As people began to enter the  building  they noticed it was crowded with stuff. The room was filled with papers, seats, and other random miscellaneous stuff.  As everyone followed the old man, they noticed a very ordinary door on the other side of the building.  There was nothing particularly special about the door, except it having a lock on it. As the Old man fiddle around with the keys in his  pockets he began to talk.

“ Before we arrive at the sect I want all of you to stay with me and not wander off anywhere. If by any chance you do get lost tell whoever you meet that you're with Qiu Xiaofan...Alright.”

The door opened and Inside it was a giant room with  giant gate in  the middle.The  gate had a purple vortex spinning inside it, that seemed like it connected to a dimension or space.

“Im-Impossible that's a space gate I thought those things were made up.”

a few people in the back who couldn't see the space gate began  to laugh.

 “Hahaha, Space gates are not real.”

However, their laughter  abruptly stopped with Qiu Xiaofan next words: “ Correct, it is a space gate. The Dao tree sect is one of the few sects/clans in the Veerus kingdom to own a space gate. However, this space Gate is a bit special . What you may not know is space Gates are classified into four categories: poor,fine,good, and perfect. Almost everyone, including the seven heavens, have a poor grade space gate, usually made up by 5 emperor realm cultivator,who specializes in spacial laws. However, this space gate is made by a single cultivator.”

“What a single person made something better than 5 emperors combined? That's absurd” Shouted someone in the crowd.

Everyone in the room was shocked, except zeon, that a single cultivator could create such a thing.

“Yes, a single person has created this space gate.Long ago, this senior came to mulberry city in order to gain enlightenment towards the Dao of alchemy. The senior came to our sect and began to discuss alchemy with the patriarch. For ten days and ten nights the two discussed the Dao of alchemy. It is said at the end the two of them had some sort of transformation in their  Dao  of alchemy. As a result, the senior became sworn brothers with the patriarch. As a result, the  senior  created this space gate as a token of goodwill.In addition, the senior has sworn to protect the Dao tree sect in a matter of extreme crisis.It is rumored that  there was a time that  three of the seven heavens tried to invade the sect but were stopped by this senior.”

As everyone one is in awe of such an incredible story, a smile surfaced on Zeon face.

“ It must have been some powerful elder in the Phoenix clan that helped them out. No wonder that kid heard this place.This sect must have greatly helped that elder out.” After Qiu Xiaofan talked about the mysterious expert and his relationship with the Dao tree alchemy sect , one by one people began to enter the space gate, with Qiu Xiaofan in front.


Meanwhile, Monent Chen arrived at the Raven sect. As soon as he entered  the Raven sect courtyard a lot of people began to look at him with lustful and passionate eyes.  Seeing such disgusting gazes made Monent Chen want to vomit. In order avoid an awkward situation Monent Chen began to  look down toward the ground.

A few people began whispering

“ Who is that girl she looks like a celestial fairy”

“I don’t know i never seen such a beautiful girl in my life”

 Hearing such comments made  monent Chen face turned bright red

“ These Bastards think i’m a f*cking girl!”

While monent Chen was having such thoughts, people mistook Monent chen red face as blushing, “ She’s blushing!” said a few  people . Seeing such a reaction from Monent Chen many people wanted to protect him.Unknowingly, Monent Chen reaction made a few brave people try to approach him. However, before they could get near a tall burly youth blocked them ‘Scram’ Shouted the burly youth.

“That's Ti jiauno i heard he reached the seventh  level of the nascent realm and hadn’t decided on what clan he wanted to join.

“So he's joining the raven sect...”


Seeing Ti jiauno  a lot of people fearfully  gave room. Those few brave men  went back with their tails tucked behind their back.

Ti jiauno strided towards  Monent Chen with an air confidence

“ What is your name pretty lady?” Asked  Ti jiauno

“Scram” Sneered Monent Chen

Ti jiauno immediately became embarrassed, “ Pretty lady i’m not trying to offend you i just want to know your name”

“Look! I'm not a girl! Get that across your big head!” Shouted Monent Chen

“What she’s man?” many people began to whisper, however no one truly believed Monent Chenas they thought he was trying to avoid Ti jiauno.

“Hahahaha...” Laughed Ti jiauno “ No man could look as pretty as you”

Frustrated of explaining Monent took off his shirt. As expected when people saw Monent take off his shirt many people began getting excited. Whistles and hollers were being shouted by many men screaming “ Take it off!”. However, in few seconds those joyful faces became extremely sour. The plaza was in complete  silence.

“ Impossible, it was actually a guy!?”

After a few puzzled reaction  Monent Chen angrily shouts “ See i’m a guy!”  Ti jiauno face instantly turned bright shade pink. Ti jiauno has never been so embarrassed in his life, he wished could find a hole and crawl into it.

“You...You bastard you lied to me, i’ll kill you” Screamed Ti jiauno

“Lied to you? I never once said i was a girl” Shouted Monent Chen, much to his dismay Ti jiauno does not care.

Everyone knows that Ti jiauno is lying, but choose not to intervene as they are disgusted by Moment Chen.

A few people were still puzzled

“How.. How could a male be so beautiful?” some people kept murmuring.

The females wore momentarily dumbstruck knowing Monent Chen was male. Ironically, they’re faces turned a bright shade pinker caught up in their imagination.

“I’m going to smash your face so hard no one will ever fall for your nefarious trap ever again!” Screamed Ti Jiauno as veins began to pop out on his forehead.

Without hesitating, Ti Jiauno began launch a series of punches. As if Monent Chen had anticipated this, he also replied with a series of punches. “ boom..boom..” sounds could be heard as the duo exchanged punches. In a matter of moments Ti Jiauno was on the floor coughing blood.  

“What she... i mean he  beat Ti jiauno” shouted someone

Many people were astonished to see such a scene. As Monent Chen stood there as if nothing ever happened, there wasn’t even an injury to his body.  The crowd was astonished to see such a scene , but what they didn’t know was that Monent Chen only used half of his strength , if the crowd knew they would be fearful of Monent Chen. Nevertheless, the crowd began to be wary of him.  Unknowingly Monent chen actions actually caused  a lot of females to become ecstatic, their adoration for him entered a new level. Such a level that it  would likely cause  future headaches along the way.

After such a scene no other ruckus came about. The raven sect gates opened up an old  man appeared  to greet everyone “Listen up all those that want to join the Raven sect follow me!” shouted the old man has he turned around. Immediately after, people began to follow  behind the old man.

The raven sect Plaza was  enormous,   and since today they were recruiting students, it was completely packed with a thick crowd of people. All of them were young profound practitioners who were being tested.

Following the old man , the number of young profound practitioners being tested was still very large. The entire exam was split into three groups. Each group taking on a different test.

The tests that the Raven sect handed out were  the Profound Strength Assessment , the martial will assent  and the Combat Strength Assessment. Each form of assessment was different from next.

The old man lead everyone to an expansive courtyard.

“Listen up, you will all be split into three groups, each lead by an inner discipline of the Raven sect.” Following the old man speech three  people appeared:Two boys and one girl.

“ This is  Mo zihan, yu xeruo, and Fang Zijyan.” Said the old man.

The three youths that appeared  had an air of arrogance and pride swelling up from them.

Shortly, after the three of them arrived everyone began being split into groups.

The  group that Monent Chen belonged to was  Mo Zihan’s, a dark haired youth , who had sword like brows, and a very sharp aura around him.

“Alright, all those in my group we will start off with the profound assessment test” Shouted Mo Zihan as lead the group into a large isolated  building from the Raven  sect.

In the middle of the large building stood a large crystal clear Stone.

 Mo Zihan stood in front of the stone and his eyes Swept through everyone in the crowd.

“Listen this stage of the  examination is called the assessment of Profound Strength.  The minimum threshold to pass is: Nascent Profound Realm level one at the age of fifteen, Nascent Profound Realm level three at the age of sixteen, Nascent Profound Realm level five at the age of seventeen, and Nascent Profound Realm level six at the age of eighteen. For those who  do not meet the standard please leave. Anyone that is  younger than fifteen or over eighteen, as well as those whose profound strength are lower than the minimum standard, will fail! Do not think that the  Profound Assessment Stone will make any mistakes.

After Mo Zihan words, not a single person left. Almost everyone that tries to join a sect/clan would always have information about the minimum requirements.

“Now, everyone line up single file and press your hand onto the Profound Assessment Stone.” As he spoke, people began to line up in an orderly fashion before stepping towards the large crystal stone.

Mo Zihan lazily glanced at each person who stepped towards the the profound assessment stone.

One by one people would walk in front of the profound stone assessment and place their hand on it.Very quickly, the Profound Assessment Stone flash  three lines of distinct words  on the surface.

Mo Zihan would lazily glance at each person who stepped towards the the profound assessment stone.

One by one people would walk in front of the profound stone assessment and place their hand on it.Very quickly, the Profound Assessment Stone flash  three lines of distinct words  on the surface.

Age: fourteen

Profound level : Nascent profound realm level 4

Status: qualified

The  Profound Assessment Stone would display a person's age, Profound Strength, and qualifications.


“Age sixteen, Nascent Profound Realm level four , qualified! Next…”

“Age , Nascent Profound Realm level five, unqualified! Next…”

“Age fifteen, Nascent Profound Realm level four … Qualified!

A majority of cultivators passed the first assessment. After all everyone knew the minimum requirements beforehand. However, there were still a few odd ones who failed the first assessment. Some of them would begged for leniency but Mo Zihan would ignore them and get them kicked out.  As a result,  the line got shorter  and shorter, until  it finally became Monent Chen's turn . As Monent Chen stepped towards the stone even the lazy Mo Zihan eyes became wide awake. People began to murmur amongst themselves.

"Who is she ? "
" you don't know that's the guy who beat Ti jiauno senseless."

"What a guy could be that handsome!"

" If you look closely you can tell he's a guy by his facial features it's just his long hair that confuses you" Said someone in the crowd.

Hearing this Monent Chen face turned bright red. "That's it I'm cutting my hair before I get into any other weird situations."

Monent Chen stood in front of the Profound Assessment Stone, extended out his right palm and pressed onto the Profound Assessment Stone while injecting his profound energy into
the stone.

Age: fifteen

Cultivation level:  Nascent profound realm level five

Status : Qualified

As the profound Assessment test was underway , Mo Zihan began to fall asleep.  During the assessment  a majority of youths passed the assessment as it was fairly easy. However,  Mo Zihan eyes were still shut regardless of the result. Those that failed and tried to stay were forcefully ejected by a few raven sect disciplines. Mo Zihan stayed shut throughout the ruckus until a dark-skinned bulky youth stepped towards the profound stone assessment.

Age: Sixteen

Cultivation level: Nascent profound Realm level 10

Status: Qualified

Hearing such a result caused the sleeping Mo Zihan to wake up.  "Mn, impressive."  A rare compliment came from Mo Zihan mouth.

A large exclamation came from the crowd. The crowd became envious  towards the dark- skinned youth.

" What! Nascent Realm level 10 at age sixteen. He's a monster ."

That young man removed his hand from the Profound Assessment Stone as a faint smile appeared on his face. He pridefully looked at Mo Zihan and said: “Thank you,  senior  brother ." The young man quietly walked off to the crowd that passed .

After the dark-skinned youth there was two more similar youths who sparked such shock. The two youths were twins both at the true spirit realm level 1 at the age of  fifteen. The crowd was shocked silly, some people were rubbing their eyes. While others thought the profound stone assessment was broken. The twins were immediately taken away by an elder.

"Now that the profound assessment is over we will head to the next assessment: The martial Will assessment. Those of you who don't know  Shouted Mo Zihan as headed towards the field.

The raven sect field was filled with lush green grass and flowers. While the scenario was beautiful everyone besides Mo Zihan was nervous. The martial will assessment is considered the most brutal assessment of the three. It tested a cultivators martial will. Those with a strong martial will have a higher chance of surviving and striving in the world.

While Mo Zihan was walking he abruptly stopped. “Here should be fine “ murmured Mo Zihan.

“ELDER WANG THEY ARE HERE” Shouted Mo zihan .  Everyone immediately became confused why Mo zihan was yelling at thin air. When all of a sudden a fat middle-aged man with a scruffy beard appeared from the air.

“yeah, yeah, you don't have to yell “ yawned the fat middle-aged man.

Strangely enough these two appeared like a father and son pair.

“If I don't yell you never wake up” rebuked Mo Zihan.

“yeah, yeah...” yawned Elder wang “ Are these the new recruits?”

“yes.They are here for the martial will assessment”

Hearing the words “ The martial will assessment” Elder wang face contracted into a huge grin. His face looked exactly like a buddhist statue.

“Oh they are here for the martial will assessment” Laughed Elder wang “ you should have told me that before.”

Elder wang immediately looked towards the crowd of people.

“Listen up folks the martial will is a critical part in being a martial artist. The martial will affects a cultivators domain, talent , and etc. The martial will plays some type of role in all these components. Those with high talents but a weak martial will are destined to a road block. However, those with low talents but a strong martial will still have a chance for greatness. Thus the martial will is an important part in a martial artist.” Shouted Elder Wang.

After his speech elder wang touched  his ring and three hour glasses filled with different colors of sand appeared. The hour glasses wear filled with brown, orange,and red sand. In addition to the hour glasses a zither also appeared. The zither was clearly very expensive. The craftsmanship of the flute was incredible.

“ Now then the martial will assessment is about to begin. Those that wake up before the brown sand finishes fail. Also those that pass the brown sand have a strong martial will, if you pass the orange sand your martial will is comparable to an inner discipline in the raven sect, and those that can pass the red sand have a will comparable to a core discipline. However, in the history of the raven sect only ten recruits have passed the orange sand, but no one has ever  passed the red sand.”  Said Elder Wang.

People in the crowd were slightly surprised knowing that the martial will test had high standards.

With that being said Elder Wang began to play the zither. As he played  the zither a soothing tune entered into everyone's ears.Every single note emitted by the zither was harmonious and melodious. It seemed like the atmosphere had stopped. A short instant later, there was no other sound except that of the zither. Absolute calm reigned over the atmosphere. The sound that the  Zither made was extremely relaxing that people began to doze off. However, everyone was still standing, as if they were in a trance-like state because of the music.

Even Monent Chen couldn't refrain himself from dozing off. However, as soon as he closed his eyes he began to see a thousand blood thirsty cultivators at the nascent realm charge at. These cultivators held a blood thirsty desire to kill him. Strangely enough this blood thirsty scene made Monent Chen eerily clam. As though Monent Chen was obviously to the presence of a thousand cultivators. As the cultivators began to  attack, Monent Chen waved his fingers around and black suction force appeared in the inside of his palms. Each cultivator Monent Chen would touch began to wither. Blood curdling screams would be heard everywhere as a azure haired youth was running amok on the battlefield.

As Monent Chen was still sucked inside the illusion, most people in the real world had already escaped. The crowd was in mixture of emotions. Some were disappointed as they failed. While, others were relieved they pass.As time went on fewer and fewer people were still inside elder wang's illusion. A few people remaining gave up somewhere halfway between the orange hourglass, and eventually, only a dark skinned and azure haired youth were still in a trance- like state.People were shocked to discover that the two were still continuing. Some people doubted if  these two were human. After the second hour glass finished, the dark-skinned youth fell to his knees. The youth had tired expression on his eyes.When he looked up to see an azure haired youth still standing his face was visibly shocked.

“That boy...”

Presently, Monent chen was still fighting those bloodthirsty cultivators.Blood was splashing everywhere. There was blood splashing over his face and body. Blood began to cover everything around him. Very quickly, he was surrounded by a bunch of bones and blood. The corpses were skin dried. As if every single drop of water was sucked out from each body. Bodies were piling up endlessly.

In a very short amount of time the thousand cultivators were dead. All that stood was  bloody wrangled up youth, whose azure hair was dyed red. Monent Chen looked no similar to corpse. As death approached him, there was deep feeling of  emptiness. Everything in Monent Chen vision began to get dim. However, instead of seeing eternal darkness as he expected, Monent Chen wakes up to a stupefied crowd.  In a few short moments a flood of memories wash over him as he remembers being inside an illusion.

At that moment, people  were strangely looking at Monent Chen wondering if he was even a human being. Even elder Wang and Mo Zihan had a shocked expression when they looked at him. As if they were looking at a monster.


Seeing such an odd scene elder Wang began to clear his throat “ cough , cough congratulations boy you have finished the third hour glass.” Elder Wang  said in almost disbelieving tone.

Looking towards the hour glasses Monent Chen was surprised to see that all three hour glasses were finished.

...Because of your amazing performance boy I have concluded you are allowed to enter the clan right away”  shouted elder Wang

Hearing elder Wang’s words many people began to protest.

“what elder Wang this is unfair they're still one more test” shouted a tall lanky youth.

“Enough those  that can gain extremely exceptional results in any one of the examination are allowed entry to the sect. If you want to blame someone blame yourselves for being weak.” Following Elder Wang's words everyone shut up.

“ Now then Mo Zihan take everyone  to the third examination.I'm going to take this boy to the outer sect registration area” Shouted Elder Wang

After Monent Chen departure everyone else headed towards a arena just inside the sect.


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