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"Now that I think of it alchemy is a forte of those of the heavens eye clan..."

As Zeon began to wander outside the outer sect compounds, the sun began to set.

"Now, where the hell is my compound?"

The outer sect area was packed with compounds that looked exactly the same. The only difference between the compound was the numbers posted on the walls.

"There it is" Shouted Zeon.

Near the corner stood a ordinary wooden house, with a beautiful garden. The garden was filled to the brim with exotic plants and herbs.

Soon after arriving Zeon began to excitedly open up the door. As the door creaked open a dim light was shining in the corner of Zeon's eye.

To Zeons surprise a fair skinned youth with crimson red hair was sitting on a wooden chair. The youth was reading a large book with a candle light wispy burning in the darkness.The crimson haired youth eyes was equally as surprised as Zeon.

huh" said the both of them

Dazed and confused the two youths looked at each.

The scene looked completely strange. A brash crimson haired youth and a black unruly haired youth both staring at each other, like two savage animals about to prance on each other.

"You must be my new roommate"
The silence was finally broken by the crimson haired youths voice.

"Roommate?!" Shouted Zeon

"I'm guessing you didn't know but in the outer sect, compounds are divided by three people or else it would get too crowded "

A hint of annoyance appeared in Zeons face, but he quickly brushed it off.

"So,you must be my roommates. My name is Zeon ."

"It's nice to meet you. My name is Chu Zeian"

After exchanging pleasantries, the two quickly ignored each other.

Zeon quickly found a seat to sit down in and immediately began to open up the bag he received from the outer sect disciplines. While rummaging through the bag he found a parchment inside.

"Huh. What the hell is this?"

'Tomorrow morning, all newly recruited alchemist must meet at the old valley, the parchment told him.'

"Oh tomato !did you get this as well?"

" What!? what did you call me?" Shouted Chu Zeian

Zeon was momentarily dazed as to why Chu Zeian became so upset.


"You son of a bitch"

An enraged Chu Zeian dashed towards Zeon at lightning speed. Even Zeon was surprised how fast Chu Zeian dashed towards him.

'boom' Chu Zeian body nailed against Zeon so hard that he flew a few feet backwards. As Zeon lied on the cold hard ground, Chu Zeian face was beaming with a radiated smile.
" Whose a tomato?"

it was as if a fuse lit up inside Zeon.
"I'm going turn your whole body into a goddam tomato"

Chu Zeian face became extremely sour.

Zeon quickly got on to his feets dashed towards Chu zeian like a bullet train.


"You son of a [email protected]** there's no pill for regrets" Screamed Chu Zeian as he collided with Zeon.




As the two continued to clash, the door creaked open.

" uh...excuse me"

Both Zeon and Chu Zeian momentarily stopped their scrawl
to try to find out whose voice it was.

The youth was dressed in black robes, and had an eye patch covering one of his eyes. The youth had fairy handsome features . In addition, the youths lime green hair made him the envy of many people.
However, what made the youth so unique was the mysterious aura he projected.

When Chu Zeian saw the youth he was momentarily startled at the youths appearance, but Zeon on the other hand bursted out laughing at the youth.

"@***# your my new roommate!" Lin tong shouted, he didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

It took Lin tong nearly an hour just to lose all those people that were staring at him, only to return to back to Zeon.

After a few shouting matches and brawls the trio quickly settled with each other, preparing for tomorrow's meeting.

In the break of dawn a huge crowd of people were hurdle around a huge valley field. The valley field was extremely spacious, and just outside the dao tree sect entrance. The valley was filled with numerous plants and herbs of various size and colours. All emitting a wonderful aroma of smell.

"Goddamn it! Who the hell is suppose to show up?"

The crowd of people began to tune into that disruptive voice. Only to find that the origin of that voice was from a group of three. The person yelling appeared to look more like some demonic cultivator than a alchemist. The youth broke the stereotypical vision that people had of alchemist. In addition, the youth stood next to two other people. One youth projected a very mysterious aura, charmed with his eye patch. While, the other youth's with crimson red hair projected a extremely fierce aura similar to a cultivator.

It was as though the demon king, the king of hell, and a one-eyed prophet were in a group.

"Who the hell are those people"

" the one with the black hair and blood red eyes is called savage death he's an extremely deadly cultivator"

" the other two are called Lin tong and Chu zeian"

" Apparently all three of them are golden seed alchemist"

" What all three of them are golden seed alchemist"

" A golden seed alchemist doesn't mean anything there have been plenty of golden seed alchemist that have been surpassed by their peers."

As the crowd was whispering and discussing among themselves, a silhouette suddenly appeared above them.

" Listen up! My name is elder Shi and I will be your instructor for today. Today, you will be tested on your skills in alchemy."

The crowd of people quickly quieted down by the immense aura the elder projected.

"Incredible, it's a sky profound aura"

" a bunch of country bumpkins"

"So its true cultivators of the skyprofound realm can fly"

Some were amazed by elders Shi powerful aura. While others disdained those that were easily amazed by such a scenery.

" Enough" shouted elder Shi, as he gently floated down in the middle of the crowd. The crowd of people formed a giant circle around Elder Shi.

The instant elder shi raised his hand countless bags began to fly into the air. The bags suddenly began to drop onto the ground one by one.

" Now I want everyone to pick up a bag"

Everyone began to barge into each other trying to grab a bag.

"We should get one to guys" said Chu ziean

"No point" answered Lin tong
" What? Are you guys insane we are supposed to grab a bag"

"Hahahaha" Zeon and Lin tong suddenly began to burst into a fit of giggles.

"What's so funny? Have you two finally lost your sanity." Shouted Chu zeian as he became frustrated with Lin tong and Zeons antics.

" Calm down... While you were dazed by elders Shi ability to make a few bags fly, I already stole three pairs of bags." Replied Zeon as he handed out the pair of bags.

"For your first test you required to make a pill using the ingredients inside the bag" shouted Elder Shi

With a wave of Elder Shi's hand hundreds of miniature tables raised from the ground. The table were made of harden marble. The surface of the table was as smooth as jade.

" amazing"

The crowd people were amazed by Elder Shi's ability. Even those with a strong family background were impressed by Elder Shi's performance.

"Now begin"

Within seconds the crowd dispersed into chaos trying to find a suitable place to begin their examination.

Zeon,Lin tong, and Chu zeian quickly separated from each other, for obvious reasons.

"Now where the hell should I sit" wondered Zeon. When suddenly his eyes darted to captivating beauty.

"I finally found her. It took me a while to see her again"

The girl who captivated Zeon eyes was the purple princess.In moments he quickly slipped passed everyone and found a seat near her.

"At least I have a nice scenery to make these pills"

Opening up the bag Zeon found a manual scrip, miniature cauldron, and a bunch of plants and herbs.In a instant Zeon began throwing all the herbs inside the cauldron.

The purple princess and a few other people noticed Zeons actions and became startled.
" is this guy insane there's no way he can refine all those herbs and plants at the same time"

They decided to completely ignore Zeon. As the decision he made looked ridiculous in their eyes.

"Normally alchemist refine one herb at a time. Who does he think he is a master alchemist.

Very quickly the competition started and many of the other contestants began preparing their Ingredients.

As the competition was running far off into the distance a group of youths were approaching the old valley.


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