The group heading to the old valley consisted of four people.

"Hahahaha brother Aoi that brat sure did knock you out" Shouted a red haired youth.

" Well at least that kid looked like a cultivator, brother GUI got knocked out by a anorexic brat. The kid looked like he eats one meal a day but was still able to knock out brother gui"

The group burst into a fit of laughter except the person named brother Gui.

" Instead of laughing at the beating we got , shouldn't we try to find those two." Shouted Gui

" Relax brother Gui, I have people trying to find out who those two are . Once we find out who those two are we'll make them pay tenfold." Sneered Aoi

" It's bad enough we had to replace senior brother Chen Anz fire pils, but that bastard Yuo Long robbed us blind." Said the red haired youths . While holding a batch of fire pills that looked exactly identical to the ones that were stolen.

" Forget about that for now, I heard that they are plenty of beauties in this new group of alchemist. Who knows maybe one of us might be lucky to catch the attention of one or two."

If Zeon saw this group he would immediately recognize them. They were the same group that tried to attack him for those fire pills.

"The old valley is packed with rookie alchemist. It seems they are trying to refine a pill."

The group reached the old valley and were amazed by what they were seeing. They began to wander around in the crowd. Looking at these new alchemist concocting their pill.

It wasn't unusual for inner sect alchemist to come see rookie alchemist at the entrance ceremony test, because in the future they would be selecting someone from this batch as their apprentice.

" Oh brother Zhao look at babe in the purple hair" whispered Gui

Zhao turned his eyes to see where Gui was pointing at and immediately became stunned at what he saw. The girl appeared as if she came from a fairytale book.

The group quickly slipped by and arrived near the purple princess.

As they were mesmerized by the purple princess, Zeon noticed the group from the corner of his eyes.When Zeon turned around to see who it is he instantly became dumbfounded.

"Those idiots are here"

Gui turned his head around the same time to look at other alchemist, only to see Zeon. For a few seconds Gui was momentarily dumbstruck. Zeon quickly turned around and buried his face into his cauldron.

"It's him!" Screamed Gui at the top of his voice, pointing at Zeon.

The whole crowd of alchemist were startled by the noise. Those that were almost completing their pills failed because of the disturbance. As result, many alchemist were left with a charred up pill.

Elder Shi's face instantly became sour.

" You four leave this instant " shouted Elder Shi

Gui face instantly became beak red. The group of four were forced to leave the old valley.

" Brother Gui what happened to you?"

" That brat who knocked me out is there."

" what that brat is an outer sect alchemist"
" Don't worry as soon as that punk leaves the old valley we will grab him"

As the four of them were forming a plan to teach Zeon a lesson, the old valley was a disaster. A number of people had to make an entire new batch of pills.

" finished " shouted Zeon
Many people curiously shifted their heads to see who was finished.

" it's him? Theirs no way that kid is finished."

" yeah, I saw him concoct the pill and he put all his ingredients into the cauldron."

A inner sect alchemist quickly came by to see how Zeons pills turned out.

The pills had a crystallized appearance.

"Impressive these pills are peak grade pills"

Hearing what inner sect alchemist said made people doubt if they were hearing correctly.

" the kid threw a bunch of pills and in five minutes he made peak grade pills."

Even the purple princess was amazed by Zeon.

"You have passed " said the inner sect Alchemist.

The truth is that Zeon could have finished these pills a lot more faster and better,but he purposely decided to take his time. Otherwise Zeon would look like a complete monster to everyone.

After waiting several minutes the second person to pass was the purple princess. The purple princess made a peak grade pill as well.

" Sister purple you are a Phoenix among Phoenix's " smiled Zeon

The purple princess nodded " Thank you brother savage for your compliments."

Hearing the purple princess response Zeon didn't know whether to cry or laugh. 'Why does everyone think I'm savage death.'

" hahahaha... Sister purple you have mistaken me for someone else. The name is Zeon"

"Oh" the purple princess was slightly surprised.

"My name is Zhao yuefei it's a pleasure to meet you Zeon"

As the two chatted more and more people finished refining the pill. The purple princess and Zeon reunited with their groups.

" Those of you that have passed have officially entered Dao tree sect , and can now call yourself alchemist. Those that did meet up our expectations still have one year to try again."

After Elders Shi speech many people began to leave.

" how was it you two?" Asked Zeon

" We both passed" said Chu zeian

" yeah but it took you a full thirty minutes to refine that pill. When it took me and Zeon less than half that time."

Zeon and Lin Tong burst into a fit of laughter.

" hey I'll meet you two later."

"Oh" Chu zeian and Lin Tong looked back at Zeon.

"where do you have to go" asked Lin Tong

" I have some unfinished business" grinned Zeon

" don't tell me your going to go after the purple princess"
The group burst into a fit of laughter teasing Zeon. After a few minutes of joking around with Zeon, the group split apart.

" It's time to teach those idiots a lesson" a devilish smile emerged on Zeons face. If Monent Chen saw this face he would scared senseless


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