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A note from PureshopperCanada

Welcome back, Guys! I just came back from a long hiatus and am beginning to start back Up  Infinite Martial Way.

Ero walked off stage with the biggest grin on her face. As proud of being able to beat Sue in such a state ke. It impressed everyone at the tournament. As the instructors saw Ero leave, they were startled, not sure what to make.

" To be able to project her body in such a state. it's unbelievable"

Now, the semi-final of the Rookie tournament was finally coming to an end. The tournament was beginning to show promise of a new Rookie Champion. However, they were still three people left: Monent Chen, Xiao Chen, and Ero valentines.

The rookie tournament this year was extremely intense, it intimidated the seniors and teachers at how formidable this crop of freshmen is this year.

" Monent Chen vs Xio Chen"

Finally, Monent Chen name was called, walking towards the tournament stage in a graceful and quiet gesture.His presence captivated the everyone attention, they were captivated by his beauty.

" Wow.... She looks beautiful"

" Amazing, I've never seen someone so beautiful in my life"

'blush' the shade of red that appeared on Monent Chen could just be imagined.

' Shut up! '

The crowd turned dead quiet... Even a cricket couldn't be heard chirping. For a few seconds the room was so quiet. When suddenly, a pebble is kicked... The pebble, immediately, attacked the attention of everyone in the room. They, noticed a Xiao Chen walking inside the tournament stage.

As he walked towards the stage, Xia Chen jumped, he flew a few feet up in the air. The crowd was startled, at what they were seeing? As Xia Chen, landed on the floor, he looked directly into moment Chen eye's " Are you ready to fight?"

Monent Chen looked back at him and smiled.

" I'm As Ready as ever"

" Boom"

' Boom"

Monent Chen looked at directly into Xiao Chen eye's, getting ready to anticipate what would happen next.

The two would not take their eyes off each other for one moment. As the two clashed and clashed between each other. They didn't show any signs of their profound Art. The crowd was excited, Since the start of the tournament, these two haven't shown their profound art, neither Monent Chen or Xiao Chen. It was shockingly, exciting for the crowd. The crowd was eagerly curious at what the profound Arts of both Monent Chen and Xia Chen, would finally Be.

" I'll will finish you off" Shouted Monent Chen

Laughter burst forth from Xia Chen lips, " Beat Me? In your dream "

Xia Chen, Kicked Monent Chen body with such force it pushed them to the edge of the tournament. The crowd was on their edge, as they looked towards the stage, the see Monent Chen laughing, with a little blood coming from his lips. As he raised his body, upright, Monent Chen started laughing

" Ahahahaha"

The laughter that echoed throughout his voice shocked and surprised everyone on the stage, seeing this Xio Chen had a serious look on his face. The laughter slowly died out, As Moment Chen began looking at Xia Chen eye's, there was a blood-thirsty look in his eye's.

" This was the first time in the tournament, I've been hit" spoke Monent Chen

" Xia Chen, You are truly worthy of me using my profound arts" As Monent Chen spoke this, The Atmosphere in the crowd suddenly took a much more intense vibe. Than suddenly, something eerily started to come out of monet Chen body. It was so small, that the crowd had to be extremely perceptive, of Monent Chen body, to notice, a small, hardly-visible, black smoke coming out from Monent Chen body. The black smoke, coming out from Monent Chen body, as it rose up, shell-shocked the entire crowd.

" What is that? " Whispering came echoing throughout the crowd, as everyone was fixated at the black smoke coming throughout Monent Chen body. It startled crowd, so much, so that everyone was errily quiet,whispering out.


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