" Come out" shouted Zeon

Behind Zeon four people showed up. "who do you think you're talking to trash"

Zeon sneered " its time for you four idiots to learn a lesson"

The group burst into a fit of laughter.

" It seems like this trash has lost his mind "

"Enough " sneered Aoi " its time to end this"

Lightning began to crackle in Gui's fist " last time I didn't get enough time to use this "

Sparks were wildly lashing out from Gui's fist.

" Oh, Gui don't you think you're taking it too far? We are not trying to kill this piece of trash."

"Shut up" shouted Gui "I'm going to teach this trash a lesson he won't ever forget. "

A rare glint of anger flashed in Zeons blood red eyes. But before he could say anything, a flash of lightning sparks came crashing towards him.

" bzzz "

The lightning sparks slammed into Zeons body, throwing him to the ground.

"Oh, brother Gui you didn't kill the brat?"

A burnt smell started to come off of Zeons body.

" This is bad! If the elders find out it was us, the punishment for death of discipline is unimaginable."

" The worst case scenario is death."

Hearing those words made the hair on their body stand up.

However, to the group surprise crackling sounds were coming from Zeons body.

"it's been awhile since I've had some fun" a devilish smile was plastered on Zeons face.

However, to the four of them it looked like a demon king readying himself in sadistic torture game.

In moments of Zeon rising up small wisps of black flames began to appear on his body. In a few seconds his whole body was covered in these black flames. However, in Zeons hand appeared a blue flame. A flame that disappeared the next second.

"Where did that flame go?"

The four of them were highly alert, but somehow the blue
flame disappeared from their perceptions.

"Ahh" In a few seconds all four of them were covered with blue flames. An intense sensation of fear was swelling up in the four of them. In their entire life they never felt such terror.

The four began to emit shrill screams for help, that hardly sounded human.

However, to the dismay of the four their pleas went unanswered. If their was a pill for regret, the four of them would trade their right arm for it.But sadly such a pill does not exist, the four of them could only wallow up in their own mistake. Slowly each and every part of their body began to fade out existence by the blue flame.

Everything turned dark for a few seconds, but then they found themselves slumped together on the cold grassy ground.

They were still at old valley.

"Don't worry I'm not going to kill you. Now scram..."

In a semi aware state the four them ran as far as possible from Zeon. The four of them looked absolutely delirious as they ran away. They didn't know what just happened, but they knew that they had to get far away as possible from Zeon.

In their entire life's the four of them have never met such a terrifying person.

In an instant the four of them were out of Zeons sight.

"Hmph" Zeon sneered as the four of them ran. "Normally, I would have killed those four idiots but I still want to stay here a little bit longer."

Later in the darkness of the night a lone figure snuck outside of the dao tree sect to a secluded forest.

" This should be fine"

The figure was Zeon.

" I wonder how that kid is doing."

Lifting his hand up, Zeon made a claw-like gesture. That ripped apart the surrounding space around him. Shortly after, Zeon stepped inside that spatial tear and disappeared.

Inside a small luxurious compound, an extremely handsome young man was lying cross legged on the ground. The young man had very refined features, he had Azure coloured hair and crimson red eyes. These features alone made him the envy of many people.
However, the price for such beauty was that some people would mistake him for a beautiful girl. The man was none other than Monent Chen. At this moment,Monent Chen began tying his beautiful azure hair into a delicate bun. This small change made a huge difference.

"Now that's a lot better..." A smile of satisfaction appeared on his face as he looked at himself in the mirror.

Now it was much more clear that Monent Chen was a dashing young man.

" Tomorrow's rookie tournament is going to be tough, and I don't know where Zeon is."

Every year after the recruitment process the raven sect holds a tournament for new disciplines, as a means to test their strength. Those that get an exceptionally good ranking in the tournament can get prizes. These prizes come in the form of pills, cultivation manuals, and more.

"You called..." in the dark corner of the room a shadow appeared.

Stunned by this familiar voice Monent Chen immediately turned around to see Zeon.

"Where the hell were you? I have been looking for you for two days" A strong sense of annoyance and anger came into Monent Chen.

Stunned by Monent Chens response, Zeon didn't know how to give him a reasonable explanation.

" Apparently, the dao tree sect's main location is in another area..."

" I already know that..."

For the past two days Monent Chen learned a lot of information about the Dao tree sect. That the sect is considered the eighth heaven in the veerus kingdom.In addition, there was a rumour that green mulberry place wasn't where the new alchemist of the Dao tree sect stayed. Instead the new alchemist of the Dao tree sect are supposedly teleported to another location.This startled Monent Chen, because he didn't know how to contact Zeon.

" Anyways what have you been doing for the past two days?"

A sense of seriousness appeared in Monent Chens face.

"Other than trying to find, for past two days I've been cultivating and trying to understand the martial technique you gave me. While my cultivation has reached nascent realm seven, I have yet to make some progress in that martial technique you gave me."

For the past two days Monent Chen
rate of progression was shockingly fast.It was as though Monent Chen body was a black hole, and any impurities would immediately be cleansed. Matter of fact because of the titans blood in Monent Chens body his foundation and body was extremely robust. However, when it came down to the martial arts technique that Zeon gave, the difference was day and night. Even though Monent Chen was painstakingly trying to understand the technique, he failed to make any progress.

" Well that makes sense, mad chaos is an advanced level technique...It will take you some time to understand that technique ."

" Instead try to learn this technique..." in a flash Zeon was faced to face with Monent Chen. The next moment Zeon quickly tapped Monent Chens forehead before he could react. A intense pain began to come from Monent Chens head. However, after the pain subsided Monent Chens head was filled with new information about a strange blue flame.

" This flame is called the nine tails Azure fox flame. It's an illusion type fire flame, but because of your low level of insight you won't be able to showcase the full extent of the technique. However, this flame should be of great use to you in the tournament tomorrow."

Monent Chen greatly appreciated what Zeon did for him.

" I also put a mark on your soul so we could communicate. Whenever you are in trouble or need help simply inject some profound energy into that small hole you feel inside your body."

" small hole?" A sense of confusion flashed into Monent Chens mind, but was quickly replaced with shock. Inside Monent Chens body appeared a small black hole. The black hole was the size of a bean.

Listening to Zeons advice, Monent Chen injected some profound energy into that black hole, and to his horror a small Zeon appeared.

" what's up kid"

" How's this possible you are right beside me."

" it's so easy to surprise you kid... Now don't worry how's it possible. All you need to know it is possible."

"How do I get out of here?"

"Simple, just inject another wave of profound energy."

With a wave of profound energy Monent Chen was back in his own room.

" Before I return kid I'm going to teach how to use the azure nine tail flame for your tournament."

A blue flame appeared in Zeons hand than the flame disappeared. Than in a few moments Monent Chen experienced the same hell that the four idiots who messed with Zeon had. For the entire night Zeon began explaining the Azure nine tail flames in detailed explanations. Finally, at the end of the night Monent Chen was able to get a basic understanding of the Azure nine tails flame before Zeon left.

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