" The first match Is Seru Moa vs Kai Ray"

Immediately after Seon yeon words, everyone heard two distinct noises. It was as though they heard two minature shock waves.



A loud gust of wind past by everyone siting in the first four or five rows of the stand. Following that, the crowd saw two youths jumping towards the stage.


The crowd was in a uproar by just seeing the
entrances of the two youths. It took several seconds before the crowd was able to calm down. Meanwhile, the two youths had already landed on the stage.

One the stage were two distinct youths. It looked like a clash between fire and water. One of the youths had short crimson hair, he was wearing a purple robe that had a raven embroidered on his back. These were the offical robes of the Raven Sect. On his back was a large stone hammer, that looked like it weighed 100 kilograms. While carrying such a large hammer, the youth gave off a very firece and unyielding aura.

While the other youth had long silky black hair, sharp swordlike brows, and playful eyes. similarly, the youth was also wearing the official Raven sect robes.In his hand the youth was carrying a beautifully crafted sword. The sword looked like it was sharp enough to slice steel. The youth gave off a calm and relaxed aura.

It was immediately apparent to the crowd that this was a battle between two genius.

"Hmm... Guess, yeon is starting the competition with a big bang." Said an elder

The crowd turn into a uproar of cheers as everyone starting picking their favorite.

" Big brother Seru is rare genius that was able to create his own hammer martial arts at the age of 12. Big brother Seru is going to beat this Kai Ray so senseless that his own mother wouldn't even recognize him." Sneered a youth who had a small hammer on his back.

It was apparent that this youth came from the same clan as Seru Moa.

"Did you hear that brothers! Apparently this idiot's been hit too many times in the head with his own hammer. " a small crowd of people started laughing.

"What did you say! " The youths face turned extremely ugly.

" Kai is going to turn your big brother into a sushi dish." Sneered a lanky youth.

"We will see at the end" Sneered the youth

Meanwhile on the stage, Seon yeon had a huge grin on his face as he looked at the two youths.

" Now fight" with a wave of his hands, the fight started.

As soon as the fight started, Seru Moa grabbed the large stone hammer from his back. While keeping his eyes glued on to Kai ray.

"Do you think a hammer is going to be able to block my sword. " a mocking smile appeared on Kai's face.

"We'll see.." but before Seru Moa could say another word, Kai came running towards him like a gust of wind.

'Fast' That was the first though that appeared in the minds of everyone in the crowd.

But before Kai could even get close to Seru Moa, a hammer came crashing down. The hammer made such a strong impact it felt that everyone experienced a minature earthquake.


The impact was so strong that Kai lost his balance and fell.


But before Kai could even get up, Seru Moa was already in front of Kai, swinging his hammer in a downward force again.


"It's over" Someone in the crowd shouted.

Some people in the crowd even closed their eyes because they couldn't bear to see the sight of Kai being crushed into meatpaste, but the next scene stunned them.Instead of seeing Kai being crushed into meatpaste, they saw him right behind Seru Moa.

"Not bad it seems I underestimated you." Said Kai.

"What" shouted Seru as he lost track of Kai , at the last second.

"It's over" Shouted Kai

Than Kai's sword came flying towards Seru moa's back. However, what Kai didn't know was that at this moment Seru Moa was smiling.

Suddenly, the temperature around Seru Moa began to rise at ridiculous rate. It felt as if Kai's body had just entered a volcano.

"Shit he cultivates fire."

Kai was completely caught off guard, as flames started to coming out of thin air trying to wrap themselves around his body.

"Arrh" small scream escaped Kai's lips.

His sword hand got roasted by Seru's Moa flames.

But before the flames could do any further damage, Kai escaped.

The crowd was in a uproar seeing how close the fight was.

Kai moved a few dozen Metres away from Seru Moa. He could barely hold on to his sword because the amount of pain he was going through, but he didn't want to quit. Instead of quitting he decided to switch sword hands.

" I must say you are pretty impressive,but all you do is run around like a rabbit. " Shouted Seru Moa

Than in domineering stance Seru Moa grabbed his hammer from the ground and pointed it at Kai.

" Why dont you fight me like a man!" Shouted Seru Moa in such a arrogant manner that it even surprised the crowd.

Kai's face became extremely sour.

"Bastard I'll show what it means to fight like a man."

what the crowd saw next gave them a small surprise.

Holding his sword in front of him Kai began to make fast and precise swings with his sword.

"What's he doing?"

" I don't know, let's find out"

As the swings got faster and more precise a small sharp gust wind started following the sword. Than in the next moment everything changed.




" What the hell! Are those are sword beams!"

Everyone in the crowd was surprised except a few people in the crowd.

" Those aren't sword beams" Shouted a swordsman in the crowd.

" The kid is using his wind profound attacks and combinig them with his sword strikes to create something similar to sword beams."

As the crowd was memorized in this new found knowledge, Seru Moa was pushed into a difficult position.


Small cuts started to form on Seru Moa's body, and very quickly these cuts got bigger and bigger.

" Now that's more like it"

Seru Moa held the hammer in front of him, to take the brute of the force. Than a burst of flames appeared all around Seru Moa.

"This is the first time someone my age pushed me to such a state. Guess grandpa was right about joining a clan. Things are going to be pretty fun." A huge grin was plastered over Seru Moa face, he was extremely happy and excited right now.

Than something happened that shocked the crowd and elders.

Small flame size hammers came gushing out from Seru's hammer. Each one of these hammers was just as fast as the swordlike attacks Kai was shooting.


It was a mutual destruction of both attacks. The two attacks kept destroying each other.

"These kids are more talented than the brats from five years ago." Whispered Seon Yeon.

Even Seon Yeon was amazed by the performance of the two youths.

After a minute or two of not going anywhere the two of them stopped. Both Seru Moa and Kai Ray were exhausted, but the match was not over.

At this moment, beads of sweat started to pour down Kai's face. As he looked over at Seru Moa's exhausted face, a small smile appeared on his face.

"I must say I'm impressed by your fighting style, but a sword is still faster than a hammer. "

The next scene shocked the crowd, Kai disappeared from their sights.

"What! That's impossible! He dissappeared"

But before the crowd could even react, Kai was already in front of Seru Moa, with sword slash going for his body."


The stone hammer took brute of the force, but before Seru could recover another sword slash came.

"Puchi" a small cut appeared on Seru Moa's body.

But before the elders were about to stop the match a burst of flames attacked Kai Ray.

"Not yet" Shouted Seon Yeon

" What are you doing Seon yeon this match is going beyond a friendly battle. If this keeps up one of them might end up dead."

"Not yet elder Zhen, I'll take full responsibility if something happens."

"Fine" Shouted Elder Zhen " But if anything happens to these two it's your fault Seon Yeon.

"Yes, Elder Zhen" Seon yeon was glad the elder allowed the match to continue.

Meanwhile, Kai continue to slash his sword at Seru Moa. A few of Kai's sword strikes slipped past Seru Moa guard, and made some small cuts. But each time they went past Seru Moa Guard a strong burst of flames attacked his body.

"What's wrong aren't you going to use some of your wind attacks on me? Or are your wind attacks so weak that they can only give people a small papercut." Seru Moa was cruel with his words.

"You" Kai face became extremely sour. In his anger he blasted a strong gust wind at Seru Moa's body.

However instead of panicking, a small smile appeared on Seru Moa's face.


The fire on Seru Moa body came rushing towards the wind, and the next scene made the crowds stunned. Even Kai Ray was absolutely stunned by such a scene.

After the flames engulfed Kai's wind, instead of losing its momentum. The flames almost doubled in size.

Than the next moment the flames engulfed Kai's body.



For a few small seconds Kai's entire body was covered in flames. Surprisingly, Kai didn't even scream in pain; When the flames were on his body.But what happened next made the crowds jaw drop, the flames that were on Kai's body disappeared.

"Boy that was close, luckily the kids a wind user just like me."

The crowd turned their heads to find out who said those words.To their surprise the person who said those words was Seon Yeon.

"The first match of the rookie tournament is over. The winner of this match is Seru Moa."

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