Green mulberry city was bustling with people who were rushing in and out the city like a pack of ants. The city was quite crowded even though  people were  going in and out at such quick pace. Far off into the distant were two strange looking youths who were approaching the city.

" We're finally here!" Cried an azure haired youth, who had crimson red eyes and  long untidy  hair to the length of his shoulders. The youth had  beautiful features, that would make anyone easily mistake him for an indescribable beauty that could make kingdoms fall.However,the youth had this strange bloodthirsty aura around him that would make people wary .The aura was similar to a wild beast trapped in a corner.  Although the youth was somewhat strange,  the youth that stood beside him was stanger. He had pitch black hair  and  blood red eyes.The youth appearance made him look like a devil. However,  what truly strange was the aura he projected. The youth gave off the sense of extreme an ancient aura as if he was as old as the world itself . These two youths were none other than Monent Chen and Zeon.

" Hahah, it seems even your excited"  laughed Zeon

" No Sh*t I'm excited with the hell you gave me for the past week" Shouted Monent Chen.

"What do you mean" laughed Zeon " It was all meant to make you stronger. You know people would do anything to get the exact same training I gave you. You should be grateful.”

"Yeah, yeah let's just get to the city” Said Monent Chen.

“Wait, let me just change my cultivation level” After a few seconds Zeon projected an aura similar to   Monent Chens, a nascent level 5 cultivator.

“There, that should do it. ”

Seeing Zeon change his cultivation level was no big  surprise Monent Chen. Apparently, assassination guilds can also  suppress their cultivation by a few levels, and  master assassin can even suppress theirs by an entire realm. However, What Zeon did was  just absurd,  he manipulated  his cultivation  to a level 5 nascent realm cultivator.  

“ Oh, by the way remember to call me senior brother from now on okay.” Said Zeon.

“What! Why should i call you senior brother?” Shouted Monent Chen.

“...Because if you call me master everyone is going to think you're a weirdo, also it will help us to better blend in.”

“Fine.” Said Monent Chen, giving up on trying to argue with Zeon.

As the two got closer to the city they  noticed a huge line up.

“Strange, why is there such a huge lineup?" Wondered Monent Chen.

“There must be something going on the city. I’ll ask that kid over there” said Zeon  

"Hey kid " Shouted Zeon to a skinny dark brown haired youth.The youth looked at the duo and was momentarily stunned seeing Monent  Chen, but ultimately decided to ignore them. "HEY KID!"  shouted Zeon again, the boy sharply  turned around again, but this time with a hint of arrogance on his face "What do you want country bumpkins?"  Both  Zeon and Monent Chen were momentarily startled ' Since when did we get reduced to Country bumpkins" both of them thought. Quickly Zeon regained himself  and asked the boy " why is there such a huge crowd."

"Today all the  clans and sects throughout the kingdom are recruiting new disciplines this entire month. As such people are running towards various sects and clans in the kingdom . " Shouted the dark browned  youth.  Hearing the youths words Zeon got curious " Oh really. What clans or sects reside in mulberry city kid?"  

“As expected from country bumpkins, going  from village to village wherever the wind takes you" sneered the youth " The  top clans and sects that reside in mulberry city are the Dao tree  sect, the Flood sect, blooming lotus clan, the Zhao clan, and the Ravens sect.  Mulberry city is  a first-class city and even villages from 500 miles know these powerhouses . Strange,  Usually even country bumpkins like you should  know their names,  but it seems you  must have lived in a very rural village.”

Hearing the youths words Zeon just smiled. However, in his heart Zeon felt rather very embarrassed and frustrated. ‘This bastard i’ll make him regret ever messing with me.’

After entering the city the duo bought  some clothes and other accessories, before they  went to find  a restaurant. Arriving  at the restaurant the duo noticed it was bustling with people, filled with   all sorts of sweet aromas coming from the  food and delicacies.

Smelling such an aroma made the duo become hungry. At the beckoning of a waitress, Zeon and Monent Chen  sat at a table and ordered some delicacies with the slave traders money they stole. As the two were  eating  people were talking  loudly over their meals about the genius throughout the kingdom.

“This batch of genius has never been seen before” shouted a burly man

“yeah, I heard a lot of cultivators say that this batch of genius are unprecedented” said an old man.

“They say that all the time and  I never believe; However,  this time they are telling some  truth. This generation has  some heaven defying genius. Such genius  that some of them  could skip realms.”

“What skip realms!?”  Shouted a burly man.

“Yeah, there's  a boy named Chu Zijyan who defeated a cultivator  an entire realm above him, and that's not all there are three more like him.”


“Apparently, these four are known as the four shadows of blue wind.”

“ Really, that's incredible who are they?”

“ From what i remember they are called Chu Zijyan , Meng Xi, Sui He, and Jian Zhu”

“ It is said that the  seven heavens are going insane trying to rope these four in..”

As the People in the restaurant  talked about the major genius throughout the kingdom, they're conversation eventually led back  to the genius in green mulberry city.

“ ...Mulberry city also has some incredible genius.”

“ Yeah, i heard that  these genius are greater than those 20 years ago”

“ I heard some kid named Luo Mo defeated an inner discipline at the flood sect  and immediately became an inner discipline. Also, a girl named  Lin yufei who  is only 15 years old is  already at 3 level of true spirit”

“What 15 years old and 3rd level of true spirit,  that’s amazing. This Lin Yufei has a very bright future.”

“ Oh, did you hear about the  new alchemist joining the dao of Alchemy sect? There’s a  rumor going on that this year's crop will have  5 golden seeds.

“What! Five golden seeds are you sure you heard it properly? The most they ever had in new batch was 3.

“ It true. There's rumors going on about five certain alchemist prodigies joining the Dao of alchemy sect. Also, Luo huoer is considered one of those five.”

“You mean the purple princess of Raven sect”

“ Wait, whys  the purple princess  joining the  Dao tree Alchemy sect?  Doesn’t the Raven sect also happen to have an Alchemy branch?”

“ The Dao tree Alchemy sect is the best alchemy sect in the entire  kingdom,  it is an extremely powerful and mysterious sect that no one knows really originated from.Although the Raven sect   has an alchemy branch the difference between it and the dao tree sect is the difference between the earth and heaven.”

Hearing about the dao Alchemy sect Zeon ears perked ‘ interesting, this is going to be a lot more fun than I expected.

“ What do you think kid?” Asked Zeon

“ Even I'm beginning to get excited hearing about these genius.I can't wait to fight them.”

“ Its settled then, now that we know  everything to know  about these clans I've decided to join the Dao of alchemy sect, and that you join the Raven sect.”

“ Wait...What I thought we were going to join the same one?”

“Well, we were going to join a sect/clan together but  i’ve decided to join the Alchemy sect because the girls there are more refined compared to those cultivating girls they are barbaric” said Zeon with an ugly face.

Veins began to pop out of Monent Chen ‘ This bastard just want to fool around...’

After, a brief scuffle the two eventually found a resolution. Monent Chen would join the Raven sect, provided that  Zeon delivers resource materials and  pointers, when needed.  Eventually the two decided   to dismark  after finishing their meals.

Presently, Zeon was headed towards a huge building with a giant golden tree pasted over the building. As Zeon got closer he noticed that there was large line up youths. “ Man not again... I’m not waiting in line. Today was the week when Dao tree Alchemy  Sect recruited new outer sect disciples every year. Unlike the other sects, the Dao tree sect only recruited for 2 week because becoming an alchemist is very difficult. Presently it  was a fine, early morning, and the plaza in front of the outer sect was already filled with the faces of young people.

The great gate had still yet to open, but many youths had already arrived early to seize their spots. Surprisingly, amongst these youths, many wore  uniforms from the four great clans —  The Raven sect, Flood sect , Zhao clan,blooming lotus clan. Most of these  people  carried a proud hint of  arrogance, and some even had  servants following around them.

Just as  Zeon was about to get into line a middle aged man stopped him. " Halt. Before you can proceed let me check your bone age." The middle aged man began to inject a white light  into zeon. The light began to slowly grow each cm representing a year. However , inside Zeon that strand of white light grew so long that you wouldn't be able to see the two ends, if the old man knew this his face would become dumbstruck. As the white strand began to return to the old man , unknowingly it became alot shorter. As if someone had it cut inside. The white strand only measured 14 cm . " you pass the age test you may proceed" Said the old man in an unemotional tone. A teasing simile appeared on Zeon face  which confused the man, before he  quickly got in line.

As Zeon entered the line ironically  a few people began to give him strange looks. Some where even frighten when they  glanced at Zeon.

‘ Strange why is everyone looking at me in such a way? I did hide my aura...  while Zeon was pondering why he was getting such strange looks, a skinny dark haired was approaching the courtyard.

From far away people began to notice the youth.

“ Ji Xian, isn’t that the sea dream clans Ji Xian?” A shocked cry abruptly emanated from the crowd. Another person  shouted, “I heard rumors that Ji xian was an Alchemist enthusiastic, i never thought it was true. This kid just  broke through to the 6 level of the nascent realm at the age of 17. I wouldn’t thought he would  want to participate in Dao tree sects outer sect disciple exam”

As everyone conversed, the skinny dark brown haired youth began to  approach  the huge line up. Seeing him approach many gave him space.

Hearing such a commotion , Zeon turned around and when he did a devilish smile appeared on his face  ‘It’s him. That bastard i’ll make him regret ever messing with me.’ What Zeon didn't know was that his devilish smile scared many of people who were staring him down earlier.

“ it's him for sure”

“They say he looks like a demon with his bloodshot red eyes and long black hair .”

“ I heard rumors he's the devil's son”

People began to murmur such thoughts about Zeon. “ Strange. Who the hell do they think I am?” Wondered Zeon.

As Ji Xian came closer and closer to the front many people would make way for him. However, he suddenly stopped in his tracks when a youth with unruly pitch black hair refused  to  move. “ F*ck off kid. Do you not know who i am?”  

There were many youths were startled seeing such a scene ‘who would dare get in Ji xian way? ‘As a few youths began to whisper ‘ What idiot do you think is blocking Ji xian?’ ‘Don’t know must be someone from far away.’ As people began to discuss who they thought it was, a pale skinned youths with pitch black unruly  hair that was as long as his shoulders turned around.

“What it’s you! Hahahaha... The country bumpkin wants to become an Alchemist?

Strangely a lot of youth gave an eerie silence,  instead of agreeing with Ji Xian. It appeared many  people knew who Zeon was.

“ Strange why  is everyone afraid of this country bumpkin?’

“ That's it i had a enough of your behaviour i was being kind by ignore you but it seems you took my kindness for weakness’  sneered Zeon.

‘What are you going to do bumpkin? Sneered ji Xian

“ Ji Xian, that kid is the savage death of the  death parade clan for sure ji xian “

Zeon didn't know whether he should laugh or cry  ‘So they think I'm  this savage death’

“ What the savage death! Your joking’ Ji Xian face became pale white.

“It true they savage death has blood red eyes,unruly hair , and his cultivation is at 5th level of nascent at age 14.”

Before Ji Xian could register what was going a  ‘boom’  sound was heard. The sound was so loud that the people nearby momentary turned deaf.  

Before people could register what they could hear an unconscious Ji Xian was lying on the cold floor.

“There. That should deal with this trash” Said Zeon as began clapping his hands.

Silence, complete silence. Seeing such a scene  people subconsciously moved out of the way, allowing a Zeon to quickly walk straight to the gate of the dao tree Sect’s outer sect unhindered. Those youths who had lined up at the front, upon seeing him walking over, all subconsciously moved out of the way.

Zeon began to  reach  the front of the line in an unperturbed  manner, slowly getting closer and closer to front of the gate.

“Who is he?” whispered some people quietly.

“  They call savage death a mad cultivator in the death parade clan.  Rumor has it that savage death has killed three cultivators at the same rank of him when he was the first level of the Nascent realm” quietly explained someone. That he grew up in Death parade clan , and it’s rumored that he began assassinating  people at the age of twelve. As of today, he just turned fifteen, and yet he already has at least a hundred lives on his hands…”

After this explanation, the expressions of many people inwardly changed as they all quietly moved a few more steps away from Zeon.  

As Zeon continue going forward no one would block his way.

‘I wonder where this purple princess is, she might have enrolled yesterday.’ Wondered Zeon

Unbeknownst to Zeon when he was reaching the front gate he absent mindedly walked into a youth.

‘Where do you think your going ? Sneered the youth “ I don't care if you're called savage death or savage pillow no one is allowed to pass me”

Unconsciously Zeon looked up ahead to see  four mysterious youths lined up ahead, all them were from far distant place except for a girl in the very front. The girl was clearly from the Raven sect because of the servant beside her was wearing the insignia on his clothes. Although, the girl face was covered by a veil it wasn't hard to tour tell that she was indescribable beauty.

“ Oh that must be princess purple it seems the rumors are true “ thought Zeon

“who are the people blocking savages way are they insane?”

“Be careful what you say all of them are at the true spirit realm.Even savage would think twice before trying something against .”

"What!" Exclaimed the youth. "Those monsters are at the true spirit realm! Are they even human?"  

The dao tree sect has few restrictions for people wanting to enroll and one them being a youth no older than 18 is allowed.

As people began to discuss the identity of the four youths infront of Zeon, more and more people bEgan ton show. After arriving, they all orderly took their place in the line. Only three more mysterious youths cut in line. However, the stopped right in front of Zeon when they figured out who he was.

As sun rays began to illuminate the entire courtyard, the  gate slowly crept open and an  the old man appeared. The old man flicked his sleeve and cried, “Follow me in!”

Following the old man the youths arrived in front of huge courtyard that stretched out for two kilometers. “I want all you to find a place to sit, your test will begin shortly”. After hearing old man voice people began rushing around the courtyard, finding a nice area. After everyone was settled down a bunch of dao sect disciplines appeared from a building . All the disciplines  wwe wearing blue garments, with a golden tree on the black. Shortly After the disciplines arrived they began handing seeds to everyone . Many people were confused about what was going on. However, there were some that knew was going on, such as the cultivators from mulberry city.


“All of you will put your profound energy into the see and if the seed turn green you will be accepted into the dao tree sect” shouted the old man. Many people were surprised to hear the old man words “That's it!” said a youth  “fool you think the test is that easy the dao seed test how strong one's soul is a Green seed means he or she has a strong soul. While, a silver seed shows that person had hardened soul, and  lastly the golden seed shows that a person's soul is indomitable” Sneered a  outer discipline. Hearing the youth’s words many people gulped.

“Now then the test may now begin” shouted the old man. Hearing the old man's words many people began to inject their profound energy into the seed. Shortly, after many ‘peng’ sounds began to be heard around the courtyard, along with green flashes. “Pass” “pass” “You pass as well” Shouted the outer disciples, after which they began handing those people garments and a green pendant that looked like a seed.

A golden light began to shine from a indescribable beauty sitting in the front.

“Who is that beauty?” shouted a discipline

“That’s princess purple” Yelled a few raven sect disciplines

“as expected from the princess” Cheered a few raven sect disciplines

‘ What a simple test’ Thought Zeon, as he injected his energy into the seed. Zeon then injected his own energy into  the seed  a few seconds later a ‘peng’  sound  was heard from zeon.Shortly, after a bright golden light erupted from Zeon hands.

‘What savage death produced a golden seed’

“Impossible all that guy knows is killing, how the hell did he produced the golden seed’

‘ Retard , a golden seed depends on your soul not alchemy.”

“ Of course a person like him would have such a strong soul”

Little did these people know that not only is  Zeon soul strong he was also an extremely powerful alchemist that  could make the current top ten alchemist in the god realm scared sh*tless,  If these people knew such a thing they  would be shocked silly.

To conclude the Dao tree alchemy sect  had a batch of seven golden seeds, 200 silver seeds , and 1000 green seeds alchemists. There was strange green haired  fellow with an eyepatch that took the seventh place spot for gold but no one recognised him.

“Impressive this is the best batch we ever had .” murmured the old man.

“All of you are now officially discipline of the Dao tree sect. Now, follow me to the Dao tree alchemy sect” Shouted the old man.

“Huh” Hearing old man's words almost everyone became confused. “ I thought we were already at the Dao tree sect?” asked a lanky youth . Immediately all the inner disciplines began to snicker ,the old man however just smiled “ This building is just a way to recruit new disciplines. The actual location is somewhere else.Now, follow me and I'll take you there.” Shouted the old man as headed off towards the building, in which the outer disciplines came out from.

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