Guardians of Midgard: The Legend Begins

by Eddie86

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Female Lead Magic Male Lead Reincarnation School Life Strategy

Synopsis: The final day of the school year could not have ended any worse for Eddie Ferguson. His world will forever be changed for the worse when he was ambushed and abducted by goblins and a powerful sorcerer that has put parts of Michigan under a hypnotic and slumber spell.

Cassandra and Woden the Wanderer; a famous ancient wizard from the old ages rescues Eddie. Not too long afterwards, Eddie learns that his mother is more than just a normal widowed homemaker and that he carries within himself one of the Six Elder Dragons.

Blackhaven, an evil rogue guild pursues Eddie throughout the universe of the world tree Yggdrasil. They are a faction that is tracking and hunting elder dragons. They will never stop and use any means necessary to achieve their goal. To survive, Eddie must endure hardship and many obstacles.

Concepts: The book series is influenced by and based off the Naruto manga (Japanese comic) written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto set in an Alternate Universe set in a Norse Mythology, European Mythology and Modern Age crossover fantasy. The setting is from a crossover between Norse and European mythology. Other concepts? The series will be the third or fourth generation between tales of Orcs versus Humans, started nearly a century ago by author J.R.R. Tolkien.

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Word Smith (IV)
Group Leader (II)
I Am Ascending (IV)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
Chapter 1: Eddie Ferguson (Vol. 1) ago
Chapter 2: School Invasion (Vol. 1) ago
Chapter 3: No Escape (Vol. 1) ago
Chapter 4: Petrifaction (Vol. 1) ago
Chapter 5: Cassandra Ferguson (Vol. 1 ) ago
Chapter 6: The Order Of Arkon (Vol. 1) ago
Chapter 7: Meeting Grandma (Vol. 1) ago
Chapter 8: A Shocking Past Revealed (Vol. 1) ago
Chapter 9: Attic (Vol. 1) ago
Chapter 10: Breaking A Sworn Oath (Vol. 1) ago
Chapter 11: The Past Of His Parents (Vol. 2) ago
Chapter 12: Calamity Approaches (Vol. 2) ago
2017 Author's Comments ago
Chapter 13: Arrival Of The Hawk Cavalry (Vol. 2) ago
Author Note: Will Continue On ago
Chapter 14: Kings Rurik And Elwin (Vol.2/Raw) ago
Chapter 15: Brutal Training Begins (Vol. 2/Raw) ago
Chapter 16: Power Of The Elder Dragon (Vol. 2/Raw) ago
Chapter 17: Indecision (Vol. 2/Raw) ago
Chapter 18: Like A Ticking Time Bomb (Vol. 2/Raw) ago
Chapter 19: Guildhall (Vol. 2/Raw) ago
Chapter 20: Merits Lodging (Vol. 2/Raw) ago
Chapter 21: Gate Of Death (Vol. 3/Raw) ago
Chapter 22: Sigmund (Vol. 3/Raw) ago
Eddie Ferguson: Thanksgiving At Grandmas (Special Non-canon One-Shot Story) ago
Chapter 23: Vahalla (Vol. 3/Raw) ago
Chapter 24: Cultivation Realms (Vol. 3/Raw) ago
Chapter 25: Dangers of The Divinity Abyss Trial (Vol. 3/Raw) ago
Chapter 26: Thorstein (Vol. 3/Raw) ago

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Ambrose ufo
  • Overall Score

It's good I don't know why it's 2 Stars.  Also the norse mythology is actually pretty spot-on