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As people were rushing in and out of their compounds, a youth was leisurely standing in the middle of everyone's way. However, what was strange was that no one acknowledged the youth. As though no one could see the youth. The youth standing in the background was Zeon, who was pondering about the events that happened earlier " I wonder what that was all about..." As he was deep in thought , a mysterious youth cloaked in black robes began to approach Him. The mysterious youth had an eye patch covering his left eye, while his emerald green eye was visible to all. The mysterious youth was the same youth who had attained a golden seed rank in Green mulberry city.
"Hey, you must be savage death" smiled the mysterious youth
"Huh" Hearing the youth's words startled Zeon. Before arriving to the compounds He had quickly set up a powerful illusion that was strong enough to fool even those at the sky profound expert. However, the mysterious youth in front of him was still able to see through this illusion in one glance . This surprised Zeon to the point that he even began to doubt if he even setup an illusion . But seeing the muddle expressions that everyone gave to the mysterious youth confirmed his doubts.

"You can see me?!" Asked Zeon
"Of course or why else would i be talking to you" Snickered the mysterious youth.
As soon as the youth said those words, a mysterious force of energy swept on to him. The youth felt a prickling sensation as every inch of his flesh and blood, his profound veins and organs, his 360 acupuncture points, the 12 regular meridians and the 8 special meridians were all being scanned by this strange force. The mysterious youth felt completely naked in front of this strange force.
"How strange that a heaven's eye brat would appear here..."
"I must have slumbered for far too long. It seems that this plane has been tainted with by the people from the gods realm." A devilish smile surfaced on Zeon face. " Last time people tried to alter these lower realms i had to kill twelve Void realm cultivators..."
While Zeon was lost in his thought, the mysterious youth had cold sweat all over his back. Seeing that Zeon was also frozen as an ice cube , the youth also thought Zeon felt the same sensation. However, he would have never have expected that it was Zeon who conjured that mysterious force. Not knowing where that strange force came from the mysterious youth figured it must have been some senior, who was trying to find someone or something.
"Now then, what did you wanted to ask me? " Asked Zeon.
The youth looked up at Zeon's blood-red eyes with a hint of a smile
" I was curious as to why someone like you wanted to join the Dao tree Alchemist sect?'
"Oh " A playful smile emerged on Zeon's face " Simple, the reason i wanted to join the Dao tree Alchemist sect is to have fun."
Hearing Zeon's answer made the mysterious youth dumbfounded, he couldn't believe what Zeon was saying.
"To have fun? What sort of person becomes an alchemist to have fun ?" Thought the mysterious youth.
Hearing Zeon response the mysterious youth gave up in trying to pry any further.
" Before we continue talking any further why don't you introduce yourself "
The mysterious youth became startled before regaining his composure.
"Oh right. Now where are my manners I forgot to tell you my name, It's Lin tong."

"Now than Lin tong why did you join the Dao tree Alchemy sect?" Asked Zeon.

For a few moments Lin tong hesitated a bit before responding, this made Zeon slightly curious.
" The reason i joined the Dao tree sect is because of my cursed eye."
"Cursed eye?"

"Yes." Said Lin tong as he pointed toward his eye patch. " My right eye is actually cursed..."

"Before my birth, my mother was an extremely powerful and beautiful cultivator, who loved to travel. However, after my birth she wasn't able to move freely around as she would love too, because she had to take care of me. Finally, i turned ten and my mother decided to take me out on an adventure."

Lin tong expression immediately turned ugly and full of anger.

"While out exploring old ruins, a red haired man saw us and immediately attacked us. The red haired man was from sect that my mom had some confrontations with before when she was younger. The man began to viscously attack my mom, but quickly realized that he was no match for her. This startled the man and so he decided to change his plan. While my mom was distracted defending herself from the relentless assault's from the red haired man, the man released a powerful curse aimed towards me.The curse effected my eye and I need a extremely rare pill to fix my eye."

While Lin tong was speaking, his eyes had a playful look in them that was difficult to detect . However, Zeon was able to easily detect this playful look that Lin tong had.

" This cheeky little bastard is lying"

A small smile crept on Zeons face.

"Wouldn't it be easier to ask an alchemist to help cure your eye?; instead of all this hassle."

"Oh... Lin tong hesitated a bit before replying "Normally yes, but the ingredients are extremely rare and most alchemist would go crazy after these ingredients. Also, the pill is extremely difficult to concoct. That's why I decided it is better that I become an alchemist." Lin tong hastily said.

'Does This kid thinks I am a retard?' Zeon thought

The heavens eye clan is a clan that inherited a rare blood-line from the primordial era. Each member of the clan is born with ability to open three different eyes , each possessing a different ability. However, awakening each eye require the youth to meet strict requirements. The first eye is awaken at birth, depending on the inherent bloodline difference in the clan: the first eyes ability could range to having a strong affinity to an element or an increase in mental perception. The heavens eye clan's bloodline is divided by the greater and lower daos of the universe. For example lower clan members eye ability pertains to the elements of earth,fire,wind,and water; And higher clan members eye ability pertains to a higher dao such as time and space.

" If I'm not mistaken this brat is trying to figure out a way to get to the divine realm in this plane. In order for him to awaken his right eye."

While Lin Tong continued to talk about his cursed eye, Zeon was lost in his thoughts.

" As of now this kid is trying to awaken his right eye. I guess this kid planning on concocting a pill or multiple pills to increase his chance on reaching the divine realm.

" But for him to do this he must have something he relies on..."

While the two were discussing , people passing-by began giving them odd looks. Some where even pointing fingers, and whispering a few words.

"psst, look at that guy..."

Eventually, Lin Tong and Zeon began to noticed the stares.It was an unusual feeling for Lin Tong to being stared at in such a strange manner. As though he was some sort of deluded nutjob. But Lin tong finally realized why he was getting such odd looks, the whole time that Lin tong had been talking to Zeon in his camouflage. It appeared as though Lin tong was talking to a thin air the whole time.

" No wonder they think I'm crazy..."

Lin Tong face became bright red as a cherry, he realized how he must of looked.

"Damn you, couldn't you have at least removed the camouflage?" Shouted Lin tong.

"Ahahaha... Oh yeah, i forgot to remove my camouflage" Laughed Zeon as tears rolled down his eyes, as the image of how Lin tong must have appeared to the crowd came to him.

" Alright, alright, can you atleast remove your camouflage? So i atleast don't look like a retard."

Yelled Lin tong, but that just made him appeared even more crazy to the crowd.

" Hahaha, No way" Laughed Zeon as he clutched his ribs .
" I have to go " Zeon was barely able to talk from holding down his laughter.
" This bastard!" Shouted Lin Tong
However, his shouts just made him appear even more crazy in front of the crowd.

A note from PureshopperCanada

have read some of the comments and I will try to implement them in writing. I appreciate your guys outputs. Also, took me awhile to write another chapter because my computer is lagging and I got pretty lazy. I have decided to do it on my phone instead. I hope you enjoyed the chapter because it took me awhile until I was satisfied with it.

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