Chapter 36: Mischief ago
Chapter 37: A Dark Secret ago
Chapter 38: The Storm Begins ago
Chapter 39: Nature's Wrath ago
Chapter 40: The Peerless Warrior ago
Chapter 41: Converging Fates ago
Chapter 42: Respite ago
Chapter 43: Clarity ago

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Chaos magic is a thing?! !!

An interresting magician MC, a female warrior as  a sidekick, nobles that are plotting to overthrow the kingdom and our protagonist is dabbling with experimental magic.


Put that all together and you get "Crimson Sky".


The grammar is fluent and easy to read. No hacked up sentences, spelling is super.


I am looking forward to more chapters and a long story! :D

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Great newcomers and one of the best fanfictions I have ever read

Crimson sky is a well-planned original story. It is easy to follow and the author is really good at expressing the character and creating the fighting scene. It has a lot of potential with many details and is written with pace, not to slow and not to fast, and multiple point of view. Hence,  every chapter is important and not monotone.


Personally, I like how the author combined the smart MC, magic, civil war and kingdom setting in the novel. Moreover, the story has a lot unanswered question and behind the scene actions.


Keep  up the hard work Miranox, you have done very well on writing it.

  • Overall Score

This is a well written and thought out story. Easy to follow. No errors. The speed is right on. The fights are pretty detailed, there could be more detail but that's a matter of opinion.


I like the strong MC, he's not OP but smart and clever. The use of the magics he has, has some drawbacks. Up to chapter 8, and he just went badass. Can't wait to see what happens next.


A lot of Mystery in the story, and you find yourself wondering what the hell is going on behind the scenes which I like.


Hope to see this FF go on for quite some time.

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You should read this FF Now or regret it

I realy wonder myself...why isnt this on the top 10?


The story is just amazing i love this kind of non heroic tales they are amazing and the MC got the brains and the strenght, he is not OP broken due to him being a mage and not a warrior but still he is pretty strong 


I say this totally deserve a good rating and more people sure try this

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Great storytelling. Keeps me checking back for the next chapter. 5 stars.

Stumbled upon this FF and I must say that it's one of my top favourites on RR.

Characters are given sufficient depth, would love to see more characters gradually  as the story progresses.

No over-emphasis on skills or levels, simply  awesome story-telling and great pace.

English is good, no complaints in that department.


Keep up the good work :)

Thanks for writing and will support your future work!

As always, eagerly awaiting the next chapter :)






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Fast-paced storytelling with lots of action

Well, like the title says,

fast progression of the story comes with a shallow understanding of the characters, but it's packed with action so it's not boring. The plot isn't difficult to understand but the motives behind some of the characters aren't clear.

Very good grammar, i haven't noticed any mistakes and that is worthy of praise.

I do wish that the chapters were a bit longer ^^

  • Overall Score

Excellent story well written with depth and a good pace

Keep up the good work author

Very few errors with grammar

  • Overall Score

Really interesting novel!

After reading this I got to say that one of the main driving aspects for me to continue reading are the characters. The characters are well fleshed and well balanced contributing to the dynamic plot. The story isn’t too grim yet too light which results in a unique balance. To put it simply, the story is pleasant to read. The pacing is not slow nor fast which helps detailing the world while advancing the plot rather than having a huge information pile. The character relations between Rigel and Nashira are my favorite parts of the novel as they both respect each others will which showing care for one another although the development is still in the early stages.

Grammar is spectacular with well varied phrases and word usage.

To conclude, keep up the good work!

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A credible history

A great story-telling, credible characters and a well built world. The history has a relative good pace, and its characters are very human. My only worry is MC, but his personality is no bad, just a bit below your others characters. About grammar, it is a very well written history with very few errors. Keep up with your history.