The raven sect was extremely busy this morning because of this year's Rookie tournament. Many of the elders and disciplines in charge of this year's Rookie tournament were rushing around the sect like bees in a beehive.

At this time many of new disciplines were already awake, and warming up for this year's rookie tournament.Except for one person who was still asleep. Monent Chen was still sleeping in his bed after the late night training he did with Zeon.The training took a huge toll on his mind and body, to the extent that it appeared he would miss the rookie tournament.

When suddenly a cold gust of wind crept up behind him. However, it shouldn't have been possible for such a gust of wind to sneak up behind him, because all of the windows and doors were shut tight.

This started Monent Chen from his sleep, and in a dazed state he tried to find where this gust of wind came from. When suddenly in Monent Chens peripheral vision a silhouette appeared.

The silhouette had very pitch black hair, blood red eyes, and pale skin. At first Monent Chen was somewhat frightened and bewildered, but somehow the silhouette looked eerily familiar. After a few seconds of looking at the silhouette, Monent Chen realized that the silhouette looked alot like Zeon.

"Zeon?" Monent Chen wasn't sure if he was dreaming or not, but the person in front of him truly looked like Zeon.

" Bastard though you were extremely clever by being worried about a stupid rookie tournament. " Shouted Zeon, as he began forming fists with his hands.

"Huh" dazed and confused Monent Chen wasn't sure what was even happening, but he was sure that the silhouette was Zeon.

As Zeons fists began making crackling sounds,
a strong sense of fear started swelling up inside Monent Chen.

"Oh don't give me that confused look"

Before Monent Chen could even say anything, Zeon began hurling punches at him.


The punches left Monent Chen somewhat battered up.

Lying on the ground a sense of anger and confusion burst out from Monent Chen.

" What the hell was that for?" Screamed Monent Chen.

"You know why the hell I'm beating the crap out of you" Shouted Zeon

A flash of anger took ahold of Monent Chen, and in the next second the two of them began fighting.


The entire room was in a state of mess. It took a full five minutes before the two of them stopped fighting.

The intense struggle left Monent Chen gasping for air on the ground.

It took Monent Chen awhile before he was able to catch his breath. The second he was able to catch his breath, Monent Chen decided to ask Zeon once more what was his problem was.

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"Oh" a rare sense of embarrassment appeared on Zeons face.

" So you weren't trying to trick me when you said you were worried about the tournament. "

" Motherf**ker" The sense of anger that Monent Chen was experiencing right now made it feel as though he was about to pop a few blood vessels.

" Relax buddy" Laughed Zeon

However, Zeons reaction only further fuelled Monent Chens rage.

" The thing is we both forgot that your combat strength is one full grade above your profound realm."

"Huh" A sense of realization dawned on to Monent Chen.Zeon had told him before that his combat grade is actually a full grade above his profound realm, but he somehow forgot this important detail.

For a few seconds Monent Chen looked down at his hand, sensing a overwhelming amount of power welled up inside, before he brought his attention back to Zeon.

" Now, as your master it's my duty that you experience many trials and hardships. Therefore, I'm going to place another seal on your body. However, this seal is alot less strict lthan the last one.Remember, this seal cannot be removed unless you are in a life or death situation. "

At that moment Zeon pressed his hand against Monent Chens lower chakra point. The second his hand made contact a bright blue spiral symbol appeared on Monent Chens stomach. With a twist of Zeons hand the blue spiral symbol began spinning. After a few seconds of spinning the blue spiral symbol stopped, and disappeared inside Monent Chens body.

"There that should do it." Satisfied with his work, Zeon began explaining the intricate details of the seal.

"...If you ever want to break this seal just flood it with some of your profound energy. "

After a few more minutes of talking to Monent Chen, Zeon decided to leave.

" if you have any questions let me know through the soul mark" with that final statement Zeon vanished.

"Hopefully, he doesn't show up for awhile." Said an exhausted Monent Chen.

Soon after Zeons left , Monent Chen quickly got ready for the tournament.

As the final preparations for this year's Rookie tournament were underway, many of the new disciplines were already lined up at the registration tables.

There was a whole crowd of new displines that Monent Chen didn't recognize. Similarly, these people didn't recognize him.

Off into the far distance were two young girls standing in line. One of the girls had a tall elegant appearance that was complimented by her noble aura. The girl gave others the impression that she was a princess of a small kingdom. While the girl beside her gave off the impression that she was fairy plucked from a dream. The girl had a petite young figure and fair skin that made others want to protect her.
These two beauties gave others the impression that they had a strong background.

"Whose the guy with the Azure hair?" Asked the petite young girl.

"Him?" A smug smile appeared on the elegant girls face. "Why Ero do you like him."

The petite young girls face turned bright pink.

"Sister Sue stop teasing me."

The person named Sister Sue laughed lightly.

"I don't know who he is Ero, but it appears he must have come from some rural village."

"Oh" This surprised Ero because those that came from rural villages faced alot more problems than an ordinary person. They lacked many resources and cultivation manuals that most people had access to. The fact they could pass a high ranked sect's test was testament of their talent and potential.

"Why do you say he's from a rural village Sister Sue"

"It's simple out of everyone here he's one of the few people that no one can recognize despite his distinctive looks. That means he's most likely came from a rural village."

" Did you get that ero?" But to Sister Sue's surprise Ero was staring off into the far distance at Monent Chen.


"Ow" shouted Ero as she looked back at sister sue. Only to find Sister sue having a mischievous smile on her face. It took Ero a few seconds to realize what she had done.

"Sister Sue it's not what it looks like , I was just staring at..." But before Ero could say anything more Sister Sue put her delicate fingers against her lips.

"Don't worry ero I'll introduce him to you later"


After a few minutes of standing in line it was finally Monent Chens turn.

"Name and Profound rank" Asked the elder

"Monent Chen at the 7th rank of the nascent realm."

The Elder quickly scribbled the information on a parchment, and without even glancing at Monent Chen shouted "Next".

It took only a few minutes before the line up was finished. Most of elders and disciplines didn't brother giving a second glance to most of the new disciplines.

Many of new disciplines started heading off to where this year's rookie tournament was taking place.

The tournament stage was placed in the core area of the Raven sect. The core area of the Raven sect was extremely spacious, it had enough space for a weapons area, cultivation tower, martial arts building, and much more.


Many of the new disciplines were amazed by the view. The core area of the Ravens sect was absolutely amazing. From the core area alone one could tell the difference between a high sect and low sect. But what amazed the new disciplines the most was the tournament stage, it was wide enough for four people to fight at the same time without getting in each others way. While, the stands were large enough for over ten thousand people to sit in.

As a result, the new disciplines decided to take a few minutes to view the core area.Many of the elders and disciplines in charge of this year's Rookie tournament were just finishing with the final preparations. After a few more minutes a Elder in purple robes stood atop the stage.

"Those of you that are participating in this year's rookie tournament must sit anywhere in the first four to five rows." Shouted the Elder.

Hearing the Elders words all the new disciplines decided to find a seat somewhere in the first four or five rows. While at the same time, a whole crowd of people started coming into the core area.These people had an otherworldly aura around them that captivated the attention of all of the new disciplines. Even Monent Chen was captivated by the aura of these people.

"Those are inner and outer disciplines. " Someone in the crowd shouted.

This was the first time Monent Chen ever saw people around his age train in the profound way, because in the phoenix sect the inner and outer disciplines didn't train in the public areas, but secret training area somewhere in the Phoenix sect. This made it rare for anyone in the Phoenix sect to see the inner and outer disciplines , besides the elders.


"One day I'll be like them..."
A strong sense of admiration and yearning entered into Monent Chens heart, but what he didn't know was that day was alot sooner than he expected.

As the inner and outer sect disciplines tried finding a place to sit, many of the new disciplines began talking about them.

" That's senior brother Bai Zing. The head discipline of the outer sect."

" I heard Senior brother Bai Zing is turning into a inner sect discipline this year."

" That's senior brother Yuo Long."

" I heard senior brother Long can fight two people of the same rank as him"

" Isn't that senior sister Cao Quinn."

"They say that senior sister Quinn is as beautiful as a fairy. It seems the rumours were true."

The new disciplines were absolutely captivated by the inner and outer sect disciplines. In the martial arts worlds those that were powerful were similar to celebrities in the real world. It could be argues that these martial artists are a more than celebrities, because
martial arts is a part of life in this world.

Hearing the praise from the new disciplines made the inner and outer sect disciplines extremely happy. They started boasting about their popularity to others.

While this was all going on, a small group of people began to approach the rookie tournament. This group was composed of three girls and two boys. When the crowd saw these people approach the stands, everyone became silent. The three girls had a distinct aura about them that put the crowd into some sort of trance-like state. However, the two boys shattered this trance like state with their strong and fierce aura. The crowd was absolutely floored with how to react to this group, but one thing was sure that the five of them were exceptionally beautiful and strong.

" let's sit on the top stage theirs not that many people there." Said one of the girls in the group.

After the girl said that, the five of them flew into the air. The stadium height was well over 50 meters, but somehow the five of them easily flew over this distance. This was something that not even an inner discipline could do. However, the five of them were not only able to jump such a distance but they all landed gracefully next to each other.

" They're core disciplines" someone in the stadium whispered

" That's senior brothers Zao Chen and Song Bowen."

" With them are senior sister Quing Quinn, senior sister Song xiaru, and senior sister Cersu Cao."

But before people could say anything anymore , a young man suddenly appeared on the centre stage.

"Welcome everyone to this year's Rookie tournament. To introduce myself my name is Yeon Seon,  I hope all of you are as excited as I am for this years exciting matchups. But before we begin this year's Rookie tournament, I would like to let everyone know that the betting stands are open. The stands are right outside the tournament stage. " Shouted the young man.

Before any of the new disciplines could accept what was even happening right now, many of the outer and inner sect disciplines began rushing to the small stands setup right outside the tournament stage.

" There's a betting stand for us?" A lot of new disciplines were absolutely floored by this idea.

However, it took them a few seconds before they also began rushing to the betting stands.

" Sister Quing Quinn who do you want to bet on?" Asked Zao Chen

Quing Quinn faces turned rosy red when Zao Chen stared at her.

" Brother Zao I'm not sure on who to bet on yet"

A sweet smile appeared on Zao Chens face seeing Quing Quinn's reaction.

" There's no rush."

After a few chaotic minutes the betting stands finally became calm.

A beaming smile was radiating off the young man as he saw the crowd coming back to him.

"Those of you haven't betted yet you can still bet during the tournament. Now let us begin this year's rookie tournament. "

A series of drums began beating in anticipation for the first match of this year's Rookie tournament.

" The first match Is Seru Moa vs Kai Ray"

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