Meanwhile, at the Dao tree Alchemy sect groups of people began to enter the space gate. Almost every single person was excited to enter the space gate. While, the youths were entering the space gate,a few of the older Dao tree Alchemy sect disciples decided to stay behind, in order to maintain the sect. As everyone entered the space gate a strong suction force began to drag them away. In a few short breaths they landed on a lush green field. For a few seconds, people were bewildered at where they arrived. However, their confusion changed into shock, from  far away  stood a towering gate made of a divine metal and on  outskirts of where they  were was a multitude of profound flowers, fruits,and ingredients, associated to alchemy.


“Look that's a smiling sunflowers” Shouted someone in the crowd.

People in the crowd began to shout out all the alchemist ingredients they've seen in their books.


As everyone drew in gasps, Qiu Xiaofan began to walk forward. A broad smile was plastered over his face as he made quick glances at these youths.


“These kids remind me of when I was a young alchemist”


As the group headed closer and closer to the gate, they a noticed a small group of people entering the sect.


“Senior who are those people?” asked someone in the crowd.


“Those are cultivators  from the veerus kingdom that wish to  trade with the Dao tree sect.” Said Qiu Xiaofan


As group headed into line, Qiu Xiaofan began to explain the inner workings of the Dao tree Alchemy sect. The line up slowly began to get shorter.Until finally,  it was their turn. Before the guards could begin to even ask questions Qiu Xiaofan pulled out a gold tree emblem. Immediately, the guards attitude became a lot more humble.


“I'm here to bring in the new disciplines...”


After saying this much Qiu Xiaofan and company began to enter the gate. As they were entering the gates the guards curiosity looked at each person. When Luo huoer, the purple princess, walked by the guards were speechless by her beauty. Luo hou’er  had vibrant purple hair, and deep purple eyes with a tinge of sky blue. The purple princess had a beauty of celestial fairy, with her snow white skin and indescribable good looks. Shortly After walking past the guards Luo hou’er put back her purple veil. However, it was too late as the damage was done. After Luo hou’er none of disciplines left a noticeable impression of guards, except one youth. The youth had blood red eyes and unruly black hair. Such an appearance made the guards mistake him as a mad man. However, to their surprise on the youths clothes was a golden seed pinned on. In all the years the guards seen newly recruited alchemist entering the sect they never seen one that looked like this youth.


As everyone entered The Dao tree alchemy sect  they noticed it was that the sect was huge, it stretched on for miles The Dao tree alchemy sect was very mysterious, and until today no one knew of its power. The sect secretly had the power to the rival one of seven heavens in power. Also, the Dao tree sect had the backing of a mysterious senior. Shortly after arriving in the sect the disciplines were speechless. The roads were paved by exquisite marbles and the building structures were magnificent.


What surprised everyone the most was clearly they were in a sect, but it felt like a city. The sect entrance was littered with people. There were a bunch of buildings and  stands, that contained all sorts of stuff. There  was a wide range of stuff from alchemy, cultivation, profound pets, and etc. Many people were memorized by such a scene. A few could hardly wait any longer. However, Qiu Xiaofan ignored these trivial things and walked past the crowd.Eventually, the group reached another gate. The gate had a sign which said Dao tree outer sect.


Similarly in the entrance of the gate Qiu Xiaofan showed the golden tree symbol and was immediately allowed in.

Finally Qiu Xiaofan stopped at a short building near the entrance of the gate. The building had rows of windows outside which were all opened.Qiu Xiaofan walked towards the one of the windows and began talking with a  grey haired old man.


“Elder Shiu, I brought the new recruits...”

“How are they Elder Qiu?”

“We have a 1000 green seeds, 100 sliver seeds, and 7 Golds seeds”

Elder Shiu became slightly surprised hearing the number.

“Impressive.” As the two continued to discuss,all the older disciplines who came with the group, headed inside the building. Each and every discipline was holding a bag.

“Come here and get your stuff for being a Dao tree sect alchemist”.

Shouted a tall handsome youth.


Hearing the youths words everyone rushed towards the bag. The bag was filled with a  tokens, a book, and clothes. The clothes were all dark blue with a golden tree on the back. The fabric was exquisite and very soft. As everyone excitedly discussed about their expectations. Elder Qiu called everyone to the window, where the old man was.


“As you should know before entering a sect/clan we must bind you to a blood oath. However, the blood oath is fairy loose. You are allowed to enter any other clan/sect but cannot reveal any secrets about the Dao tree sect to outsiders. If you do the blood oath will cause to your body and cultivation “


Elder Qiu then began to answer a few questions, until elder Shiu arrived.

“Now brats I want each and everyone of you to make a small cut, so I could do the oath.”


In a few minutes almost everyone was done making the blood oath. When it was Zeon turn a small cut appeared on his thumb and gray blood dripped out. This surprised elder Shiu, as he has never seen anyone with a blood color like that. However, he remembered reading a book  about bloodlines and how certain clans had a rare bloodlines, some even having a unique color. Usually, these people were born in ancient clans outside of Veerus.Some of those rumors about the  clans outside Veerus sound unbelieveable. Knowing this, it surprised elder Shiu to know that a youth from an ancient powerful clan decided to come to the kingdom of veerus. Unlike the other kingdoms in Saries, Veerus is known by all as the clown kingdom,  because of its extremely pitiful  levels in raw power and talent. If the seven kingdoms were knights in a competition then the Veerus kingdom is the court  jester. Elder shiu quickly shook off these thoughts and began to bind the blood oath. A quick mocking gaze appeared in Zeons eyes.

“This old fool thinks he can put me on a stupid blood oath”

Inside Zeon was laughing. The blood oath appeared to be successful. However, in reality the blood oath had no effect on Zeon at all. A blood oath can only be Done on an equal or weaker party if they agree to the terms.


After the blood oath elder shiu gave Zeon a key and  directions to the outer sect disciplines lodging.


As Zeon was walking he began to think to himself.

“Goddammit. Now, how the hell am I supposed to contact that brat... wait that kid should have some kind of bracelet. If I put a portion of my conscious I could be able to contact him.


While Zeon continued to walk towards the outer disciplines lodging a bag was thrown in the air.

“Huh, what the hell is that?”

Before bag could fall to the ground Zeon quickly grabbed it.

Being curious Zeon began to open up the bag, an air of aroma bursted out of the bag. The aroma smelled like a bunch of spices mixed together. Inside the bag was a bunch of red pills with a blue flame symbol. As Zeon was looking into the bag he heard screaming and shouting from not so far.


As Zeon continued to walk forward he saw a scrawny youth, who looked no older than five teen. The youth was surrounded by a gang of people.


“Where the hell are senior Chen Anz fire pills?”


The scrawny youth had a frighten expression. “ I gave them to a friend”


“He's lying brother Aoi, I saw him running with a bag. I say we break his bones, maybe then he'll tell us where the bag is.”  Shouted a red haired youth.


Hearing their words the  scrawny youth's face became pale white.

While this was going on Zeon continued to walk forward, as though he didn't see them. In Zeons hands were the fire pill and black bag. Not paying any attention to the youths Zeon continued to walk forward playing with the fire pill in his hand.


The scrawny youth pleaded for help from people on the road, but everyone ignored him. Some gave the scrawny youth looks of pity. While, others gave him looks of disgust.

Eventually, his eyes landed on the only person the road Zeon, who was carrying the black bag and a fire pill on his palm. Seeing such a scene made the youth dumbstruck momentarily . However that quickly changed as a mischievous smile emerged.


“There he Is that's the kid who also helped stole the fire pills with me” Shouted the scrawny youth


“Eh? Fire pills? What fire pills?” before could utter a sentence the youths attacked Zeon like a pair wild dogs.


“Look those are senior Chen anz fire pills they have his insignia”

“Brother Gui, you hold this bastard down. While, we teach that bastard a lesson.”


“Bastard? Me...” Zeon became completely confused.


“So you're the bastard who’s also been stealing senior brother's fire pills”


“Eh? Fire pills? What fire pills?” before Zeon  could utter another sentence the youths attacked like a pair of wild dogs.

In a few seconds punches were being thrown at Zeon.


Each punch appeared as though it landed. However, the punches would miss  by a few centimeters. As the furry of  punches continued be thrown. The gang of youths , including the scrawny youth, became surprised. While Zeon continued to dodge  punches, a devilish smile appeared on the scrawny youth.

“This is my chance” thought the scrawny youth.

While, the punches continued to be thrown the gang of youth became enraged. Their punches got faster and faster. But before they could blow off more of their steam , a ‘boom’ sound was heard behind them.

“Look that kids trying to run away.” Shouted Zeon

“What ?” Confused the gang of youth

Immediately  turned around to see their Gui unconscious, and the scrawny youth running away.


“you bastard wait till senior Chen anz find out about this” Shouted one of the youths.


Immediately two of three youths gave chase trying to catch the scrawny youth.


Seeing such a weird scenario Zeon also tried to sneak away.

“Where the hell do you think you're going bastard.” Sneered Aoi , a bald youth.


A bashful smile appeared on Zeon face. Before the bald youth could say another word everything turned dark. The bald youth laid unconscious on the street with a black bag lying right beside him.

A note from PureshopperCanada

Things I learned this chapter 

1 - to write a few sentences at a time and to not write a bunch of ideas, or else I have no clue how to edit them later.

2- I have no clue what direction I'm going, but I'm kinda getting a footing.

3 - storytelling is complicated, I can see why it's so easy to make plot holes.

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