Mythical Legends

by GruntLordRyan

Original HIATUS Adventure Comedy Fantasy Romance Sci-fi Gender Bender Harem Virtual Reality
It has been many years since people began wishing for Virtual Reality.Today It is no longer a Dream the first Virtual Reality video Game is about to Release. Mythical Legends the only game of it's kind is the only thing that has been on any gamers mind. Like anyone interested in video games Alan Duke has been waiting a long time for this.Today he finally gets his hands on the worlds most anticipated game sending him off on an unexpected adventure. Along the way he makes many friends and enemies but the most shocking thing is that he becomes the embodiment of a forgotten goddess that disappeared from the world along time ago in the war between the gods. Thanks to his connection to the Goddess the gods force him to start on the deathly Isles a place for the outcast, Political refuges, banished criminals, and long forgotten colonists and all their decedents. now it is up to him to save the Banished people of the Deathly Isles or fall to unknown enemies...

Story order you can read chapter by chapter from prologue to vol.2 chapter five or read the reboot batches of about 5 chapters each in order...

Warning:Later i may add 18+ content to story but right now its only 13+ content
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Mythical Legends by GruntLordRyan ago
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Prologue ago
Ch1 Lessons ago
Ch 2 First Hunt ago
Chapter 3 My First Party Hunt ago
Chapter 4 Tournament (Unedited) ago
Chapter 5 The Forgotten Temple(Unedited) ago
Chapter 6 Chosen (Unedited) ago
Chapter 7 What’s Next? (Unedited) ago
Chapter 8 Forest of Esster (Unedited) ago
Chapter 9 Bandits!!! (unedited) ago
Chapter 10 Laee (unedited) ago
Chapter 11 Resistance (Unedited) ago
Chapter 12 Bandits Fort (Unedited) ago
Chapter 13 Mythical legends stories (Unedited) ago
Chapter 14 On the Road (Unedited) ago
Chapter 15 The City and The Sea (Unedited) ago
Chapter 16 The City's Underground (unedited) ago
Looking for PR ago
Chapter 17 The City of Silver (Unedited) ago
Chapter 18 Sea Voyage and the Fury of the Deathly Isles ago
Chapter 19 Pirates, Bandits, and… Necromancers ago
Chapter 20 The Demonic War (Unedited) ago
Chapter 21 Sea Battle (unedited) ago
Images of Characters ago
Chapter 22 Kris (Unedited) ago
Chapter 23 Battle for the City (Unedited) ago
Chapter 24 Demonic Blade (unedited) ago
Chapter 25 Mythical Legend Stories (Unedited) ago
Chapter 26 Mot’s assault (Unedited) ago
Chapter 27 Night of Darkness (unedited) ago
Chapter 28 The Netherworld (unedited) ago
Chapter 29 A Fortress and the Demon Lord (Unedited) ago
Chapter 30 Prisoner or Guest ago
Mythical Legends (book two) The Long Road Prologue ago
Reviews ago
Book 2 Chapter 1 Crossroads ago
Mythical Legends TOC ago
Book 2 Chapter 2 A Contract and Death Tournament ago
Book 2 Chapter 3 Death Match ago
Book 2 Chapter 4 Mythical Legends Stories ago
Book 2 Chapter 5 Victory?! General!!! ago
Bones(4) ago
Mythical Legends Animated Video!!! ago
Reboot Vol. 1 Prologue ago
Reboot Vol. 1 Ch 1-3 ago
Reboot Vol. 1 Ch 4-5 ago
Reboot Vol. 1 Ch 6-9 ago
Progress on current chapters ago
Reboot Vol. 1 chapter's 10-15 ago
Reboot Vol. 1 Chapter's 16-20 ago
Reboot vol. 1 ch 21-25 ago
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Vol. 2 (The Long Road) Prologue to Ch 5 ago
Vol. 2 (The long Road) Ch 6 The Demonic Festival Part 1 (incomplete) ago
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how long are you doing the reboots?

i want to continue reading T-T but you left us a total cliff hanger. great caracters and plot hope to see more.

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Truly awesome Fanfic, keep up the good work and can't wait for the next chapters. Also what are the other goddesses going to be like? You already have a great lineup so i wonder how do you plan to use the others to add to the partys total war strength 

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this fanfick was really good cootos to the author


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umm this may be  silly question but what is this ff based off of?


P.S i really like this one good job and thanks for your timeand effort making it

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I love my story Mythical Legends

I love writing this story when i have the time and i like the comments and support that every one gives.

I hope to continue woking on this story and to even publish  a full version some day.

I hope everyone likes it as much as i do.

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I wasn't sure if I should bother putting up a negative review or not.  I hate being negative but I thought maybe it might help and you could improve your writing.  So I thought I should go ahead and do it.  The writing itself wasn't bad I actually read almost five or six chapters before I quit.  It kind of felt like watching someone play a rpg and there wasn't much plot or story beyond him just leveling up and such. It wasn't terrible but I felt it needed a hook, something unique, to grab readers and give it a purpose other than just the typical rpg progression.  It become kind of boring and forgettable and the main character didn't really have anything that made him stand out compared to other main characters.  I don't mean you should make him more op as that actually makes him more flat and boring.  He needs something that really makes him different than every other MC out there.  He also needs a purpose, or goal or at least the story needs one. For example in LMS while the MCs only goal is money, he is doing that for a reason to help his family.  Also the story's goal is that the best player will become the emperor and there are subplots that hint at something deeper.  So don't concentrate solely on the game.  Think about a theme you want to talk about or a goal you want to achieve and use that to make the plot deeper and more interesting. I hope this doesn't discourage you as that is the last thing I want to do.  Writing is a process and sometimes you need to start from square one and other times you just need a little editing.  I really hope you continue writing and good luck in future endeavers.
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honestly don’t see the point to the reboots. sure a few changes are made, but there are still a lot of the spelling/naming/grammar errors that were present in the first runs. why not just edit the fixes into the old chapters and ask people to re-read them to see the adjustments made?